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The Baker's Wife P/V #9- Meadowlark Aa ib, conversational @ 38 6 a 38 °° fool - ing?. When I was a gitl I Light, child like a mp Her voice could match the an- simile but she was bin The lark was Wind so ‘Tae Baker's Wife P/V “5 #9- Meadowolark st 55 ss sr ‘old King came and took her to his pal = t——_t———_* f—t—* sa 50 oo o walls were bur-—— ished bronze. and gol-den braid, fed her fruit _and_nuts. from an iv -_'y = Fate ‘The Baker's Wife P/V “6 #1 9- Meadowlark S 7 ps 7 i of the silver and TL MI Fill 8 and It buy you a priceless jew-el. and cloth of bro-eade and crew-el So S27 | NSN) SR SS | NTN YY