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The Board of Rochdale Boroughwide Housing (RBH) has two constituent groups
of members. Although selected or nominated in different ways, the processes of
recruitment need to be mindful of the skills, knowledge and experience required
by the Board to successfully manage the Society. The recruitment process is
competency based and thereby minimises the risk of discrimination.
Board members will serve a maximum of two terms of office.

Non Executive Directors

The Chair of the Board of Directors and five other Non Executive Directors will all
be appointed by the Representative Body.

In addition until 25th March 2017, Rochdale Council will nominate a further two
Non Executive Directors to sit on the Board.

Non Executive Directors (other than those nominated by Rochdale Council will be
appointed as follows:

• The Representative Body, working with the Board of Directors, will set and
publish selection criteria, based on skills and experience sought. The
Representative Body may, if it wishes appoint external advisors to assist
with this process. The Secretary will support the process.

• A Nominations Committee (NC) will be formed of not more than four

Representatives and the Chair of the Board (or Deputy Chair if a Chair is
to be appointed).

• Advertisements will be posted in appropriate media, based on skills being


• Potential candidates that have become known to the Board outside the
formal recruitment process will be invited to apply for the position and will
be evaluated along with other candidates.

• The application form will require the candidates to identify relevant skills
and experience and a demonstration of how they meet core competencies.

• The Nominations Committee will shortlist appropriate candidates (not

more than five for each vacancy), having consulted with the Chief

• An open and transparent selection process will be undertaken, including an


• The shortlist and final recommendation will be passed to the
Representative Body for consideration.

Rochdale Council will nominate its own Non Executive Directors but in doing so it
will take into consideration the skills and experience requirements of the
Representative Body.

The application form and recruitment process will seek out applicants’ conflicts of
interest and the Nominations Committee will check the eligibility of its shortlist.

Executive Directors

The two Executive Directors are the Chief Executive and the Director responsible
for finance.

Induction for New Board Members

All new Board members will meet with the Secretary as part of the Induction
Programme which will include meetings with the Chief Executive, members of the
Executive Management Team and other relevant employees.

Mentoring by another Board member will also be provided if requested.

Second Terms of Office

Non Executive Directors coming to the end of their first term of office should be
asked if they wish to hold a second term in office. This should be done at least
four months before the Annual Members Meeting in case the director does not
wish to hold a second term.

In such a case there must be enough time for the full recruitment process to be
undertaken and an appointment made by the Representative Body in time for the
upcoming Annual Members Meeting.

For Non Executive Directors who would like to stand for a second term in office,
a report is to be submitted to the Representative Body making the request and
including an appraisal from the Chair of the Board on the Non Executive
Director’s time in office and suitability for a second term, taking into account the
skills and experience required by the Board at that time.. Provided this is
approved then the Non Executive Director will commence the second term at the
conclusion of the Annual Members Meeting which marked then end of their first
term in office.

Should the Representative Body refuse to approve a second term in office then
the full recruitment and appointment process is to be launched and completed in
time for the upcoming Annual Members Meeting.