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Practice MTCRE Test

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1. When sending out an ARP request, an IP host is expecting what kind of address for an

B. 802.11g

C. IP address

D. MAC Address

2. When adding a static route, you must always ensure that you add both the gateway and the

3. A MikoTik PPPoE Server can be used only within a broadcast domain, that is, users can not
run PPPoE protocol with a server if there is a router between the customer and that PPPoE

4. Router A and B are both running as PPPoE servers on different broadcast domains of your
network. Is it possible to set Router A to use “/ppp secret” accounts from Router B to
authenticate PPPoE customers ?

5. What is the protocol number used by the EoIP tunnel, to encapsulate Ethernet frames and
send them to the remote side of the EoIP tunnel
A. 47

B. 1194

C. 1723
D. 500

6. ECMP provides:
A. per src address load balancing to multiple

B. per connection load balancing to multiple

C. per packet load balancing to multiple

D. per src/dst address pair load balancing to

multiple gateways

7. A MikroTik system administrator implemented OSPF Routing protocol in the network. But
realized that he has a static route on the routers. What can be done to make the static route work
as a failover whenever the dynamic routing protocol fails.
A. He should use “netwatch” to trigger static

routes whenever OSPF fails

B. He should increase the administrative

distance of the static route

C. He should manually disable the static routes

and enable them whenever OSPF fails

D. Delete all static routes because there is no

way for it to work with OSPF

8. When adding a user to your local ppp secrets/ppp profiles database, it is possible to
A. Allow/deny use of more than one login by

this user
B. Allow only pppoe login

C. Allow login by pppoe and pptp, but deny

login by l2tp
D. Set max values for total transferred bytes

(up- and download)

E. Deny services (like telnet) only for this user

or for one group of users

9. If ‘check-gateway’ is enabled for an ECMP route and one of the gateways is unreachable,
A. the ECMP route becomes inactive

B. ECMP is going to send packets to all

gateways even if one is unreachable

C. the unreachable gateway is not going be used

in Round Robin algorithm

10. You want to create a route to the network Which of the following is a legal

B. pppoe-out1


D. ether1

11. The correct order for PPPOE discovery stage is

A. Request, Offer, Initialization and Session

B. Request, Initialization, Session confirmation

and Offer
C. Initialization, Session confirmation, Request

and Offer
D. Initialization, Offer, Request and Session

12. It is possible to have OSPF and BGP configured on the same router?

13. The default value of ‘target-scope’ for a static route is:

A. 1

B. 255

C. 30

D. 10

14. Consider the following output from the command “/ip address print”:Flags: X – disabled, I –
invalid, D – dynamic
0 pppoe-1
1 pppoe-2This configuration is invalid because of the duplicate

15. Which routing table is used to apply recursive routing at MikroTik RouterOS
A. It is only possible on the x86 platform

B. It is not possible

C. It is possible in all the routing tables installed

in a router
D. It is only possible in the main routing table

16. There are 6 routers running OSPF and connected with each other using point-to-point
network types. How many Designated Routers are there among them?
A. 15

B. 1

C. 6
D. 0

17. /ip route can have DS flags simultaneously.


18. True or False: BGP can be used for internal routing, using one internal AS number.

19. Router has two gateways to reach a certain network both with check gateway activated.
Choose the option you can use to control active and backup gateway.
A. Scope

B. Interface

C. Routing mark

D. Distance

20. Consider the attached diagram:

In order for Router 1 to see all of the networks the following commands could be used (choose
all answers that could work)
A. /ip route add dst-address=

B. /ip route add dst-address=

gateway=, /ip route add dst-

address= gateway=
C. /routing add dst-address=

D. /ip route add dst-address=

gateway=, /ip route add dst-

address= gateway=

21. OSFP area ID does not need to be unique within the AS.
22. Consider the following diagram. We want to communicate from a device on LAN1 to a
device on LAN2. Assuming that all necessary configurations are already included on R2, which
of the following configurations in R1 would enable this communication?
A. /ip route add dst-address=

B. /ip route add dst-address=

C. /ip route add dst-address=

D. /ip route add dst-address=

E. /ip route add dst-address= src-

address= gateway=

23. When using the “check gateway” function in creating a route, the following protocols can be
utilized to ensure the gateway address is reachable (choose all correct answers):




24. If router receives packet with TTL=1 then:

A. packet will not be forwarded

B. packet will be forwarded only to next L3

C. packet will always reach its destination

25. Which is the correct way to set a comment in a OSPF dynamic route:
A. It can be configured by setting up Routing
B. It can be configured manually in the Routing

C. A comment cannot be configured in a

dynamic route