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It refers to the utilization of units or elements of the PNP

1. as an External Disciplinary Authority in the PNP the for the purpose of protecting lives and properties ensuring
People’s Law Enforcement Board is empowered to public safety and other related activities Employment
invesatigate, decide citizen’s against PNP members these 20. An agency that deputized local government execuives to
boards are created by what ageny in government? inspect police forces conduct and exercise other fuction
Sanguniang Panglungsod NAPOLCOM
2. He is the designated head of the Internal Affairs Service 21. (It) Shall mean the orderly and organized physical
who is appointed by the president with the endorsement of movement of elements or units of the PNP within the provice,
the commission on appoinment. Inspector General city or municipality Deployment
3. Unity of command is an indispensable prerequisite for a 22. Police officers 1 to Senior Police officer 4 are appointed
successful organization this refers to Subordinates under the by the PNP Regional Directors. Who appoints police officers
control of one superior promoted to inspector to Superintendent Chief PNP
4. What principle of organization suggest that commission 23. Operational Supervision and control of the PNP members
should ordinarily go upward and downward through the power given to the Local Government
established channes in the heirarchy? Chain of Command ExecutivesNAPOLCOM
5. RA 6975 as ameded by RA 8551 provides disciplinary 24. This is the pat down inspection of the passenger’s body
mechanisms to handle cases of PNP uniformed personnel. It for weapons explosive or other dangerous substances which
further created bodies where any aggrieved party may may be concealed: Body Frisking
appeal to question decision of a disciplinary authority. What 25. Which type of patrol is generally considered most
are these bodies? National and Regional Appeallate Boards effective and effecient means of maintaining peace and order
of NAPOLCOM and increasing community support and cooperation Foot
6. Which of the following has to be taken in to consideration Patrol
in determining a supervisor’s span of control? The number of 26. a patrol objective where in the police a variety of duties
subordinates who directly reports to him in which the possibility of legal sanction usually exist but not
7. The PNP is a large organization distributed in supervisions imposed. Order maintenance
nationwide and is not possible for the chief PNP for a face to 27. The best reason why patrol service is generally
face supervision. What must the Chief PNP do to effectively considered the backbone of the police deparment is: Patrol
supervise and control? Delegate his authority function of the organization is very wide in scope
8. in the Philipine National police two stars is the delegated 28. It refers to the number of crime incidents in a given
insignia of Director period of the time for every 100, 000 population in a
9. it defines authority and responsibility of subordinates, and particular area. Crime Rate
formulated by management to guide the men on operational 29. a patrol duty that prevents crime through the noticeable
level: Policy presence of police vehicles and uniformed policemen is called:
10. the police executive’s prime responsibilty in law Preventive Enforcement
enforcement is the welfare and well being of : Personnel of 30. This is the strategic foundation of the PNP’s program of
the organization Action against Terrorism, utilizing the synergy of
11. It aims to transfor the whole PNP organization into a partnerships involving people, police local government
more credible capable and effective police force. PNP leaders and all other concerned sectors. Three Tiered
Integrated Transformation Program defense System
12. The premier education institution for training, human 31. You are the patrol supervisor for the morning shift. You
resource development and continuing education of all don’t have enough men to cover all the patrol beats. Which
personnel of the PNP, BFP and BJMP. Philippine Pulic Safety of the following will you implement Maintain your
College patrolmen at the station and just wait for calls polce
13. Which of the various police laws has for its purpose the assistance
promotion of higher degree of efficiency in the organization, 32. How can the police visibilty program of the PNP be best
administration and operation of local police agencies and to accomplished. PNP Integrated Patrol system
place the local police service on professional level? RA 4864 33. The PNP’s basic action framework against terrorism with
(8551) three distinct phases or components: intelligence, Target
14. Under RA 6975 as amended, the role of the PNP in Hardening and Incident Management
counter insurgency function is: That (PNP) will support the 34. In this type of patrol activity police personnel drives
AFP through information gathering or matters involving aroun a particular area or waits at the police station for any
suppression of insurgency reqiring police assistance: Proactive patrol
15. PNP personnel who copulsorily retired from the service 35. it refers to the wise use of police officer’s decision making
are entitled to: One rank higher from present rank especially when conronted by a situation between life and
16. Refers to the executing arm of the administration of any death: Police use Discretion
organization Operations 36. In a VIP vehicle convoy, a vehicle Fronting the pricipal’s
17. Graduate of Bachelor of laws is one of the required vehicle to neutralize possible threats is referred to as:
courses for the police commissioned officer to be qualified Counter Attack Vehicle
for appointment as Chief of the City Police Station 37. Which of the following shift patrol duty is considered as
18. it is a section created in very station to administer and he busiest shift which offers a wwide variety of challenges
attend cases involving crimes against women and children. and acivities? Afternoon Shift
Women and Children’s Desk
38. This patrol technique is designed to increase the rate of 58. Which of the following category of CI Operation seeks to
apprehension of persons engaged in selected types of crimes overcome enemy attempts to use uman resources to collect
Low visibility Patrol information. HUMINT
39. How many meters away should the police and military 59. Refers to an art of making self invisible. Ninjutsu
line from the picket line during strikes and lockouts. 50 60. Which of the following is NOT an immediate area and
meters interes in Police Intelligence? Monetary policies and
40. Going east while foot patrolling and turning right after currency structure
reaching the ed of your beat abd turning right after reaching 61. It refers to the susceptibility of the firm or installation to
the other en of the road and again turning right until you damage, loss or disruption of operations due to various
completed the cycle by reaching back to your origin of hazards. Relative Vulability(Vulnerability)
patrolling. What patrol patern have you applied: Clockwise 62. A security that concerns about unathorized access to
41. You are the Patrol Supervisor for the morning shift. You equipment, building, facilities, materials documents, and
don’t have enough men to cover all the patrol beats. Which safeguard them against, sabotage, damage, loss and theft.
of the following will you implement? (Assign mobile patrols Physical Security
only in strategic places) d) 63. These are barbed wires place above a svertical fence in
42. When letters A to F and figures 1 to 6 is used in the order to increase physical protection establishments or
evaluation of the information, it refers to the: Reliability ad installations. Top Guard
accuracy of the item 64. It refers to the process of identifying vulnerabilities and
43. It refers to personnel assigned to prootect the VIP that threats from resources ussed by an organization in achieving
are posted as close in or placed outside the VIP’s door. Inner vulnerabilities and threats from resource used by an
Ring organization in achieving buiness objectives and deciding
44. It refers to the full measure taken by the state to free and what countermeasures to take in reducing risk o an
protect its own society from lawlessness, insurgency, acceptable level. Risk Management
terrorism and subversion. Internal Defense 65. It is a positive effort to sell security or make the
45. Popularly known as Napoleon’s eye, he conducted employees of the installation more in the implementation of
counter intelligence against spies, who utilized deceit and security measures. Security promotion
blackmail to gain information. Schulmeister 66. SG Juan Solomon was deputized by the City Mayor to
46. The component of making it difficult for the terrorist to perform police functions. Where can he exercise his
succeed in hitting their targets. It also involves preparation to territorial jurisdiction? In his designated area where he was
minimize waste of lives and property as the consequence of assiged by the COP
unstoppale terrorist incident. Target Hardening 67. A Private Security Agency (PSA) has 100 guards. How
47. PO3 Mae Lana of an intelligence unit was instructed to many pieces of licenses firearms the agency must initially
apply as secretary of her target, which of the following procure? Thirty 30
mission is he performing? Work Assignment 68. Which of the following hazards does not belong to
48. This overt activity is used to clear out government image. Human-Mad hazards Fire
White Propaganda 69. It refers to a breach of the protective system and that
49. Which of the following is the primary consideration in may result to the subsequent loss or compromise of defense
formulating a fictitious identity? Preliminary investigation of information, company secrets or damage to property or
the target personnel. Security Risk
50. One principle of intelligence is usefulness. Which of the 70. This type of alarm syste utilizes a station located outside
following best described the principle? It is useless in the the compound. Central alarm system
minds, or in the files of its collectors 71. An office created to ivestigate complaints, gather
51. which of the following statement is NOT an objective of evidence, and conduct summary hearings on PNP members
surveillance? Obtain confession and admission facing administrative charges under RA 8551. Internal Affairs
52. The method of acquiring desired information from a Service
person who is unaware that he is providing wanted 72. These include both expendable and non-expendable
information, and if made aware, may not intend to give commodoties except real property. Supplies
information. Elicitation 73. The chief of Police of Municiplity ‘X’ was dismissed by the
53. in intelligence operation, an agent is said to hae been chief PNP for serious neglect of duty. Subject COP filed an
“burn-out” when: his identity has been revealed and known appeal within the prescribed period. Who shall decide the
by the suspects case on appeal? National Appellate Board
54. Confirmed by other sources, usually reliable and 74. These are commodities which are durable in nature wen
documentary B2-Z used do not suffer any substantial alteration I form and size.
55. Which of the following outlines the primary threat to Non-expendable supplies
national security that occupies the greatest attention and 75. As provided in the Civil Service Law, every PNP member,
concern of intelligence operatives? Order of Battle like any government employee, earns leave credits except
56. The father of organized military esionage. Frederick the the Mandatory Leave
Great 76. In the disciplinary cases involving breach of internal
57. A chinese Philosopher who said; :If you know your enemy discipline, the disciplinary authority is Chief of Police
and know yourself, you need not fear the result of hundred 77. Upon apointment into the police service, a Police Officer
battles”. Sun Tzu 1 is entitled to receive a fixed amount to shoulder the costs
of police uniforms and accessories known as: Initial Clothing
78. Any PNP member with any impairment of the body and is 96. A form of policing that would seem to indicate only those
indefinitely incapable of substantially performing the types of policing that are formally directed by institutions
mandated duties and functions of his position may avail of: usually responsible for international affairs, like the US State
Total Permanent Disability Department, and the Foreign office in the UK. International
79. Primary obligation to keep forward and maintain actual Policing
record of equipment, supplies entrusted to an office/ 97. Formed in 1980 to initiate regional police cooperation.
personnel. Property Accountability ASEANAPOL
80. Which of the following leave s entitled to PNP member, 98. PNP is under NAPOLCOM, an attached agency to the DILG.
like any government employees is deducted from his leave The Hongkong Police in under the Security Bureau
credits whether the member had enjoyed it or not. 99. The Primary Law enforce of the Phil is PNP, the mai police
Mandatory Leave force of Vietnam is People’s Police Vietnam
81. Under Memorandum Cir. Nr. 2007-001, the willfull and 100. What is the equivalent rank of PNP Director General in
unjustified non-appearance of a PNP member before the the Singapore Police? Commissioner of Police
court, PLEB, and other bodies authorized by law to hear cases, 101. An Agency mandated to promote police co-operation in
despite proper notice, is considered as: Neglect of Duty all cases of international crime except those of political,
82. Refers to the appointment for the initial entry of PNP military, religious or racial character. INTERPOL
member to the PNP service who meets all he requirements of 102. It refers to an allowance given to PNP members every
the position. Original Appointment after Three (3) yrs from the date of entry in the uifrmed
83. It refers to the maximum cumulative period for a PNP service. Replacement Clothing Allowance
member to hold a particular position Maximum Tenure in 103. the maximum number of days of suspension that can be
Position imposed on PNP personnel found to have breached an
84. Refers to the inability of a PNP member to perform internal discipline rule or regulation by a Provincial Director.
his/her duties and responsibilities due to physical defects as a 30 days
result of disease or injjury as may be determined by the PNP 104. PO3 Rudy Rich usually tries to please his chief of police
medical Screening Committee. Physical Incapacity on everything he does. The acts of subject personel reflect
85. An indicator of the degree of willingness a police officer that he; Loves praises and admiration
exhibits whe given responsibility and manner in which shuch 105. After the oath taking, the new PNP recruits shall be
is carried out. Acceptance of Responsibility turned-over to the Philippine Public Safety College to
86. A performance indicator which reflects the degree of undergo; Public Safety Basic Recruit Course
excellence of work measured in terms of accuracy and 106. The best rationale of the general policy that Police
acceptability. Quality of Work Officers 1 shall not be assigned to NHQ Regional and
87. A performance indicator for supervisors that refers t the Provincial Headquarters is that; They are more needed in the
practical exercise of authority and responsibility while community to render basic police services
exhibiting firmness and fairness in judgement affecting 107. The PNCO Performance Evaluation Rating (PNCOPER) is
subordinates and such is always in accord with the best conducted every: End of semestral period (June 30 and Dec
interest of the organization. Decisional ability 31
88. PO3 Santos and Mr. Lopez a civilian wwere among the 108. They following are NOT grounds for the deletion of the
top ten in the latest Criminology Licensure Exam. SPO1 Cruz name of PNP personnel from the roster EXCEPT: Absence
also a Licensed Engineer applied for lateral entry. They all without leave
satisfied the general qualification under sec II of NAPOLCOM 109. Attrition by non-promotion deals with any PNP member
Memo Cir 2008-006. who shall be given first prefernce if who, despite the existence of a vacancy, has not been
there is only one remaining quota for the line position. PO3 promoted for a continuous period of ten (10) yrs
Santos 110. PO1 Absintesta was granted vacation leave for five days
89. Police Regional Office XI is given a quota of 500 for new by his COP. He failde to report after the expiration of his
recruit as PO1. Two thousand qualified applicants appllied for leave despite all available means of communication sent by
the position including 150 females. How many female his COP hence declared AWOL for more than one month. As
applicants will be admitted? 50 his Chief of Police, what will be your appropriate action. Drop
90. An area of management concerned with human relations PO1 Absintesta from roster of Personnel
in the police organization: Police Personnel Management 111. The PNP Entrance is a mandatory requirement for entry
91. Which of the following element limits the exercise of in the PNP and Prmotional Examination for
authority; Responsibility Non-Commissioned officer ranks administered by: National
92. It is primarily considered as a line management Police Commission
responsibility. Human Resource Management 112. After the final interview conducted by the Regional
93. The role of this service, set up in 1992 is to provide law Screening Committee, the top ranked qualified aplicants shall
enforcement agencies with criminal intelligence and fill up the quota. The remaining qualified and excess
information, nationally and internationally, major criminals applicants are categorized as the; Official alternates for this
and serious crimes such as homicide, sexual offense, armed particular batch
robberies and drug trafficking: International Police 113. It is a situation where there is an appointment of a
94. The theory of comparative policing that sees problems as person to act for another. It is done in a form of downward
society becoming too complex. Modernazation Theory authority; whereas, the responsibility flows upward.
95. If Director General is to the PNP, What is to Australia Delegation of authority
Police Organization. Commissioner
114. The MINIMUM number of days of suspension that can 134. How many eligible PCOs shall be given to the Mayor of a
be imposed b PLEB on respondent PNP personnel in a city or Municipality from which he will select the new Chief of
citizen’s complaint is; Thirty(31) days Police? Five (5)
115. PO3 Dicay assigned with Regional Mobile Group, PRO 11, 135. Which of the following is the entry training for PNP
was meted a penalty of dismissal from the service by the permanent appointment in the initial rank of Police Officer I.
Regional Director for Grave Misconduct. Where can he file an Public Safety Basic Recruit Course
Appeal Regional Appellate Board 136. which of the following laws or acts established the
116. It refers to measures udertaken to deny the enemy of Philippine National Police? RA 6975
any information consisting of active and passive intelligence 137. Which of the following is highest police career training
measures. Counter Intelligence course given by the PPSC for permanent appointment to the
117. In the evaluation “A” means the informmation is rank of Police Superintendent? Public Safety Officer Senior
Completely Reliable Executive Course
118. “1” means the information is: Confirmed by other 138. The following are basic police activities EXCEPT:
soources Prosecution of Criminals
119. “U” means the information is Reportby DPA or Resident 139. It is known as an impromptu intelligence agent who
Agent allowed sex gain intelligence from a powerful enemy. Delilah
120. It is the gathering of information or documents 140. is a step by which the intelligence is transformed from
procured openly without regard as to whether the subject or raw facts to intelligence data: Processing
target becomes knowledgeable of the purpose. Overt 141. The Phases of Knowing the enemy and identifying its
Intelligence potential targets; Intelligence
121. Which of the following is a known doctrine of law, which 142. Alfred RedI is one of the most brilliant intelligence
refers to a condition, instrumentality, machine or agency agents, who became Cheif of the Austro Hungarian Secret
dangerous to young children because of their inability to Service. Which of the following best described Redi?
appreciate peril? Attrative nuisance Homosexual
122. Under this concept, police officer’s are treated state 143. The method of acquiring desired information from a
servants and people have minimal share in their duties or any peron who is unaware that he is providing wanted
direct connection with them. Continental Theory information, and if made aware, may not intend to give
123. It refers to the wise use of police officer’s decision information. Elicitation
making especially when confronted by a situation between 144. Which of the following is NOT considered as an
life and death. Police use of Discretion appropriate action in bomb threats by the officer receiving
124. This Police strategy aims directly involve members of the information? Refer the caller to the superior for clarity
the community in the maintenance of peace nd order in their 145. In the use of warning shots allowed by PNP Operational
area of responsibility. Community Oriented Policing System procedures? Why? Yes, when it does not create a danger to
125. The yardstick of police effeciency can be determine by the public.
the absence of crime and the welfare of the invidual and 146. The information and material in any form or any nature,
society as its objective. This describe what concept of policing? the safeguarding of which necessary in the interest of
Modern Concept national security. Classified Matter
126. The organizational principle theoretically gives greatest 147. It refers to the total product of intelligence developed
impetus in the development and use of an effective by all government agencies *** the broad aspects of national
communication. Unity of Command policy and security: National Iintelligence
127. In 2010, murder accounted for 10% of all index crimes. If 148. In business correspondence, which of the following is
the total crimes were 35,000, how many were murder the correct expression of date March 24 2011
incidents? 3,500 149. It is consider as the backbone of police operation. Patrol
128. Under this principle, the chief executive directly controls 150. Who is the immediate superior of the Chief of Police of
two to ten subordinates, who then control two to ten A Municipal Police Station? City Director
subordinates each and so on until the bottom of the 151. The first step in the planning process is to recognize the
organization is reached. Span of Control need to plan. Which of the followwing is NOT a way
129. All except one exercises summary dismissal powers over discovering the need to plan? Conduct Training
all PNP personnel. Provincial Directors 152. The Police executive’s prime responsibility in law
130. Under RA 8551, the city/ municipal mayors are vested enforcement is the wellfare and well being of Personnel of
with authority over the local police within their respective the Organization
jurisdiction, EXCEPT: To exercise opertional and 153. The PNP integrated transformation Program aims to
administrative supervision and control transform the whole organization into a more____ police
131. The law which abolished all local police departments, Force Credible, Capable and effective
fire departments and municipal city jails and formed it into 154. As provided in the Civil Service Law, every PNP member,
an integrated national police force: P.D. 765 like any government employee, earns leave credits from his
132. The officer who heads municipal police station? Chief of unused; Vacation Leave
Police 155. Under RA 8551, the City/ Municipal Mayor are vested
133. Under the law, they may recommend the relief or with authority over the local police within their respective
assignment of the Chief of Police, when the latter has been jurisdiction, EXCEPT. (To exercise operational supervision and
ineffective in combating crime or maintaining eace and order control, To direct the employment and deployment of units/
in the municipality. Local peace and order Council elements through the COP, To recommend the transfer of
reassignment of PNP members outside of their city or town,
To recomend applicants for appointment as new members of 175. The term that is used to call the group of men organized
the PNP to be assigned to their cities or municipalities.) None by Henry Fielding and named by his brother John Fielding,
of the above tasked to catch thieves was: Bow street runners
156. The Span of Control of supervisor over personnel or 176. The estblishment of a formal structure of authority
units shall not meann more than what .. can effectively direct through which works and division are arranged defined and
and coordinate. This means that; Levels of authority shall be coordinate pertains to: Organizing
kept to a minimum 177. This management theory entails that good salary and
157. The following police office are considered as the same incentives must be given to workers to ensue their hardwork,
level and are all immediately/ direct under the control and innovative action and good will. This management theory
supervision of the PNP Regional Director except: Regional was introduced by Frederick Taylor Scientific Management
Mobile Group 178. The assignment of a particular worker to a particular
158. How many elilgible PCO’s shall be given to the task which fits most his ability known as Specialization
Government of a first-class province from which he will select 179. The conferring of an amount of power to command and
will select the new provincial Director? Three(3) control the behavior of employees in lower position by a
159. Every PNP personnel are entitled to this recognition supervisor to his immeiate subordinates known as : Authority
after completin twenty years (20) of faithful and honorable 180. It is a large powerful dog with dropping ears, sagging
service Medalya ng Paglilingkod jaws and keen sense of smell, formerly used for tracking
160. A PNP member who is performing well is entitled to called: Bloodhound
monetary incentives after two (2) successive Performane 181. It represent an attempt to integrate the police and the
Evaluation Rating (PER) Productivity Incentive Benefit community interest into a working relationship so as to
161. Which of the following is NOTpart of the Directorial Staff produce the desire objective of peacekeeping in the
of the Philippine National Police? Directorate for Finance community. It is a grassroots approach undertaken to bring
162. The unit is primarilly tasted to conduct scene of the the people and the police together in a cooperate situation.
crime operation and drug testing of the PNP personnel. PNP Team Policing
Crime Laboratory 182. What police strategy establishes the aura of police
163. Republic Act 6975 provides that one average nationwide, presence in the community, and is the exemplified and
the manning levels of the PNP shall be approximately in effectively applied in patrol crime prevention activities by
accordance with a police to population ration of One(1) uniformed foot or mobile patrol officer in conspiciously
Policeman for every five hundred (500) inhabitants marked, radio euipped patrol vehicles? Police Omnipresence
164. The principles of organization, point out that each 183. The PNP has a program which ensures the development
individual unit or situation shall be under immediate control of policemen in busy and crime prone areas. This is called
of Only one superior Police Visibility Program
165. The appointment of a new Police officer 1 was 184. If you are the patrolman on beat, what would be
disapproved by the Civil Service Commission. What is the immediate things to do when accident occur? Bring the
remedy.File a otion for reconsideration or appeal with the victim to the nearest hospital
Civil Service Commission 185. What is the core mission of police patrol operation?
166. Under the Waiver Program, the Requirements shall Crime Prevention
waived the following order. Age, height, weight and 186. The visible symbol of “Law and order” in the community
education is Uniformed Policeman
167. In Planning a Police staff study, the planner premises his 187. What is referred to as the total number of police officers
____ from the findings of said study. Conclusion assigned to patrol duties? Actual Strength
168. Under RA 6975 or the PNP law, the ___ has the power 188. Canine units are used not only in patrol operations but
to choose the Chief of Police of his city/ municipal police also in anti-dog operations, this means the utilization of __
stations. City/Municipal Mayor Police Dogs
169. The first fulltime organized police force in United State 189. The use of the squad wedge, squad diagonal or
was formed in Boston deployed line, would be most likely for Civil Disturbance/
170. This represents the formal relationship among Disobedience
supervisors and subordinates in any given organization. This 190. Which of the of the following is regarded as the
can be visualized as a ladder, with each rank representing a operational heart of a police organization to which other
higher or lower level or authority and is depicted in a bureaus, division, sectio, units relate or participate in
pyramidal structure. Scalar Principle supportive capacity? Patrol
171. Under RA 8551 the PNP shall be relieved by the primary 191. Identification, location and knowing the intents of
responsibility on matters involving insurgency except: In criminal syndicates, notorious characters and even people
cases where the President shall call on the PNP to support with subversive desires must be available in the police. OB
the AFP in combat operations File
172. The three fundamental process of the police 192. When an operative or intelligence agent has been
administration are Planning, Organizing and Directing identified and known by his subject, this means that he is
173. In times of national emergency, all elements of the PNP, Burned-out
the Bureau of Fire Protection, and the Bureau of Jail 193. The minimum age requirement for security manager
Management and Penology shall, upon direction of the operator of a ssecurity agency is 25 yrsold
President, assist the AFP 194. After the tour of duty of security guard pablo talon,
174. It is the premier educational institution for the police, what shall he do with his firearm? Turns over to the next
fire and jail personnel. Philippine Public Safety College(PPSC) guard - on - duty
195. This involves the security of plants and business
enterprises which includes the safeguarding of personnel,
processes, properties and operations. Industrial Security
196. Perimeter Barriers are the first line of____ defense of an
indusrial comlex viewing it from the outside Physical
197. The importance of the firm or installation with
referrence to the national economy or security. Relative
198. The exterior and interior parallel area near the
perimeter barrier of an industrial compound to afford better
observation and patrol movement is known as Clear Zone
199. In Industrial Security, before a security expert can
recommend what types of security will be needed to a
particular industrial establishment, he has to conduct first a
security____ of the establishment Survey
200. Natural Hazards such as storms, earthquakes, floods or
lahar cannot be prevented from occuring to minimixe the
disastrous effects of these phenomena, the security officer
must prepare a Disaster or emergency plan
201. Who may command security guard during period of
emergency? (City Mayor, Director Gen. Of PNP, Municipal
202. The following are the compositions of the screening
committee for PNP regional applicants.EXCEPT A member of
the media
203. This contains the findings of action taken by the
investigation officer on injuries made by obtaining the
available facts of the case. Investigation Report
204. One copy of the notice for wanted person shall be
displayed at the Premises of the police station
205. The concise record containing vital information,
necessary for the arrest of a crime suspect is called:
Intelligence Summary
206. A performance indicator for supervisors that refers to
the practical exercise of authority and responsibility while
exhibiting firmness and fairness in judgement affecting
subordinates and such is always in accord with best interest
of the organization. Decisional Ability
207. the examination conducted to exclude PNP applicants
with mental disoreder is: Neuro-Psychiatric Examination
208. The performance rating is the evaluation of the traits,
behavior and effectiveness of a police officer on the job as
determines by work standards. This is done through___
209. Which of the following PNP applicant is qualified to
apply as PO1 Mr. D who a baccalaureate degree of BS