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Today is saturday July 21 2018.

Unit 2
Materials Technology
Phrases about different materials

Environmental Audit
You are making a sandwich.
What do you do?
Get the ingredients.
What ingredients are you going to
Minimum viable product
Ham, bread and mayonnaise.
From where are you getting your
From the supermarket.

Can a sandwich be recycled?

What's a sandwich made from?
Where does a sandwich come
Categorising materials.
What is a braking system?
It a system that comes from a
basic physics concept: Generate
friction, with some differences
between each type of braking
system based on the use of this

What is brake pads?

They are thin blocks that grip the
disk in a disk brake.
What is a brake disc?
It is a disc attached to the wheel
on a disc brake system.

What are the most common brake

pads? The most common type of
brake pads are semi-metallic,
which are made of metal
shavings, including graphite,
copper, brass and steel, bound
together with resin.