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ara NAN ore of ] Mid ISSN - 2454-2105 (International Multi Journal) CFTRA Global Confidence Foundation A Peer Reviewed Refereed Journal Vol VI issue no 1 January to April 2019 Chief Editor : Dr. Neelam G. Tikkha ara NAN i a | f The Multidisciplinary, Multilingual Journal By CFTRA (Confidence Foundation Global Teachers and Researchers The Global teachers Association was founded on May 2012 by Dr. Neelam Tikkha a noted Researcher and Educationist Periodicity :The IMJisis published thrice ina year-January, May, September. Contributions: Original research articles on any disciplines are welcome. Share your ideas and innovations, experiences ,teaching s material reviews and resources on the net with your fellow professionals From 1500 to 2000 words for and for others about 450 Length theoretical articl There should be an abstract in about 100 words at the beginning and all the references quoted. The IMJ carries a brief note on professional details about each contributor. Please send a short note about yourself, You may give your name as you want to appear in the journal. Articles should be sent only as an e-mail attachment -asaword document to CD,sand hard copies will not be accepted. For vernacular medium articles include an additionalpdf formatas well Font : For English font size should be Times New Roman 12 and title in size 14, Use krutidev 50 for Marathi and the font size shouldbe 14. Title font 16 References :Please use the inbuilt system in the computer for inserting references. Photo: Should be sent in the jpg formatas an attachment along with the article. It will be assumed that your article has not been published anywhere and it is not under consideration anywhere else by any other journal ‘The views expressed in the articles published in the journal are of the contributor's . Journal holds no legal or financial responsibility arising out of any dispute. All legal jurisdiction Nagpur. Objectives of the Association : 1. To provide a forum for teachers of various disciplines to meet periodically and discuss problems related to teaching and research to enhance quality ofeducation. 2. To help teacher's interact with education administrators on matters related to teaching. 3. To disseminate information of various discipline and enhance interdiseiplinary research and teaching. 4, To undertake innovative projects aimed at the improvement of leamer's proficiency in his discipline. 5. To promote solidarity among teachers of the worldat University levels, 6. To promote professional excellence among its members in all possible ways. ‘We bring out the journal quarterly .Itis given atnominal charges toall the members. We organize Intemationalconferences to give an interactive platform, Contact us- IMJ Confidence Foundation 3 A-I Vrindavan, 173, Civil Lines , ‘Nagpur -440001 India Email: Cell: +91 -9422145467 0712-2520741 CONTENTS Sr. Title ‘Author Page No. No. 1 na Tool of Convenient Politics Dr. Neelam Tikkha Ls ‘The Study of the Death of the Author in Jorge Luis Mohsen Heidari 2. | Borges's “Borges and I” and “The Garden of 6-10 Forking Paths” Roonak Shakiba Women Development and Diversity: Problems, 3. | Initiatives, Potential Dr. Neclam Tikkha 1-15 Elucidating Health Perception : 4. Iethe Beological and Socio-Economic Interpretation |P¥"Deba Prasad Sahu} 46 54 5+ | impact of Rural to Urban Temporary labour Mrs. Seetha P. B. igrati i in Sri Ranathunga 23-39 migration on farming communities in Sri Lanka Ne 6. | Possibility of Complex Phenomenal State in Bharat Malakar 40-46 Consciousness A Philosophical Debate 7. | explicating Post-Structuralism: Critical Inquiry into ; ; Critical Theory Abbilash Koushik 47-50