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Universidad Chileno Británica de Cultura

Pedagogía en Inglés/Traducción Inglés-Español

Lengua Inglesa I

Feedback PA4 (10%): Oral Interview

Student´s name : ______________________________________Date : ______________

Teacher : ____________________________________________ Points: ________________

Final mark: ________________

Marks Grammar Vocabulary Pronunciation Discourse


9-10 Shows a good degree of Uses a range of The articulation of Contributions are relevant
control of simple appropriate vocabulary individual sounds, the use and extended stretches of
grammatical forms and to complete tasks of word stress and language (2 of 3
some control of complex related to topics intonation are mostly clauses/sentences) are
grammatical forms. covered in the syllabus. appropriate. Inaccuracies produced. Uses a range of
which may occur rarely basic cohesive devices to
Some errors of word affect intelligibility. produce organised speech
choice may occur, but despite hesitation/repetition.
do not obscure

7-8 Shows frequent control of Uses the necessary The articulation of Contributions are extended
simple grammatical forms vocabulary to complete individual sounds is mostly beyond short phrases and are
and some control of tasks related to topics appropriate. generally relevant. Shows
complex grammatical covered in the syllabus some control of the use of
forms. Minor errors may although some Errors in the use of word basic cohesive devices.
occasionally occur but do inaccuracies occur. stress and intonation occur Repetition and hesitation
not impede and may cause strain on may be a feature of speech
communication. the listener. but does not produce strain
on the listener.

4-6 Some limited use of Some evidence of basic Despite appropriate Short phrases are produced
simple grammatical forms lexis but often lacks the articulation of individual but basic cohesive devices
is evident but errors are necessary vocabulary to sounds, the limited control may be overused or misused.
frequent. Complex complete tasks related of other phonological Speech is characterised by
grammatical forms are to topics covered in the features causes constant frequent repetition and
rarely attempted or syllabus. strain on the listener. hesitation.

1-3 Fails to meet the above criteria