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OCT-NOV 2018


18 Simple

Is it possible to have


Books to read,
music to listen

to and movies
to watch in your
downtime that are
faith based.

BELINDA NDOLO Angela lahay had gone through so
ANGELA LAHAY much in life that she had given up
MAGGIE OGUTU hope in God but God had not given
IVY NJERI up on her. Once she had reached
BETHBIRI ENTERPRISES her lowest point, she decided to
Email: reach out to God and He showed her His grace.
0727428084 Cover image for cover story sourced from
0736181998 Angela Lahay and BethBiri Enterprises.

3 OCT-NOV 2018 KL


For everyone born of God overcomes the world. This is the victory that
has overcome the world, even our faith. 1 John 5:4 (NIV)

T he word of God tells us that if we are born of God, born again and have received
Jesus as our savior and have become sons of God, then we are overcomers of the world and
we overcome by our faith. Through out the bible we read of stories of men and women who
overcame situations that seemed impossible just by believing in the word that God gave them.
Abraham’s story is a great example of overcoming impossible odds by faith. He was
already past the age of having children, he and his wife Sarah, who was barren. Nevertheless
when God spoke to him that he would have a son and that he would become the father of
many nations through his son, he believed God. By faith he received a son and over came an
impossible situation of old age and barrenness. It is also interesting to note that even when
God asked him to sacrifice Isaac, the son God gave him, he did not hesitate, he obeyed
(Genesis 22:2). He did not hesitate because of the promise; God told him that through his son
he would become father of many nations. Hence, even if he sacrificed him he believed that
God would have to resurrect him again because his descendants would come from Isaac.
His focus and faith was on the promise. God spared him from sacrificing his son and the bible
declares in Genesis 22:16 an angel was sent to him to declare again the promise and that God
would surely bless him with descendants.

Faith is what gives us the victory as believers and makes

us overcomers. In this issue, we share stories about faith in
God and what can happen if you only believe in His word. In
order to conquer situations in life, one of the things we need
to understand is acting on our faith. We receive our healing,
prosperity, righteousness, peace and even our salvation by
faith, by believing the word of God and acting on it. Faith is
not the only thing but it is one of the keys to the kingdom.
May this issue be an encouragement to you, to believe God
to overcome any situation that you may be going through. All
things are possible to them that believe.

4 OCT-NOV 2018 KL
5 OCT-NOV 2018 KL

6 OCT-NOV 2018 KL
D r. Myles Munroe once said that there are five
questions that every human being is motivated
by and seeking to answer. Who am I?, Where
am I from?, Why am I here?, What can I do?
And where am I going? In these questions we will
focus on who am I?.

The first question deals with identity. Identity

is perceived by many by the family they come
from or by what they can do. For example, if a
person is a lawyer they will tend to associate
themselves as a lawyer; their identity is being a
lawyer. However, our identity is more than just
what we do, our identity comes from our creator.
When we get born again we begin to understand
who we are and God begins to reveal to us who cross and through his resurrection, 2 Corinthians
He created us to be. We start to realize that there 5:21. As we study the word and fellowship with
is more to life than just going to school, getting God, He will reveal to us our identity and we
a job and getting married. These are all good can fully function the way we were created to
things but we must know who we are in order to function and then we can be effective in this life.
fulfill our destiny and for our lives to have eternal We can never truly know our purpose in this life
meaning. without accepting Christ. When a manufacturer
creates something, there might be dealers who
The bible declares that, “Therefore, if anyone is can fix and try to run a product how it should run.
in Christ, the new creation has come: The old However, the manufacturer is the only one who
has gone, the new is here!” 2 Corinthians 5:17 knows the ins and outs and knows the capability
(NIV). When we received Christ as our savior we of the product more than the dealers, because he
become new creatures and we begin a new life in created the product.
Christ. Man is made up of three parts, spirit, soul
and body. When we get saved our spirits were Same thing goes for us, we were created by God
quickened and came alive and the Holy Spirit for a specific purpose and it is He who gives us
came to dwell in our spirits. Our souls and body identity because He knows every inch of us and
do not change physically immediately, though what we are capable of. So how do we walk in
as we grow in God and begin to renew our our identity you may ask? It’s simple, just by
minds according to His word we begin to have a reading what God says about us in His word,
transformation of the soul and the body follows believing it and acting like it. It is by faith that we
after. walk in our identity, just like it is by faith that we
accepted Christ into our hearts and began to
God created us in His image and likeness and act like it. We didn’t see a difference physically
He wants us to be just like Him and to impact the immediately but after sometime as we started to
world with his kingdom. As we begin to renew our act according to what we believed, manifestations
minds and allow the Holy Spirit to work through began to happen in our lives, the bible became
us and lead us, He empowers us to become like real to us. I pray as we walk in what the word of
our creator. Our Identity is found in Christ and God says, believing, speaking and acting like its
who Christ says we are. We are the children true, God’s promises of who we are will begin to
of God, John 1:12 , we are the righteousness manifest in our lives.
of God because of what Christ did for us at the

7 OCT-NOV 2018 KL



I will use water to explain the persona of Jesus

Christ. Water is essential for life. Without it life
becomes difficult. Vegetation is dead, trees look dry, crops have
withered. But when rains pours, life is restored
In history, we have head of individuals who have to the vegetation, trees and crops.
starved themselves for a particular purpose for a
long duration. Example, Mahatma Gandhi starved Another characteristic is that water is a
himself for 21 days. But for water, one can survive cleansing agent. It is used in all aspects of our
without it for only 3-4 days. This is because our life. Whether to clean our laundry, vehicles
body is made up of mostly water (50%-70%). and machinery and for personal hygiene.
In John 4:13-14; “Every one who drinks of this This is because water is pure, only made up
water will thirst again, but whoever drinks of of Hydrogen and oxygen (H2O). Therefore,
the water that i shall give Him will never thirst; when an object passes through it, it becomes
the water that i shall give him will become in clean( pure). This reveals the purpose of Christ,
him a spring of water welling up to eternal life” to take away your sin by washing it away
through His blood that was shed at calvary. In
 In this scripture, Jesus was using water as a scriptures,” it is said that though your sins
metaphor for life. For water is life and we all know be as scarlet, i shall make them white as
Jesus is life (John 14:6)-“I am the way, the truth, snow”-(Isaiah 1:8)
and the life. No one comes to the Father except
through Me“. If you dont believe me, look at a Water is reflective. This allows one the ability
land that is deprived of rain for prolonged period. to see their reflection from a pool of water. Its

8 OCT-NOV 2018 KL
is through Jesus(water) that we are able to see persecution from family and friends, betrayals
the reflection of who we are. There are many or loss of family members e.t.c. in this moment
who are looking for identity, the problem is they we need relief from stresses around us and
look in the wrong place and recieve a misplaced revitalization of strength. Water is a good
identity. But those refer to Jesus, their minds example, and that is how Jesus can act in
become opened up to their destiny and purpose our lives. Giving us comfort in troubling times,
on earth.Jeremiah 1:5-“Before I formed you refreshing us in times we are weary and weak.
in the womb I knew you and before you were
born I consecrated you”
For ice, it is solid and longlasting(upto a
lifetime). Ice is a solid mass that influences the
Water is refreshing. Imagine, having spent the surrounding environment making things cool
whole day under the scorching heat, only to go throughout. In this instance, Jesus is constantly
home and have a nice cold shower. It refreshes refreshing us on a daily basis for the rest of
you and cools you down, it also sharpens the our lives. We are revitalized every morning to
brain which was exhausted. That is what Jesus conquer the day, and refreshed in the night as
does, there are times in christian life you have we sleep. For christians to experience this, they
faced challenge after challenge, temptation after should invest their time by building a relationship
temptation and you feel worn out with life and (intimacy) with Christ.
cant even enjoy prayer. Reach out to Jesus,
He will refresh you.“Yet those who wait for
I would like you to take sometime and reflect on
the LORD Will gain new strength; They will
your relationship with Christ, and gauge yourself.
mount up with wings like eagles, They will
Is your relationship with Christ similar to what
run and not get tired, They will walk and not
i explained in either vapour, water or ice? Be
become weary“-Isaiah 40:31.

Finally, another aspect of Christ we see is

God the holySpirit part of this series will be
in regards to the 3 states of water i.e. water
continued in our next issue.
vapour, water( liquid state) and ice. Each of this
state describe how Jesus intervenes in our life.

For vapour, it is fast moving and unsustainable.

It occurs for a brief moment then it disappears.
This shows how Jesus gets us out of life
threatening situations. Many can relate to this,
you might have been in the wrong place at the
wrong time, or with a bad company of friends
or involved in an accident, yet you come out of
the situation unharmed or mildly injured. In this
situation, people can’t explain how they are still
alive yet in reality it was life threatening. This is
all thanks to Jesus whose redeeming power is
swift to divert disasters coming your way.

For water, it is slower than vapour. It can easily

be traced back through trickles (droplets)
left. However, this deals with situations that
are prolonged( weeks to months). Maybe

9 OCT-NOV 2018 KL

I was born the fourth of six
children into a loving family. Christian
movies, television and board games were
school altogether. My mother home schooled
me until I graduated.

In my early teen years boys were a new

my life. It wasn’t until middle school that I concept to me. I enjoyed their attention. By the
felt that church became “boring” to me. I time I was 17, I pursued a relationship with a guy
cared far too much about what everyone from my church and we decided to get serious.
else thought. He was going away to boot camp and if I wanted
In eighth grade I began to seek out ways to be with him I had to move fast as the military
to be accepted by my peers. So, in order would have him traveling. So, we married six
to look like other girls, I began to starve months later. I was barely 18.
myself. I tricked myself into believing
what I was doing was normal. I kept quiet Our relationship was based on lust. He was
about my condition until during my ninth grossly addicted to sex and pornography. I
grade year when I was picked up from blamed myself. I thought I wasn’t pretty enough.
school after collapsing in the hallway. Cigarettes and alcohol were my vice. God began
When my parents learned about what was to be part of my past. I prayed but didn’t think
happening, they removed me from public God was hearing me. In 2002 I fell asleep behind

10 OCT-NOV 2018 KL
the wheel while driving 70 miles per hour and my In 2012 God started stripping away everything
husband was in it too. My car flipped front over one by one. I had a lot of inner work to do. I had
back six times before hitting a tree. God spared church and religion, but I needed more. I needed
our lives but, in a way, I was already dead. The a savior. I stopped, cold turkey, all medications
relationship was broken. I had so much shame and fought through the damage the meds had
and guilt that I could barely look into a mirror done to my body. When I least expected it God
without crying. I tried drugs for the first time with put someone in my mind.
some new friends. The drugs dulled my senses
enough for me to escape but my pain ran deep. Matthew was a single dad and attended my
The only logical way I saw to get back to where church. He had similar struggles in his failed
it all started was to run. So, I decided to pack up marriage (although he endured his own personal
and leave my husband. I came back to Texas to hell) and had been used and thrown away just
start over. One year later,our divorce was final. like I had. He quickly became the best friend I’ve
ever had. His faith in God was strong. He never
When I moved back home in 2004 the drug judged me. I told him things I’d never told another
use stopped completely but the problems in person and he just listened. I was shocked. I
my heart weren’t resolved. I met another man didn’t know what a good-hearted person was until
before I was officially divorced, and just kept I met Matt. Our kids fell in love with each other
running. I never considered I was the problem. and God has been restoring life to Matthew and I
I wasn’t healed. We started to attend church since our marriage in 2014.
together but were living like man and wife. I was We have 5 children altogether. (My 3, his 2) In
relying on him to be my rescuer. When I was retrospect my life was a rollercoaster mainly
about five months pregnant with our first child because I didn’t understand who I was. I didn’t
we got married. Six months later I was pregnant know what a marriage vow looked like to God.
again. I was happy for the most part but having a I had spent years trying to fulfill an expectation
mortgage and three children at 24 years old was of my spouse (void) that only God could fill. Still
a hardship for both of us. My sorrow turned into Jesus waited for me. I tried every earthly thing
anger and the fights started. We were only verbal for fulfillment, but nothing could make me whole.
with each other at first. In time our fights began Nothing could get me high enough. It wasn’t until
to grow increasingly more physical. I started I got the revelation that grace is a free gift and I
suffering with panic attacks and anxiety due to can’t earn God through good behavior that I really
the intense trauma. I saw a psychiatrist who put knew He is love. It’s that realization that changes
me on several pharmaceutical medications. The people? Life is much more colorful and pleasing
pills numbed my fear and my joy. I did things when you feel loved and accepted just as you
to self-sabotage constantly. Church two days a are. Let him use you, flaws and all to be the love
week and living a “secret life” were taking a toll. I the world needs. We are his hands and feet on
wanted to do the right things, but I was so broken the earth.
I didn’t know how. In my eyes I was the victim.
He left one day with everything he owned. I found
myself going through another devastating divorce
in 2011.
I took on two jobs to raise my children. I had
a couple of boyfriends, but I feared intimacy.
Bitterness, resentment, guilt, shame and fear
were my silent foes. Sex was used as a tool to
get what I needed but I had become numb to its
effect on me. I attended church, but I never felt I
belonged. No-one knew what I had done but me.

12 OCT-NOV 2018 KL
“I had spent many years
trying to fulfill an
expectation of my
spouse(void) that
only God could fill.”

ometimes we may THROUGH
never realize just how much

impact we can have in the
world until we allow God to
use us to share the message
of Christ and reach out to a
lost world. A great example
of this is the story of Tim
Tebow, a former professional BY LIZ GUYA
American football quarterback
and current professional
baseball outfielder in the New days later his coach, Meyer,
games but eventually he
York Mets organization. A received a call while he was
decided to put John 3:16.
video recalling the amazing with Tim at a restaurant. His
story of him writing the verse coach informed him that Tim’s
“It is the essence of our
John 3:16 under his eyes had PR representative had just
Christianity. It’s the essence
gone viral on social media called him and told him the
of our hope,” Tebow said.
and it is truly inspiring. most amazing thing.
A few weeks before the big
game, he told his parents and
The story begins with Tim in “Do you know that during
his coach about the change
his college years from 2009 the game, 94 million people
in verses. Then later he says
playing football and he goes googled John 3:16 and it’s the
“honestly after that I didn’t
on to describe his journey number one trending thing on
even really think about, I just
with God. every platform,” Tebow shared
went out there and tried to win
“Sometimes I would feel so about his coach.
the championship game and
unqualified or unworthy yet
we were blessed to win.”
God would do something cool “Honestly my first thought was
in the midst of it all” Tebow ‘How do 94 million people not
According to the story, two
shared. know John 3:16?” Tebow said.

It was a few weeks from

when he was to compete in
a highly nationally televised
football championship game.
He recalls that he felt God led
him to write under his eyes
the verse John 3:16 for the
entire world to see.

When God placed it in his

heart, he was agonizing and
contemplating which verse to
put under his eyes because
he previously had put
Philipians 4:13 and the team
had done well in his previous
14 OCT-NOV 2018 KL


Image: Christian

15 OCT-NOV 2018 KL
Tim Tebow is a great example
of a person who chose to give
God what he has and to let
God use him with what he
has, football. What do you
have that you can release
to God. You may not be a
pastor or a prophet who God
uses many times on the
pulpit but God can still use
you. God has great plans for
every single one of us and
all we need to do is yield to
Him and He will use what we
have. You may be a doctor, a
Image: lawyer, a basketball player or
even a housewife, God can
“I was just so humbled by how During the game you threw still use you to make Impact
big the God is that we serve.” for 316 yards, your yards per in this world.
completion were 31.6, your
Moving forward three years yards per rush were 3.16, the We cannot think of Christ
after that game to 2012 Tebow ratings for the night were 31.6, without thinking of His
is playing the Pittsburgh and the time of possession was resurrection and His purpose
Steelers and after the win 31.06 and during the game 91 of coming to the earth to save
he goes in to a post game million people googled John mankind and we cannot think
press conference where his 3:16 and it’s the No. 1 trending of Jesus coming to the earth
public relations representative thing on every platform,’” Tebow without considering the virgin
reveals even more surprising shared. birth. Mary was used to have
facts about the game. impact by giving birth to the
“I was just standing there in that savior of this world and she
“He says, ‘Timmy did you hallway ready to do this press will always be remembered
realize what happened?’ I conference thinking that that as the mother of Jesus on the
was like, ‘Yeah, we just beat night was about a football game earth.
the Steelers. We’re going to and it really wasn’t” Tebow
play the Patriots.’ And he was shared. We may think that what we
like ‘No ,do you realize what have or who we are is not
happened?” Tebow shared. Tim believes that that night was enough but God can use
about more than just a football anybody to have impact in
game. this world. All God needs
is a willing heart and He
“He said, ‘It’s exactly three “The God that we serve is a can make champions out of
years later from the night that God of miracles,” he said. “We everyday people and change
you wore john 3:16 under just have to be willing to step the world for the better by
your eyes” Tebow continued. out and say, ‘Here you go God, sharing Christ to the lost.
“I was like, ‘Oh, that’s really I’m going to give you my fish Let’s give God our fish and
cool.” and my loaves of bread and two loaves, as Tim Tebow
watch what he does with it” said and watch God move in
“He said, ‘No, I don’t think Tebow said. our lives in ways that eyes
you realize what happened. have not seen and ears have
16 OCT-NOV 2018 KL
not heard.

But as it is written: “Eye has

not seen, nor ear heard, Nor
have entered into the heart
of man The things which
God has prepared for those
who love Him.” 1 Corinthians
2:9 New King James Version


For more of this story please

follow the link for the video
of Tim Tebow sharing his
story https://www.facebook.
videos/446775375737336/ ,


Going out and sharing the gospel is one of the most fulfilling things
a believer can do. Even in this age of mass communication, there
is still something special about personal witness. Approaching
complete strangers and sharing the Word of God can be daunting
though, while being effective at it is even more demanding. Still the
first thing to do is to step out. BY STEVE MRAMBA

I n my personal experience, the crucial

step is taking initiative. When I felt guided to
subject to my pastor as he told me there is no
formula to it and with a willing heart, the Holy
Spirit would guide me.
evangelize through personal witness, I was
That did it and feeling motivated I went out
quite reluctant.
and started talking to people. I was pleasantly
At the time I considered myself young in
surprised by the results. I found that fears
salvation and felt this stood against me. With
of hostility and rejection were unfounded as
life’s up and downs, my confidence was low
people readily embraced the gospel. Through
and I felt unworthy of such a great task. The
talking, listening and observing, I learned to be
urge still persisted and after seeking guidance
effective in getting the message across.
from the bible and my pastor I found a clear
Verses in the bible which were an early
An aspect I consider most important in
inspiration for me were Matthew 28:19-20 that
evangelism is delivering the gospel effectively.
says, ” Go therefore and make disciples of
Ensuring what God has deposited in
all nations, baptizing them in the name of
your heart sinks in is half the job done. A
the Father and of the Son and of the Holy
common mistake is shifting focus to getting
Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I
a commitment from the person we’re talking
have commanded you. And behold, I am
to, at times forgetting to listen and attend to
with you always, to the end of the age.”
their needs. It is not necessary to secure a
I saw this message as not only instruction, but
commitment, but as 1 Corinthians 3:6 states,
an assurance from the Lord that His presence
God’s aim may be to use us to plant a seed of
would follow me when I go out to evangelize. I
His Word in someone’s heart.
was encouraged further when I broached the
18 OCT-NOV 2018 KL
Here are some tips on delivering the interrupting and listening to what they’re
message effectively. saying (not just hearing), creates a bond that
makes it easier to make a lasting impression.
Prayer Personal witness is about making a connection
Prayer made before going out to evangelize and courtesy shows care and respect to who
is essential. It helps us get in touch with God you’re talking to.
as we unburden our hearts and focus on the
spiritual realm in readiness to do His will. Finally, it’s important to remember we have
Once we buttress our efforts in prayer, we weaknesses and limitations. A common trap
invite the supernatural to take over. is allowing failures to derail evangelistic
momentum as we let ourselves feel unworthy
The Holy Spirit because of the things that are not right in our
We should still our hearts and listen to Christian lives. Stopping to share the gospel
instruction from the Holy Spirit when out until we achieve perfection can be a terrible
sharing the gospel. It is only natural as we’re mistake. We should instead persist as we
only vessels carrying out His will and so we fearfully work out our salvation and allow the
must question some of our motivations that Lord to change our hearts.
may suppress the move of the Spirit as we
evangelize. When we manage to be in one
accord with the Holy Spirit, we can elevate
the experience to extraordinary levels.

With a clear understanding on the purpose
of evangelism, we can’t help but have an
optimistic and cheerful outlook. 2 Corinthians
5: 20 should offer enough of a reason to
be enthusiastic. It is a source of great joy
that God, the supreme being in the entire
universe, should give us such an important
role in his purpose for the world.

We live in a hectic world with an ever piling
heap of responsibilities. It’s easy to feel that
sharing the gospel isn’t as important as other
life issues. This sort of thinking can lead us
to neglect evangelism. Keeping in mind the
urgency of reaching out to a lost and ailing
world will help a believer always be willing to
set other concerns aside.

Courtesy may seem odd in this bunch, but
the little things also count. Sharing greetings
and introducing oneself respectfully is a
great icebreaker. Giving an opportunity
for others to express themselves without

19 OCT-NOV 2018 KL

ON? Character, a common word that will be used when describing
somebody. In any given community what defines a person is their
Let us choose to simply understand Character live by Faith and work exploits in establishing
as one of the attributes or features that make the kingdom of God, we need to deliberately
up and distinguish an individual. Character they know the person of God, get to see Him, get
say is who you really are even when no one is to understand His heart for us then eventually
watching. live it out by faith, having known whom we have
It has always been a paradox for me to see believed on.
and know myself for who I really am but then In the book of Daniel, we are comforted
again just enjoy, ride on and hide behind the by being encouraged to know the character
comfort of my reputation. Reputation is what of God, but the people that do know their God
people perceive me to be, especially the good shall be strong, and do exploits. Child of God,
traits. If you are honest with yourself, you will be we are called to do marvelous things for God.
able to sieve out situations where your reputation We are called to enjoy heaven on earth. We are
seemed safer than your character. The Word of called to establish and express the fruitfulness
God too speaks of the Character of God. God of the kingdom.
being the solid rock, Him being a Father, being We are called to live out in faith, all
love, being just and we could go on to speak these become easy when we rely and trust on
of who He is! What an assurance! I love that the character of our Father God! God is willing
God too has a character since people who have and available to show us who He is, He made
character are people whom you can get to learn known his ways unto Moses, his acts unto the
of, know them and even develop relationships children of Israel, and He is still the same God
with. living in you and me. In this journey of salvation
James 1:17 declares that every good gift and of the many things we desire, May we desire
every perfect gift is from above, and cometh to know this God, to learn of his character, to
down from the Father of lights, with whom is no capture His heart and our walk of Faith will be
variableness, neither shadow of turning. Is it not fruitful, having dominion and subduing every
refreshing to know that God does not vary in plan of the enemy. In conclusion ask yourself
character or reputation? He is the great I AM, He this question; do I really know the Character
will do what He says He will do. In the times we of whom I have believed? I pray that 2timothy
are living in as a community, it is important for us 1:12 becomes our reality, that we will have the
to have a relationship with this God, and most boldness to declare that Yes! We surely know
importantly to get to know His character! Faith is whom we have believed! For the which cause
the substance of things hoped for, the evidence I also suffer these things: nevertheless I am not
of things not seen. ashamed: for I know whom I have believed, and
Growing in faith will become much easier am persuaded that he is able to keep that which
when we know who it is that we believe on. I have committed unto him against that day.
The reason why we feel safe around our family
and friends is because we have gotten to know
them, to know their character and to rest in the
assurance of who they really are. If we are to

21 OCT-NOV 2018 KL



Many in our days believe that it is almost It is important for us to go back to the word and
impossible to have perfect marriages. It is do things as God and not being limited by the
sad that circumstances in the world have experiences of other people. It is wrong to make
conditioned the church to live way below the the experiences of other people’s marriage even
standard to which she is called. Don’t we quote if it’s the majority to be the standard of marriage.
this scripture saying,”For whatsoever is born I have seen many young people having a
of God overcometh the world: and this is the lot of fear when it comes to marriage because
victory that overcometh the world, even our of the experiences of many people even in their
faith.” 1 JOHN 5:4 (KJV) own homes. They have probably been brought
Do we really mean what we quote from up in environments where their parents are
scriptures or is it just mere quoting? We also always at loggerheads with each other and they
quote another which says*And hath raised never seem to agree on anything. Those kinds
us up together, and made us sit together in of environments have shaped their mentality in
heavenly places in Christ Jesus. Ephesians 2:6 a very wrong way.
(KJV). In addition to that, what they hear in radios
Do we know what it means to be seated and watch in the television has greatly impacted
together with heavenly places in Christ Jesus? their perception of marriage negatively. Our
We have been placed at the same level with news have been crowded with negative news
Christ. There is another scripture that says, about marriage and many are wondering if they
“Herein is our love made perfect, that we may will have perfect marriages.
have boldness in the day of judgment: because Is it possible to have perfect marriages?
as he is, so are we in this world.” 1 John 4:17 Yes it is possible. Remember we said that the
(KJV) resurrected and glorified Christ is the standard
We the church are like the glorified Christ of marriage. What I’m saying here has greatly
far above the world, principalities and powers. impacted my mindset about marriage and also
Who then is our standard in marriage? Is the my marriage.
failures, hardships, quarrels, heart quakes etc I was also in fear about marriage. I
of other marriages? No, Christ is our standard was afraid of going through quarrellings,
in marriage disagreements, divorce etc. I even heard many
believers who are married telling me how
challenging marriage is. You see such things are
22 OCT-NOV 2018 KL
preparing people for failure in marriage.
Don’t we as the church say that faith always
has a good report? I decided to shun the
experiences of people and go to the word of
God. I believe that we as the church are called
to raise a standard in this world in all things.
I’m not saying that we can’t learn from other
people’s marriages but that the word must be
exalted above the standards and experiences
of men in marriages.

God began to open my eyes of who I am in

Christ. I began to see in reality that I’m above
this world. Yes, I began to see my self in the
glorified and resurrected Christ. I began to see
that if Christ cannot fail in anything then I’m
not going to fail in marriage. Almost everyday I
meditated and began to declare these truths in generation that is coming after us will take
my life. I began to say” There shall be no failure this to the next level. We need to set a strong
in my marriage, no quarrels, no enduring to the foundation for them. The bible says, “For other
end etc in my marriage.” foundation can no man lay than that is laid,
God is my witness that it broke wrong which is Jesus Christ.” 1Corinthians 3:11( KJV)
things in my life. I believe that in these days
God is not calling us to settle for less but We decided as a family that even our
pursue the excellent things in Christ. I had a shortcomings in marriage will not be our
lot of challenges in my relationship with my standard. That has always provoked me to
wife before we got married but I decided that I always pursue Christ as Paul would say, “Not
was not going to be dictated by circumstances as though I had already attained, either were
but that I was going to raise a standard in my already perfect: but I follow after, if that I may
marriage. apprehend that for which also I am apprehended
God spoke to me and told me never to of Christ Jesus.Philipians 3:12 ( KJV)
accept and agree with what I see in the natural
but always see my self seated with Christ in the If a husband and wife are pursuing Christ
heavenly places. It really provoked my spirit to then they will build their marriage on a strong
rise above the limitations of men. I remember foundation that cannot be destroyed by the devil
my wife was told me during her bridal shower or any man. It is impossible for Christ to quarrel
what to expect in marriage. Whatever she or disagree with Himself. Many believers have
heard from many people who were married, accepted the fact that it is normal to experience
brought fear in her life. She told me what she hardship in marriage but it is abnormal in the
was told and I immediately canceled it. You eyes of God. It is for us to choose whether to
see I was creating the right atmosphere for our accept and live in limitations of disagreements
marriage. or go higher where we are seated with Christ in
To say the truth none of the things the heavenly places.
she was told did we ever experience in our
marriage. I was determined in Christ to break In our next study we will see to practically apply
every limitation in our lives including any the above truth in marriage....
character that was not reflecting Christ.

God is impressing in my spirit that the next

23 OCT-NOV 2018 KL


M any do read the book of Isaiah 60 but do

they really have a revelation of what they read?
It is always the pleasure of God to reveal to
believers what He is doing in every season.
The shift of seasons must not take believers
by surprise. They ought to know beforehand
and prepare themselves to the shift of seasons.
Every shift of a season is ushering the church
into new levels in God. God is not stagnant, He
is always on the move to perfect the church in
A perfect example is how God led the
Israelites in the wilderness. The bible says that
during the day He led them by the pillar of cloud
and during the night by the pillar of fire.(exodus
13:21).They were not stationed in one place but
broke camp whenever the cloud would lift and
move until when they crossed the river Jordan.
Their perfection was the land of Canaan which
God promised their fathers.
We can say that in the wilderness God was
always on the move from one place to another
until they crossed over to the land of Canaan. This is not the time to sleep or play church
The Israelites on the other hand always but to be sensitive to what God is doing at
followed the cloud. this hour.
This example is very prophetic to the church The book of Isaiah 60 tells us what to do
as the Holy Spirit leads the church from one to be partakers of what God is doing at this
season to another. The purpose is to perfect the hour. It says, “Arise, shine; for thy light is
church in Christ. This needs believers who are come, and the glory of the LORD is risen
alert in the spirit and not asleep. Such will be upon thee. For, behold, the darkness shall
able to shift when the Holy Spirit shifts. cover the earth, and gross darkness the
We are living in times when God is bringing people: but the LORD shall arise upon thee,
the church to His fullness. The church will show and his glory shall be seen upon thee.”
forth the glory of God like never before not even (KJV)
like the times of the first church. The church has There are three key words here: Arise,
not yet carried the glory of God as He intended shine and Light. The bible tells to arise. I
it to be. It is only a few who have walked in believe this means we need to take our
the glimpse of His glory but not in the fullness place as the body of Christ. How can we
of it. In these days the glory of God will not be arise without being first awakened? We
carried by a few but the body of Christ which cannot take our rightful place as the body
attract the world to the church like never before. of Christ without first being awakened. How
The book of Isaiah 60 verse 3 says, “And the then are we awakened?, by the Light of
Gentiles shall come to thy light, and kings to the God. This light is what God is saying at this
brightness of thy rising.” (KJV) hour and the truths that He is also revealing
at this time.
It is only when the whole body of Christ radiates
the fullness of God’s glory that the gentiles and The bible says that we arise and shine for
kings will run to her. That is why the church our Light has come. That means already
must go through processes of transitions to God is sharing with believers truths that is
bring out this kind of glory. awakening them and causing them to arise.
The church has been going through a If we are keen to the Holy Spirit and also
metamorphosis and its now in a her final hungry and thirsty then we will not miss
stages. No one is attracted to a caterpillar but out on what God is saying to the church.
when it is transformed to become a butterfly it There is a great awakening that is already
is attractive to all men. The church is not dead happening. We are now not saying that
even though it appears to be so. It is just going there is a move of God coming but the move
through metamorphosis and the true church of is already here and has began.
Christ reflecting the fullness of the glory of God
is about to be manifested to the world. To those who are being awakened and are
“For the earnest expectation of the creature arising (Taking their rightful place) they will
waiteth for the manifestation of the sons of begin to shine. To shine here means to
God.” Romans 8:19 (KJV)The problem is that radiate the glory of God like never before
some will be partakers of this and some will not. leading to the world running to them. To
It is sad that some will be taken by surprise by those who will continue sleeping, they will
what God is doing and be left confused. That is be overtaken by darkness that is increasing
why we need to be awakened now to what God on the earth and will not see the light. Let us
is doing. There is already a shift in the spirit therefore be sensitive to the Holy Spirit and
and God is calling us to align to His purposes. be partakers of what God is doing in this
God is always speaking and it is important to be season. Amen
sensitive to the voice of God and be obedient.

25 OCT-NOV 2018 KL



E veryone born of God is able

to hear the voice of God. He is not a
stranger to those born of Him.
How does God speak? This is a
question asked by many people. God
speaks every time and not seasonally.
The problem is not in how God speaks
but many are not sensitive to Him
when He speaks.

26 OCT-NOV 2018 KL
The Holy Spirit dwells in every believer unlike
the old covenant. What he/she needs is for his/ senses to be awakened more than the soulical
her spiritual senses to be awakened to be able senses. If the soulical senses of a believer are
to discern the voice of God. more active than his/her spiritual senses or his
It will therefore be important to understand physical senses are more active than his/her
the tripartite nature of man to know how God spiritual sense that it will be difficult to discern
speaks. That is because He communicates the voice of God.
to us through our spirits. The spirit is also It is when the spiritual senses are
the dwelling place of the Holy Spirit. When awakened as a lifestyle that a believer is also
a believer is born again, his/her spirit is able to distinguish between different voices.
regenerated by the Holy Spirit making it a There are many voices that speak to a believer
new creation.Titus 3:5 (KJV) “Not by works but he/she is able to discern the voice of God
of righteousness which we have done, but out of all the other voices.
according to his mercy he saved us, by the
washing of regeneration, and renewing of the These are the voices that speak to us;
Holy Ghost.” a). The voice of God through our spirits.
The regeneration/renewing of the spirit b). The voice of the soul;
of a believer makes it possible for him/her to i)The mind i.e. Reasoning, thoughts/Ideas
hear the voice of God and to be led by the and memory.
Holy Spirit. If a believer can only learn to pay ii) Emotions i.e. Desires, affections.
attention to his/her spirit within then he/she iii) Will e.g. strong will.
will not miss out on the voice of God. However c). The voice of the body through the five
this something that is developed until he/she physical senses i.e. sight, smell, taste,
masters how God speaks. hearing and touch e.g. symptoms of
Many believers get confused here because sickness.
they don’t know how to discern between God d). The voice of the outward environment i.e
speaking from within their spirits and their own i) People
feelings, thoughts/ideas, people, the devil etc. ii) Social media
For this reason it is important to understand the iii) Circumstances etc.
tripartite nature of man. e). The voice of the devil.

Man is a spirit that possesses a soul and dwells All these voices speak to man but the game
in a body i.e. spirit, soul and body(1the 5:23) changer comes when a believer is able to
The soul consists of the mind, emotions and distinguish between spirit and soul. Once that
will and the body the physical senses. The distinction is made he/she is able to discern all
problem with many, especially those growing in the other voices. The most important thing is to
discernment, is distinguishing between the spirit know how God speaks through our spirits. More
and soul. Once we know how to divide between of this shall discussed in our next study.
spirit and soul there will be no problem with the
The spirit has its own spiritual senses, the
soul has also its own soulical senses and the
body has also its physical senses.God primarily
uses our spirits to communicate to us thus
making it very key to divide between spirit and
soul. Therefore the spiritual senses of a believer
needs to be activated/stirred/awakened to
effectively distinguish between spirit and soul.
The spirit needs an enabling environment for it
27 OCT-NOV 2018 KL
28 OCT-NOV 2018 KL
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after surviving a headlong tumble into a tree. Her
family and doctors become even more baffled when
the young girl begins to show signs of recovering from
her fatal condition.

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29 OCT-NOV 2018 K L
Wewe ni mwema
Israel is a talented gospel
musician with songs that are truly insiring.
With his mellow voice he sings in this song
about God’s goodness and him experienicng
it in different ways. A song full of thanksgiving
and praise to God.


Oceans Psalms 23
Hillsong is know all over If you are in need of
the world for powerful deep worship that
worship songs with touches the heart of
descriptive words about God then Psalms 23
God and our relationship is the song for you. with him and this song is Juanita is a powerful
no exception. It describes a
Spirit filled worshiper
person in longing for a deeper
realationship with God.
and she demonstrates that in this song with
words from this verse.


LIVE IT by Robert Morris
by Terry Savelle Foy In this book Robert Morris
This book is a great teaches on how to trust
addition to your library. God for provision
Terri reveals all about especially in tough
vision and why it is econimic times through
important to have it in obedience.
your life based on
Habakuk 2:2.

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30 OCT-NOV 2018 K L



T his is for all those who do not

mind a bit of meat now and then.
Treat yourself to this
wonderful meat stew recipe
shared with us by Maggie Ogutu.
This meat stew can be served with either then add ginger. Mix in the ginger and then
rice, ugali, chapati or any starch of your cover the meat. You allow the Meat to cook
choice. until is soft and the water has dried. If the
meet is still tough, add a little water and allow
it cook until soft.
7. Then you add the blended tomatoes, garlic
and green pepper and mix well.
1. 1/2 kg of meat ( beef)
8. Finally add 1 cup of water. Cover and allow
2. 1 large onion diced the stew to cook for 10 minutes.

3. 3 large tomatoes blended Serve the stew hot with a desired choice of
4 .I green pepper blended

5. 1/2 teaspoon of grated garlic

6. 1 teaspoon grated ginger

7. 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon

8. 1/4 teaspoon cumin

9. 2 table spoons of cooking oil


1. Clean your meat well and cut it in to

small cubes.

2. Prepare all ingredients as specified


3. Place a cooking pan on medium heat

and add very little oil to the pan.

4. Add the diced onions and allow to

cook until they are golden brown.

5. Add your meat to the cooked onions

and a little water. At this point you also
add the cinammon, cumin and any other
spice you prefer. You could also add chil-
lies if you love it. Mic in the spices well.

6. Allow the meat to cook for ten minutes

32 OCT-NOV 2018 K L