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Task 1: Do as directed:

1. Having completed my homework, I set out to play. (Change the phrase to a

2. In spite of his illness at the time of the exam, he obtained a high score in the
subject. (use ‘though’)
3. I had to walk back home as the transport workers were on strike. (use ‘so’)
4. The villagers moved out of their village as they had no rains that year.
(use ‘because of’)
5. When the cat is away, the mice are at play. (change the italicised clause to a phrase)
6. On seeing the dog the thief ran away. (use ‘when’)
7. The commuters boarded the bus. Then it left the bus-stand. (use ‘only after’)
8. She was poor, she was always happy. (use ‘in spite of’)
9. If you miss the bus, take a taxi. (use ‘in case of’)
10. We must eat to live. (Change into complex and compound.)
Task 2: Combine the sentences as directed:
1. This is a mango from my garden. It is sweet. (form a simple sentence)
2. Priya has recovered after the accident. Her fractured arm is still in a cast.
(form a compound sentence)
3. You run three miles every day. You burn up 500 calories. You do it three times
a week, you will lose one and a half kilos a week. (form a complex sentence)
4. Venkat shared his lunch with the boy. He had only one sandwich.
(form a complex sentence using ‘though’)
5. More buildings and roads are constructed. The natural habitat of animals is
shrinking. (form a simple sentence using ‘due to’).
6. We still do not know. Prakash decided to make England his home. (Form a
complex sentence using ‘why’)
7. Papa stayed in the US for five years. She taught Indian Classical dance. (form a
simple sentence)
8. I wanted to buy a house somewhere. There is greenery and fresh air. (form a
complex sentence using ‘where’)
9. I like tea. I prefer coffee. (form a complex sentence)
10. Thara types quickly. Thara types correctly. (form a simple sentence)
Task 3: Combine each of the following into a single simple sentence:
1. Ram lost the match. He decided to resign as captain.
2. Bharath is very arrogant. He will not apologise.
3. All citizens have civic responsibilities. They must discharge them.
4. Anne Mansfield Sullivan was poor and ill. Yet she taught Keller with a passion.
5. The hunter took his rifle. He took aim. He shot the man eater.
Task 4: Combine each of the following into a simple complex sentence:
1. The day broke. Birds came out of their nests.
2. I stand for justice and fair play. The whole world knows about it.
3. The rain stopped. The play resumed.
4. The man is a notorious criminal. I saw him in the court.
5. The doctor was not there. I was disappointed. I had to come back.
Task 5: Change the complex sentences into compound:
1. It is really surprising that he has not been arrested by the police.
2. Unless you work hard, you will not clear the semester.
3. As my uncle was not willing to help me, I had to apply for a loan from the bank.
Task 6: Convert the compound sentences into complex sentences:
1. Look at the signature carefully and you will know that it is forged.
2. I studied very hard, but failed.
3. The pick pocket saw the policeman and ran away.