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Compliance verification of technical specifications prepared by the contractor organization in the

procurement process of mechanical equipment with the requirements of the modernization project
as well as local legislation and regulations

Verification and approval of documents prepared by the manufacturers

Approval of the inspection plan during mechanical equipment preparation close participation in the
process of equipment acceptance

Preparation of response of technical surveys developed by main contractor or equipment

manufacturer involved in the modernization project or approval of the prepared response

Collection of technical data related HAOR and delivery to the contractor organization

Participation at the technical meetings in the modernization project control over the
implementation of the steps taken at the meetings

Direct participation as engineering support in equipment installation adjustment and commissioning


Engineering support for identification and procurement of spare parts

Direct participation in inspection process of equipment and pipelines to be revamped verification

and approval of inspection results

Preparation of relevant activity reports and submitting to the management

Continuous cooperation with other engineering fields as well as with HAOR relevant departments