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Jesse & Rebecca Hales Family January 2019


Dear Friends,

You may have noticed that the church in

Nagua has been listed in our prayer requests for
some time now. There’s been good reason for that
as the church has been facing several struggles for a
while. I’m glad to say though that our God is bigger
Pastor José and wife Denissa than any struggle any of us face. Besides Christmas
(signing) introducing Carlos and and New Year, this month since our last update has
Milagros to the Nagua church been spent with extra focus on Nagua. God seems
to be working there and, in His grace, has called a
PRAISE… young couple to start ministering alongside Pastor
For more leaders joining the José and his family. This has been a huge
ministry in Nagua encouragement to Pastor José and the church. I
God has blessed the prison must say I’ve been quite encouraged by it as well.
ministry of the churches here and Please keep praying for the church, Pastor José, his
several were recently baptized. family and now add to that prayers for Carlos and
Milagros. Pray that God would open doors and
PRAYER… hearts and that they would lead many to salvation
For a big leaders’ retreat and discipleship in Christ. Thank you.
happening soon.
For the church in Nagua.

Elisha turns 4 this month. He’s
been looking forward to this for a
year. We decided to celebrate a little
early and take him and Colton to a
real Dominican baseball game (their
first). Let’s just say it went great! Eli’s First Baseball Game

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