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Sri Gurubhyo Namaha


(The trust propagates and executes the teachings of our Sanathana dharma Smruthi Vedas, shastras,
Puranas and religious rituals, including maintenance of cows.)
Old No. 55, New No. 89, North South Agraharam, Musiri – 621211, Tiruchirapalli District, Tamil Nadu
Cell: 94889 76124 (WhatsApp), 94879 76124; Phone: 04326-261055

“Janthoonaam nara janma dhurlabham” – Sri Adi Sankara. This means that it is extremely rare to be born as a
human. Here are a few reasons cited by our Vedas. Only humans have the ability to: (1) live as long as they want;
(2) choose what they want to be born as in the next birth; and (3) choose not to have any more births. Moreover,
all creatures on earth require human support to live.
The proofs for these points are the examples from our Puranas. We know that Markandeyan, whose lifetime was
12 years, received the boon to live as a 12-year-old boy forever with the blessings of Lord Shiva, who conquered
death. We also know of great saints who got rid of their next birth. This is why Avvaiyar says “aridhu aridhu
maanidarai piratthalaridhu” (being born as a human is a rarity).
We, who have been born as humans, must judiciously utilise this rare form of birth. What separates humans
from other creatures? It is dharma. Only humans can perform dharma. Others cannot do it, even if they want to.
Sri Bhagawan mentions in the Bhagavadgita that when Prajapati Brahma creates people, he also gives them
their duties and swadharmas (just like giving a child and giving the necessary milk for the child as well). We must
perform them and make this birth meaningful. These dharmas are like Kamadhenu, the divine cow. Kamadhenu
not only gives us milk, but everything else we require as well. Similarly, these dharmas can make our lives
meaningful as per our wish. Sri Bhagawan blesses us saying that performing these swadharmas, such as
yagnas, will benefit our family, all creatures and our country.
Sri Bhagawan also warns us in the Bhagawadgita that if we don’t use our wealth to perform our dharmas, it
would amount to stealing national property. Our shastras give disability as the punishment for thieves (in order
to avoid repeating the mistake during the lifetime and to prevent others from making the same mistake). If we
observe carefully, we will notice that finding a person with no disability (including diabetes, high blood pressure
and mental stress) is extremely rare. Not receiving the fruits of dharma could be one of the reasons for this. We
should not fail to perform our dharmas. Prosperity, happiness, health, peace and wellbeing of all creatures can
be obtained only by performing our dharmas.
Upanishad says that the sun rises at the right time in the east and sets in the west; the wind blows evenly; fire
burns upwards; and the Lord of Death, Yama, does not torture everyone fearing punishment from dharma.
But we have now started ignoring our dharmas believing that we are in a democracy and have the right to do or
not do anything, do something differently, or question anything. The miseries we are experiencing today could be
the result of this action. We must not pass on the same situation to our future generations.

The Forms of Dharma

The saying “Janani janma bhoomishcha swargaadapi gareeyasi” means that both our mother and our birth place
give us more happiness than the heaven. Soon after we are born, if our mother had decided that she does not
want the child, what would have happened to us? Similarly, if our country had not cared for us, we cannot imagine
what we would have done. So, we are highly indebted to our mother and our nation. “Mother” does not only mean
the lady who gave birth to us. Our Puranas mention five people as our mother:
(1) the one who bears us in her womb for 10 months and gives birth;
(2) the cow that gives us milk from the day we are born till our death;
(3) the earth that gives us food to satisfy our hunger and helps us lead a healthy life;
(4) our teacher who teaches us to lead a healthy, peaceful, comfortable life in the path of dharma and
(5) the Vedas that help us lead a disciplined life throughout by being a vital part of our lives.
It is our duty to protect these five mothers. We must never harm them or forget them. Our basic dharma is to fulfil
all their needs. This dharma is the root of the tree called man. How strong and alive a tree is depends on how
strong and alive the root is. So, it is very important to perform, participate in and regulate dharmic activities.
Keeping all this in mind, we are campaigning for the cause and performing dharmic activities via Shreekaram
Trust. To continue doing this, we require your support and cooperation.
The activities of Shreekaram Trust include Veda patashala, goshala, campaigns related to dharma, poojas for the
benefit of the nation, japas and homams. For the tasks that we carry out, we require huge monetary support.
Considering the prevailing prices, the requirement is higher for the maintenance of cows. You are aware of the
inflation. In spite of it, since these are essential activities both for the society and the nation as a whole, we are
requesting you for support. Please do not ignore the appeal thinking it does not concern you. Then our education
becomes meaningless. So, despite your difficulties, please come forward and support us. Also, please intimate
us once you receive this appeal. It will encourage us to involve ourselves in the dharmic activities and spread the
teachings of dharma. We are trying to perform these dharmas in each Agraharam and would like you to be part of
it. We also invite you to be a member of this Trust.
We request each family to contribute at least Rs 1000 per month and continue supporting us every month. If you
think the amount is high, please contribute as much as you can.
It is important for each family to receive Guru’s blessings and guidance. To make this happen, our Acharyal went
to each village, stayed there and performed pooja. He insisted on performing chaturmasya vrithas in villages
because villages are the life of the nation and therefore, they need to be prosperous with God’s blessings.
Our Acharyal thus showed us that even though people in villages move to the cities due to certain reasons, it is
the villages where we must primarily settle. When we go for His darshan, He first asks us about the matters of
our native village and the worship of our village God. Being aware of the importance of villages, our ancestors
included the names of their villages as the initials before their names. We need to ponder about this.
Performing our dharmas without ignoring them is our greatest service to our nation. So, please support
Shreekaram Trust, become a member and make yourself fit for the blessings of our Acharyal. Kindly excuse us
for troubling you. Praying for everybody’s wellbeing.
Yours sincerely,

A. Yagnaramasarma Somayaji

Authorised trustee

Shreekaram Trust (Regd)

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Shreekaram Trust
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