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IIST Internship Planning and Coordination Committee (IPCC)

Internship Program IIST Students


1. The internship period will be from 4th June to 13th July 2018.

2. B Tech students Internship is compulsory 3 credit course.

3. List of students who are doing internship at various ISRO centers other than
IIST is attached as a separate file.

4. Hundred percent attendance is a mandatory requirement for the completion

of the course and up to 20% can be condoned by the competent authority for
medical/other reasons.

5. All students must report to their respective centers between 09am and 11 am
on 4th June 2018 (unless otherwise agreed upon by the respective center
coordinator / reporting persons). (List attached contains details about
reporting places/persons in ISRO centers).

6. The respective centers will provide accommodation to the students (Except

in VSSC & LPSC). But the students are advised to contact the respective
center coordinator / reporting persons well in advance for the details. The
centers will not provide any accommodation / assistance for those
students who will be reporting prior to the declared reporting time.

7. Accommodation for boys who are doing internship at ISAC Bangalore is

not yet confirmed by the centre. Please contact the coordinator ISAC or
IIST coordinator for the latest updates. But the accommodation for girls is

8. The students who will be doing internship at VSSC and LPSC should report
to IIST Hostel on 3rd June 2018.

9. All students must carry their IIST identity card for to get in to the various
centers. No other letter of communication is required to join at various
centers. Students without the ID card will not be permitted to the internship
10. Internship students are not permitted to stay outside the accommodation
facilities given by the respective centers. In exceptional cases, those students
who are intended to stay outside ISRO guest houses must get the prior
concurrence from the ISRO Center Coordinator and IPCC chairman / Dean
Students Activities. They are expected to submit a formal letter along with
the consent letter from parents should be submitted to Dean Students

11. All students should produce separate duly signed attendance sheet (format
attached) at the time of reimbursement (as per IIST rules) of their bills in
IIST. No reimbursement bills shall be entertained from the non-compulsory
internship students.

12. Electronic gadgets like mobile phones, laptops, camera, pen drive,
CD/Floppy etc. will not be permitted in the premises of ISRO centers.

13. All students should report back to IIST on July 23rd, 2018 (college reopening