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The Trumpet January 2019 Volume 36 Issue 1

Firelands Presbyterian Church

2626 East Harbor Road

Firelands Family Friday Feast
Port Clinton, Ohio 43452 January 11 at 6 PM
419-734-6211 It’s a New Year! Come and treat yourselves to a night
out with your church family. We will meet at 1812 Food
Fax 419-734-5411
& Spirits now on Sand Road and our organizers are Dottie & Harold Douglass.
Please sign up on the sheet on the gathering table.

Please Pay Per Capita

Rev. Mark Cooper, Pastor
The Finance and Stewardship Committee is again asking
Ed Bettendorf, Clerk of Session the membership of Firelands Church to please consider
Susan Larcey and Kay McIntosh, Musicians donating $32.00 per member to help us cover our
required per capita offering for our Presbyterian
Darrell Brand, Treasurer denomination.
Rachel Johnson, Your serious consideration towards this asking will be
Preschool Director greatly appreciated and greatly help with our financial
Janine Dress, budget here at Firelands Church. You can place your
Administrative Assistant donation in your Sunday offering envelope, be sure to
mark your envelope accordingly or you can leave your
Mark Owen, Custodian
donation at the church office or mail it there again
making your intention on or in your envelope.

Table of Contents Membership and Friends again thank-you for your

financial commitment for 2108.
Thank You ............................................ 2
God Bless, Bill Sharp, Chair
News & Notes ....................................... 2
Finance and Stewardship
Bistro 163 News ............................... 3 &4
Pastor’s Page ........................................ 5
Preschool ............................................. 6 Coat Collection for
January Lectionary & Monthly Prayer List . 7 Salvation Army
Calendar .............................................. 8 Still going on until the
Ministry Schedule & end of January!
January Celebrations ............................. 9 Please help the local Salvation Army help
Musical Arts 2017-2018 Season ............ 10 others by giving a new or clean, gently-used coat.
This project is sponsored by your Mission Committee
has started. Coats can be for children or adults of any
size and are welcome from now through January. There
will be a box for these in the Gathering Area.
January 2019 Page 2

Please take time to read our overseas mission co-

worker's newsletter pinned to the mission bulletin board
Thank You outside of fellowship hall. Esther's letters are very
To my Firelands family, thorough in letting us know exactly what we are
Thank you so much for the Wal-Mart gift card and your supporting in Thailand and her mission work there.
generous gift. Best wishes to all for God's blessings in 2019,
Janine Ginny McCook
To our wonderful Firelands Family – we have been
surrounded by your many gestures of caring this entire
year for one fractured hip, one broken kneecap and a
Internet Outreach
new knee! We have felt so cared for and have felt the The Firelands church web site,, is
strength of all your prayers boosting our healing. an important information resource, particularly for new
FIRELANDS PRAYER POWER IS AMAZING! visitors seeking information about our church. During
the month of December, a total of 239 unique users
Thank you all,
visited our web site, and a total of 267 sessions were
Darrell and Connie Brand
conducted, lasting an average of 2 minutes. 89.4% of
Firelands Family, searchers were visiting our web site for the first time.
Thank you for the many cards, notes, prayers, and 70.8% of visitors were using a desktop computer,
wonderful visits, all which give me encouragement and 23.2% a mobile device, and 6% a tablet. After landing
so much love. We miss you, but feel very close to on the home page, users next visited:
Firelands Church in so many different ways.  Worship Services - 32 views
Love to all.
 About Us – 31 views
Karen Vardyan
 Events – 27 views

 Newsletter – 26 views

Mission Committee  Preschool Welcome - 25 views

Happy 2019 Firelands sisters and brothers and thanks to The Firelands Presbyterian Church Facebook page is an
all of you who so wholeheartedly supplied monetary important source of “current information” about our
gifts, toys, mittens/hats/scarves, coats, gift cards, church. December has been a very active month in the
wrapping supplies, cookies, paper products; and I could life of our church, as our Facebook posts confirm. Even
go on and on about FPC's giving. if you don’t have a Facebook page of your own, you can
always come to visit the Firelands Church Facebook
As well, PC (USA) will be receiving our JOY offering gifts page. Just type “Firelands Presbyterian Church” in the
this month and thank you to all who contributed to search box on the Facebook home page.
support students in Presbyterian-related
schools/colleges equipping communities of color and During the month of December, we shared information
assistance for current and retired church and photographs with many people:
workers/families with critical financial need.  Christmas Day – 46 people
We will continue to collect coats (all those sales are on  Christmas Eve Worship Service – 41 people
now) for Salvation Army through mid-January as they
were in very short supply of outerwear this season and  Preschool Christmas Pageant – 44 people
took what we had early on for gifting day in December.  Preschoolers Singing “Happy Birthday Jesus”
Many thank you notes have been received this month (video) – 44 people
for our donations to various local agencies:  Salvation Army Bell Ringers (Chuck, Jean, Bill,
Strength for the Journey (Dominican Republic gift to Marilyn) – 122 people
purchase choir robes for Children's choir), Joyful  Donations to Salvation Army & Holiday Bureau –
Connections, Stein Hospice for "green" light for 39 people
Sandusky's Christmas tree in the park. Again, your
generosity is very welcomed and appreciated.  Mitten Tree – 54 people

 Service of the Longest Night – 123 people

January 2019 Page 3
 Bistro 163 December 9 Free Community Dinner  Poinsettia Orders – 30 people
– 39 people
 Advent Singers – 38 people
 Meditations on Hope – 280 people

 Biblical Storytelling with Dennis Dewey – 36


Bistro 163 News

Christmas Community Dinner at the Bistro
At Bistro 163, Chef Stacy and our volunteers served a festive Free Community Dinner on the
evening of December 10 . On the menu were Ham, Au Gratin Potatoes, Sweet Peas
and Christmas Cookies for dessert. And Santa and the Firelands Folk Musicians
were on hand also! Bistro 163 is grateful to the Firelands Folk Musicians for
entertaining diners at our Free Community Meals from April through December!
FREE transportation is always available for neighbors needing a ride to the
bistro, and 150 people came for an evening of food and community.

December at Bistro 163 closed with a flurry

of generosity, as our annual “Free Turkey
Giveaway” invited neighbors to nominate a
deserving individual or family. On December
22nd, those lucky winners picked up or
received delivery on their fresh turkeys!
January 2019 Page 4

And, on December 15th, Bistro 163 served as one of several

community drop-off sites for the Project Noelle Toy Drive. Project
Noelle supports kids in our area affected by the opioid crisis. These
kids are losing parents, ending up in foster care and seeing things
no child should see. Project Noelle gives these kids the chance to
“believe” this Christmas!

Is it any wonder that all of the reviews for Bistro 163 on Facebook, Trip
Advisor, Google and YELP are 5 stars? In December, Susan gave yet
another 5 star review for Bistro 163:

"What an awesome place. The food is fabulous and the mission is

just as wonderful! The positive impact this restaurant has had on our community is huge."

Bistro Free Community Dinner

January 14, 2019
BISTRO 163 hosts a free public dinner on the second Monday of each month at 1848 E Perry Street in Port Clinton.
Serving hours are from 5:00 - 7:00 PM.
This is a free public dinner, open to all neighbors. Chef Stacy and our volunteers will be serving up a delicious
meal. See you there!

What are Toledo's best restaurants of 2018?


Each year The Blade dispatches its food critics to dozens of restaurants in northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan to
report on what’s new, what’s familiar and what’s worth our readers’ time and money.

Many of our visits are to newcomers on the dining scene, while others are to veteran establishments that have stood
the test of time. There are rules for our reviewers: places chosen must be open a minimum of three months, and we
visit at least twice before writing reviews. The emphasis here is on local so we eschew national chains, unless such an
eatery is brand new to our market.

Mostly, Blade critics serve as the eyes, ears, and palates of our readers. We employ a five-star rating system, taking
into account not just the quality of the food, but also service, ambiance, pricing, parking, and whether there’s
handicap accessibility.

Today, we recap those four and five-star restaurants that we deemed most impressive in 2018.


Bistro 163, 1848 E. Perry St., Suite 10. This nonprofit restaurant in Port Clinton with a pay-it-forward concept,
scores valuable points for not only serving delicious farm-to-table breakfasts and lunches, but also for its mission.
Those who can afford it are encouraged to pay more than the suggested prices (average entree cost is $8) to help
others enjoy a meal. To that end, the servers don't accept tips. Beyond the noble mission, expect some hearty
American fare (grilled cheese, burgers, and soups) made with Chef Stacy Maple’s signature style.
January 2019 Page 5

Pastor’s Page
I will soon be celebrating my fourth anniversary here at Firelands Presbyterian Church. That’s rather hard for me to
believe. When I returned to northern Ohio from Texas I didn’t plan to do any more ministry kinds of things. I thought
I was simply done. After talking to the committee from Firelands I decided, “OK, I can do a year’s interim ministry.”
Now here we are, four years later, with no definite end in sight. And, it’s all perfectly ok, at least from my perspective.
Jill and I very much enjoy being a part of this congregation and we look forward to the times ahead.

When I arrived at FPC I knew that the church had experienced some trying times. I wanted my time here to be a time
of renewal, of simply enjoying worshipping and serving and becoming a healthy church together. I think largely that
has happened. There is a joyful spirit here, and growth has been seen in some important areas. This is a good place
to be, certainly for me, and I hope for all of you, too.

I wonder, though, if the time has not arrived for us to be more proactive about approaching the future. As good as
things might be here, how might we improve? How can we do things better than we have been doing them? What
does our church need more than it needs anything else?

Before I “retired” – the term has become pretty much meaningless to me and kind of funny – I was infected with the
same disease most ministers, and most Americans, are infected with. Namely, “bigness.” Size determined everything,
particularly a church’s attendance and budget. How successful the minister was, how successful the church was,
depended on those things. I have now been mercifully delivered of that malady. Not only do I truly know there are
many things more important than bigness, bigness itself can be deceiving and deflect people and churches away from
those more important things. In my new-found freedom from bigness FPC has begun to look like the perfect church to
me. It is engaged in meaningful mission. It is financially healthy, if not wealthy. It is clear that people here “love one
another.” And, even if we are not a “large” congregation our worship services have a good feel, in part because we
are not worshipping in an old, cavernous, cathedral-like sanctuary. Still, many of us might think, as we approach the
future, what FPC most needs is some growth in membership.

If I have learned anything in my years in ministry it is that church growth is difficult. Many factors go into making that
the case. Demographics play a large role. Cultural trends make a huge difference. Location matters, although it is not
necessarily crucial. People look for programs for children and youth. Even the size of the parking lot matters – not
that I think that’s a problem for us. It is also difficult for so-called “mainline” churches like ours to grow as all
denominations like ours continue to experience massive losses. Still, growth is no-doubt possible for us. We have
seen a nice addition of new members in recent times. And, certainly there are people in our community and area who
would love to be part of a church like ours if only they knew about it, and knew how welcome we make new people

So, what do you think? How do you think we could go about attracting new members? How do you think we could
make our church more visible in the community? Please let us know your thoughts.

By the way, most people who are new to a congregation, about 75%, say they first attended the church because
someone personally invited them. The other effective method of church growth is babies. So, one way or another, it’s
mostly up to you, folks.


January 2019 Page 6

Preschool News
The month of December kept us very busy. In addition to the usual classroom
business of playing and learning we were busy practicing for our annual Christmas
Program. The children sang and danced beautifully and the cookies and punch were
delicious. Thank you to the church Mission Committee and church members for
helping with our reception.

We celebrated Christmas with a pajama party and book exchange. The kids
decorated cookies, sang and danced and exchanged their books. Fun was had by

Thank you to all of the parents, families and church members for donating to our
Classroom Christmas Wish list! We cannot wait to put them to use in the room.

We hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year! We are
excited to get back in to the classroom and see everyone's smiling faces!

Rachel Johnson, Firelands Preschool Program Director and Teacher

January 2019 Page 7

January Lectionary
January 6, 2020 Isaiah 60:1-6 Psalm 72:1-7, 10-14 Ephesians 3:1-12 Matthew 2:1-12
Epiphany of the Lord

January 12, 2020 Isaiah 42:1-9 Psalm 29 Acts 10:34-43 Matthew 3:13-17
Baptism of the Lord
First Sunday after the

January 19, 2020 Isaiah 49:1-7 Psalm 40:1-11 1 Corinthians 1:1-9 John 1:29-42
Second Sunday after the

January 26, 2020 Isaiah 9:1-4 Psalm 27:1, 4-9 1 Corinthians 1:10- Matthew 4:12-23
Third Sunday after the 18

Ongoing Prayer Concerns

For those receiving medical treatment or therapy, or undergoing medical tests:

Debbie Ballinger, Jenatha Boose, Wilma Cooper, Harold, Kim Hudson, Diane Jordan, Craig Kaiser, Arlene
Kakareka, Stephen Kessler, Angjuli Lele, John McLaughlin, Ele McLaughlin, Simon Mercurio, Michael, Jordan
Moore, Sarah, Sue, Jack Schmidt, Justin Waugh, Ann Wagnitz.

For those facing the infirmities of age:

Clara Maag, Jamie Petty, Betty Rodwancy, Bob Rodwancy, and Irene Wilson

For those seeking freedom, security, and hope:

Bobby, Justin, Sara, Val, and CASA Families

For those in the service of our country:

SMGT Jeff Bundy, Steven Coffin, FBI; Brant Crandall, USA; Cole Daniel, USCG; Matthew Devries, USAF;
Stu Gliwa, USMC; Aaron Haynes, USA; Andrew Hogue, USA, Ted Livingstine, USMC; Sanju Shinde, USMC;

For those in mission for our Lord:

Esther Wakeman, our co-mission worker in Thailand:

Elizabeth Prasad with Witnessing Ministries of Christ;
The National Presbyterian Church of Mexico, Berea Presbytery;
The Rev. Hazael Compuzano; Dios es Amor congregation in Mexico City;

To add or delete someone from this list, please contact Janine Dress in the church office.
January 2019 Page 8

Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat

1 2 3 4 5

6 7 8 9 10 11 12
9:15 Sunday 7 Session 3-5 Bistro Snack 1 Preschool
School & Study Meeting
10:30 Worship 6 Firelands
3:30 MAS Friday Family
Concert Feast @

13 14 15 16 17 18 19
9:15 Sunday 4 MAS Office Closed 3-5 Bistro Snack
School Committee & Study
10:30 Worship 5 – 7 Free
Dinner @

20 21 22 23 24 25 26
9:15 Sunday OFFICE
10:30 Worship 3-5 Bistro Snack
& Study

27 28 29 30 31 OFFICE HOURS 10-2 PM :

10:30 Worship
January 2019 Page 9

Don’t Forget Your Time to Serve!

Ministry Names
Monthly Deacon of the Month Chuck Coykendale
Communion Steward John Vardyan & Marilyn Umlauf
Jan. 6 Greeter(s) Bob Reynolds
Reader Karen Coffin
Communion Assistant Ernie McCullough
Servers Dick Coffin, Nila McCullough, Bob Reynolds,
Nursery Volunteer Susan Rogers
Pianist Susan Larcey
Jan. 13 Greeter(s) Marsha Bordner
Reader Dick Dietz
Communion Assistant Bill Sharp
Servers Marilyn Umlauf, Susan Rogers, Dave & Sally Wahlers
Nursery Volunteer Anne O’Malley
Pianist Susan Larcey
Jan. 20 Greeter(s) Marta Vielhaber & Ed Bettendorf
Reader Susan Rogers
Communion Assistant Karen Coffin
Servers Jay Viery, Bill Sharp, Ed Bettendorf, Tim Flora
Nursery Volunteer Debbie Flora
Pianist Susan Larcey
Jan 27 Greeter(s) Bill & Anne O’Malley
Ernie McCullough Shirley Stary
Communion Assistant Nila McCullough
Servers Joyce DellaSantina, Karen Coffin, Bob Black, Dick Coffin
Nursery Volunteer Janet Gray-Moore
Pianist Susan Larcey

January Celebrations

Richard Dietz 3 Richard Coffin 18 Pat and Bill Sharp 27

John Madison 8 Karen McCollough 21 Bob and Maxine Wilson 31

John Rogers 10 Patricia Anderson 22

Is your birthday or anniversary
Sally Walter 11 Merissa Jagucki 25
missing or incorrect? Contact the
office so we can make the
Tyler Gogolek 14 Jim Layton 26
changes to the list!

Bob Wilson 16 Marsha Bordner 26

Bill Umlauf 16 Heather Stouffer 28

January 2019 Page 10

The Musical Art Series / Port Clinton, OH

2018- 2019 Season
September 16, 2018 Jimmy Thompson, violin – Jonathan Mak, piano
3:30 PM Sponsored by
Shumaker, Loop & Kendrick and Jack Hilbert
October 13, 2018 Music of the English Baroque
7:30 PM Sponsored by
Arby’s Port Clinton
November 10, 2018
7:30 PM An Evening with Dave Brubeck
Sponsored by
Crown Battery
December 13, 2018 Our Christmas gift to the community
7:00 P.M. *****At St. John Lutheran Church*****
Sponsored by
Bassett’s Market and The Stensen Foundation/Key Bank
January 6, 2019 All First Chair Players:
3:30 PM Violin, viola, & ‘cello
Sponsored by
1812 Food & Spirits and Rosie’s Bar & Grill
March 24, 2019 Sponsored by
3:30 P.M. Frederick Agency and Neidecker, LeVeck & Crosser


April 14, 2019 Returning By Popular Demand
3:30 P.M. Sponsored by
Dr. Jay M. Mann and Miller Ferries to Put-in-Bay
May 12, 2019 International Steinway Artist
3:30 PM. Sponsored by
The Stouffer Family and Catawba Island Club
June 2, 2019 Rupert Boyd, guitar, Laura Metcalf, ‘cello
3:30 PM Husband and wife make beautiful music together
Sponsored by
Dubbert’s Outdrive Service