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No, Rank & Name Journey Type Purpose Stn Stn

No Date Of From To

Class Amount Booking Stats Sig of Sig of Sig of Remarks

With Date Indls E-TKT OC


1. IC/JC/Army No

2. Rank

3. Name

4. Unit/Fmn

5. Branch

6. PNR No

7. Train No & Name

8. Journey Date

9. Reason for cancellation of E – Ticket with Auth

Signature of indl________________


Station: C/O 56 APO

Date : 2019


Note:- (Please carefully fill/clear full and correct detail as per service particular, otherwise date not added in Defense
Travel system portal. No overwriting/cutting accepted)
Ser Create Traveler Profile Detail
1. Unit Service -Army/Air/Navy
2. Category Name – Offr/JCO/OR
3. IC/JC/Army No
4. Full Name
5. Rail Accounting Office (PCDA/Concerned PAO (OR)
6. Gander (Male/Female)
7. Married/Unmarried
8. Date of Birth
9. Date of Enrollment/Commission
10. Date of Retirement/pension
11. E-Mail ID
12. Mobile no (Link With Aadhar Card)
13. CV/ Form D _No of used in 2018
14. LTC( free WT) this year as per rule? (Yes/No)
15. Nearest Railway Station (Duty Station)
16. Nearest Airport (Duty Station)
17. Nearest Railway Station(Home Town)
18. Nearest Railway Station for Reservation(Home Town)
19. Nearest Airport(Home Town)
20. Branch Tele No
21. Aadhar Card No
22. DSP/CDA Account No
Dependent Detail (Please fill carefully Correct detail as per IAFF-958)

Detail Family Family Family Family Family Family Family

Member Member No Member No Member Member No Member No Member No
No 1 2 3 No 4 5 6 7

First Name
Middle Name
Last Name
Marital Status
“Certified that all above details are given correct and true as per service particular”

(Signature of indl)



Date : 2019

Service Detail

1. IC/JC/Army NO

2. Rank

3. Name


5. Name of Branch /Sectt

Nature of Mov

6. Nature OF LVE (AL/CL/PL/TD ect)

7. NO OF Lve IN days sanctioned with


8. TD/Course destination -NRS

9. Posting/Pension (New unit NRS)



12. E- Ticketing reqd for CV/ Free WT

13. Qtr No

14. Auth TR Para

Onward Journey

15. Train No & Name

16. Date OF Onward Journey

17. Requisite Class

18. Boarding AT

19. Stn from

20. Stn to

Return Journey

21. Train No & Name

22. Date OF Onward Journey

23. Requisite Class

24. Boarding AT

25. Stn From

26. Stn TO

27. Specially E-Ticketing Passengers Details:-

Ser Name of Passenger Relation Sex Age Birth required
no (Full Name) (Male/ Female) (SL/SU/LB/MB/UB)

Onward Journey





(Return Journey)





28. Details of Rly Wt/CV availed so far current Year :-

S/No Type of Rly WT Qty Under Stn From Stn TO
TR Rule

(a) IAFT-1709(Form D)

(b) IAFT-1752(Free wt)

(c) IAFT-1709(CV)

(d) IAFT-1709(Family WT for Family)E-Ticketing

(e) E- Ticketing Availed

Free Wt -1707

Free Wt -1752

CV/Form D

29. Contact detail:- (a) Branch Tele No _________ (b) Resi Tele No _______ (c)Mob NO________________
30. Certified that :-
(a) The details given are correct & in case of any false declaration action will be taken against me.
(b) In case of any adult objection from LAO/CDA. I Will Be fully responsible to settle the objection and will be label to pay he amount if necessary.
(c) It is certified that above mentioned details is correct asper records of Service. The dependent members are wholly dependent on me and their income does
not exceed to rs 3500/- pm from all sources.

Note :- In Case of temp duty, the indl must be holding copy of original movement order with stamp from the fmn/unit (signing auth). In case of any irregularly detected
subsequently, the objection raised from LAO/CDA will be stilted by the concerned branch or indl concerned.

Checked by the Branch Head Clk ________________ Signature of indl_____________


Station : C/O 56 APO

Date : 2019
SBI Overdraft Home Loan

SBI offers the flexibility to borrowers to park away their surplus money or savings in SBI Maxgain
with an option of withdrawing it whenever they require in order to repay their outstanding loan amount.
Count on those instances, when your fixed deposit is offering you lower returns due to lower-interest
rates as per market conditions, while at the same time your other financial liabilities urge you for your
attention. In such instances, plough the surplus money from SBI Maxgain which comes as a fruitful
purpose for you then.
SBI Maxgain is an innovative product suite offered by State Bank of India for allowing the customers
to earn sufficient yield on their savings by reducing their interest burden on Home loans with no extra
SBI offers this loan as overdraft with an added convenience to operate the Home loan account like
savings bank or current account. If you avail this facility, you will also get cheque book or net banking
facility for accessing SBI Maxgain.
Let’s take a look on pre-requisite for getting access to SBI Maxgain:

SBI Maxgain is applicable for both woman salaried/non-salaried borrowers and for other customers
categorized into salaried/non-salaried borrowers.

Loan Amount
Minimum : ₹20 lakhs
Maximum : No cap
However, other terms and conditions of a regular Home loan scheme are also applicable on it.

SBI Overdraft Interest Rate on Home loans

The floating interest rate applicable on borrowers are as follows:
1. For women salaried borrowers
Loan Amount upto ₹75 lakhs : 8.70%-9.00% p.a.
Loan amount above ₹75 lakhs : 9.05%-9.15% p.a.
2. For women non-salaried borrowers:
Loan Amount upto ₹75 lakhs : 8.75%-9.05% p.a.
Loan amount above ₹75 lakhs : 9.10%-9.20% p.a.
3. For general salaried borrowers
Loan Amount upto ₹75 lakhs : 8.80%-9.20% p.a.
Loan amount above ₹75 lakhs : 9.25%-9.35% p.a.
4. For general non-salaried borrowers
Loan Amount upto ₹75 lakhs : 8.95%-9.25% p.a.
Loan amount above ₹75 lakhs : 9.30%-9.40% p.a.

HDFC Overdraft against Salary

HDFC overdraft against salary is offered through HDFC SMARTDRAFT facility wherein you should
have a salaried account with HDFC bank, also your company should be on their approved list in order
to become eligible for such facility.
Don’t let unexpected emergencies to take a toll on your life? Act smartly by availing HDFC Smartdraft,
provided you should follow the pre-requisites of the bank as under:
1. To start with, your minimum net monthly income should be ₹15,000/-.
2. Overdraft limit or Od limit should be upto 3 times of your salary amount
3. Overdraft limit
Minimum overdraft amount : ₹25,000
Maximum overdraft amount : ₹1,00,000
4. Minimum documentation processes are required to fulfill the overdraft norms.
5. Repay your loan any time without any preclosure fee.
6. Easy accessibility to overdraft credit via cheque, ATMs, online transfer etc. This is not applicable on
any EMI based facility.
7. Interest is charged only on the amount utilized.
8. Renewal of Smart Draft Limit is available by paying a nominal fee of ₹ 250/- after 12 months of
regular payments.
9. SmartDraft is available in the following cities only: Mumbai, Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Bangalore,
Chennai, Hyderabad, Secunderabad, Kolkata, Pune, Nasik, Jaipur, Baroda, Indore, Bharuch, Surat,
Silvasa, Chandigarh, Ludhiana, Patiala, Coimbatore, Ahmedabad, Lucknow, Calicut, Trichur and

HDFC Overdraft against Fixed Deposit

Fulfill your financial contingencies without breaking your existing fixed deposit. Yes, you can do that
as HDFC has come up with SuperSaver FD facility which offers you an overdraft facility against your
existing fixed deposit. Now you can grab hold of this advantage which can also supplement your
household or business necessities. This overdraft facility is available either in your current or savings
account. Overdraft on current account is applicable for businessmen whereas overdraft on the savings
account is meant for salaried class individuals. Whichever account your bank will finalize gets linked
to your fixed deposit account. However, you can opt this facility against FD/Super Saver facility on
deposit held in single name through Netbanking instantly. Also, you can visit your nearest HDFC
Branch or call on phone banking services to avail Supersaver facility.
The added advantage is you can payback your interest only on the amount withdrawn, while your
remaining amount continues to earn an ongoing interest. Moreover, you get the flexibility to alter the
periods of your deposit, maturity, payment instructions, principal amount and rollover mode even
before the maturity of the rollover deposit. Before availing HDFC SUPERSAVER, just go through the
following essentials:
1. The following entities are eligible for availing HDFC SUPERSAVER :
• Resident Individuals
• Hindu Undivided Families
• Private and Public Limited Companies
• Senior Citizens or Retired Personnel (above 60 years of age) who are Resident Indians are
eligible for the Senior Citizen rate on the Indian rupee fixed deposit.
2. The overdraft interest rates you may earn would vary according to the tenure of your fixed deposit.
Moreover, the applicable rate of interest is only 2% above the fixed deposit rate for the period for
which the money is withdrawn for use.
3. If your savings account has a credit balance, you will be earning 4% paid directly in your account
half-yearly on the funds remaining in your Savings Account
4. In effect, you will earn a higher interest rate on your overdraft against FD/Super Saver Account than
what you were earning on your regular savings account.
5. The margin limit is capped at 90% overdraft which is available on your existing fixed deposit. By
gaining access to online facility, a 75% of your Fixed Deposit Principal amount will be granted to you
as an Overdraft facility
6. A minimum amount of ₹ 25,000 for a minimum duration of 6 months 1 day is required to open an
Overdraft against FD or SuperSaver Account, in addition to a Zero Balance Savings Account.