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Lisa's Banana Cue

Type: Single ownership

Asset size: The business owner, Rizaliza Gonzalez-Mendez, uses several kitchen utensils for her
business (e.g. frying pan, ladle, stove, gasul), ingredients (e.g. bananas, kamote, sugar, cooking oil),
movable cart that contains several junk foods, cooler containing beverages (e.g. soft drinks, juice) for
her operations. The business has a net profit of approximately PhP 300-500 per day depending on the
surge of costumers.

No. of employees: The business owner is also the one running the business. Occasionally, someone
would help her.

Nature of business: The business can be considered as a rolling store (sari-sari store) due to the several
items that are sold which range from dry food to cold beverages.

Clientele: The customers are usually the students from the high school and university of UP Cebu,
faculty and staff of UP Cebu and several passer-by.

Location: Originally located by UP High, during the beginnings of the business back in 1986, then
relocated by the gate of college campus. The store is currently besides the waiting shed at UP High
since the gate of the college has been re-opened.

Since its humble beginnings during 1986, from selling only banana and kamote cues, the business had
grown as a sari-sari store by 1990. Since then, it has consistently been dropped by students, faculty,
staff and pedestrians who want to take a bite with or without an accompanied drink. The stall of
Manang Lisa, as nicknamed by those around her, has existed for 27 years and it has steadily grown