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2A UNIT TEST Imię i nazwisko: _______________________________


1 Listen to an interview with a sports historian
In the 1960 Olympic Games in Rome, an unknown athlete from
and choose the correct answers.
Ethiopia, Bikila Abebe, had truly been a nobody in the world of
1 The programme is part of a series on sports which marathon running. However, he had won the gold medal there,
a were popular for a brief period of time. running barefoot on cobblestone streets! So, in the 1964
b were being popularised by history enthusiasts. Olympics in Tokyo, he should have been one of the favourites.
c stopped being played at some point in history. But nothing could be further from the truth, as all the odds were
against him. Firstly, nobody had ever successfully defended the
d were typical of a particular region.
Olympic marathon title before. Worse, he had had an emergency
2 Mark says that the information about Knattleikr operation several weeks before the competition and when he
a comes from various types of sources. arrived in Tokyo, he wasn’t expected to compete at all as he was
b provides contradictory descriptions. still walking with a limp. Moreover, between his surgery and the
c explains the rules of the game precisely. race, he hadn’t had a single training session. Amazingly, not only
d is not enough to recreate the game in full detail. did he win the race leaving his opponents far behind, but he also
managed to break his own Olympic record by nearly three
3 According to Mark, which of the following do we know minutes.
about Knattleikr?
a The number of players in each team. B
b The exact look of the equipment.
c Its matches were attended by lots of spectators. When, at the Winter Olympics at Lake Placid, 1980, the US ice-
d The duration of the game. hockey team qualified for the final to face the USSR team, no
one gave them any chance of winning the gold medal. Why was
4 For Mark, the most interesting feature of the game is that? Well, the USSR team had won six gold medals at the
a the way the players moved on ice. previous seven Olympics and were all pros, while the US team
b the choice of location for the games. was made up of amateur and college players. When the game
c the violence that the games involved. started, it first went according to expectations with the Soviet
d that the rules were strictly obeyed. team taking the lead three times and the US players fighting
__ / 4 back to tie the game. Then, in the third period, the US scored
a goal that gave them a 4:3 lead and despite furious attacks from
the Soviet players, managed to keep it. In the last moments of
Reading the game, the crowds of people were counting down the seconds
till the end of the game until the ‘Miracle on Ice’ became history.
2 Read the texts below and decide whether the sentences 1‒ Unluckily for American ice-hockey fans, the game was not even
aired live, as it was recorded on tape and replayed on prime-time
6 are true (T) or false (F).
Text A
1 Before the Tokyo Olympics, Bikila Abebe was expected to C
win the marathon race. T / F
The 1976 Australian Open was the last one to be won by an
2 He wasn’t able to practise for several weeks before the Australian player. At that time, Mark Edmonson was a low
Tokyo competition. T / F ranking player with just 11 ranking points, a position which
Text B made it impossible for him to live off playing tennis, so he had
to find employment as a window-cleaner and foot-polisher at
3 The game started as most people had been expecting it. T / F
a hospital. But his luck changed when Tennis Australia
4 The game was broadcast live on American TV. T / F announced that they did not have enough players for the
Text C Tasmanian Open. Mark entered the tournament and won it,
which allowed him to enter the big one, the Australian Open as
5 For Mark Edmonson playing tennis was his only source
one of the lowest-ranked players. Ten days later, he defeated the
of income. T / F
favourite, John Newcombe, in the final and immediately caught
6 He entered the Australian Open as one of the the tram back to his house in the Melbourne suburbs. Later
favourites during the interviews, he put down his amazing success to the
to win it. T / F fact that he was perfectly familiar with the way the favourites
played while they had no idea what he was capable of.
Apparently, he did not know this, either!

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2A UNIT TEST Imię i nazwisko: _______________________________

7 Complete the sentences with the missing words.

Language functions
The first letters have been given.
3 Complete the sentences with the missing words. 1 If they s____________ another loss, they won’t get
promoted to the top league.
1 I’m afraid I can’t go ____________ with that proposal.
I’d suggest a different solution. 2 The organisers decided to r____________ checks on the
equipment used by the competitors.
2 To begin ____________, I want to say that doing
professional sport has a number of disadvantages. 3 After his brutal foul during the game last week, the player
has been s____________ for the next five matches, so
3 She started practising several hours a day and it wasn’t
we’ll only see him on the pitch again in a few weeks.
long ____________ her skills improved dramatically.
4 Several football officials admitted to b____________
4 A I think we could promote the event by putting up some
during the investigation. They’d illegally accepted large
posters in the city centre.
sums of money from various sources.
B That strategy might ____________ for some citizens,
but let’s also set it up as an event on social media. __ / 4
5 Doing extreme sports might result in serious injury.
____________ this, most of these sports are rather
expensive to try out.

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8   Read the definitions and write the missing words.
Vocabulary 1 The part of a mountain used for skiing ____________
4 Complete the sentences with the missing words. 2 The field used for playing games like football or cricket
1 Neither of the teams managed to score so the game ended 3 A style of swimming where you move on your back
in a ____________. ____________
2 With six victories in a row, our local basketball team have 4 A scoring shot in basketball, when a basketball player
been on a winning ____________ since the season started. jumps high enough to put the ball into the basket
3 During the last lap, he got absolutely exhausted and ____________
started falling ____________ the other runners.
4 Both of the boxers are determined to win so this is going __ / 4
to be a fight to the ____________!
9   Complete the sentences with the correct form
__ / 4 of the words in brackets.
1 I felt that my performance during the competition was
5 Complete the sentences with appropriate prepositions. terribly ____________ (satisfy). I should have done much
1 He’s been ____________ the lead since the very start better.
of the race. 2 In comparison to other sports, football is fairly
2 Unable to face the pressures of professional sport, some ____________ (expense). You don’t need to spend a lot of
athletes turn ____________ performance-enhancing money to enjoy playing it.
drugs. 3 Tom is an extremely ____________ (adventure) person.
3 After the scandal, she was stripped ____________ all He loves extreme sports and dangerous expeditions.
the medals she’d won before. 4 Our coach, who used to be a top player, has never had any
discipline problems in the team. We are always very
__ / 3 ____________ (respect) to him.
5 The climbing team have already made three
6 Choose the correct option. ____________ (success) attempts to reach the top of
1 My friend is much better at tennis than me, so I’m Mount Everest. Each time, they had to give up because
no equal match / contest for him. of bad weather.
2 When we heard about the competition, we quickly 6 Few people can really put up with the enormous pressure
made / put together a team to enter it. involved in ____________ (compete) sport.
3 Several sailing teams decided to fall / drop out of the race __ / 6
due to the bad weather conditions.
4 I first got / took into scuba diving on holiday in Egypt.
I tried it and it was fascinating!

__ / 4

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2A UNIT TEST Imię i nazwisko: _______________________________

10 Complete the sentences with the correct past tense forms
of the verbs in brackets.
Unfortunately, our football match in the amateur league 12  Complete the sentences using the correct form of
yesterday 1_________________ (not go) well. We the words in brackets. Add any necessary words.
_________________ (play) for only about a quarter of an 1 When I went to a sports camp last summer,
hour when our striker 3_________________ (injure) his knee I __________________ (can’t / used / get) up at 7 a.m.
badly while he 4_________________ (take) a shot at goal. for the morning workout.
He 5_________________ (have) problems with that knee 2 In the past, there __________________ (used / be) fewer
earlier and was obviously unable to continue playing. Not extreme sports than there are today.
surprisingly, we 6_________________ (lose) the game 3:0. 3 This racquet is no good. I __________________ (not
used / play) with such a heavy one. Mine’s much lighter.
__ / 6
__ / 3
11 Complete the second sentence so that it means the same
as the first, using the words given. Write no more than
five words. English in use
1 When we play tennis, my brother always annoys me by 13 Complete the text with the correct form of the words in
making nasty comments about my lack of skill.
the box. There are two extra words.
When we play tennis, my brother comfort satisfy attend believe support
______________________________ nasty comments
about my lack of skill, which annoys me. IS devote mature

2 As a little girl, Sarah spent a lot of time drawing and Last year, I went to London to visit my friend, who’s a great
painting. fan of Tottenham Hotspur, and he invited me to go to a
As a little girl, Sarah _____________________________ football match with him. I didn’t want to disappoint him,
a lot of time drawing and painting. WOULD so I agreed to go, although I’d always considered it a bit
3 Recently, Tom has become terribly stubborn! ____________ to wear a football scarf and shout and scream
Earlier, Tom ______________________________ at a football stadium. I mean, I’d always thought it was
so stubborn! BE childish. Anyway, on Saturday afternoon we arrived at the
stadium and sat in our seats. It was the first time
4 My granddad once kept a few horses on his farm. I 2____________ a football match so the huge crowds of
My granddad ______________________________ a few noisy fans made me feel quite 3____________ at first.
horses on his farm. TO But I soon found the atmosphere intoxicating and halfway
5 My ex-boyfriend had an annoying habit of talking about through the game, I was yelling my head off along with the
car racing all the time! thousands of fans. It was an 4____________ experience and
My ex-boyfriend ______________________________ one I wanted to repeat when I got back home. So, one of the
about car racing! ALWAYS first things I did after getting home was to buy a ticket for the
whole season and since then I 5____________ my hometown
6 Is it Eric’s daily routine to go jogging in the morning? club, Polonia Warsaw.
______________________________ jogging in the
morning as a daily routine? GO __ / 5
__ / 6 Writing
14 Read the instructions and do the writing task.

Czasopismo młodzieżowe ogłosiło konkurs na artykuł na

temat roli szkoły w rozwijaniu zamiłowania do uprawiania
sportu. Napisz artykuł do gazety (200–250 słów),
w którym opiszesz przypadek osoby, która rozwinęła dzięki
zajęciom szkolnym pasję do sportu, oraz wyjaśnisz, w jaki
sposób szkoła może propagować uprawianie sportu przez
dzieci i młodzież.

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