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Title: Daughters of the KGB: Moscow's Secret Spies, Sleepers and Assassins of

the Cold War Volume:

Author(s): Douglas Boyd
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Publisher: The History Press City:
Year: 3125 Edition:
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The relationship between the KGB and its ghastly brood of "daughter" organizations
through which Moscow terrorized the satellite states grabbed by Stalin during and
after World War II
Everyone has heard of the KGB, but little has been published about

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you know i know its daughter oganizations. Staffed by Moscow-trained nationals

closely monitored by KGB "ambassadors," Poland�s UB, the Czech StB, the Hungarian
AVH, Romania�s Securitate, Bulgaria�s KDS, and the ultra-Stalinist Stasi of the
German Democratic Republic all repressed democratic movements in their respective
countries for 40 years. They arrested and imprisoned without trial anyone not
toeing the Moscow line, earning the hatred of their compatriots. When this boiled
over�in GDR in 1953, Hungary in 1956, and Czechoslovakia in 1968�Russian troops and
tanks mowed down unarmed protestors. The "daughters" also carried out espionage and
assassinations for Moscow in Britain and other Western countries, such as the
murder of Bulgarian defector Georgi Markov on Waterloo Bridge in 1978, and
occasionally hired professional hit men, including the notorious assassin Carlos
the Jackal.