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GDE MH Learning Network no.


Time Subject Lead

9:30 - 10:00 Registration and Coffee

10:00-10:20 Welcome Stephen Docherty,CIO at SLaM & Chair
• Overview and objectives for the event
• Review action plan from previous
10:20-11:10 Open Platforms – sharing for better care and greater Stephen Docherty, CIO SLaM

Personal Health Records (PHRs) Jim Hughes, Strategic Advisor-Digital

This session will introduce the latest work on open Programmes at Mersey Care
platforms, discussing a collaborative (crowd)
approach. Content and examples will include: James Woollard, Consultant Child and
• Transition onto an open platform: Adolescent Psychiatrist at Oxleas NHS
collaboration with Mindwave Ventures Trust
• Care Circle: spreading services across the
network Q&A Panel inc.
• Developing a PHR ecosystem across Cheshire Kumar Jacob, CEO Mindwave Ventures
and Merseyside.
Followed by a short Q&A with the panel including
Mindwave Ventures
11:10-11:55 OpenEHR
Following the theme of open platforms, this session David Brown – Associate Director of IT
will discuss the approach taken by Worcestershire and at Worcestershire Health and Care NHS
their partner Cambio towards the development of Trust with Cambio
open electronic health records
11:55-12:05 Coffee break
12:05-12:50 Rob Longstaff, NHS England Rob Longstaff, Programme Head ,
• National priorities and funding update NHSD
• Horizon Scanning
12:50-13:50 Lunch & networking
13:50-14:35 Collaboration at the coalface: an overview of SLaM, Ricky Mackennon, Deputy CIO SLaM
GDE and Partners
Alison Furzer, Oxleas NHS Trust
How we’re working together and plans ahead
David Dowsett, Associate Director of IT
at SWLStG’s
14:35-16:10 GDE sharing showcase Representatives from 6 GDEs
Speakers from each trust will share progress against
their plans, and highlight any challenges
16:10-16:20 10 reflections, 10 minutes David Brown – Associate Director of IT
Reflections from the day and ideas session to at Worcestershire Health and Care NHS
generate ideas for the next meeting Trust.
16:20-16:30 Wrap up and evening arrangements Stephen Docherty, CIO SLaM
Time Subject Lead
9:30-10:00 Registration and coffee
10:00-10:20 Welcome & overview of day two Stephen Docherty CIO SLaM &
10:20-11:05 Update from the Chief Technology Advisor to the Secretary Hadley Beeman, Chief Technology
of State Advisor to the Secretary of State
• The Secretary of State’s technology vision and the Long
Term Plan – what role can mental health trusts play and
what should they look out for?
• Key predictions for 2019
11:05-11:30 Coffee break
11:30-11:55 National priorities v local needs – group discussion Stephen Docherty CIO SLaM &
• How to align our work with the national priorities Chair
11:55-12.15 Open platforms and YOU – an overview of the afternoon Stephen Docherty CIO SLaM &
• Overview of openEHR concepts and Introduction of the Chair
afternoon workshops
12:15-13:15 Lunch and Networking
13:15-14:30 Workshop 1: Ian McNicoll, independent
Clinical modelling and the use of tools to quickly add new consultant (W1)
functionalities : Ian McNicoll will lead practical session where he
will show how clinical modelling is done on the example of Anxiety
pathway. You will learn how the clinical models can be
collaboratively used by organisations across the network to extend
their IT capabilities and promote collaboration. You will leave the
workshop armed with knowledge of clinical modelling, open
platform and new ideas to take back to your teams. Anze Droljc, Head of Product
Management - Clinical applications
Intended audience: teams interested in clinical modelling and at Marand, Kumar Jacob, CEO
improving care through shared records and collaborative platforms. Mindwave Ventures (W2)
Specific modules included on: archetype development and
template creation
Steve Dunkerley, Director of
Workshop 2:
Technology & Consulting, London
Creating change through open platforms and shared records Procurement Partnership;
Introductory talk by Anze Droljc, discussing the Postmodern EHR Tom Medhurst, Head of
approach and OPENeP (ePrescribing), followed by practical and Procurement, SLaM;
open discussion around short and long term procurement Ricky Mackennon, Deputy CIO,
arrangements and frameworks. SLaM

Intended audience: CIOs and other individuals with decision power

around IT purchasing
14:30-14:45 Coffee break
14:45-15:30 Putting it into practice: reflections on the workshops and Stephen Docherty CIO SLaM &
next steps Chair
Bringing together the output from both workshops and showing Anže Droljc, Kumar Jacob & Ian
integration into a PHR McNicoll
15:30-15:45 Next up, Worcestershire! David Brown – Associate Director
Confirmation of plans for the next event of IT at Worcestershire Health and
Care NHS Trust.
15:45-16:00 10 ideas for 2019’s network in 10 minutes Emma Smyth, AHSN Network
A quick interactive session to source ideas for developing the
network in 2019
16:00-16:05 Final reflections and close Stephen Docherty CIO SLaM/Chair