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City Council for the Protection of Children (CCPC)

Work and Financial Plan

CY 2017
San Fernando City

Region : __I__
Province: LA UNION

Implementing Funding
Program/Project/Activity Office / Indicator Target Time Frame Remarks
Amount Source
Day Care Program CSWDO/OCM
64 Day Care
Day Care Centers
Day Care Centers and 57
Accreditation of Day and Day Care June 2017 –
Workers and Day Day Care 50,000.00 1% Children’s Fund
Care Centers Workers March 2018
Care Centers Workers
100% Regular
Regular meetings
meetings of
Day Care of DCWs
Attendance to regular DCWs conducted June 2017 – 59,400.00
Workers and Day conducted and 1% Children’s Fund
meetings and other March 2018
Care Centers other meetings
Conduct of information
and education
campaign, values 100% of IEC on
January 2017 –
formation, seminars and Anti-Trafficking Anti-Trafficking
CSWDO December 120,000.00 1% Children’s Fund
trainings for Law awareness Law awareness
entertainments business conducted
establishments and
2,000 ECCD
ECCD leaflets
Maintain a leaflets
purchased /
comprehensive purchased; 100%
Comprehensive January 2017 –
information about day Comprehensive
CSWDO information on December 270,000.00 1% Children’s Fund
care children enrollees / information on
the day care 2017
Purchase of ECCD the day care
Leaflets enrollees
Global Hand Washing Importance of 100% of Day Care
Advocacy hygiene was Children and
January 2017 –
Purchase of Sanitation inculcated to the their Parents
CSWDO December 250,000.00 1% Children’s Fund
supplies (toothbrush, minds of the Day oriented
toothpaste, towels, etc.) Care Children and
Children’s talents 100% activities
recognized planned for
National Children’s November
CSWDO enhanced along National 200,000.00 1% Children’s Fund
month celebration 2017
draw and tell and Children’s month
poetry conducted
Positive values 100% of activities
inculcated among planned for
elementary and Children’s
Conduct of Children’s high school in summit
summit order to become conducted
good citizen’s in
their respective
Barangay Council for the BCPC in the 59 BCPC of January 2017 –
Protection of Children CSWDO barangays of the barangays of the December 170,644.50 1% Children’s Fund
(BCPC) trainings city strengthened city strengthened 2017
100% of
and concern
and concerns
Local Council for the discussed and
discussed and
Protection of Children accorded proper
accorded proper January 2017 –
meetings, seminars, solutions
CSWDO solutions December 200,000.00 1% Children’s Fund
capability building, and
LCPC Quarterly 4 Quarterly 2017
monitoring of BCPC
meeting meeting
conducted conducted
BCPC’s 100% monitoring
performances of BCPC
59 barangays
Organization of Out of barangays with March 2017 –
CSWDO with organized 49,092.00 1% Children’s Fund
School Youth youth groups April 2017
youth groups
100% of OSYs
attended the
OSY trainings/ seminars/ OSYs gained
conduct of forums and CSWDO valuable May 2017 50,000.00 1% Children’s Fund
workshops learnings
forums/ and
100% of OSY
OSYs/ other
and/or other
needy youth able May 2017 –
Educational Assistance CSWDO needy youth are 250,000.00 1% Children’s Fund
to go back to October 2017
able to go back to
Youth able to 100% of youth
Conduct of Youth Camp
enhance their able to attend March 2017 –
(Values and Spiritual CSWDO 111,018.00 1% Children’s Fund
values and the conduct of April 2017
spiritual self youth camp
Camaraderie, 100% of Sports
Conduct of Sports friendship, Development
March 2017 –
Development Activities- CSWDO sportsmanship Activities during
April 2017
Youth Day among the youth Youth Day
promoted conducted
OSYs gained skills 100% of OSYs
on techvoc graduated on July 2017 –
Technical Vocational
CSWDO courses and able Technical December 150,000.00 1% Children’s Fund
Skills Training
to land job (local Vocational Skills 2017
and abroad) Training
Conduct of seminar, 100% participants
lecture on different became aware
become aware January 2017 –
schools and Barangays and were
PNP and encouraged December DEPED/PNP/CSWD
particularly on bullying, encouraged to
to report 2017
trafficking and violence report incidents
against children
100% of leaflets
distributed to
Distribution of leaflets to January 2017 –
Information was barangays, City Fund / PNP
barangays, school, and PNP December
disseminated schools, and Fund
business establishment 2017
Implementation of Prevention of
of Rescue of January 2017 –
Rescue of Youngsters in minors on
PNP Youngsters in December 50,000.00 City Fun/ PNP Fund
conflict with city Acts engaging in illegal
Conflict with City 2017
and Laws (ROYAL) activities
Acts and Laws
Enhancement Gaining 100% of
for WCPD Personnel in Enhancement
proper handling of case trainings
involving children conducted
Nutrition Month January 2017 –
Nutrition Month Nutrition Month
CSWD Celebrated December 97,716.37 City Fund
Celebration Celebration
100% of school
Decrease of
School based feeding based feeding
severely waste
program program
and underweight
Feeding program 100% of feeding
conducted program
January 2017 –
covering all conducted
Kalinga sa Kusina CSWD December 3,387,408.95 City Fund
children in school
for a fixed
number of days
All public 100% of public
elementary and elementary and January 2017 –
National Mass
DepEd secondary school secondary school December 50,000.00 City Fund
Deworming Program
children were children 2017
100% of
School based All beneficiaries
DepEd beneficiaries August 2017 50,000.00 City Fund
immunization were vaccinated
Laws for the Protection 100% of cases
All cases reported January 2017 –
of Children RA 9262, RA reported and
DepEd and undergone December 50,000 City Fund
7610, Anti-bullying law, undergone due
due process 2017
RA 9344 process
100% of January 2017 –
Acceleration through Acceleration test
DepEd Acceleration test December SEF
ALS were conducted
conducted 2017
PEPT for over age 100% of January 2017 –
students acceleration to DepEd Examination December 49,890.00 SEF
were conducted
higher grade level conducted 2017
Lectures 100% of Lectures
Lecture on Teenage
conducted; conducted
pregnancy, unwanted
Better educated September
pregnancy, drug abuse LUVWI 50,000.00 Federation Fund
teens and other 2017
and strengthen family
related issues
Prayer rally for anti-drug 100% of prayer
Prayer rally
campaign to high school LUVWI rallies conducted March 2017 Federation Fund
100% of
Scholarship grants to Deserving college
deserving college
deserving college LUVWI students granted August 2017 Federation Fund
students granted
students scholarship
Elementary 100% of
Lecture on the
children gained Elementary
prevention of common
awareness and children attended
diseases affecting
LUVWI knowledge on lectures/seminars August 2017 Federation Fund
children / health
proper on health
seminar to elementary
care/hygiene and
100% of
Supplementary Feeding malnourished
Program to LUVWI children July 2017 Federation Fund
rehabilitated and
malnourished children rehabilitated and
become healthy
are healthy
100% of pregnant
Pregnant women January 2017 –
Prenatal Care to women of the
CHO of the city availed December 12,591.05 City Fund
Pregnant Women city availed ante-
ante-natal care 2017
natal care
100% of post
Post partum January 2017 –
Post partum care to post partum mothers
CHO mothers given December City Fund
partum mothers given post natal
post natal care 2017
100% of 0-7
0-7 months infant January 2017 –
Neonatal to children’s months infant
CHO given complete December 200,000.00 City Fund
care given complete
child care 2017
child care

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CCPC Chairperson