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CONTENT Main ideas directly Main ideas are related to The work indicates main Main ideas are only The writing does not
address the topic the topic and are ideas related to the topic, marginally related to address the topic or
and are stated reasonably clear but in ways that could be the topic or is lacks main ideas
clearly & clearer and more explicit difficult to identify
GRAMMAR Grammar errors are There may be minor May contain major Grammatical errors Major errors abound,
minor and grammatical errors that grammatical errors that may be numerous causing the readers
infrequent do not interfere with the compromise its and major, to the major comprehension
main idea comprehensibility extent that the text difficulties
cannot be easily read
and understood
VOCABULARY Choice of vocab is Adequate range, Limited range, frequent Essential translation, Mostly translation, very
excellent, effective occasional errors of errors of word little knowledge of weak, not enough to
word choice and word form / choice / choice/form/usage, English vocab evaluate
usage usage but meaning not meaning confused and
obscured obscured

SPELLING & Generally accurate Occasional errors of Frequent errors of Errors consistently Errors cause serious
PUNCTUATION spelling, punctuation, spelling, punctuation, distract readers comprehension
paragraphing but paragraphing, may problems
meaning not obscured distract the readers