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THE SONG OF PURPLE SUMMER ~ Music by DUNCAN SHEIK Lyrics by STEVEN SATER Slow, a little freely at first ‘Bb(add2) ILSE: 3 z Lis - ten to what's in the heart of a child: _ oe ‘mp sempre legato FA Abs ae song so big i Soon youwillhear where beau - ty lies. Cm Bb(add2) i a ‘The sad-ness, the doubt, all the loss, the grief, will be - cong sey re eae, Dare Sn a ag ng ea Kao cor a abe 2 2 fs" long to someplay from the past, ‘as the child leads the way ta dream, Moving into tempo Steady slow 4 G{addd) Clea) m/c = = 2 Gladds) By AMMARTHA OTTO ‘Dm(add4) Cladd2) show her child the won - ders —_ G Gus G Gsus2 fo Dm/C & a) Add THEA, ANNA & ERNST ‘Add GEORG & ADULTS:**