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non-SLS products is prohibited from lst Januarv 2019. all

sockets and pluqs newlv installed must be tvpe G (rectanqular pin)

Alreadv lmplemented

standard for plugs and sockets in Sri Lanka. A systematic transition process commenced.

extension cords was prohibited.

To be lmplemented from Jariuarv 2019

extension cords will be prohibited.

rectangular pin plug.

Useful Tips

fix a new appliance (rectangular pin plug) to an old (round pin) socket. A 5 A-13 A adaptor

can be used to fix an old appliance (round pin plug) to a new (rectangular pin) socket.

There is no need to rush and replace them to comply with the new standard. Whenever a replacement is needed, the new socket will be of 13 ampere (rectangular pin).

We draw the attention of all engineers, architects, quantity surveyors, contractors, inspectors and

testing engineers to the requirement that all new electrical installations or extensions to existinq

installations must adhere to the single standard for plugs and sockets. That means, all electrical installations should be designed, built, tested and certified only with 13 ampere (type G) sockets. The traditional round pin 5 ampere and 15 ampere sockets should NOT be specified. installed or approved.

Replacing sockets in old installations: lt is most likely that an old 5 ampere round pin socket

is served by a circuit wired with 1 mm2 wire, protected by a 5 ampere fuse or a 6 ampere miniature

circuit breaker. lf the 5 ampere socket needs replacement, only 13 ampere sockets will be

available in shops. To warn users, a special type G socket (rectangular pin) with embossed

lettering "6 A Max" will be available in electrical shops.

1 Plugs, sockets, adaptors, multi-sockets and extension cords with any shape of pins other than 13 ampere (rectangular pin) are deemed to be non-standard items. All 13 ampere plugs, sockets, adaptors, multi-sockets and extension cords must comply with the corresponding Sri Lanka Standards.

sLS 734

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SLS 734

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Decisions and Legal documents:

Cabinet Decision No.16/148717061056 dated August 16,2016 "lmplementation of a Single

Standard for Plugs and Socket outlets: Type G socket and plug would be the unique standard in Sri Lanka with immediate effect and approves the transition process.

Gazette extraordinary No. 2032t10 - Tuesday, August 15,2017, under lmports

and Exports

(Control) Act No 1 of 1969: Prohibits import of non-standard sockets, plugs, adaptors,

extension cords, cable reels, fused connection units, and fused conversion plugs. All imports

must comply with 13 ampere type G and be SLS-compliant.

Gazette extraordinary No. 2048139 - Thursday, December A7, 2017, under Consumer Affairs

Authority Act No 9 of 2003: Prohibits the manufacture, display or sale of any socket, plug,

adaptor, extension cord, cablq reel, fused connection unit or fused conversion plug, unless it complies with 13 ampere type G. They must bear the SLS product certification mark. Prohibits the display or sale of any appliance unless it carries a 13 ampere type G plug.