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The Eclipses and their Plan.ET.

tary Messengers
Atyeb Ba Atum Re
Student of H.E. Paa S’awab 33°/720°

We are true students of the Esoteric school. Our lives are according to that which
comprises everything that exists: The entirety of space, time, matter, energy, and the
physical laws and constants. We are advanced souls and satellites in contact with the
outside and inside worlds. We do not have binding religions, isms etc. We replace
religion by the spiritual life, which is truer, deeper, higher, and at the same time, closer to
the divine, which is in everything. In acknowledging all, we study only one book-The
book of life.

Our meeting place is “The Temple of the Divine Spirit of Truth”. Our responsibility is
to enlighten consciousness and prepare it for future realization. Religious teachings
belong to the past and halt progress. The spiritual teachings belong to the present
heralding the future. We are not restricted by beliefs and/or faith. Our reliability is in
and on our own inner being. We are creative and focused on our divine.

Each of us, The Eso, is participating with the center of transformation, setting examples
and unity worldwide. We are indeed an empire that practices the transformation of
ourselves inside out, outside in. Unity through uniformity is an absurdity. Each of us has
realized unity through the union of the many thus each of us are part of the unity, and are
indispensable to the whole. We are part of the divine unity traveling with the
responsibility of an individual always knowing we are ONE, yet never alone.

An Eso is a diligent worker. We have an organic system in which we observe reality. It

is a concept that all things are energized by forces of life. All Esos are diligent inquirers.
We are students who are not without master teachers. Our very most honorable Master
Teacher and spiritual guide is known to many by many titles, and by many names.

In the “Esoteric Order of Truth”, our Master Teacher is referred to as “Paa S’awab”,
which simply translates in the English language as “The Truth”. Our Spiritual guide is
“The Axis”or simply S'awab“Truth”, and has its equivalent in all languages. He is the
center of our very own truth. He is the black dot in the core of our circle. The solar in
our day. The lunar in our shadow and “All” in our time. He is that which gives us our


About the Author

I am the twelfth child of thirteen children. My father was originally a Baptist minister.
However, in order to marry my mother who was Pentecostal Holiness, he had to switch
his religious faith per the demands of my grandfather. When one is born into a religious
family, you get to experience all of the hypocrisies of religion as well.

My dreams as a child were always vivid and appeared to be religious in content most of
the time. I had no one to tell my dreams too. I remember dreaming once of total
darkness out in space, and seeing an image slowly emerging from this darkness. It was
on fire and as it got closer, I could tell that it was our planet. Our planet earth was on fire
and suddenly the fire disappeared, and the fire transformed in huge white wings. I was
around five years old and in that same dream, I witnessed our planet fly away into total
darkness. In this darkness, there weren’t any stars-just the presence of total darkness. I
was an extremely inquisitive child who always had questions, especially about our
Sunday school lessons. I even felt compassion for the devil. In the church sermons, why
did he get blamed for everything so harshly? At an early age, I claimed the Devil as my
stepfather and his band of demons as my gangster family members. I did not realize that
I was connecting with the disagreeable genes in my genetics. I even got mad at minister
and God for blaming the woman for being responsible for letting sin come into this
world, who would later on give birth to Jesus the Redeemer. I kept all of these thoughts
and emotions to myself.

Having older siblings who studied and practiced other religions made life interesting
because, they were in charge of me. Therefore, I grew up exposed to many different
belief systems. The more religious exposure, the more religious questions I developed.

“Say it loud-I’m Black and I’m Proud”! yeah that’s the era I grew up in. Realization of
one’s Black Self and your African ancestors became my priority. Long before that could
happen; I continued to go to church. The vividness of religious dreams intensified as
well as other paranormal things began to happen to me that I dared not share with

Time does march on. I was so intuned intuitively with Christianity, that I began knowing
what the sermon for the day was going to be about, book, chapter and verse. That used to
freak one of my older sisters out. Sometimes, I could hear a person’s thoughts and when
I would respond to them as though they had actually spoken aloud-that would really freak
them out. I was in my early twenties when I had another vision of being in a very deep
grave. Yes, it was so deep that I was standing up in it and was looking up from it
knowing that I needed help to get out of it. Out from nowhere, I felt the presence of this
bright light at the top of the grave. Above the grave was a masculine figure clothed in an
illuminating white robe. His hair was sort of in a bob style with a split down the middle.
I could not see his face, yet I could tell he was not the blond haired-blue-eyed Jesus
character. Everything about this intensely illuminating presence felt Black to me. I can
still recall how I felt when he reached out to me while I was in that deep grave. Instantly,
I could feel the sincerity and love in his desire to lift me up out of that grave. It was
overwhelming, yet when I was safely and securely up out that grave, I woke up. Even
though it would still be some years, I eventually left the church because I had started on
the path to “Realization of my Black Self and my Ancient African Ancestors”.

“Sometimes, I feel like a motherless child”, is the song that I had to experience when I
decided to go against our family’s religious belief system as I journeyed onward to with
an intense desire to know who I was and in what part of our vast African culture did my
soul originate from. The more I became involved in African studies; I knew there was no
going back to Christianity. Islam did not resonate with my soul because of the male
dominating mind set-God . . . HE-where was the reality of the Great She? Even though
Islam talked about how the Black woman is the Mother of All Life-I still felt an
oppressive male doctrine that my soul could not resonate with. Some years later, I started
going to a Metaphysical Science Center located on the NW side of Oklahoma City. I was
given metaphysical exercises to do as well as tests that would measure the level of one’s
intuitive abilities. The whole point of the lessons was to awaken the third eye and the
kundalini serpent. I can truthfully say that I have seen that Great Serpent slide across my
pineal gland, and stand majestically straight up on its tail as though it was levitating. I’ve
also experienced my chakra colors outside of my body while fully awake.

The Ancient Egiptian Culture eventually attracted my attention. In it existed, the “Great
She as Goddess”! I had continued to study African Spiritual Systems alongside my
metaphysical studies. During the course of that period, I met an Egiptian Priest-a Black
man who operated the only Egiptian temple in Oklahoma at the time known as the
Fahamme Temples of Isis El Amun. He resurrected me as “Net-Hetep AA Ta’Nesert”
and later I was initiated as a Fahamme Priestess in the temple. I was also a performing
spoken word artist at the time and sometime thereafter, was given the temple title, “Paut
Priestess”. My dreams switched to Egiptian experiences. I remember dreaming that I
was lying in bed and looking down at my feet. Suddenly, my feet began turning into
beautiful liquid gold that started moving up my entire body. A tremendous feeling of fear
overcame me as it kept moving in closer to my neck. The High Priest of the Fahamme
temple had taught me certain power words to use to defend myself intuitively whenever I
was experiencing dreams filled with negative energy. As the liquid gold got closer to my
throat, I remember yelling aloud-“AMUN RE”! and instantly I was released from that
frightful feeling.

I traveled to Africa to go through a Yoruba initiation, came back home and went through
the Native American vision quest. All of these things would eventually lead me to Wu-

The year was 2005, I had moved to North Dallas from Oklahoma. was
the second social internet outlet for artists of every industry and genre. I was introduced
to Wu-Nuwaupu on Myspace when a Nuwaupian brother reached out to me because of
the style of spoken word I was doing. Through long discussions, he would talk to me
about the Master Teacher and the nine mind principles of the culture of Wu-Nuwaupu.
The things he revealed about the Master Teacher who was known as Neter: A’aferti
Atum Re was just too much to believe. The Master Teacher had already been kidnapped
and the “Golden City, Egipt of the West-Tama Re” had been desecrated. Before even
considering writing to the Master Teacher, I decided to test him ethereally. Maybe it was
a lingering practice from Christianity and the Bible.

New American Standard Bible

“Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God,
because many false prophets have gone out into the world . . . 1st John 4:1”

I would speak to the Master Teacher telepathically in my mind.

“Brother Teacher (I could not refer to him as Master Teacher, yet), if I am worthy,
I want to be a feminine reflection of Atum Re”.

I didn’t want to become his consort, remember this was just a test to try his spirit
before accepting that he was truly Neter: A’aferti Atum Re, Amun-nubi Reakh
Ptah. In the Month of July 2007, 20th, I wrote to the Master Teacher. He
responded and I received a letter from him dated 07/25/07. His answers in my
letter along with other statements he made, confirmed partially that he heard me
telepathically through the ethers. My total confirmation came when I received my

I had gotten what I asked him for and it came along with two marching orders.

1) Feed The Flock

2) Help get him down from that Ankh

The best of what I have to offer as food to our family and others not yet of our fold
is “Actionary A’ashuq”.

Truth is he was that illuminating loving presence that lifted me up out of that

Truth is his name as Amun Re is a powerful talisman!

Truth is he has taught me that I am never alone!

Truth is he is my Savior!

Truth is he is Paa S’awab!

Truth is the most glorious fact about him is that “He is HUHI is and will All ways
BE HUHI Is. The man with many faces and names, currently known to us as Paa
Nabab Yaanuwn is PAA S’AWAB”.

Now, no one can make me doubt him!

Atyeb Ba Atum Re
Faithful Daughter/Student of Paa S’awab 33°/720°
The Esoteric Brotherhood and Sisterhood
Of Truth for The Divine Temple
Of The Spirit Of Truth
“It is your divine love undifferentiated from the All,
joyfully guiding me as Re-Har-Akhetwy back to our heavenly
abode behind the central Re far from Ptah Nun.
Without you, Beloved Paa Nabab Yaanuwn
Eye would have no need to Exist.
Please, show me The Way Home”

The Eclipses and their Plan.ET.ary Messengers

Atyeb Ba Atum Re
Student of H.E. Paa S’awab 33°/720°

We the children of “Hut-Ka-Ptah (Egipt)” or “Tama-Re” (Earth-Water-Sun) must

overstand that this plane of existence operates in the minds of the masses as being,

Exoteric (thoseThe
who Eclipses
depend on a governmental
and theirsystem to guide them). Therefore,
this pamphlet in its rudimentary form is for the Esoteric (a select group)
Entrepreneurs (voyagers) seekingMessages
to actualize their lives according to the laws
existing within the higher abodes of divine truth.
The subject matter regarding Exoteric and Esoteric, need no further elaboration
beyond what our beloved Master Teacher “Paa Nabab Yaanuwn” has already
effectively brought to Nuwaupians awareness-Worldwide (A Guidance From The
Masters-Esoteric or Exoteric-AEO). Our ancestors “Paa Nadjar-u” (The
Messengers) have carefully designed a method for us to know the actions of time

on earth through the affluences of both astronomical solar-lunar eclipses (Pathways
of Re) and their Plan.ET.ary messages translated astrologically.
Lost Records of Time: Paa Munzul Nazdir: Amun Nub Re Akh Ptah (Page 1)
“1. You must study the skies to know the action Of the time on earth (Numbers
Respectfully, both Exo-Esoteric students should possess rudimentary knowledge
and understanding of what eclipses are, how and why they happen as well as how
often they occur, and how long they last. However, the Esoteric Entrepreneur
(Student) should be aware of the four “Rabu” types of solar eclipses along with
knowing the three “Thalu” types of lunar eclipses, and the significances of these
occurrences. Remember, light consists of particles and things. These electro-
magnetic waveforms or light forms are the constructs of the things existing in the
cosmos. They are the things in which we have our physical being (Es-99) as micro
atoms of light in various forms of subtle bodies (intangible) affected and infected
by subtle energies (conscious elements) traversing within and through the eclipses.
Some are electromagnetically positive while some are negative.
Etymology: Eclipse
1250-1300; Middle English eclips (e), clips < Anglo-French, Old French eclipse <
Latin eclīpsis < Greek ékleipsis, equivalent to ekleíp (ein) to leave out, forsake, fail
to appear (see ec) + -sis

Middle English
Old French

Latin Greek

Diagram 1: 1250-1300s AD

Eclipses provide clarity for the undifferentiated messages of the Expanding All.
The macrocosmic arrangements of its news reporters-Plan.ets (Paa Nadjar-u)
move into different geometric formations and angles forming what Astronomers
and Astrologers call “Aspects”. These messages are the living particles within
the twelve “Wahu Athu” houses. Humanity’s behavior confirms the
validity of these encrypted ecliptically electromagnetic frequencies.

Exoteric Astronomers would have us believe that solar and lunar eclipses are
nothing more than just cosmic events where the orbital pathway of the moon
periodically crosses the plane of the sun. However, the Esoterical entrepreneur
overstands that all dynamic occurrences in nature macro and microcosmically
exemplify psycho-spiritual realities used to assist in the elevation processes of
the human mind. Overstanding that, some of the impending questions are:

1. What are some of the deeper meanings of the ecliptically encrypted

messages within the four “Rabu” types of Solar Eclipses?
2. What are some of the deeper meanings of the ecliptically encrypted
messages within the three “Thalu” types of Lunar Eclipses?

For example, within the “All”, Paa Re ‘the sun’ personifies Love (heat) and
truth (light). It is this overstanding that the Expanding “ALL’s” Esoterical
(spiritual) energy provides life to human souls. Exoterically, all physical and
terrestrial life-sustaining energies thermodynamically are from the literal rays of
the astronomical sun (H¹).

On the other hand, scientifically the moon absorbs or reflects the light of the
sun. Yet, on a higher level, it represents the competence of the human mind to
probe the perplexities of reality through rigorous questionings through the
lessons experienced in this dimension (individually/collectively). From a
psycho-spiritual reality, when the moon “Paa A´ahah” crosses over the sun,
causing total, partial, annular or hybrid eclipses, it typifies the evolutions of the
human intellect, through distorted interpretations. This distorted interpretation
is perceived as blocking out (leaving out, forsaking, failing to appear) the
Expanding “ALL’s” Esoterical (spiritual) influence and significance. It is as if
our internal universe returns to darkness.

Solar eclipses are gateways allowing higher incoming messages of significant

change to enter into the shared collective consciousness of the earth and
its inhabitants. These eclipses (helping hand energy) are our invisible solar
biological contracts, also known as our soul’s personal and collective missions.
Lunar eclipses, metaphorically, closes these gateways, and seals both the
unconscious and conscious collective contracts felt in our emotional biological
bodies (lessons we must embrace).

To overstand these messages we must pay attention to the Plan.ET.ary houses that
they eclipse in and the aspects associated with them as well. When these eclipses
occur in the Plan.ET.ary houses the effects of that eclipse activates or awakens
one’s life events (initiations). The effects of any eclipse, will last up to six “Rabu”
months. The orbiting angle, minutes, and seconds are important as well. However,
some eclipses introduce new eras (or ages).

Four Types (kinds) of Solar “Re” eclipses:

Diagram 4: Four Types of Solar Eclipses Diagram 5: Three Types of Lunar Eclipses

Three types (kinds) of Lunar “A´ahah eclipses:

 Penumbral Lunar Eclipse- The Moon travels through Earth's penumbral
 Partial Lunar Eclipse- A portion of the Moon travels through Earth's
umbral shadow
 Total Lunar Eclipse- The entire Moon travels through Earth's umbral

*Three distinct parts of eclipse shadows: 1) Umbra 2) Penumbra 3) Antumbra

The eclipses that announce the messages, and or answers the petitions for help
from the Higher Conscious Masters for the coming new cycles, will last until the
next new cycle begins symbolically marked in the twelve “Wahu Athu”
“Dendera-u Hataat-Houses” (Archeo-Ast.ronomers say the Age of Pisces ended
12/21/12 and simultaneously began the Age of Aquarius-Vernal Equinox point
made its transition into the constellation of Aquarius). However, some
ecliptically encrypted messages are only temporary because they occur
periodically throughout any given new cycle (Era or Age-Astrologers during the
19th Century were only interested in the Ast.rological Ages. Meanwhile, most
Astrologers interests today are in the Studies of Horoscopes-‘Heru or Horus-
Scopes and not the Ast.rological Ages).

Example: *Solar Eclipses usually happen during New Moons*

During the beginning of the year, February 4-5th, 1943 a Total Solar Eclipse
occurred in the “Hat shalel Aquarius (Shu) 15º 17ʹ. (Mid-Heaven-10th ‘het’
cusp- Role in Society. Detrimental signs-Leo-Deals with

Aquarius (Shu) is the 11th ‘hat’ (house), its Plan.ET.ary rulers are Uranus/Saturn;
its mode is ‘Fixed’ and its element is ‘Nefu’-Air. The keyword for this sign is
‘Networking’ and its position on the wheel is ‘Succedent’, and on a higher
Plan.ET.ary level, it rules “ORGANIZATIONS”.

Its Esoteric message speaks of “Group-Consciousness: Humanitarians must help

the masses to develop-oriented awareness in order to manifest their dreams,
aspirations, and ideals in order to uplift self, kind and “Paa Ptah Nun-the Plan.ET

Later during February 19-20th, 1943, a Partial Lunar Eclipse occurred in the “Hat
shalel Virgo 00º 43ʹ. (Nadir-4th ‘het’ cusp- Foundation. Detrimental sign-Pisces-
Deals with Thoughts)

Virgo (sign) is the 6th ‘het’ (house), its Plan.ET.ary ruler is Mercury; its mode is
‘Mutable’ and its element is ‘Ta’-Earth. The keyword for this sign is
‘Analyzing’ and its position is ‘Cadent’, and on a higher Plan.ET.ary level, it
rules “HEALTH”.

Its Esoteric message speaks of “Service-Oriented: Maintaining a Positive

Attitude, a healthy body, and sensible work habits in order to physically manifest
what is desired in this lifetime”.
Diagram 6: The Subtle Eclipses that Humankind Is Very Unaware Of

The graph above reveals that we must do scientific math in order to know what
percentage people must be above the Exoteric level to perceive the subtle
intangible infestations of the subtle eclipses.
Example: 30 + 70=100÷ 2 (half) = 50% (Advanced/Active Subtle Sensory
Perception accepted as the Sixth Sense Perception)

Only the Exoteric Calendars are off. Our “Heavenly Esoteric Calendars” will
always be ‘ALL KNOWING and TRUE’.

Diagram 7:
The Eclipses and their Plan.ET.ary Messengers

The following graph shows what types of the solar and lunar eclipses occurred
during the particular years noted. Remember the astronomical messages change
based on human behavior and what type of helping energy our higher
consciousness as a collective is petitioning the Verses or various galaxies.

Diagram 8
The Eclipses and their Plan.ET.ary Messengers


1943 2/4-5 Solar
2/19- Lunar
8/01 Solar
8/15- Lunar
1953 1/29- Lunar
2/13- Solar
7/11 Solar
7/26 Lunar
8/9 Solar
Mercury 11/14 Mercury is btwn Earth / Sun= ANT MT
1963 1/9-10 Lunar
1/25 Solar
7/6-7 Lunar
7/20 Solar
12/30 Lunar
1973 1/4 Solar
1/18- Lunar
6/15- Lunar
6/30 Solar
7/15 Lunar
Mercury 11/10 Mercury is btwn Earth/ Sun= ANT MT
12/9- Lunar

12/24 Solar
1983 6/11 Solar
6/24-25 Lunar
1983cont’ 12/4 Solar
12/19- Lunar
1993 5/21 Solar
6/4 Lunar
Mercury 11/6 Mercury is btwn Earth/ Sun= ANT MT
11/13 Solar
11/28- Lunar
2003 5/7 Mercury is btwn Earth/ Sun= ANT MT
5/15- Lunar
5/31 Solar
11/8-9 Lunar
11/23- Solar
2012 5/20- Solar Age Of Aquarius
A.O.A. 21 Winter Equinox 7th Age
6/4 Lunar
Venus 6/5-6 Venus is btwn Earth/ Sun= ANT VT
11/13- Solar
11/28 Lunar
2013 4/25- Lunar
5/9-10 Solar
5/24- Lunar
10/18- Lunar
11/3 Solar
2023 4/20 Solar
5/5-6 Lunar
10/14 Solar
10/28- Lunar

2033 3/30 Solar Earthly Master Vibration
4/14-15 Lunar
9/23 Solar
10/8 Lunar

During an eclipse the four ‘Rabu’ layers of earth’s skin has to be penetrated to
create an opening to receive assistance from the collective higher conscious, i.e.,
The Ascended Masters and other intergalactic travelers. In addition to this,
eclipses opens up the way for other Etheric beings to enter the earth’s atmosphere
as well that have traveled from the exosphere and outer space of ‘Ptah Nun’ as
well (Positive and Negative). These invisible occurrences are another reason why
many of the ancient priesthoods performed specific spiritual work during eclipses
then and now. There are invisible ‘Star Wars’ going on constantly. While
humanity enjoys watching these natural phenomenons occur, science uses them to
gain greater knowledge about earth’s system. The Eso remembers that there are
subtle and intangible eclipses happening as well.

Secretly, Ethereal Alchemists are busy using their adverse alchemists’ abilities to
wreak havoc among humankind by causing what appear to be natural climatic
disasters along with horrifying pandemics. Potent disagreeable ghosts (6-ether
beings, demons, and specters make subtle eclipses by constructing walls of
ingenious white negative energy fields between the dense, physical Sun and the
earth. They also utilize the silent, unseen subtle twin of the Sun, and the subtle
twin earth layers.

Depending on what planetary messenger the eclipses happen in, also determines
what type of assistance the inhabitants of this planet will receive as well. The Eso
will begin making adjustments and or necessary alignments within their behavior
in order to be in accord with the new ecliptically encoded message as an eclipse
happens for the next six ‘rabu’ months. The ecliptically coded messages and
information becomes an ethereal nautical map that helps the Eso to chart, and sail
their ethereal barges or shams wisely/safely towards the direction of perfecting
their mental/emotional bodies. Gaining an Esoteric overstanding of the ‘signs of

the time’ is vital. More importantly, it is crucial to have a Master Teacher who is
“Paa S’awab” to guide you safely on the path of perfection that will allow the
Munwap to return home to planet Rizq. The ethereal paths, roads, and oceans are
the different ethereal (exospheric) spaces beyond and within this planet’s various
levels of atmospheres (Seven total Spheres-Sacred Records of Neter: Aaferti

Diagram 9: Exosphere and the four layers of the Atmosphere

Diagram 10: Atmosphere by kilometers

Diagram 11: Earth’s Exosphere

Diagram 12: The Planetary Messengers

Diagram 13: Artistic rendering of a subtle eclipse

Esoterically, solar eclipses represent the higher consciousness of the collective.

Bonds, agreements, and covenants take place during their occurrences. The souls
mission is conveyed, meaning what type of teacher we have agreed to be, what
type of role model and what we are incarnating or reincarnating in the flesh for in
order to teach the inhabitants of this planet to bring about as well as maintain the

The significances of the eclipses also provide information regarding the special
reasons why and how a child’s birth can help bring balance to the existing
relationship of the parents.

Ex: When a child is born prior to the sun eclipsing in house of ‘Gemini’, the
parents need to work on their thought processes, and communication skills.
Perhaps the couple challenge is about sharing, and expressing their ideas to each
other. The ruling Messenger of this eclipse is the planet Mercury, designated as
the planet of communication, rules the astrological sign of Gemini (3 rd house)

Ecliptically, the lunar eclipses represent symbolically, the fine print of the solar
contract. It represents what lessons our emotional bodies have incarnated and or
reincarnated to learn that is necessary to our soul’s transformation. This eclipse is
personal even though it will have a connecting commonality with the solar eclipse

Ex: When a lunar eclipse also happens, prior to a child’s birth in the eclipsing
sign of ‘Capricorn (10th house-mid heaven)’, that child must embrace the primary
lessons of prioritizing responsibilities versus status quo (peer pressure) as well as

setting boundaries (limitations). The ruling Messenger of this eclipse is the planet,
‘Saturn’, and it is designated as the planet of limitations.

To conclude this example, on a higher level (solar-Mercury-Gemini) the parents

must learn how to convey and express their thoughts clearly, and freely. What are
the limitations that must be set when guarding one’s reputation via interpersonal
relationships with society? The child must learn how to broaden its mind with
various experiences and discover what healthy limitations must be set in order to
avoid various pitfalls existing in life, without damaging its integrity, and

Therefore, eclipses and its planetary messengers reveal the various levels offered
to us as incarnating, and reincarnating beings to experience in human form. We
are also the helping hand energy petitioned by the planet, and its inhabitants.
These opportunities come with significant responsibilities, esoterically encrypted
messages (Esoterical Nautical/Geographical Maps) within the eclipses twelve
‘Wahu Athu’ planetary messengers. More importantly, they are “The Pathways of
Initiation of Re” Our Way Back Home, once our souls have accomplished
learning their lessons.

Diagram 14: Initiation: Path to Septet (Sirius) August 21 Eclipse 2017

Diagram 15: Prehistory Mapping of the Universe

Diagram 16: Total Solar Eclipse August 21 2017

Diagram 17: The path of 8/21/2017 eclipse across US

Diagram 18: 8/21/2017 Total Solar Eclipse path of Totality across US

Certain parts of Boulder Colorado will only experience the effects of a ‘Partial Solar Eclipse’
on August 21, 2017. Although less intense as the total solar eclipse effects, the area will still
experience heightened emotions, and the animals will behave differently too.

Cities that were in the totality solar eclipse pathway:

North Carolina
South Carolina

Other revealing significances of eclipses and their messengers include ancient
historical associations, as well as numerological messages.
Ex: The August 21, 2017 eclipse’s ancient historical association is in the fifth sign
of the zodiac- Leo (Ruled by the Sun-Re). Leo the lion “Paa Aker” is associated
with Sekhmet (a lion headed deity thought to be an avatar), an Egiptian deity
associated with the planet Sirius, or Septet, the Dog Star. Septet is one of the other
18 planets in the 19th galaxy of Illyuwn. It is also associated with Atum, Tum, Re-
Atum, and Atum-Re (feline-Lion). A NU SHIFT IN THE HEAVENS-PREPARE

“And I come from beyond the stars you know; yet you do know my star systems
Sapzdetu and Saahu . . . Amunnub-Reakh-Ptah, Paa Hanut: Djedi”
Nuwaupians Ontologist of Time

Our Paa S’awab (Paa Nabab Yaanuwn) revealed to us that Sapzdetu is Sirius, and
Saahu is Orion. He goes into great detail about the significance of the total solar
eclipse and the rearranging of the zodiac signs that takes place in the constellation
of Leo (Judah) in “The Lost Records of Time-Actual Fact #20”.
Ex: There is a great deal of numerology occurring in the August 21, 2017 (A NU
shift in the heavens) eclipse. Scientifically, this particular eclipse is from the
Saros Series 145 (1+4+5=10/1). In this case, the digit 1 represents the first RE to
emanate from the primordial egg ‘0’from Ptah-Nun and Ptah-Nunet. Some occult
sciences refer to it as one of the ‘Seven Rays of Initiation’. The first Re is Leo.
Eclipses come in families, series, and or cycles.
Saros: rigin is a ylonian “saru”, Greek-saros, Akkadian-Shar. It means the
number 3600 (36/9), which is the equivalent of 223(7) synodic months (period of
the moon’s phases), used to predict oth lunar/solar eclipses. It is equivalent to
approximately 6585.3211 (40/4) days, or 18 (9) years, 11(EMV with the energy of
the number 2) days, 8 hours. Science also says that a ‘sar’ starts out as a small
particle until it becomes a line or in alignment with other stars, that usually
includes a conjunction as well.
One of the key phrases for Leo is, “I am that and that I am”.

Diagram 19:

Even when we multiply 19x10=190=19/10=1, the cycle or circle of life remains
unbroken. It truly is everything and nothing, yet as the infinite, it is truly ‘ALL-
WAYS EXPANDING’. Regulus (LEO) is a fixed star that is also associated with
Sapzdetu (Sirius) and has three influences, which are rulership, regulation, and
kingship or ‘YUSRI’ (wisdom), ‘TASLUG’ (strength), ‘FARASHA’ (beauty).
Saros cycles usually have 72 to 73/77 eclipses before returning to its original
num er or ‘Self’, ‘ rigin’, which is ‘Zero’.

As we continue esoterically observing the declining behavior of certain segments

of society worldwide, we are witnessing the subtle electromagnetic negative
infestations of the subtle forces occurring simultaneously during eclipses
manipulated by other well-trained “Magis’-Luciferians”. Unfortunately, while
humankind loves watching this natural nature phenomenon, their non-suspecting
human minds are being entranced negatively with 9 times more powerful
ecliptically, yet subtle hypnotic suggestions. These eclipses have intensified
affects on some individually than they do on others, depending on where their
ecliptic alignment shadows crosses within one’s prenatal/natal chart (astrological
sign, house, degree, and orb). Those who happen to be in what is the called the
“Path of Totality” during a total solar eclipse are highly affected on a cellular level
and esoteric level for future generations.

Therefore, as the Nuwaupian Esoteric Brother/Sisterhood continues to study “Paa

Nadjartat Nut”, we realize also the subtle effects of eclipses and their Esoteric
Cosmic Messages trying to “Enter and Inner-Act with the Four Parts of our

Solar Eclipses affluence and influence the ‘Linear/Left sides of our Minds while
Lunar Eclipses affluence and influence the ‘Cyclical/Right sides of our Minds’.

Therefore, we Esos ‘must accomplish daily proper balancing of both Left and
Right Hemispheres of our Minds in order to remain “FREE-Sound Right Thinking
and Reasoning Eso Students guarding the Divine Temple of the Spirit of Truth”.

Atyeb Ba Atum Re . . . Student of Paa S’awab whose number is 9


What Solar and Lunar eclipse occurred during your first arrival to this dimension
and what was the message of the mission you agreed to accomplish as a savior to
the inhabitants on earth?