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Put in the correct verb forms into the gaps.

Use Simple Present

Example: ___ they ______ their friends? (to phone)

Answer: Do they phone their friends?

1) ____________you _________mineral water? (to drink)
2) _____________Sarah and Linda _____________their pets? (to feed)
3) ______________your teacher ____________your homework? (to check)
4) ______________they _____________in the old house? (to live)
5) _____________the cat ___________on the wall in the mornings? (to sit)
6) __________________Nina __________________computer games? (to play)
7) _______________your parents _____________TV in the afternoon? (to watch)
8) _________________your grandmother _______________the phone? (to answer)
9) ______________Andy ________________the shopping? (to do)
10) _______________Garry and Ken ______________a cup of tea in the afternoon? (to have)

Simple Present Tense Quiz

1 Do you ______________chocolate milk? ________________

2 He ________________not want to come to the movies. __________________

3 _________________we too late to catch the bus? _________________

4 It _______________a beautiful day today. __________________

5 Sorry, Lisa _____________not here at the moment. _________________

6 __________________I correct? ___________________

7 Robert ________________not go to my school. __________________

8 My parents ______________in a 2 bedroom apartment. ______________

9 We ________________European. _________________

10 You _______________so happy today! ________________

possessive adjectives

Complete the sentences with possessive adjectives.

1 He's from Spain. ______________name's Alberto.

2 They're married. _____________children's names are Lauren and Daniel.
3 We're brothers. _____________parents are French.
4 She's eight. _____________brother's nine.
5 I'm British. ____________name's Peter.
6 You're students. _____________books are in the classroom.

Forming the Simple Present Tense

Click on the correct answer

1 I ________ in a bank. (work)

A work
B works
C workes

2 She ________ in Florida. (live)

a live
b lives
c livees

3 It ________ almost every day in Manchester. (rain)

a rain
b rains
c raines

4 We ________ to Spain every summer. (fly)

a fly
b flys
c flies
5 My mother ________ eggs for breakfast every morning. (fry)
a fry
b frys
c fries

6 The bank ________ at four o'clock. (close)

a close
b closies
c closes

7 John ________ very hard in class, but I don't think he'll pass the
course. (try)
a try
b trys
c tries

8 Jo is so smart that she ________ every exam without even trying.

a pass
b passies
c passes

9 My life is so boring -- I just ________ TV every night. (watch)

a watch
b watchies
c watches

10 My best friend ________ to me every week. (write)

a write
b writies
c D writes

Present Tense Exercise #1

Directions: Fill in the blank with the correct form of the verb OR
the correct “helping” verb.
A. AFFIRMATIVE (use the verb “to walk”)
1. I ____________ to school every day.
2. You ____________ to school every day.
3. He/She/It ____________ to school every day.
4. They ____________ to school every day.
5. We ____________ to school every day.
B. NEGATIVE (use the verb “to walk”)
6. I ____________ walk to school every day.
7. You don’t ____________ to school every day.
8. He/She/It ____________ walk to school every day.
9. They ____________walk to school every day.
10. We don’t ____________ to school every day.
C. YES/NO QUESTIONS (use the verb “to walk”)
11. Do I ____________ to school every day?
12. ____________ you walk to school every day?
13. Does he/she/it ____________ to school every day?
14. ____________ they walk to school every day?
15. Do we ____________ to school every day?
16. Yes, I ____________. 17. No, I _______________.
18. Yes, you ____________. 19. No, you ____________.
20. Yes, he/she/it ____________. 21. No, he/she/it ____________.
22. Yes, we ____________. 23. No, we ____________.
24. Yes, they ____________. 25. No, they ____________.
26. When do you ___________ to school every day?
27. Why do ___________ walk to school every day?
28. Where ___________ she go to school every day?
29. How does ___________ get to school every day?
30. What ___________ they do in school every day?

My name is Paul. I am from the United States, so I am American.

I am 32 years old. I am single. I am a doctor. my job is hard. I
get up at 6am. Everyday. Then I have a shower and I have
breakfast. After breakfast, I go to National Hospital. It is in
Oxford Street. In the hospital, take care of my patients I have
many patients everyday.
I have lunch with my collegues at about 2pm in a restaurant.
I finish work at about 5 pm and I go home. I have a shower. I
watch TV. My favourite TV programme is Greek I like it a lot. I
have a girlfriend her name is Sheila. She is a nurse. And she
works in the same hospital as me. At weekend, we go to the
cinema and go to a pub.