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The high-end intrinsically safe alignment system

• System and Bluetooth module

certified for hazardous areas

• ROTALIGN® sensor technology

• Easy to use

• Save PDF reports to USB memory stick


Highlights y x
Wireless data transfer using the ATEX/IECEx certified
EX Bluetooth® module
Alignment of horizontal, vertical and
flange-mounted machines
Alignment of coupled, uncoupled and nonrotatable
Alignment of cardan and spacer shafts ROTALIGN ® smart RS5 EX is a high-end laser shaft alignment
6-machine train alignment system designed for the use in potentially explosive atmospheres.
The package integrates the OPTALIGN ® smart EX computer packed
Soft foot check – measure, correct and save results
with powerful capabilities and the unique benefits of the 5-axis
UniBeam for quick adjustment of the single laser ROTALIGN ® measurement technology.
The ROTALIGN ® RS5 EX sensor contains two XL HD position
Measurement modes to suit any application: sensitive detectors and a MEMS inclinometer to precisely measure
Continuous SWEEP, Static, Multipoint and Pass
the exact position of the laser beam as the shafts are rotated.
ROTALIGN ® smart RS5 EX is manufactured for use in hazardous
Automatic evaluation of alignment condition with areas in accordance with ATEX and IECEx regulations.
TolChek® and user-defined tolerances
InfiniRange® extends detector measurement range The device is ATEX/IECEx certified for zone 1.
to handle gross misalignment
Equipment marking: II 2 G Ex ib IIC T4
Live Move - Live monitoring of horizontal and
vertical corrections concurrently
Tolerance envelopes for better machine correction Live Move
Fixed feet selection resolves base-bound and The ROTALIGN ® measurement technology allows machine
bolt-bound problems corrections to be monitored concurrently in both horizontal and Wireless
Alignment targets and thermal growth values vertical planes with the laser and sensor mounted at any angular
including input of dial indicator readings position. This capability is extremely useful in case of limited
Thermal growth calculator access to predetermined sensor positions.

Realistic machine graphics Easy to use

High memory capacity and data protection
Pass measurement mode
Save measurement reports as PDF to a The ROTALIGN ® smart RS5 EX sensor allows the
USB memory stick exceptional and convenient Pass measurement TolChek®
Rigid pre-assembled universal brackets and mode, where readings are collected when the
additional support posts included laser passes the sensor. This mode is ideal for measurement of
Our alignment software to manage measurement uncoupled shafts.
files and create reports.
For industrial use

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