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Name of Event: Industrial Visit to 400kV Substation.

Address of the Visit: MSETCL 400/220 kV Substation, Babhaleshwar Substation Ahmednagar

Date of the Visit : 11th June 2018 to 26th June.

Name of staff accompanied :Katore Sir.

Training time & Period : Five days class room training ,Ten days practical training .

Objectives :

 To understand the real electrical power system viz. Generation,transmission and

 To understand the practical working of a substation and its components coordination in
the substation.
 To understand the different department in the substation like maintainance,testing
,operation,training & control.

 To practically understand the various connections,incoming ,outgoing lines and the the
way of connecting the different components like bus-bar, Isolators, various switchgear
equipments, transformers etc.

Outcome :

 Understood the basics of power system components and the concept of

transformers,reactors ,different connections of the transformers etc.
 Understood the functioning of various components involved in the substation designing.
 understood the various switchgear equipments which plays the major role in substation
protection in the power system .Even they understood some of the latest technologies
used in the substation designing.
 Understanding the relay panel,PLC SCADA Pannel ,different types of automation in the
control .

1] Single Line Diagram of 400kv substation :

Single line diagram helps to understand the sinario of hole subatation . No of incoming lines and
outgoing line nature i.e voltage level . No of interconnected transformers .Number of buses .

Voltage level: 400kv & 220kv

Number of bus : Two main bus and one auxillary bus.

Number of ICT : Four ICT of total 1632MVA

Shunt Reactor :80 MVAR each ( 1BHEL+1CGL)

Main ICT : Four ICT of TELK,CGL,BHEL total 1632MVA

Spare ICT : 1phase 2unit 105MVA,167MVA

Feeder:16 Feeders of 400kv ,12 Feeders of 220kv


Four ICT 1632 MVA Capacity , 400/220KV transformer
Shunt reactor
Capacitor bank
SF6 circuit breaker
Lightning arresters
Current transformer
Capacitor voltage transformer
Wave trap



Control Panel .
Battries & charger .
Relay panel .
Controlling Equipment.
Monitoring equipment.
Communication panel

1]Lightning Arrester:

Guard ring


LA is used to protect the Equipment from lightning .Its use to make system safe
from overvoltage of lightning .it ground the overvotaage .LA internally uses linear
resistance .

The modern gapless Metal

Oxide arresters comprise of
the following main parts -

Zinc Oxide Blocks :

These blocks are stacked in
series to obtain required
voltage level of the arrester.

Porcelain/polymeric Housing:
Is a hollow insulator in which
the ZnO blocks are stacked and
sealed so that the blocks are not
exposed to the atmosphere

2] Inter connected transformer :

Conservator tank

Main ICT
Cololing fins

This is inter connected transformer .

which switches one voltage level to another voltage level from 400kv to 220 kv .
This is manufactured by CGL .
It is the heart of the substation . its Capacity is 501MVA of three units.
Its Air cooled Oil cooled Type transformer.

Parts of ICT :Breather & Fins

Visiting at Yard: