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Small Business Self Quiz

According to the Small Business Administration (SBA), a small business is one that earns _____.

less than $7.5 million in annual average receipts

According to the Small Business Administration (SBA), a small business is one that _____.

has fewer than 500 employees

Identify one of the four ways in which small businesses can and have contributed to the U.S.

Job creation

To qualify as a small business, the business _____.

may be any legal organizational type

The innovation that comes from small businesses has led to _____.
the invention of new products and new ways of doing things

Entrepreneurs self quiz

There are several reasons why individuals would want to become entrepreneurs, including which
of the following?
They feel dissatisfaction with their current job or career.

Entrepreneurs tend to be skilled at _____.

identifying new business opportunities

Entrepreneurs commonly share which of the following traits?

Creativity, persistence, and resilience

An entrepreneur is someone who _____.

takes a risk by innovating for profitable purposes

Which of the following best explains why entrepreneurs are willing to take on the risks of starting
a new business?
A personal passion and a desire to lead a fulfilling life
Self Check: Starting a Small Business
What is one reason why many small businesses fail within their first five years?
They fail to do adequate planning

Compared to working for an employer, an entrepreneur who starts a small business is likely to
spend _____.
ignificantly more time working because so much depends on her

The first step in starting a business is to _____.

write a business plan

A serial entrepreneur is most interested in the process of _____.

launching new ventures

A new business may be required to acquire licenses and permits from _____.
local, state, and federal government agencies

Self Check: The Business Plan

 XYZ identified its main competing products, services, and market segments in its business
plan. This is an example of a _____.

target market

competitive analysis

gross margin analysis

service or product line

To make your business plan stand out, you must _____.

not give away any specifics so no one can steal your ideas
be broad and unspecific about what you have to offer
exaggerate profits you are hoping to earn
learn to strategize

 The most important section of a new company’s business plan is the _____.
funding request
executive summary
XXX service or product line
historical financial data
XYZ is an established business and has written a business plan to request additional funding
from a local bank. Since it is not a new business, what information will its business plan
Growth highlights
Mission statement
Marketing strategy
Company description

A business plan is like a map of how you will run your business successfully, and it should
include _____.
what you will sell and to whom
how many vacations you will take and where
what benefits you plan to offer your employees
the type of employee evaluations you plan to use
Module Quiz: Entrepreneurship
 According to the Small Business Administration (SBA), _____ of new businesses fail within
the first five years.
false: Small businesses cannot work with large businesses without being exploited.
 To succeed, a small business owner should _____ tasks that can be done by others.
Starting a new business requires a great deal of _____.
time commitment
Small business ownership offers which of the following advantages? Select all that apply.
Job security
Financial gain
Small businesses are notable leaders in the _____ industry.
green technology
Which section of a business plan details the way your company fills or will fill a need?
 Market summary

Executive summary

XXX Company description

Service or product line

Why is it important to write the executive summary of a business plan last?

It sums up all of the information in the plan.

What are some factors to consider when choosing a business location? Select all that apply.

Brand image
Zoning regulations
Proximity to lenders
Proximity to suppliers
Entertainment options

The executive summary in a business plan can help gain the interest of _____.

new customers
market analysts
potential investors
employees and managers

 According to the Small Business Administration (SBA), a small business must NOT _____.

be organized for profit

be dominant in its field on a national basis
have a place of business in the United States
earn less than $7.5 million in average annual receipts

? The _____ provides a high-level overview of the elements of your business.

 business plan

 funding request

 market analysis

 company description

Which best describes how a small business can support a large business?
By providing parts, services, and distribution

 Which of the following traits are most commonly associated with entrepreneurial success?
Select all that apply.

A lifestyle entrepreneur focuses primarily on _____.

building his or her primary enterprise

An entrepreneur is primarily defined by his or her willingness to _____.

accept risk

????When creating a business plan for a start-up or new business, a business owner should focus on
 XX2 nformation and descriptions of the business

XX3 descriptions of the industry and its financial outlook

the business owner’s experience and background

XX 4 financial data from any previous business ventures
A successful entrepreneur must balance risk-taking with _____.
 decisiveness
True or false: Small businesses have a large impact on the U.S. market.

What are some reasons why a person might choose to become an entrepreneur? Select all that

Innovative ideas

Desire for financial security

Dissatisfaction with current job

A desire to work less for more money

Ambitions to change society for the better

Details of your company’s ownership should appear in the _____ section of your business plan.

organization and management

 market analysis
company description
service or product line
True or false: Small businesses are more likely than large businesses to have women and minority
groups in leadership positions.

What are the Small Business Administration’s guidelines around what legal form(s) a small business
can be?
A small business can be any type of legal form.

True : Some entrepreneurs did not choose to become business owners.

Owning a small business can lead to greater _____ than working a traditional job.
financial gain

The _____ is the last part of a business plan that should be written.
executive summary

Entrepreneurship offers an opportunity to _____.

help the community
Lesson 8 management

Self Check: What Is

What is a benefit of vertical management?
Everyone knows who is in charge.

Who is responsible for the long-term success of an organization?

Top-level managers

You have a new idea to improve productivity. This is an example of _____ .

a conceptual skill

 Which is NOT a material resource?

Cell phone

Olivia just learned the company payroll system. This is an example of _____ .
a technical skill

Self Check: Management Theory

 Which of Fayol’s five duties of management is described by this statement: Make sure the
diverse efforts fit together through clear communication?

 Frederick W. Taylor believed _____.

that a worker should get “a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work”
that worker productivity is related to worker welfare and motivation
that workers who were willing to work harder deserved additional wages
that bureaucracy would result in the highest level of efficiency, rationality, and worker satisfaction

 Humanistic management theory places a great emphasis on _____.

projected time lines
industrial capitalism
interpersonal relationships
division of labor

Henri Fayol believed _____.

that bureaucracy would result in the highest level of efficiency, rationality, and worker
satisfaction -Max Weber
that a worker should get “a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work”- Frederick W. Taylor
that workers who were willing to work harder deserved additional wages- Henry Gantt

that successful organizations were linked to satisfied and motivated employees

Extrinsically motivated behaviors are performed to _____.
receive something from others
create a feeling of intimacy
provide assistance to others
achieve a sense of satisfaction

Who is credited with the concept of integration?

Max Weber

Mary Parker Follett

Henry Gantt

Frank and Lillian Gilbreth

Self Check: Leading and Controlling

Which is an example of an employee-centered leadership style?
 Factoring in the backgrounds of each of the employees when making task assignments

Which is an example of a task-centered leadership style?

Placing a visible tracker of task progress on the wall

XX Offering a bonus to the person who has the most sales this week

Assigning work to employees based on strengths and weaknesses

Scheduling a weekly team meeting to discuss progress

A leader of a company wants to improve a process. She reaches out to her employees to first offer
suggestions and the conducts a poll on which improvement should be implemented. This is an
example of _____.
 an autocratic leader

a bureaucratic leader

a democratic leader

a laissez-faire leader
A leader of a company makes a decision to implement a new process because she read about it
and wanted to implement it. This is an example of _____.
an autocratic leader

The leader provides mentorship to his or her followers and rewards them as they develop in
individual consideration

Self Check: Planning and Organizing

Which is also called a code of ethics?

Values statement

Values statement

Who is responsible for creating single-use short-term plans?

Top management
Middle management

First-line management - First-line management is responsible for creating budgets for single-use
short-term plans, in conjunction with middle management.

 Workers

Which is a statement of an organization’s overarching aspirations of what it hopes to
achieve or become?
Vision statement
Mission statement
Values statement
Strategic goal

Which describes what an organization needs to do now to achieve its vision?

Mission statement

Module Quiz: Management

 _____ is the process of setting goals and defining the actions required to achieve the




An example of a _____ is the chief operations officer of a company.
 middle manager

first-line manager

top-level manager

Which is an example a mission statement?
We will inspire young minds to work in STEM fields.

We will not hire workers under the age of 15.

We will introduce a new product line by March of this year.

We strive to be the national leader in the education industry.
 True or false: Digital Taylorism is based on maximizing efficiency by standardizing the
tools and techniques for completing each task involved with a given job.

Which is an example of a values statement?

We will not hire workers under the age of 15.

 Which is an example of a vision statement?

We will inspire young minds to work in STEM fields.
We will not hire workers under the age of 15.
We will introduce a new product line by March of this year.
We strive to be the national leader in the education industry.

A main disadvantage of _____ is that it limits information flow from the lower levels of the
organization to the upper levels.
vertical management
_____ receive broad strategic plans and turn them into operational blueprints with specific
objects and programs.
Middle managers

Which list identifies Fayol’s duties of management?

Foresight, organization, command, coordinate, control

Integration, empowerment, facilitation, constructive conflict

Cohesion, attention, mission, interpersonal relationships

Formal selection process, career orientation, formal rules, formal regulations

 Which is NOT a benefit of organizational control?

Added expense

Legal compliance

Increased efficiency

Improved communication

A(n) _____ plan describes the specific goals, objectives, and milestones set by an
organization during a specific period for a very specific project.





 According to Edgar Schein, which are the key elements of an organization’s structure?
Select all that apply.

Code of ethics

Long-term plan

Division of labor

Common purpose

Coordinated effort

Mission statement
A(n) _____ plan describes the specific goals, objectives, and milestones set by an
organization during a specific period for a very specific project.




Which are considered intellectual resources? Select all that apply.





Which statements are core principles of scientific management? Select all that apply.

-Reduce predictability of a role to retain workers.
-Allow workers to devise their own way to do complete their tasks.
-Look at each job or task to determine the best way to perform the job.
-Monitor worker performance and provide instruction and training when needed.
-Hire the right workers for each job and train them to work at maximum efficiency.
-Divide the work between management and labor so that management can plan and train, and
workers can execute the task efficiently.

Which is a benefit of the Gantt chart?

It identifies the best person to complete the task.
It forecasts the maximum amount of money a project will spend.
It identifies which tasks are dependent upon a prior task.
It forecasts the number of people needed to complete a task.

false: Middle management is responsible for developing long-term plans for a company.

Which concept is attributed to Mary Parker Follett?

Group principle

Administrative theory

Nondirective interview

Scientific management

Which type of leader involves the employee team in the decision-making process?





*Which type of leader allows employees to make decisions on their own?




???Which is an example of a task-centered leadership style?
 Placing a visible tracker of task progress on the wall

Offering a bonus to the person who has the most sales this week

Assigning work to employees based on strengths and weaknesses

Scheduling a weekly team meeting to discuss progress

True or false: Transformation leadership theories assume that the leader and the follower
have the same desire within the company.

 The leader provides mentorship to his or her followers and rewards them as they develop
in _____.
individual consideration

Who analyzed worker activity with a focus on the individual worker’s well-being?

Max Weber

Henry Gantt

Frederick W. Taylor
A leader of a company makes a decision to implement a new process because she read about it
and wanted to implement it. This is an example of _____.
an autocratic leader
a bureaucratic leader
a democratic leader
a laissez-faire leader
Frank and Lillian Gilbreth

A leader of a company wants to improve a process. She reaches out to her employees to first offer
suggestions and the conducts a poll on which improvement should be implemented. This is an
example of _____.
a democratic leader

 True or false: An employee-centered leader focuses on giving instructions and directions

to group members to reach achievement and accomplish goals more efficiently and

 Which is NOT one of Weber’s characteristics of a bureaucracy?


Division of labor

Informal recruitment

Hierarchical management structure

True or false: A task-centered leader views employees as resources to be used to accomplish


 The nondirective interview method resulted in an increase in productivity because _____.

there was a feeling of group cohesion

 Which are functions of management? Select all that apply.

Compensating employees on time

Developing relationships with people

Recruiting new employees to the company

Applying organizational resources effectively

Complying with legal responsibilities of the community
What does SWOT stand for?
Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats

_____ is in closest contact with workers in a company.

First- Line Manager

Self Check: Historical and Contemporary Theories of Management

The conclusion of the Hawthorne studies was that _____.
business organizations are social systems
The Hawthorne studies concluded that the social aspect of businesses was a key to employee
satisfaction and productivity.

Max Weber established the _____ Approach to management.

Bureaucratic - focused on guidance through hierarchy.

In the Hawthorne studies, Mayo discovered that workers were highly responsive to additional
attention from their managers

During the Industrial Revolution, managers wanted new processes to ________.

take advantage of increased manufacturing speed

The Industrial Revolution made it possible to manufacture goods more quickly and cheaply, and
managers wanted to take full advantage of this to maximize their profits.

Taylor’s Scientific Approach called for managers to stop _____ employees.

Scientific Approach called for managers to increase the overall efficiency of the work, rather than
bullying employees into working.

Self Check: Need Based Theories

David McClelland’s acquired-needs theory splits the needs of employees into three categories,
which are _____.
 achievement, affiliation, and power

Most companies address these two needs, identified by Maslow, with salary and benefits and rely
on higher level needs to keep employees motivated day-to-day.
Physiological and safety needs
Physiological and safety needs include the need for food and shelter, which are met by salary and
Which sets of factors did Herzberg hypothesize govern levels of job satisfaction?
Hygiene and motivation

Which category of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is NOT included in Clayton Alderfer’s ERG theory?
 Safety
 Existence
 Relatedness

Which statement best describes Maslow’s hierarchy of needs?

All human beings have basic needs that must be met before individuals can focus on higher needs
Self Check: Process-Based Theories
In the equity (Fairness) theory, inputs such as _____ are the employee’s contribution to the
time and level of effort, loyalty, commitment, and enthusiasm.

What is the basic premise of the theory of reinforcement?

An individual’s behavior depends on the consequences of that behavior.

What is one of the questions used to determine the rational calculation in Vroom’s expectancy
Is the offered incentive desirable to me?

Employees of a call center are rewarded with lunch each week they achieve a 99 percent calls
answered rate. What is this an example of?
Operant Contioning-pleasant consequences encourage more if that behavior.
Equity theory- focuses on factors employees consider to be fair

With equity theory, we _____.

perceive fairness if we see that our input-to-output ratio at work is similar to the input/output ratio of
a comparable person, called a referent

Self Check: Managerial Style Theories

Upper management of a clothing store in the mall has decided that a good way to motivate
employees is to consult with them about ways to bring in more customers. A memo is sent to store
managers asking them to encourage participation from all employees. One store manager has
hired five new employees who just graduated from high school and are working the three summer
months before leaving for college. The manager scrutinizes and directs them in every detail of
their job. Each time they make a mistake they are reprimanded, told their pay may be docked,
and reminded that there are always other people who will gladly take their place. This manager
decides he will forward his suggestions to management but not ask his workers for suggestions.
What approach is upper management using, as opposed to the store manager?
Upper management uses Theory Y; the store manager uses Theory X.

_____ assumes that the primary source of most employee motivation is monetary, with security as
a strong second.
Theory X
Theory X creates a command-and-control environment, which McGregor says is ineffective because
of its reliance on lower needs for motivation. He argues that because modern society mostly
satisfies lower-level needs, they are no longer strong factors in employee motivation. If this is the
case, what would employees in a command-and-control environment do?

Be uninterested in organizational goals- lead to disconnected employees.

Seek out a more satisfying place of employment-might happen but not the main result
Seek higher levels of engagement and more responsibility
Be satisfied with the workplace because it doesn’t ask anything extra of them
Theory Y leadership assumes _____.
creative capacity can spread throughout organizations

Lee tells his managers to consider the happiness and well-being of workers because they will be
with the company for a long time. They should also _____.
convey the company philosophy and culture need to be all employees, because they need to believe in
the work they’re doing

Self Check: Employee Motivation Strategies

Which statement best describes the concept of task significance?

The task provides the employee with a feeling of contribution to the greater good.

A key element of successful job design is constant _____.


According to the job characteristics theory, _____ is the key to employee motivation.
job task design
Edwin Locke describes _____ as the state of feeling resulting from appraising one’s job
job satisfaction

According to goal-setting theory, goal-setting is a more effective motivation when _____.

employees set their own goals- When employees set their own goals, they are more likely to choose
goals they want to achieve and are capable of achieving.

Discussion Post

Wanda of Salty Pawz just doesn’t understand her friend Jamie

sometimes. They have been working together since the first dog biscuit
came out of the oven, but now that the business is expanding, she can’t
seem to get Jamie motivated to compete the tasks she delegates to her.
She pays Jamie a salary now, so it’s not like the old days when she was
working in exchange for dog treats. She has even given Jamie more
responsibility; Jamie now supervises two other employees, a challenge
Wanda assumed that Jamie wanted.
One afternoon she stops Jamie in the hallway and asks her if everything is
going OK. Jamie responds that things are fine. Later that same week
Wanda and Jamie are meeting about an upcoming promotion they are
holding at the local animal shelter. Jamie takes a few notes but doesn’t
share Wanda’s enthusiasm for the event. Wanda comes right out and asks
Jamie if she has lost interest in the business. Jamie shrugs and says no,
she is good with everything.
Why do you think Jamie might have lost her motivation and enthusiasm
for the business at this point? How could Wanda motivate Jamie more
effectively? Make sure the reasons you present are supported by sound
motivational theory as established by leaders in the field.

According to the scenario, It seems like Jamie is not motivated because she does not have any
say in what goes on in the company. Jamie started out as a volunteer and the incentive was to get
Dog treats. Now that Jamie is an employee, she does what Wanda delegates her to do. Wanda
fails to give Jamie any Automony to make her own decisions even though she supervises ttwo
other employees she is essentially just the messenger. To motivate Jamie, Wanda has to make
she provide feedback so that Jamie will know how effective her efforts are. Wanda should not
assume that responsibilities that Jamie want but ask. Goal setting should also be a factor for
Wanda to consider because when employees set their own goals, they are more likely to choose
goals they want to achieve and are capable of achieving.

Module QUIZ
 Which term best describes the management style of Theory Z?

Why were the results of the Hawthorne Studies so surprising?

Social needs were not expected to be as important as material needs.

The reinforcement theory of management is based off which scientific study?

Pavlov’s study of conditioned response

false: According to the equity theory, overcompensating an employee will increase his or her

Increased manufacturing during the _____ led to a need for new management policies.
Industrial Revolution

The _____ theory is based on the idea that repetitive and unchallenging tasks are likely to lead to
employee dissatisfaction.
job characteristics

false: A Theory Y-style manager is likely to dismiss a suggestion for improvement that comes from
a lower-level employee.

True or false: Weber’s bureaucratic approach to management was criticized for stifling

According to expectancy theory, the best way to motivate an employee is to _____.

provide a reward that the employee values

According to Adams’ equity theory, an employee will be most strongly motivated by _____.
being compensated fairly for his or her efforts

Extrinsically motivated behaviors are performed to _____.

receive something from others

Taylor’s scientific approach to management was the first to link _____.

productivity to compensation

What management theory approaches employees as people who dislike work and need to be
coerced into it?
Theory X

Which managerial style is most likely to require employees to punch a clock?

Theory X

Which conditions are part of the expectancy theory? Select all that apply.
 Expectancy- increased effort lead to acceptable performance
Instrumentality-Acceptable performace lead to desired outcome
 Valence- outcome/reward

Jaime is concerned that his salary and benefits are lower than that of other employees working
the same job. He asks his manager if he needs to be working harder. This is an example of a
perceived lack of _____.
What psychological states did Oldham and Hackman suggest that job characteristics could affect?
Select all that apply.
 Experienced meaning Experienced outcomes
Experienced responsibility
The five characteristics of a job can be combined to determine _____.
a job’s motivation potential score

When a job has a clear beginning, middle, and end, so an employee knows when it is complete,
this is called _____.
task identity

The practice of informing an employee of how effective her or his efforts are is called _____.
Which statement best describes Herzberg’s two-factor theory?
While the absence of hygiene factors can reduce dissatisfaction, the presence of motivators is required
to increase satisfaction.

True or false: According to Maslow, the highest level in the hierarchy of needs is very difficult to

Ouchi’s Theory Z focuses on a _____ style of management.


David McClelland adapted Maslow’s hierarchy of needs to develop the _____ theory
acquired needs. (Achievement, Affiliation and Power)

Under the Theory Y approach, managers believe employees are motivated by _____.
job satisfaction

True or false: Some elements of Taylor’s Scientific Approach to management are still used today.

Jessica is a sales representative. She receives a bonus in her paycheck whenever she reaches or
exceeds a certain number of sales per month. This is an example of _____.
positive reinforcement
Which statement best describes Fayol’s administrative approach to management?
All job tasks can be categorized into one of five management functions.

When a job uses the right mix of skills and talents to appropriately challenge an employee, this is
called _____.
skill variety

_____ needs are found at the bottom of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

My midpoint proposal and final project will focus on the subject matter business ownership. As
a future business owner this was one of the chapter that I found most interesting. The types of
Business ownership was one of the main topics I wanted to know and enjoyed. I will develop a
PowerPoint concerning the different aspects of business ownership that will be will be shared
with entire class.

I plan to discuss the considerations for choosing a business and the benefits of starting a
business. I will then discuss the types of business ownerships/ legal entities and the advantages
and disadvantages of acquiring them. I will give examples of current business that under
different legal entities. I will be using the internet and databases as a resource to find pictures
that will accompany the information I will presenting in the PowerPoint.

Lesson 10 Teamwork and communication

Choose the answer below that describes a work team rather than a work group.

An employee, his or her direct supervisor, and any employees who report directly to him or her

Employees from different parts of the business working together to develop a new product

Employees working in the same department who attend periodic departmental meetings

Workplace friends that plan a social event to celebrate a co-worker’s birthday

Observable artifacts are the _____ layer of a company’s organizational culture.


Diversity can improve a team by _____.

preventing discrimination lawsuits

introducing new skills and ideas

preventing communication breakdowns

introducing interpersonal issues

When people work in teams, often the teams themselves get credit for success, while individual
team members are blamed for failure. This is called _____.

social loafing

the halo effect

the conformity effect

communication breakdown

Doris is a member of a QA team that works to stress-test new tablet computers as they are
developed by her company. This is an example of what kind of team?
Problem resolution team

Self Check: Developing a Team

During the Perform phase, what problem is a team most likely to run into?
Stagnation and unrest

In which phase are managers most likely to step in and celebrate group and individual
accomplishments in order to boost productivity?

During which phase of team development are team members focused primarily on defining tasks,
establishing a schedule, organizing the team’s work, and building relationships?

During the Transform phase, team members may _____.

move on to new teams or projects

Which phase of team development is likely to involve the most conflict?

Creation of Norms

Self Check: Effective Communication

When people hear what they want to hear or expect to hear, not what is actually stated, it is
called _____.
Selective perception refers to ignoring information that makes someone uncomfortable.
FilteringA person’s personal and cultural filters can change his or her perception of information.

In business, it is essential to develop relationships inside the organization as well as with your
customers. These relationships most commonly allow you to _____.
help solve your customers’ problems
Communication that flows horizontally across the organization among people working at the same
level is known as _____ communication.
Diana sends a text to her co-worker Timothy that says, “Did you take care of the apps for Friday?”
Timothy thinks: Yes, I went through the applications that came in for the job opening in HR and I
sent my recommendations to Phyllis. So, he texts back to Diana, “Yes, all taken care of.” On
Friday, Diana arrives at the reception for the new board members and is horrified to see that
there are no appetizers at the function. What should Diana and Timothy have done differently?
Diana should have made sure her question to Timothy was clearly understood.

You start to write an end-of-week email progress report to your manager. It has been a very busy
week and your manager has been out of the office. Therefore, there is a lot of ground to cover.
Which of the following approaches is most likely to make this an effective business
Provide a brief overview of key milestones from the week and offer to provide more detail upon

self Check: Electronic


 Ross is managing a confidential new product team. His team communicates by email for
accuracy because the plans are very detailed. To keep the information safe, they use an
internal email system, protected by a firewall and antivirus software. However, the
confidential information is still vulnerable to _____.

key-logging software
What is the largest security risk related to unregulated employee email usage?
Data leakage

If you send a personal email from a work computer, does the company have the right to view that
Yes, because you are using a work computer.

How can a company prevent sensitive information from being taken off a stolen company laptop?

Password-protecting the laptops

According to current information protection studies, what is the primary cause of security
End-user errors
Module Quiz: Teamwork and Communication
Even though a message’s content is accurate, if the source of the message _____, it will not be
accepted by the recipient.

lacks credibility

True or false: Increased diversity can have both positive and negative effects on a team.

To help manage the risks of electronic communication, such as emails and instant messages, a
company should _____.
 establish a written policy

Which of the following describes a security risk related to emails?

CCing or BCCing the wrong recipient

 Which of the following are stages in Dr. Sylvia Lafair’s team development process? Select
all that apply.

Creation of Norms
Formation of Teams

?? Changes in team members during the Transforming phase generally results in the team _____.
reverting to an earlier phase

??_____ is now considered more of a danger to businesses than viruses or Trojans.

Social media

Instant messaging

Information theft


 True or false: It is better for all business to be done using teams.

_____ can help avoid the conflicts that can arise due to cultural differences among team
Diversity training

While Gerald was on a business trip, he accidentally dropped a flash drive carrying sensitive
information. The flash drive was picked up by a competitor, who used the information to gain an
advantage over Gerald’s company. What is the best way to prevent this sort of data brea
Encrypting the flash drive

??? Why is good communication important to a business? Select all that applies.
 Building trust

Improving morale

Undermining competition

Encouraging innovation

Strengthening security

A marketing team is working to design a poster for an upcoming movie. The team meets regularly
to brainstorm ideas and discuss the elements they want to include. This team is in the _____


While _____ are no longer the predominant form of internal communication, they are still used by

Todd has noticed that his co-worker, Jack, has been sitting hunched over his computer during
meetings, and does not meet anyone’s eyes. Although Jack has not made any complaints about
the team or the project, Todd is concerned, and resolves to meet with Jack privately. This is an
example of _____.
non-verbal cues

Although social media networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn offer security threats, they can
also help a business _____.
increase brand awareness

Software and flash drives can be _____ to protect sensitive information.


The _____ is the medium through which information is conveyed.


Many companies are turning to a team-based organization to increase _____.

 communication

 diversity

 flexibility

 marketing

A team in the Perform stage will eventually _____.

reach a peak of productivity

Jolene transferred to a job in a new department in a health insurance company. One day, she
became curious about what her old department was doing. She tried to log into her old
department’s internal site, expecting to have her access denied, since that department dealt with
patients’ HIPAA information. Much to her surprise, she was able to access the site. What is the
most likely explanation?
Jolene had secretly hacked the site.

The conformity effect can harm a team’s _____.

 Xx Communication

 decision making

 xx gender balance

 xx productivity

Although a team may be effective, its success can mask the _____ of an individual member.
Social loafing

What is the best way for an organization to overcome cultural differences between members of a
global team?
Establish common goals and equal standing for all team members.

**true: An employee sending an email to the entire company is an example of the two-person
model of communication.

?? Celeste’s work team has been stalled due to communication problems with one of their virtual
teammates who works in an office that is several time zones earlier than the rest of the team.
The other teammates are struggling to find a solution to the problem. What stage is Celeste’s
team in?
XX Transform. Formation of Teams Creation of Norms Perform

 True or false: All stages of the group development model are necessary for an effective

According to the Communication-Process model, information must be _____ before it can be sent.




To communicate effectively, you should avoid _____.

considering semantic issues
reading body language
making assumptions
listening before speaking
false: Social media has no place in a business environment.

false: Once a team has fallen from its peak of productivity in the Perform stage, it will never
again reach that level.