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“The Fives” : Words by Masio by GEO. W. THOMAS HERSAL THOMAS and GEO. W, THOMAS Writer of Muscle Shoals Blues et. Moderato : of white VOICE slow Old, Five read-y to take me a = Here's my tick-ét its long as my arm, be b ot ——— Old Five read-y to fake me 8 - wayy Here's my tick-ét its long a8 my arm, by Yn Teay-ingtown bat TH take a trip and Copysigh MCMXII by Geo. W. Thomas Published by Geo. W. Thomas aad Co. 428 Bowen Ave. Chicagey I International Copyright Secured ‘AIL Rights Reserved not leaveing to steyj———— My trankpacked now Tin sure. on my see thefolks at home;————— pa, hve trav el cisworla chro and way Mytrunkpacked zowTin sure on my way, <—— W fave trav: elhieoria thre and thee) Ei b ‘These few words to you Tin goin to sy These fow words ~ gain Til sey to yoN)— CHORUS: stoner, Herecome number 5 shemakesa mile a min-ute P-mf she broke the limit ‘The Fives-8 a how thatwest bound what I meanthat West boundtraindoes Run. Fireman said this morning to his en- gi = heer En-gi-neerlocked at hiswatchand said Mf Yin a= live Firemanturnedon wa-ter and he shev-el_ in some coal Five FM. we due in Fris-co lets leave from hove Well be in’ Fris-co to-morrow morn sure at Five ‘5 _o-clock this morn Ing he got the en ~ gieneer told ss good-ness geeTregot the Fris-co Tmean Fris-co eve-ning "The Fives-3