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Unit Plan Template


Name(s): Feyzullah Yıldız

F. Oğuzhan Doruk
Halit Ardıç
Yiğit Koçu

Unit Content



Unit Title


Grade Level [ASSURE (Analyze Learners)]

6th grade


6 lesson hours

Prerequisites [ASSURE (Analyze Learners)]

Students should have the knowledge of pronouns, some simple verbs such as sew, cut, fix, build etc.
Basic knowledge of can/ cannot structure and past, present tense knowledge are also required.

Sequence of the Content

Topic1 – Occupations
Sub Topic- Can/Cannot

Topic2 –Telling time, days and dates

Sub Topic- Days, weeks, months and years
Sub Topic- Past Tense

Topic3 – Asking personal questions

Sub Topic- Past Progressive Tense
Unit Plan

Activities Explanations
ee Learning Outcome Measurement & Evaluation
h k (If any)
Ho Un
ur it

Week Students will have the  Speaking  Testing Students will form
1 general knowledge about  Matching  Writing simple sentences by using
different occupations.  Questions and answers sentence about both can/cannot
2 They will learn how to occupations and occupations.
talk about occupations
and what these
occupations mean and do.
 

Students will understand Writing a diary Homework Students will

k2 familiar words and they  Story telling write about past
will produce simple  Speaking events.
2 sentences about
occupations and the dates.

.Week Students will learn how  Speaking  Writing a paragraph

3 to ask personal questions.  Discussion about themselves
Students will learn how to  Dialogues
2 state the dates.  Quiz