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Romeo and Juliet Acts 1 -2 Quiz

Multiple Choice: Choose the best-lettered completion for each statement.

_____1. Tybalt belongs to the house of

A. Montague B. Capulet C. Prince Escalus

_____2. Benvolio belongs to the house of

A. Montague B. Capulet C. Prince Escalus

_____3. Mercutio belongs to the house of

A. Montague B. Capulet C. Prince Escalus

_____4. Who says, “A rose by any other name, would smell as sweet?”
A. Romeo B. Juliet C. Mercutio D. Benvolio

_____5. Who says, “He is the Prince of Cats”?

A. Romeo B. Tybalt C. Mercutio D. Peter

_____6. Who is being spoken about in the above line?

A. Romeo B. Tybalt C. Mercutio D. Lord Capulet

_____7. What is shrift?

A. a dress B. an herb C. confession D. an excuse

_____8. Who says “A Bawd, A Bawd”?

A. Mercutio B. Benvolio C. Peter D. Romeo

_____9. What does Tybalt do in response to Romeo crashing the Capulet party?
A. He doesn’t do anything because his uncle told him not to.
B. He meets Romeo at his house the next morning.
C. He sends word to his house to challenge him to a duel.
D. He sends word to Capulet that he must do something about Romeo and Juliet.

_____10. Friar Laurence specializes in

A. fencing skills.
B. languages.
C. herbal remedies.
D. ancient books.

_____11. Who says, “Deny thy father and refuse thy name.”?
A. Mercutio B. Romeo C. Juliet D. Nurse

_____12. When Romeo says, “He jest at scars that never felt a wound” he is talking about
A. Benvolio B. Peter C. Mercutio D. Tybalt

_____13. Romeo and Juliet takes place in

A. London, England B. Paris, France C. Stratford upon Avon, England D. Verona, Italy
_____14. After the Capulet party, Mercutio wants to get Romeo out of hiding. What works?
A. He lies and says that Capulet guards are coming.
B. He gets him out by mentioning various parts of Rosaline.
C. He warns Romeo about Juliet’s fickle personality.
D. Nothing works; Romeo stays hidden in the orchard.

_____15. What do Romeo and Juliet promise by the end of Act 2, scene ii?
A. They promise to run away together.
B. They promise to ask their parents to consider marriage.
C. They promise to marry each other.
D. They promise to bring their families together.

Short Answer: Answer in a complete sentence! (One Sentence Only!!!)

16. Why does Friar Laurence decide to marry Romeo and Juliet?

17. How will Juliet know if they can be married?

18. What excuse does Juliet use to be able to leave her house and see Friar Laurence?

19. Why is the Nurse so insulted by Mercutio’s remarks?

20. Upon her return, what does the Nurse do that frustrates Juliet so?