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RÉSUMÉ o f Md.

Zahangir Alam


I am a highly motivated, dependable laboratory science graduate with

academic experience in laboratory practice. I am a fast learner with positive
attitude and self confidence of strong organizational, leadership & problem
solving skills, Avid interest to learn new discoveries of science.


To apply my knowledge and experience in solving biological problems and

ensure quality diagnosis as well as quality laboratory practices in Bangladesh.


B.Sc.(Hons) Bachelor of Science in Laboratory Science [Jun 2006 held on Jan 2009]
First class honors (3rd position)
Log Book Assessment & Presentation on Tuberculosis [Mark obtained 76%]
Bangladesh Institute of Health Sciences, (BIHS)
Under University of Dhaka

H.S.C Higher Secondary School Certificate [September2002]

First Division
Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Dhaka
Sherpur Government College, Sherpur

S.S.C Secondary School Certificate [August 1998]

First Division
Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Dhaka
Sherpur Government Victoria Academy, Sherpur


Research Fellow (01 Jan -30 Apr, 2010)

Biomedical Research Group (BMRG), BIRDEM, an enterprise of Diabetic

Association of Bangladesh.
Duties included Patient handling and motivation maintenance of the lab,
Designing and implementing experiments, administration and inventory


• Basic operation calibration and maintenance of Apparatus like Balance,

pH meter, Spectrophotometer.
• Skillful in preparation of various stock solutions and reagents like
Standard N Sodium Hydroxide, Hydrochloric Acid and Determination of
the Normality and pH of an unknown solution, Acid.

Biostatistics & Computer Science

• Graphical and diagrammatic representation of analytical data.

• Measures of central tendency, dispersion, Moments skewness & kurtosis.
• Probability distribution, Significance test, Correlation of measurement,
Regression analysis.
• Experimental design and analysis of variances, Introduction to factorial
• Introduction to Computer hardware & software, origin of computer.
• Application, maintenance, assembling, hardware and software
• Use of MS Excel to create spreadsheets, graphs and statistically analyze
data (i.e. averages, standard deviation, student t-test, linear regression

Clinical Biochemistry

• Skillful in operation calibration and maintenance of Auto Analyzers like

Hitachi, Vitros-250, Dade Behring, Vitros -Hormone System, Bio-Rad,
And Semi-Auto analyzers like RA-50, Human-2000 as well as
• Perform all kinds of laboratory test based on Kinetic, Enzymatic and
Chemical method.


• Collection, Transport and processing of specimens including storage.

• Preparation of various media including anaerobic to support growth of
• Preparation of various fungal media isolation and identification of
pathogenic strains of fungi.
• Preparation of stains, basic staining techniques and performing various
microbiological tests.
• Isolation and identification of various organisms.
• Sterile technique in isolation and transfer of microorganisms using
laminar air flow.
• Maintenance and storage of aerobic and anaerobic microbial cultures
including ATCC strain.
• Basic operation and maintenance of bright field microscopes, autoclaves,
hot air oven, incubator, electronic balance and laminar air flow.
• Examination of Urine, Stool, Blood, Throat swab, Wound Swab, Urethral
and Vaginal Swab, Sputum for AFB, CSF and other body fluids, Pus ,Bone
Marrow for Leishmania, skin, nail, hair for fungus and parasites.


• Techniques of collection and separation of blood for different

hematological analysis.
• Preparation of various stains like Leishman, Fields and Geimsa stain.
• Preparation and examination of blood and bone marrow film for anemia,
thrombocytopenia and leukemia.
• Can perform estimation of Hb%, ESR, TC of WBC & RBC, DC of WBC,
Circulating Eosinophil count, Reticulocyte count both manually and
using Auto analyzer like Cell Dyne-3500.
• Examination of peripheral blood film for LE cell, MP and LD bodies.

Pathology including Histo & Cytopathology

• Preparation of various solutions.

• Examination of urine, stool for ova, cyst, larva other parasites and
• Collection and processing of various cytological specimens.
• Cyto-centrifugation, Papanicolaou staining and examination of PAP, s
smear and other cytological smear like FNAC.
• Fixations, processing and orientation of histological specimens and
Embedding for Microtomy including frozen section.
• Routine Histo & Immunohistochemistry staining and mounting.

Immunology & Transfusion Medicine

• Cell Washing and preparation of cell suspension, Blood Grouping- ABO,

Rhesus D typing; Rh-Antibody detection and Titration.
• Cross matching, Emergency Cross matching -Comb’s Test (Direct,
• ELISA screening for HBV, HCV,HIV, Rapid test screening for HBV I and
II and Syphilis (VDRL, RPR, TPHA)
• Test for cold agglutination, Detection of autoantibody: Warm and Cold
Test for Grouping reagent potency and other quality control check list.
• Collection of blood sample; blood letting; Component separation (RBC
concentrate, FFP, Platelet concentration PRP)
Molecular & Cell Biology

• DNA and RNA extraction from eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells,

• SDS PAGE electrophoresis techniques, Gel Electrophoresis of DNA and
RNA and protein. Northern, Western and Southern Blots.
• Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) and other amplification techniques,
Reverse Transcriptase (RT-PCR)
• DNA, Protein, Purification & quantification.
• Parental Testing, Forensic Identity Testing.
• Basic concept about Restriction Digestion, Ligation, Cloning and
Transformation techniques, RAPD and RFLP.

Animal Experimentation

• Handling & care of laboratory animal.

• Collection of blood and other sample.
• Inoculation, Dissection of various animals for pathological sampling.
• Acute toxicity tests, Determination of LD 50.
• Preparation of Diabetic model Rat, Irradiation of experimental animals
( i.e. SCID mice)

• Identification and investigation of common poisons and toxins.
• Demonstration of lesions caused by various poisons and toxins.
• Uses of the instruments and modalities for management of poisoning.

Medical Instrumentation

• Application, operation of different types of Chromatographic methods.

• Qualitative & Quantitative measurement of organic pollutants using UV-
Spectrophotometer, Gas-Chromatography & Mass-Spectrometry (GCMS)
High performance liquid chromatography (HPLC)
• Introduction of Nucleo Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Generation of lon,
Collection of lon and Detection, peak identification and evaluation.


Skills, Interests & Hobbies

• Significant experience with both Windows and MS office. Ability and

eagerness to experiment & quickly learn new technical skills. Also
conversant with internet environment.
• Language: English Basic communication skill in both oral & written.
• Hobbies: Net surfing &collection of e-book, Reading book & Science
fiction. Playing & watching Cricket, Badminton. Social work.
Seminar: 6th ANRAP international seminar, Agargaon, Dhaka. [January 15-17, 2010]