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Masters of Educational Leadership - Internship Proposal


Name: ​Shelly Sharma

Cohort:​ Abbotsford
Date: December 2, 2017
Course: Internship 1
By the end of the internship I will:
1. Improve my understanding of the student services department.
2. Learn the part that the teacher plays in meeting the needs of the special needs students.
3. Develop a better plan as to how the teacher can and should assist the department.
4. Prepare the remaining students in the class for the special needs students.
5. Learn in detail about the part that the parents play in their child’s learning.
1. I will meet with the student services department members on a regular basis to get a
better understanding of how the department works, including school-based team and
2. Work with other colleagues in order to learn the part that teacher plays in meeting the
needs of the special needs students.
3. Learn to educate myself on better ways of assisting the department.
4. Develop a step-by-step process to be ready and in place when and if the need arises for
the remaining in the class as well as the special needs student.
5. Learn more about the parent involvement required and needed in the whole process.

Domain 2: Instructional Capacity

Standard 2: Leadership for Learning
Principals and vice-principals foster quality teaching and learning opportunities
to support student learning and achievement.
1.1 By ensuring students’ educational needs are central to all decision making.
1.2 By understanding, modeling and using change processes to maximize student learning.
1.3 By inspiring and leading innovation to support student achievement.
1.4 By encouraging and supporting positive parental involvement in their child’s learning.
Standard 3: Supervision for Learning
Principals and vice-principals create a system and structures for effective
supervision focussed on instructional and assessment practices that maximize
student learning and achievement.
1.1 By monitoring the learning environment and the impact on student learning.
1.2 By ensuring the use of appropriate curriculum, learning resources and instructional
Domain 3: Organizational Capacity
Standard 5: Learning Culture and Climate
Principals and vice-principals develop and sustain a culture and climate to
support student and adult learning.
1.1 By creating an inclusive culture where individuals are treated fairly, equitably and with
dignity and respect.
1.2 By building collaborative teams, structures and processes that support student learning.
1.3 By modeling and supporting continuous inquiry and professional learning for self and

Beginning September 2017 I have been meeting a few different members of the student
services department on a regular basis in order to better understand the needs of some
of my students as well as to get a better understanding of how the department works. I
will submit my reflections by the beginning of March, 2018.