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Ampgard SC 9000

Medium Voltage Adjustable Frequency Drive

Product Focus

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The Ampgard SC 9000 – Reliability Matters
The bottom line is: if reliable and flexible motor drive technology is what your operation needs,
the Ampgard SC 9000 delivers.

Eaton’s Ampgard SC 9000 medium voltage adjustable

frequency drive combines innovative technology with the
reliable design and construction you’ve come to expect
with Ampgard products. Designed for use with induction
or synchronous motors at 2400 to 4160 volts up to 5000
horsepower, the Ampgard SC 9000 delivers maximum
benefits while being the smallest medium voltage drive
in the industry.
Exhaustively tested and manufactured and assembled to
ISO 9001: 2000 certification standards, the SC 9000 has
been designed and constructed for use in the most rigorous,
demanding applications.

Eaton Cutler-Hammer Technology

Yielding Real World Benefits
While many medium voltage
drives exist in the marketplace,
not all are built the same.
The benefits shown here are
just some of the reasons why the
SC 9000 is Best in Class where
innovative technology yields real
world benefits.

Frame “A”
300 - 500HP @ 2400V
300 - 900HP @ 4160V

Easy Ampgard Integration.

Available with as a fully integrated drive, the SC
9000 can be supplied as a stand-alone drive or
directly connected to other Ampgard products
in a configuration known as Ampgard Integrated
Control - Gear. This integrated solution aligns the
SC 9000 with a host of other motor control products
such as motor starters, load break switches, and
main breakers all connected via a common bus.

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Clean and Quiet Power. Protection Through Technology.
The SC 9000’s integrated phase shifting The encapsulated draw-out inverter employs
isolating transformer/24 pulse converter a patented insulation system, which reduces
coupled to a 3-level inverter topology assures the potential of environmental contamination.
minimum component usage and reduces
output harmonics delivering sine
wave power to the motor. Heat pipe
technology improves cooling efficiency and
allows the SC 9000 to run at reduced noise
levels. Output filters maybe required in some

Smallest Footprint in the Industry. Design Significantly Reduces MTTR.

The SC 9000’s specialized design and high The SC 9000’s modular roll-in roll-out
density packaging yields the smallest footprint inverter design significantly reduces
per HP in the industry as a fully integrated Mean Time to Repair (MTTR), which
drive. This size benefit ensures installations means that the SC 9000 is built for
in space limited electrical rooms, eliminating maximum uptime.
the need for additional cable and conduit
installations and in some cases eliminating the
need for additional feeders required by our
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A Closer Look
at the Ampgard
SC 9000

The Right Solution for the Quality Comes Standard To get an even better under-
Harshest Environments standing of the SC 9000’s power
Eaton believes in making
and value, take a moment to
The SC 9000’s rugged design products the best they can be.
review the SC 9000’s technical
makes it the perfect choice That’s why the SC 9000 includes
specifications below:
for speed control applications a multitude of features that are
including harsh-duty industries standard with the SC 9000. Just
such as: a few of the SC 9000’s standard

features are:
• Fully integrated drive utilizing
• Pulp and Paper
highly reliable Ampgard
• Petrochemical components
• Water/Waste Water • Distribution Class Lightning
• Utility
• Sensorless Vector Control
• And More Capable
• Tertiary Winding for Internal
480V Auxiliary Power Supply

Power Semiconductors IGBT’s, diodes
Inverter 24-pulse diode rectifier
Control Sensorless Closed Loop
Fully Digital Signal Processor
Power Section Isolation Fiber-Optic Cable
Noise Level 75dB (A)
Efficiency >96%
(with integral transformer)
Service Duty
Standard 110% for 1 min. every 10 min.
Optional 150% for 1 min. every 10 min.
Input Frequency 60Hz ±5%
Output Frequency 0-120Hz
Output Voltage 2400/4160V
Speed Regulation 0.1% without tach feedback
0.02% with tach feedback
Power Loss Ride-through 5 cycles
Ambient Temperature 0 to 40ºC
Altitude 0-3,300ft.

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The Power of ONE!
Ampgard Medium Voltage Integrated Control Gear – “Game Changer”

Main Breaker Ampgard SC 9000 2500HP, 4160V AFD IT RVSS 2-High FVNR

Eaton is the first to offer an integrated lineup of Motor Control

Products connected to a common bus. All types of Motor Starters,
Load Break Switches, Integrated Medium Voltage AFD’s, AFD Sync
Transfer Control, AFD Bypasses, Main and Feeder Breakers can be
integrated into a single line.

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Means Ease
of Use

The Ampgard SC 9000 Flexible Communication 9000XDrive 9000XLoad

utilizes the same keypad and
Multiple communication The 9000XDrive software The 9000XLoad tool gives
programming software as the
protocols allow easy program allows you to upload you the ability to upload
SVX9000 line of low voltage
communication with all and download drive parameters, system, application, and option
drives. This standardization
commonly used control which can be changed, saved, card software intended for
translates into a reliable, easy-to-
systems such as: and ported back to the drive and engineering, commissioning,
use system that doesn’t require
then printed or saved to a file for and service personnel.
hours of learning new software. • ModBus
future reference. You can also
The Ampgard SC 9000 keypad • CanBus compare these parameters to
offers you a full view of the default values to determine drive
• ProfiBus DP
drive’s inner workings. You can configuration. Other operator
view and change parameters • LanWorks functions include the ability to
and monitor actual running set references, start and stop
• CANopen
values right from the keypad. the drive, and monitor and
Plus, the keypad’s built in upload • DeviceNet display signals and values.
and download capability makes
programming the SC 9000 a
snap, thereby drastically cutting
startup time.
The three-line alphanumeric
programmable display with
status indicators uses a bright
LED display with large, clear
characters easily visible in any
light condition. Parameters,
status, and diagnostic messages
are easily readable, which
eliminates the need for awkward
codes and lookup tables.

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The SC 9000
uses highly
reliable time
proven mechanical
and electrical

• Fully integrated drive utilizing

highly reliable Ampgard
• Non Load Break Isolation
switch rated for 10,000
mechanical operations
• SL Contactor (highest
interrupting rating
in the industry @ 8500amps).
• Eaton Power Fuses.
• Low profile Handle

The Ampgard SC 9000 clean, and quiet, the SC 9000

Difference has the power to perform in the
harshest of industries.
Eaton has built the Ampgard
SC 9000 to be the medium Make an investment in the
voltage motor control solution Ampgard SC 9000, and keep
of choice. As a stand alone your operations running
drive or as a component of an smoothly, safely, and efficiently.
Ampgard Integrated Control Take a moment to learn why
- Gear configuration, the SC Eaton’s Cutler-Hammer products
9000 delivers when it comes to are Best In Class.
reliability, system flexibility, and
ease-of-use. While compact,

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