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Carrot Singkamas pods Bread

1. Being overweight increases insulin needs and Coconut shoot singkamas tuber Loaf bread 2 slices
complicates control of your diabetes Camansi lanka , hilaw Pan de sal 3 pcs
2. Follow your prescribed meal plan. Patani, bunga Squash fruit Whole wheat bread 2 pcs
3. Eat meals and prescribed snacks at regular times each Sitaw, bunga Corn and corn products
day. Binatog ½ cup
4. Do not skip meals or prescribed snacks. LIST 2- FRUIT EXCHANGE LIST Boiled corn 1 pc
5. Avoid foods high in sugar content Apple ½ of 8 cm diameter Baby corn 1 cup
6. Avoid foods high in saturated fats and cholesterol (refer Atis 1(5 cm diameter) Bihon/sotanghon 1 cup
to Appendix A Banana Rootcrops
7. Avoid alcoholic, carbonated and sweetened drinks Lakatan 1 small Sweet potato 1/1 cup
8. Avoid salty foods (refer to Appendix B) Latundan 1 small Cassava 1 cup
9. Weight loss is essential if you are overweight. Saba 1 small Gabi 1-1/3 cup
Chico 1 pc Potato 1-1/3 cups
LIST 1- VEGETABLE EXCAHNGE LIST Durian 1-1 ½ tbsp Ubi 1-1/3 cups
Grapes 10 pcs
VEGETABLE A: 1 exchange= 1 cup raw or ½ cup cooked Guava 2 small pcs LIST 5- MEAT AND FISH EXCHANGE LIST
VEGETABLE B: 1 exchange= ½ cup raw or ½ cup cooked Guyabano 1 slice or ½ cup
Jackfruit 3 segments 1. FISH
GROUP A- Vegetables Lansones 7 pcs. Large variety
alugbati leaves okra Mango (bangus, dalag, labahita, lapu-lapu)
ampalaya fruit onion bulbs Green 1 slice 1 slice
ampalaya leaves pako Ripe 1 slice
baguio beans papaya green Mangosteen 3 pcs. Medium variety
bamboo shoot patola Papaya 1 slice or ¾ cup hasa hasa,
banana heart pepper fruit and leaves Pineapple 1 slice or ½ cup dalagang bukid, 1 pc
bataw pods pechay Rambutan 8 pcs galunggong, 1 pc
beets radish Singkamas 1 cup hito ½ pc
cabbage saluyot Watermelon 1 slice or 1 cup
cassava tops and leaves sigarillas Small variety
cauliflower spinach LIST 3- MILK EXCHANGE LIST Sapsap 2 pcs
camote leaves squash flowers Liquid skim milk/ non-fat- 2/3 cup Tilapia 2 pcs
celery squash leaves Powdered skim/ non-fat- 4 tbsp pr ¼ cup without Tamban 2 pcs
chayote fruit string beans leaves sugar Dilis ¼ cup
cucumber upo
eggplant LIST 4- RICE EXCHANGE LIST 2. OTHER SEAFOODS: FRESH- limit to once a
gabi leaves 1 exchange= ½ cup rice or 1 rice substitute week
kangkong Alamang 1-1/4 tbsp
katuray flowers and leaves Rice, cooked ½ cup Alimango/alimasag ¼ cup or ½ piece medium
lettuce Rice gruel, lugaw Shrimps: puti 5 pcs
mallunggay pods and leaves Thin consistency 4-1/2 cups Sugpo 2 pcs
mushroom fresh Medium consistency 3 cups Suwahe 5 pcs
National Highway, Poblacion 8, Midsayap, Cotabato
Dietary Service
Shells:halaan 1/3 cup shelled or 3 cups w/ shell CONTROLLD DIETS
Kuhol ½ cup shelled or 3 cups w/ shell  Fried, buttered, creamed or cooked with fatty meat
Susong pilipit 1/3 cup shelled or 2 cups w/ shell  Whole or evaporated milk, carabaos milk, condensed milk
Paros 1 cup shelled or 2-2/3 cups w/shell  Mami, miqui, breads with added fat such as croissants,
muffins, sweet rolls, biscuits, pancakes, waffles, rolls made NAME:___________________
3. MEAT- Internal organs are better avoided with whole egg, butter, margarine, or fat unknown ROOM NO._______
A. LOW FAT MEAT composition HT:______ WT:__________
Chicken (w/o skin)  Meat and poultry with visible fats, fish roe and caviar, DBW:___________
Leg (hita) 1 small leg internal organs, sausages, cold cuts, canned or frozen DBW RANGE:____________
Meat (laman) 1 slice meats, fatty poultry skin, tripe, lobsters, shrimp heads, TER:_____________KCAL/DAY
aligue, oysters, clam, fish canned in oils, lard, pork, meat
Breat meat (pitso) ¼ breast
and chicken drippings
Lean pork (lomo)
 Chocolate bars, cream-filled sweets, soda fountain VEGETABLES
(well- trimmed) 1 slice, matchbox size beverages like milk shakes, melted milk and chocolate A: _______EXCHANGES
Lean beef drinks, cream soups, fatty broths (1/2 CUP COOKED VEGETABLES
(well- trimmed) 1 slice, matchbox size  Pies, pastries, cookies, cakes, icings, doughnuts, yema, PER EXCHANGE)
Carabeef leche flan, desserts with coconut milk, sauces and gravies B: _______EXCHANGES
(well- trimmed) 1 slice, matchbox size with restricted fats or milk, popcorn, French fries, potato (1/2 CUP COOKED VEGETABLES
chips, butter dipped foods, and instant foods of unknown PER EXCHANGE)
Fish: karpa 1 slice  Butter, margarine, mayonnaise and cream FRUITS: _____EXCHANGES
Chicken: wings 1 medium or 2 small
Eggs: chicken 1 pc(2-3 pcs per week) APPENDIX “B” 4TBSP/GLASS)
Pork: leg 1 slice RICE: _______EXCHANGES
Beef: flank (kabilugan) DIETS
 Canned soups, bouillon cubes and meat extracts
Brisket (punta y pecho) MEAT:
 Canned, frozen, salted, smoked, cured, or processed
Plate (tadyang) LOW FAT MEAT: ______EXCHANGES
meats, poultry, fish and those containing sodium
Chuck (paypay) 1 slice (1 MATCHBOX SIZE MEAT PER EXCHANGE)
 Regular cheese, peanut butter, and salted pickled egg
Beans: soybean ½ cup  Canned and frozen vegetables processed with salt
Low fat beans MEDIUM FAT MEAT: ______ EXCHANGES
 Artificially colored juices and glazed or candied fruits (1 MATCHBOX SIZE MEAT PER EXCHANGE)
Pigeon pea see  Drippings from bacon, ham, salted pork and other salted
(dried, kadyos, buto) 1/3 cup meats, chicharon, margarine and butter in excessive FATS: ______ TEASPOONS
amounts. Bread or rolls with baking soda, baking powder,
LIST 6- FAT EXCHANGE LIST salt and sodium containing additives and dry cereals
 Miki, misua, mami, canton, suman sa lihia, cuchinta, puto
POLYUNSATURATED FATS:  Self-rising flours, potato chips, pretzels, popcorn, crackers, DIETITIAN: ___________________________
OIL ( corn, soybean, rapeseed-canola, rice, cookies, cakes, commercial candis, pudding mixes
sunflower, safflower, marine and sesame)  Pickles, relishes, salted meat extracts, brine, tausi,
MONOUNSATURATED FATS: sweeteners, and medicine containing sodium.
Avocado ½ pc
(cooking oil) 1 teaspoon