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January 2019 Start 2019 with resolution and resilience!

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Year! Tune in to our compassion one transformative challenging make New Year
podcast to find of your resolutions power of self-com- yourself this year resolutions. Here’s
inspiration this year! this year. passion in this Kristin is a good thing. how to keep them.
Neff interview.

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Happiness at Work list of resolutions? over our Top strengthen your writing as a simple, happy? Make your healthier this
3-course series launch- Get started with our Insights of 2018 for romantic relation- effective way to relationships year? Gratitude
es today! Learn how list of favorite books inspiration and ship? Focus on your work through an exceptional. may help.
to make work better. from 2018. self-knowledge. partner’s strengths. emotional challenge.

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tough love, is Here are 5 ways to people are mean. international mega- way to resolve love? Here’s where simple words you
the way to boost help them manage Here’s how to cope. star Daniel Wu finds conflict at work. it lives in your body. have the power to
resilience in those frustration. calm in the chaos. spark happiness in
closest to you. someone else’s brain.

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happier, quick? your resolutions diversity is one of organization foster own compassion balance at work podcast with Dacher
Play with some now! Some timely our Keys to Well- compassion or with this meditation. with a dose of Keltner about awe:
friends. advice from Being? Find out why. callousness? Find You may inspire mindfulness. one of humanity’s
Christine Carter. out with this quiz. others. most powerful

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researcher Lanie a deep dive into seeing the good in Jon Kabat-Zinn says for those positive
Shiota says awe can awe? Read our people can bridge mindfulness is really emotions! They can
transform the body white paper! our differences. about presence of open our minds.
and mind. the heart.