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Rubric for Report Writing (Weightage: 20%)

No. Criteria Good Fair Poor Mark(s)

3 2 1
1. TITLE Title is informative, Title is relevant, offering Title lacks relevance or
succinct, and offer details about the project. fails to offer
sufficiently specific details appropriate details
about the project. about the project.
2. PROJECT DESCRIPTION & Clearly described; Somewhat clearly Very confusing;
PROBLEM STATEMENT The project is directly tied described; Not quite sure what
to a current and relevant The project ties directly issue is being
issue, gap, or flaw that to a current or relevant addressed; not quite
exists in the field of issue related to the topic, sure what the project is
knowledge surrounding however there may be designed to do.
the topic. The project some confusion about
makes sense and seems the reasonableness of
manageable and carrying out such a
reasonable to carry out. project.
3. OBJECTIVES Clearly stated objective; Objective is somewhat Objective is listed but it
The intent of the project is clear; The intent of the is confusing;
clearly to improve current project alludes to Cannot be sure how the
practice; enhance improve current practice, intent of this project is
knowledge; or to make a enhancing knowledge, or going to make a
positive difference in the making a positive difference.
field. difference in the field.

4. METHODS Clear list of methods; well Somewhat clear list of Some major details may
described plan containing methods; be missing in the
all essential information to There is a plan of action; methods sections, but a
showcase the steps the plan contains most of limited, yet sensible,
planned for carrying out the information to plan is presented.
the project (e.g. resources, showcase the steps
materials, 5‐w's, project planned for carrying out
steps, methods for the project.
collecting data, etc.)
5. RESULTS & ANALYSIS ALL results in the report MOST of the results in Showing only results
are accompanied by the report are without any analysis
analysis and reasoning of accompanied by analysis
the results and reasoning of the
6. REFERENCES Excellent and appropriate Adequate resources are Insufficient list of
resources are listed; listed; consistent APA resources; some errors
consistent IEEE formatting; formatting; 5 – 10 in APA formatting; less
at least 10 resources are resources are listed. than 5 resources listed.
7. GRAMMAR & SPELLING 1‐2 spelling and Some spelling and Grammatical and
grammatical errors. Well grammar errors (3‐5). spelling errors (5‐10),
organized and carefully not enough attention
edited. paid to details.
Total Marks / 21x20%
Rubric for Oral Presentation (Weightage: 20%)

No. Criteria Good Fair Poor Mark(s)

3 2 1
1. TOPIC Deliver the presentation Deliver the presentation Deliver the presentation
UNDERSTANDING with: with any THREE of the with ONE of the
- Very well organized following: following:
ideas - Well organized ideas - Well organized ideas
-Very clear and precise -Very clear explanation -Very clear explanation
explanation using simple using simple sentences using simple sentences
sentences -Good technical -Good technical
-Very good technical knowledge knowledge
knowledge -Ability to explain the -Ability to explain the
-Ability to explain the subject material from subject material from
subject material from different perspective different perspective
different perspective

2. PRESENTATION STYLE Deliver the presentation Deliver the presentation Deliver the presentation
with: with any THREE of the with ONE of the
-Very good fluency in followings: followings:
English -Very good fluency in -Very good fluency in
-Proper attire English English
-Very good -Proper attire -Proper attire
communication skills (loud -Very good -Very good
& clear) communication skills communication skills
-Very well prepared and (loud & clear) (loud & clear)
relaxed -Very well prepared and -Very well prepared and
relaxed relaxed

3. PARTICIPATION All members actively All members moderately Some are dominant
cooperating in the team cooperating in the team while others are passive
in the team
4. SELF CONFIDENCE -Extremely confident -Confident -Reading from poster
-Full eye contact -Occasional eye contact -No eye contact
-With appropriate body -With a few body gesture -Shaky voice
gesture -No body gesture
5 ORGANIZING AND Informative, creative, Informative, creative but Less informative, less
MANAGING carefully prepared, less organized. It creative and less
organized and supported supported the organized. Only few
the presentation presentation effectively. things supported the
effectively. It added impact presentation.
and interest to the
6 Q & A SESSION Able to answer ALL Able to answer SOME Unable to answer ALL
questions: questions: questions.
-Precisely with clear -Precisely with clear
information in detail information in detail
-Without hesitant -Without hesitant
-Immediately -Immediately
-In different perspective -In different perspective

Total Marks /
Rubric for Reasoning/FILA Table (Weightage: 10%)

No. Criteria Good Fair Poor Mark(s)

3 2 1
1. FACTS The participant The participant is at The participant is
demonstrates full ease with expected uncomfortable with
knowledge (more than facts but fails to write information and is
required) by uncovering it clearly and concisely able to discover only
all facts with clear and rudimentary facts
concise descriptions
2. IDEAS The participant The participant is at The participant is
demonstrates full ease with expected uncomfortable with
understanding (more ideas but fails to information and is
than required) by elaborate able to generate only
generating all ideas superficial ideas
with explanations and
3. LEARNING ISSUES The participant The participant is at The participant is
demonstrates full ease with expected uncomfortable with
understanding (more learning issues, but information and is
than required) by listing fails to elaborate able to discover only
all learning issues with rudimentary learning
explanations and issues.
4. ACTION PLAN The participant The participant is at The participant is
demonstrates full ease with the listed uncomfortable with
understanding (more learning issues and the listed learning
than required) of all able to list the issues and unable to
learning issues and able practical action plan, list and elaborate the
to list the most practical but fails to elaborate. practical action plan
action plan with
explanations and
Total Marks /
Rubric for Creativity and Design (Weightage: 10% + 30%)

No. Criteria Good Fair Poor Mark(s)

3 2 1
1. OPERATIONAL / All parts can be connected All parts can be Only some parts are
FUNCTIONAL and work perfectly. connected and only a few working.
parts are not working
2. FINAL DESIGN Very creative, innovative Less creative, less Less creative, less
and commercial oriented. innovative but innovative and not
commercial oriented. commercial oriented.
3. SCOPE FULFILLMENT 100% using recycled More than 50% but less Less than 50% using
materials than 100% using recycled recycled materials
4. EXTRA FEATURES Showing measurements at Showing measurements 1 No extra features
least 2 of the following: – 2 of the following:
i. Speed i. Speed
ii. Torque ii. Torque
iii. Power/Efficiency iii. Power/Efficiency
iv. Voltage/Speed iv. Voltage/Speed
Regulation Regulation
5. ELECTROMAGNETIC Showing at least THREE Showing TWO of these Showing ONE of these
PRINCIPLES of these principles: principles: principles:
i. Electromagnetic action i. Electromagnetic i. Electromagnetic
ii. Transformer action action action
iii. Motor action ii. Transformer action ii. Transformer action
iv. Generator action iii. Motor action iii. Motor action
iv. Generator action iv. Generator action
Total Marks /
Rubric for Collaboration (Weightage: 10%)


4- Excellent 3- Good 2- Fair 1- Poor
Workload Did a full share of the Did an equal share of the Did almost as much work as Did less work than others;
work—or more; knows what work; does work when others; seldom asks for help. doesn’t get caught up after
needs to be done and does it; asked; works hard most of absence; doesn’t ask for
volunteers to help others. the time. help.
Communication Group member shared many Group member freely Group member shared ideas Group member did not share
/Participation in ideas related to the goals, shared ideas, listened to when encouraged, allowed ideas, watched but did not
Discussions encouraged all group others and considered sharing by all group contribute to discussions
members to share their other people's feelings and members, listened to others and did not show
ideas, listened attentively to ideas. and considered other consideration for others.
others and empathetic to people's feelings and ideas.
other people's feelings and
Total marks
/ 8X10%