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Mathematics Practice Worksheet

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Circle the correct answer. You may do the working if required.

1. The scale on a map indicates that 1 centimeter on the map represents 4

kilometers on the land. The distance between two towns on the map is 8
centimeters. How many kilometers apart are the two towns?
A. 2 B. 8 C. 16 D. 32

2. Paint comes in 5-liter cans. Sean needs 37 liters of paint. How many cans
must he buy?
A. 5 B. 6 C. 7 D. 8

3. Duncan first traveled 4.8 km in a car and then he traveled 1.5 km in a bus.
How far did Duncan travel?
A. 6.3 km B. 5.8 km C. 5.13 km D. 4.95 km

4. If the string in the diagram above is pulled straight, which of these is closest
to its length?

A. 5 cm B. 7 cm
C. 8 cm D. 9 cm
5. How much do the apples weigh in grams?

A. 200 B. 202
C. 210 D. 220

6. Which of these could be the weight (mass) of an adult?

A. 1 kg B. 6 kg C. 60 kg D. 600 kg

7. What units would be best to use to measure the weight (mass) of an egg?

A. centimeters B. milliliters C. grams D. kilograms

8. Which of these could equal 150 milliliters?

A. The amount of water in a cup B. The length of a kitten

C. The weight of an egg D. The area of a coin

9. Which of these is largest?

A. 1 kilogram B. 1 centigram
C. 1 milligram D. 1 gram

10.The weight (mass) of a clothespin is 9.2 g. Which of these is the best

estimate of the total weight (mass) of 1,000 clothespins?

A. 900 g B. 9,000 g C. 90,000 g D. 900,000 g

11.Thin wire 20 centimeters long is formed into a rectangle. If the width of this
rectangle is 4 centimeters, what is its length?

A. 5 centimeters B. 6 centimeters
C. 12 centimeters D. 16 centimeters

12.Four children measured the width of a room by counting how many paces it
took them to cross it. The chart shows their measurements.

Who had the longest pace?

A. Stephen
B. Erlane
C. Ana
D. Carlos

13.Which of these would most likely be measured in milliliters?

A. The amount of liquid in a teaspoon

B. The weight (mass) of a pin
C. The amount of gasoline in a tank
D. The thickness of 10 sheets of paper