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05/01/2019 S.P.

Khullar and the Advanced Theory of Kalamsa and Cuspal Interlinks - Jupiters Web

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"Far away in the sunshine are my highest inspirations. I may not reach them, but I can

look up and see the beauty, believe in them and try to follow where they lead."

~ Louisa May Alcott (http://KCIL-

November 3, 2012: NEW KCIL and Astrology Research Group Location

Khullar KCIL
Testimony to Mr. S.P. Khullar's Research and KCIL Workshop Presentation

Being a Professional Astrologer and teacher for four decades, after having learned and
practiced many branches, techniques, and Systems of Astrology over the last four decades, I
am at a loss for words to express how highly indebted and appreciative I am for having been
gifted the opportunity of being a student of Mr. Khullar’s KCIL System of Astrology.

Mr. S. P. Khullar’s approach to Astrology is distinctly and uniquely different from any
Methodology or System I have ever had the opportunity to investigate; a rare find indeed.
KCIL concepts are not a rehash of the old; they are concepts presented in a lucid, unique,
and systematic dissemination, compiling a very educational approach to a very ancient study.
Any serious student with preponderance for an intellectual advance - who seriously studies
and applies Mr. Khullar’s approach - will quickly recognize and appreciate this gifted man’s
exceptional abilities as a scholar – especially if you have the opportunity of seeing both him,
and his students, in full throttle action on a Blind Chart. His humble approach and undying
patience with our incessant questions, coupled with his natural outstanding and
magnanimous abilities as a dedicated and brilliant Scholar and Researcher, shines forth
brightly from the onset of the study of the KCIL material.

Be prepared. KCIL is highly polished and star refined; differentiating KCIL from all other
systems in print or practice today. Mr. S.P. Khullar’s outstanding talent, coalesced with his
superior approach to uniformly both unite, and unselfishly disseminate to his students the
appropriate significant and sequential information through organized application relative to
the study of the planets and Nakshatras, requires complete concentration for comprehension.
Using numerous multiples of Sub Level Lords, coupled with timing through Dasa, Bhukti,
Antara, Sookshma, and Prana Lords – has significantly escalated the Application of Astrology
via KCIL to an entirely new and advanced level for enabling success for those Astrologer's
interested in detailed predictive accuracy. As each human birth is a unique and individual
experience, each individual horoscope should reflect the uniqueness and timing of the human
experience; encompassing all of life’s unique events along with their appropriate timing. Mr.
Khullar's teachings are not ‘generalities’ as propounded by many other system teachings
involving less detail. KCIL teachings - from beginning to end - elaborate on the soul’s
individual experience through life - like no system in print today. I remain totally in awe at
the power of KCIL.

KCIL is not only unique and intricate in application and attention to detail; contrary to the
belief that KCIL is similar to other popular branches of study, there is unequivocally and
absolutely no comparison. I have personally studied many systems; KCIL is distinctively
different in application from any Astrological system in the works today, and this is one of the
primary messages I wish to convey. KCIL, however, is not for the lazy Astrologer. Diligence to 1/4
05/01/2019 S.P. Khullar and the Advanced Theory of Kalamsa and Cuspal Interlinks - Jupiters Web

both study and application are crucial to understanding the intricacies involved in KCIL. Just
as every great researcher of any invention who has ever gone before him, Mr. Khullar has
also endured countless, unwarranted attacks for his brilliant Research into further advancing
Astrology. Mr. S.P. Khullar’s moral fiber, combined with the richness of his character and
personal integrity, are commendable, as his spirit and dedication has continued to remain
intact - even in the face of such adversity. He gives and gives to his students and to all those
interested in his material; expecting nothing in return. These qualities are all signs of a man
of greatness; all too rare in our modern day and age. He continues to be magnanimous in
sharing his research with all his students who possess a serious mind to learn, while also
being simultaneously open to the ideas and suggestions of others. I continue to marvel at
the genius of Mr. S.P. Khullar’s brilliance and example; I can honestly say that I liken his
approach in life to that of an Astrological Einstein as he continues in his work, undeterred;
determined to shine a new, credible, and brilliant light on the ancient discipline of Astrology.

For those who have taken his online Workshop Course Material, Mr. S.P. Khullar’s dedicated
advancement of KCIL has personally brought forth a sense of exciting encouragement for
students of Astrology. This course material has renewed the student’s faith and enthusiasm
for Astrology; empowering students with a confident belief that Astrology not only works –
but that the system of KCIL has the ability of clearly demonstrating to a student how it works
with both consistency and replication. When Mr. Khullar’s techniques are concentrated upon,
dutifully applied, and put into practice on charts, his exceptional scientific approach - coupled
with the knowledge of correct understanding and application of his teachings - will certainly
prove fruitful in withstanding the test of time. The serious and dedicated student of KCIL will
come away from this KCIL study richly rewarded.

I wish to extend my warm appreciation and heartfelt thanks to both Mr. S.P. Khullar and
also to my colleague, Mr. Ron Gaunt, for the wonderfully detailed organization and
presentation of this workshop material. This material gave serious Astrologer’s the rare
opportunity to advance our learning of the KCIL material by providing a forum to study, apply,
and ask questions for further clarity. In conjunction with having Mr. S.P. Khullar’s four books
on the subject matter, the KCIL Workshop has greatly increased and intensified my personal
understanding of this vast subject of KCIL.

The entire experience of learning this material under the direct guidance of Mr. S. P. Khullar
has been so richly rewarding, and I look forward to many, many, more hours of both study
and application of KCIL. This type of knowledge is simply extraordinary, and I feel highly
honored to have been a part of such a beautiful, rich, and rewarding Astrological experience…
a gift indeed! For those who are interested in KCIL and missed the Workshop, good news

The KCIL Workshop Course material is now being offered to the public with the release (on
October 3, 2008) of Mr. Khullar's latest book entitled 'Key To Learn Sub Sub & Cuspal
Interlinks Theory'. This book is an amazing gift offered to those in the Astrological community
who seek detailed excellence in their work. On the former MSN Astrology Research Group, we
had eleven participants who submitted their work on Blind Chart #59. Eleven participants
also submitted the correct answer to this Blind Chart, and ten of the eleven participants were
KCIL students of Mr. Khullar. This speaks volumes! (We are currently active on
under Astrology Research.)

In closing I would like to say that I found Mr. S.P. Khullar's Workshop to be a wonderful
venture: an extraordinary learning experience. I am confident that Mr. S.P. Khullar's work on
KCIL will, on its own merit, spread among the Astrological community to now reach many
more Astrologer's who are appreciative of an opportunity to advance their skills - while
deserving to receive such depth of knowledge. Those of you who fall in this category will find
your way to his work.

Sandy L. Crowther

S.P. Khullar Books and True Astrology Software:

Information about S.P. Khullar's Books And True Astrology Software can be found
at the following links: 2/4
05/01/2019 S.P. Khullar and the Advanced Theory of Kalamsa and Cuspal Interlinks - Jupiters Web (
books) (
S P Khullar Revised Book Index (/sp-khullar-revised-book-index.html)

Note: Unless otherwise noted, references are relative to the 1st Edition of these books.
However, work is being done as time permits to update these references to the newer
Editions of Mr. S.P. Khullar's books.

Mr. S.P. Khullar's impressive discourse on Kalamsa and Cuspal Interlinks Theory is absolutely
brilliant! The devotion Mr. S.P. Khullar has dedicated to his detailed research and the Cuspal
Interlinks Theory speaks volumes to discerning Professionals and Students of Astrology.
Comprehension of his four volumes of work on True Astrology will involve the reader in an
amazing and in-depth masterpiece of both thought and theory; it is not uncommon to
suddenly experience an “aha” moment as former confusions and contradictions - so prevalent
in much of the available Astrological literature - suddenly begin to dissipate.

His work, however, is not recommended for the unmotivated or rigid Astrologer who remains
content with his or her base of knowledge, nor is it recommended for those who do not value
details of timing. What is required on the part of the perceptive Student or Professional, is an
intense desire to get closer to the Truth in Astrology; an understanding that arrives only with
personal efforts. The one requirement necessary to intellectually evaluate his work will simply
be to apply yourself - through both diligent study and consistent application of mind. For the
serious Student and Professional, your efforts will ultimately result in time well spent as Mr.
S.P. Khullar shares, with knowledge and an excellent command of the English language, his
scientific views - while systematically unveiling for the reader, what is lacking, and therefore
responsible for the profound confusions so prevalent in astrology today. Having an in-depth
knowledge of various schools of astrology, his knowledge of approaching this vast subject is
diligently impressive as he uniformly transfers to the mind of the reader, the secrets of Nadi
and Cuspal Interlinks Theory. He has the gift of imparting this knowledge with the voice of
both confidence and authority - based on years of personal research. Mr. Khullar's theories
are addressed in his books in a clear, practical, and illustrative way - the one requirement is
that you must work with an accurate birth chart. Rectification techniques are clearly outlined
in his work to ensure that the horoscope is correct.

I believe that Mr. Khullar's work and his brilliant contributions to the Astrological community -
coupled with the high caliber and outstanding detailed quality of his work – will result in
defining his unique research on Kalamsa and Cuspal Interlinks Theory as a 'must have' for
any serious Astrologer's astrological library - most especially favorably received by
Astrologer's who appreciate attention to detail. In my opinion, the S.P. Khullar KCIT theories
are destined to rank at the level of the 'Astrological Classics’. His dedication to detail,
commitment to ongoing research, and brilliant application of theory, is obvious - and makes
this humble man significantly distinguished from others with respect to disclosing a broad
base of knowledge.

Whether you are a student of astrology, or a Professional Astrologer, if you command both
detailed excellence and quality content, you will not be disappointed in Mr. Khullar's work. I,
personally, am very thankful to have been in the right place at the right time, as this allowed
me to be an early recipient in discovering his work, through sharing with other's his passion
for Astrology.

Please Note: I have no vested interest in the sale of Mr. Khullar's material. As a Professional
Astrologer, I simply feel strongly enough about Mr. Khullar’s brilliant research and work, that
I wanted to share my views with visitor's to my site.

Mr. Khullar currently runs his own Astrology Institution in Delhi, India, known as the Khullar
Astro Research Institution.

E-mail: (

Website: www.KhullarAstrologyInsti
( 3/4
05/01/2019 S.P. Khullar and the Advanced Theory of Kalamsa and Cuspal Interlinks - Jupiters Web


Mr. S. P. Khullar is the author of five books (below) that are available through:
Sagar Publications
72 , Janpath, Ved Mansion,
New Delhi-110001
Tel.: 23320648, 23328245
Books by S.P. Khullar:

1. True Astrology: Basic and Traditional Concepts

2. Kalamsa and Cuspal Interlinks Theory: Simplified and Enlarged. This is the recently revised
edition formerly known as "True Astrology: Kalamsa & Cuspal Interlinks Theory"
3. Your True Horoscope: Birth Time Rectification
4. Horary Astrology and Cuspal Interlinks
5. Key To Learn Sub Sub & Cuspal Interlinks Theory

For those interested readers residing in the USA, Dave at:
( also carries Mr. Khullar's books

Please ask Dave for the newly released version of book # 2 above, however, as Mr. Khullar
has recently updated Kalamsa and Cuspal Interlinks Theory and added approximately 100
pages to include a simplified and enlarged version of this edition.

True Astrology Software: For purchasing True Astrology Software, please

visit: ( A full listing of all of
the amazing software features can be viewed on this website also.

This is truly superb software and offers features not available on any other software. Of
particular interest is the fact that it has a feature that shows instantaneous change of Stellar
Sub Sub Lords when any one of them is changed. This makes for great time saving when
checking events and in rectification. Another feature is the side by side comparison of natal
chart lordships, with dasas and transits, and the ability to change the dasas and transit dates
easily to check on events. This software is a researchers dream in that it offers such things as
Ascendant at mid cusp position as well as the start of a house, numerous house systems,
etc..For your convenience, orders can be placed using credit cards.


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