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Born of an Australian heritage that spans three decades, Kele was
established in the United Arab Emirates in 2005 as a base of
operations to launch into the growing middle east markets with our
88,229 SQM Residential building specialist construction techniques and services.

80 Storeys Tower + GF + 3 Basements Kele’s foundation is based on industry leading and Australian
construction techniques and processes. Kele today operates using
Project Value : 800 Million AED the same cutting edge construction techniques and management
standards which continue to deliver success for all our clients. With
Prestigious residential high rise building growing necessity to deliver high quality yet cost effective
including shops, Spa, Landscape, Swimming construction solutions to the market Kele is well positioned to offer a
pools and Car parks. range of value engineering and design services to all our clients
combined with the talented management team that ensure
successful delivery of all our projects.

From this successful and solid foundation, Kele continues to combine

the best construction, engineering and management practices to
offer a range of solutions which continues to drive Kele’s emergence
We are excited about the future and look forward to as a significant force in the Middle Eastern construction industry.
sharing in the success of your next project with you.

D1 Tower - Cultural Village - Dubai
Our Ethos

It all starts with carefully and methodically thinking about every aspect of
the project. Taking the time to think about the individual requirements
and dynamics of each element of a project and how they go together
ensures that Kele can focus on surpassing the goals of our clients. By
spending quality time thinking about the execution and design of the
project for cost effectiveness and buildability, cost and program savings
can be achieved from the outset.

Ensuring that the design process is managed effectively is the most

crucial aspect of creating a successful outcome for any project. Kele
ensures the requirements of all the stakeholders are realised throughout
the design process while creating an efficient, and functional design
without compromising the design intent. By using a wide range of
design and engineering techniques from Kele’s local and global
experience the maximum value of the project can be realised.

The build phase is the culmination of the successful completion of the think
and design processes, physically realising the vision behind the project
while delivering the ideas of all the stakeholders. Kele approaches the
build phase of each and every project with an unyielding desire to create
exceptional quality delivered on time, on budget and with the highest
levels of quality, health and safety.

Building on Trust

The strength and success of Kele is in the projects that have been completed
around the world which have sparked the passion for achieving excellence.

Kele’s expertise includes the design and construction of large-scale

developments, low and high-rise buildings, residential and commercial
developments. Kele also has extensive experience in the retail, hospitality
and leisure sectors, having constructed landmark holiday resorts and
amusement parks benefiting numerous tourist destinations.

Kele also has specialist experience in constructing sporting venues with a

series of purpose built Olympic sporting venues. In addition Kele has also
constructed a wide variety of educational buildings, hospitals, libraries and
police stations across Australia.

Kele has a strong track record in the construction of multiple-lane highways

and infrastructure related to heavy industry including mining and processing
facilities, as well as expertise in the complex construction of submerged

With a large design and build capability Kele is able to offer all clients a
complete turn key construction service, along with value engineering,
feasibility studies and complete project management.

With dedication to being a socially responsible company, all of Kele’s

processes and ethos are focused on operating in a conscientious manner.
Kele is committed to our fundamental values and takes extensive steps to
ensure that the entire Kele team adheres to a strict code of business ethics.

Our Vision

“No bird soars too high, if he To be recognized across the region as the
soars with his own wings” most progressive construction
management and contracting company.

To be an international market leader in the

construction and contracting industry through
implementing intelligent systems and
challenging the limits of construction
speed and efficiency while maintaining the
highest levels of quality and safety.


Kele has successfully completed projects in many different disciplines and has the
global capabilities to deliver projects in the following sectors:

Large scale residential developments

Residential and commercial high rise towers
Affordable/social housing and cost effective living
Luxury villas
Mining infrastructure
Infrastructure and civil works
Hospitals, police stations, libraries
Public sporting venues
Hotels and resorts
Amusement parks
Submerged structures
Retail and commercial fit-out
Extensions and renovations

Kele also provides clients with a range of Project Management and Engineering
services including:

Value engineering solutions

Construction programme efficiencies
Cost planning
Construction management
Project funding assistance
Project feasibility studies
Design and build


Other Shareholders


Inspired by a vision to contribute to the sustainable development of the United

60% 40%
Arab Emirates and the surrounding regions, ENSHAA was established to
develop premium-quality commercial, residential and hospitality projects. The
firm’s major shareholders include Emirates Investments Group, Majid Al Futtaim
Group and Abraaj Capital.

ENSHAA currently operates in the Middle East, North Africa, South Asia and
Australia through an expanding portfolio of carefully conceived projects. Since
it first launched, the company has formed a number of successful joint venture
partnerships with prestigious local and foreign companies including Moafaq Al
Gaddah Group, and National Logistic Corporation Pakistan. ENSHAA is a major
shareholder of Dubai based Kele Contracting LLC, in partnership with Australian
affiliate Kele International Holdings. ENSHAA’s acquisition of Signature Clubs
International in November 2009 highlights its strategic focus on quality branded
products and further expansion into the hospitality industry.

Regional Focus

Kele is focused on delivering high quality construction services across the Middle
East. Kele is headquartered in the United Arab Emirates and currently operates in:

United Arab Emirates

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Kele continues to focus on growth in our market coverage with a committed focus
to expanding throughout the MENA region.



ANDREW ELIAS | Group Chief Executive Officer

Andrew is the CEO and board member of Kele. Andrew has a reputation
"Management is, above all, a practice for his dynamic hands-on management style, as well as his technical
know-how and progressive approach to market expansion. His foresight
where art, science, and craft meet." and business skills have been the driving force which has led Kele to become
a leading construction company throughout the UAE and the MENA region.
Andrew is also a member of the Global Philanthropists Circle.

BREFF GORMAN | Group Chief Operating Officer

Breff is the Group COO and provides the leadership, management and
vision necessary to ensure that Kele has world class operational controls,
administrative & reporting procedures, as well as project controls in place
to effectively grow the organization and to ensure financial strength and
operating efficiency. Breff has a vast amount of regional and internal
experience relating to construction and development and has been an
instrumental part of Kele by operationally meeting our Clients
expectations through a respectful, constructive and energetic style,
guided by the objectives of the company which is combined with his
“business owner” mentality and approach to decision making.

A N D R E W H A I D A R | Commercial Director

Andrew Haidar is Kele’s Commercial Director with 15 years of

construction experience . He is an integral member of the Kele senior
team for the past 10 years and provides invaluable support
to the company by taking charge of Cost Control, Cost Reporting,
Procurement, Contracts, Purchasing, Variations and Tendering. Prior to
the role as Commercial Director, Andrew worked as a Project Manager
and covered a vast range of projects from high rise residential,
commercial and residential construction and refurbishments including
mall and restaurants to turnkey villas whilst implementing a wide range of
new and innovative construction methods along the way..


P E T E R C H A T E R | Project Director WILLIAM HINDES | Development Manager

Peter is a Director of Kele and ensures that projects are professionally managed and William is the CDO of Kele and provides entrepreneurial and managerial skills
delivery meets and exceeds Clients’ expectations, focusing on safety, programme, matched with a strong technical background and is recognised for
quality and budget. With over 30 years of construction experience Peter has a developing businesses and achieving growth within a short period of time.
wealth of expertise and guidance in all types of construction from retail, William has been instrumental in setting up and establishing business
commercial, hospitality, medical, and low and high-rise residential developments operations in the UAE and across the MENA region for Kele and will
to the growing Kele brand. continue to grow the company locally in the UAE, regionally throughout
MENA, and globally along with driving diversification across multiple
markets and sectors.

S A N J E E V M E H T A | MEP Manager
L E S L I E F A I R C H I L D | Sr. Project Manager
Sanjeev is Kele’s MEP Manager and is responsible to manage and lead
Leslie is a Project Manager with Kele. He has vast knowledge and
MEP subcontractors throughout the duration of the project. He has a
experience in large scale medical facilities in the UAE and United Kingdom
proven track record of resource deployment, optimum utilization of working for both Project Management and Main Contractors. His trade
resources and planning to successful completion of projects. Throughout background and management experience gives him an exceptional ability to
his 21-year career to date, he has established a highly effective ability on understand and direct the programme of works with both attention to
project management and representing organization on techno commercial detail; quality and cost effectiveness.


J . L . N . P R A S A D | Finance Manager
R O G E R H A I D A R | HR Manager
J.L.N. PRASAD is Kele’s Finance Manager and has over 30 years financial
Roger is Kele’s HR & Administration Manager and has over 30 years of experience in management experience. In particular J.L.N. is responsible for Process
the field of HR across the region. Roger is responsible for providing support in various Management Info )MIS(, Project costing and analysis, working capital
HR and Admin functions and implementing the procedures for recruitment, selection, management, supervising the payroll management, cost control, monitor
discipline, grievances, counselling, pay, contracts and succession planning. He the project P&L and Audit management at Kele.
possesses a strong understanding of HR concepts, design of policies and procedures
that attract, retain and motivate employees and support company’s growth. And to
nurture a progressive and professional HR climate in the organization.


Designation Quantity

Senior Management 30

Accounts 8

Information Technology 4

Human Resources 10

Purchasing 8

Project Management / Site Management 66

Architects 8

Draftsman 9

Project Engineers 38

MEP Engineers 8

Quantity Surveyors 24

Administration 27

Quality Control 12

Supervisors 78

Health and Safety 23

Land / Building Surveyors 23

Store Keepers / Time Keepers 15

Security 25

Drivers 15

Plant Operators 25

Mechanics / Electricians / Technicians 32

TOTAL: 495

Promoseven Tower - Dubai, UAE
UAE Workforce

Designation Quantity

Carpenters 381

Masons 252

Scaffolders 85

Helpers 442

Charge hands 35

Gang Leaders 25

Steel fixers 296

Security 19

UAE Total 1535

D1 Tower - Dubai, UAE

Passenger Vehicles 20
Plant & Equipment
Passenger Busses 18

Trucks and Trailers 15


Tower Cranes 19
Passenger Hoists 12
Telehandlers 8
Mobile Cranes 4
Generators 22


Aluminum Table Forms 25,000 M2

Props & Girder 115,000 M2

Cup Lock Scaffolding 22,000 M2

Automatic Climbing Formwork 6,500 M2

Panel System Slab Formwork 12,500 M2

D1 Tower - Dubai, UAE
ISO Certification

ISO Certification

Trade License

Queue Point - Liwan - Dubai
Banking Partners

Kele has very strong, long term banking and financing relationships
with the following banks:

QHSE Policy

Kele is committed to providing a safe environment and work place for all
our employees, subcontractors, and clients. To ensure the successful
implementation of the QHSE system for every project and it’s continued
monitoring and improvement the following procedures are followed:

Developing and maintaining a framework for setting, reviewing and

achieving measurable QHSE objectives and targets.

Complying with the requirements of local legislations, codes of

practice and exceeding industry standards.

Providing a system to identify hazards, assess and manage risks and

analyze the impacts of every activity in order to prevent personal
injury, occupational illness, property damage, and environmental

Ensuring that all our employees, consultants and contractors are

trained and competent to be able to run each of the processes within
the QHSE system for each role and process.

Ensuring that the impact of all our activities on the environment are

Having established contingency plans adequate to address all of the

identified emergency scenarios.

Ensuring that there is a swift monitoring / review mechanism for QHSE

to ensure that the system is working effectively and has the ability to
provide for continual improvement of all the processes and outcomes
of the system.

Promo Seven – Dubai, UAE
QHSE Management Functions

Promo Seven - Dubai, UAE

QHSE Safety Guidance Note/Toolbox Talks

HSE Guidance Note 017


Hydra Tower - Dubai, UAE

Group Risk & Compliance Department

QHSE Function Chart

Hydra Tower – Dubai, UAE 22

QHSE Policy

1. Introduction

This policy document defines how Kele manages Quality, Health, Safety &
Environment (QHSE) in order to ensure legal compliance and international practice Understand, promote and uphold fundamental human rights within our sphere
standards. As a responsible organization Kele has a Quality, Health, Safety & of influence, respecting tradition, cultural heritage and religion.
Environment Policy which is supported by detailed requirements for Quality,
Health, Safety & Environment Management (QHSE Management) arrangements. Encourage a diverse workforce and provide a work environment in which
everyone is treated fairly and with respect.
In summary, the project managers and site managers have accountability for the
quality, health, safety & environment implementation and performance of their Sustain continuous QHSE improvement strategies.
project. Specific duties and responsibilities may be decentralize to project
managers and supervisors in order that the policy and standards are effectively
communicated, implemented and monitored. To achieve this, we will:

Kele enables the provision of suitable and sufficient resources, training and Implement and maintain a risk-based Quality, Health, Safety & Environment
supervision as part of business planning and management, to ensure that all management system.
managers, supervisors and employees are properly able to discharge their
responsibilities under this policy. Promote integrity by holding our project management teams accountable for
effective leadership and management of QHSE.
2. Quality, Health, Safety & Environment Policy Statement
Integrate Quality, Health, Safety & Environment resource and training provision
Kele is primarily a construction management and contracting company conducting into our business plans.
business in the Middle Eastern Construction Industry.
Engage regularly, openly and honestly with people affected by our operations,
QHSE performance is one of our greatest strengths and one we value highly. Kele and take their views and concerns into account in our decision-making.
regards the health & safety of employees, the environment and the communities
we operate in, as a core business element and a strategic imperative. The Regularly review our performance and the performance of our stakeholders.
principles that govern our Quality, Safety, Health & Environmental Policy are
integral to the business and our dedication to QHSE is embedded in these seven In implementing this policy, we will engage with and support our employees,
principles; contractors, suppliers, customers, business partners and host communities in
sharing responsibility for meeting our requirements.
Identify, assess and manage risks to employees, contractors, the environment
and the communities we operate in.
Andrew Elias Chief
Set and achieve targets that promote efficient use of resources and include
reducing and preventing pollution.

Promote sustainable development of all our employees and contractors through Executive Officer
training, awareness and transparent business practices.

Allocate appropriate resources to meet or, where less stringent than our
standards, exceed applicable legal and other requirements.

QHSE Policy

3. Management & Organization for Quality, Health, Safety & Environment The Company Quality, Health, Safety & Environment Department is responsible for
establishing Company Strategy & Policy, providing specialist advice, disseminating
best practice, monitoring and reporting on performance.
3.1 General Organization and Management

The Kele QHSE Policy requires a systematic approach to Quality, Health, Safety &
Environment Management (QHSE Management). Responsibility for conformance 3.3 Consultation
and compliance to company standards and legal requirements is decentralized and
delegated to projects. Quality, Health, Safety & Environment management systems Employees will be consulted on changes to work procedures and arrangements
shall be based on BS EN ISO 9001:2008, BS OHSAS 18001:2007, BS EN ISO that affect the health, safety and welfare of the employees. Information will be
14001:2004, international standards, guidance and practices to meet local given in good time to allow comments and feedback to be considered and
requirements and legislation. necessary changes made.

3.2 General Responsibilities 3.4 Quality, Health, Safety & Environment Responsibilities

Each Project Head and Department Head has the responsibility and accountability The following Quality, Health, Safety & Environment responsibilities are the main
for the Quality, Health, Safety & Environment practices and performance of their duties of management and employees and are in addition to the duties outlined
respective areas of responsibility in accordance with the requirements of this policy under general responsibilities.
3.4.1 Management Committee
The Project Heads and Department Heads are also responsible for making certain
that appropriate documented and certifiable Quality, Health, Safety & Environment The Management Committee shall:
management systems and arrangements are in place to meet the local risk profile,
local legislation and Kele procedures and standards. Periodically review, direct, endorse and support the Quality, Health, Safety &
Environment Strategy and Policy and performance improvement programme.
Managers and supervisors are to promote, encourage and monitor the Quality,
Health, Safety & Environment of their teams and employees. Managers and Lead by example and personally undertake periodic Quality, Health, Safety &
supervisors shall make certain that their teams and employees have adequate Environment Reviews.
knowledge and training of the Quality, Health, Safety & Environment requirements
relevant to their activities. Plan and budget for the provision of adequate Quality, Health, Safety &
Environment resources .
All employees are obliged to set a personal example and take reasonable care for
the health, safety and welfare of themselves and others who may be affected by Monitor and review the effectiveness of Quality, Health, Safety & Environment
their acts or omissions at work. All employees shall have knowledge of the Quality, management and performance.
Health, Safety & Environment requirements relevant to their activities.
Appoint members of the QHSE Committee.

QHSE Policy

3.4.2 Project Heads

Select and manage the performance of supply partners (project management teams,
Project Heads shall: contractors, vendors and suppliers) so that the supply partners consider Quality, Health,
Safety & Environment issues, deliver their services and products in accordance with
Periodically review the adequacy of the Project’s Quality, Health, Safety & Environment KELE’s Quality, Health, Safety & Environment Policy.
management arrangements in order to ensure that they deliver practices and
performance that are in conformance with Company Policies and Standards and in Satisfy themselves that employees and other persons under their control are competent
compliance with local legislation. and properly supervised.

Ensure that adequate protective clothing and safety equipment is available and that it is
Ensure that adequate resources are provided and competent Quality, Health, Safety & correctly used.
Environment staff with the necessary expertise are available to fulfil their responsibilities
under the Kele Quality, Health, Safety & Environment Policy. Take corrective action when Quality, Health, Safety & Environment standards are not

Direct the implementation of corrective actions when performance fails to meet Be accountable for the effective implementation and management of QHSE.
regulatory or company standards.

3.4.4 Employees
Be accountable for the effective leadership and management of QHSE.
Employees shall:

3.4.3 Managers Make themselves familiar with the KELE Quality, Health, Safety & Environment Policy
document and comply with its requirements.
Managers shall:
Encourage and monitor supply partners Quality, Health, Safety & Environment
performance in relation to the delivery of their services, operations and activities
Organize business activities to enable, so far as reasonably practicable, a working
environment that is safe and without risk to health. Use all tools and equipment provided for their work correctly and use the appropriate
protective clothing and safety equipment as supplied.
Coordinate, implement and monitor the provision and maintenance of a safe working
environment and systems of work, so far as is reasonably practicable including Not interfere with or misuse anything provided in the interests of quality, health, safety
monitoring the adequacy of Quality, Health, Safety & Environment training and and welfare.
instruction to address the local Quality, Health, Safety & Environment risks and impacts.
Cooperate with their management and supervisors or any other person so far as is
Integrate and consider Quality, Health, Safety & Environment issues as part of core necessary to enable them to comply with any Quality, Health, Safety & Environment
business operations so that Quality, Health, Safety & Environment is addressed and responsibility and/ or requirement imposed on them.
managed throughout the project life cycle.

QHSE Policy

Timely report unsafe acts and unsafe conditions to management and Quality,
Generate an awareness of safety at the workplace by promoting the safe conduct
Health, Safety & Environment appointed representatives.
of work generally.
Report, record and cooperate in the investigation of all accidents or near miss
Be accountable for the effective leadership and management of QHSE.
incidents that have led or may have led to injury or damage.

Notify and consult with relevant Quality, Health, Safety & Environment staff if
3.4.6 Company Quality, Health, Safety & Environment Department
taking any form of prescribed drugs or medication to the extent that the
health, safety or welfare of the employee or any other person is put at risk.
The Company Quality, Health, Safety & Environment Department shall:
Be accountable for the effective implementation and compliance of QHSE.
Establish and maintain the Company Quality, Health, Safety & Environment
Strategy, Policy and Standards guided by international standards and trends.
3.4.5 QHSE Managers and Nominated QHSE Persons
Regularly report on Quality, Health, Safety & Environment performance and
QHSE Managers and Nominated QHSE Persons shall:
progress to the CEO and Management Committee, QHSE Committee and Project
Provide QHSE guidance and leadership to management and team leaders.
Make recommendations to the CEO, Management Committee and appropriate
Develop, implement and maintain Quality, Health, Safety & Environment
Project Heads, and Departmental Managers on matters relating to health, safety
arrangements and management Systems.
and welfare and provide guidance and advice for continuous improvement.
Establish and maintain a Quality, Health, Safety & Environment audit and/or
Implement a company risk-based Quality, Health, Safety & Environment
inspection program based on the risk profile of site activities and supply
management audit program.
Review Head Office/ Project Quality, Health, Safety & Environment arrangements
Monitor that legal registers, certificates and other related statutory
and procedures to assess adequacy and compliance with the appropriate
documents are properly maintained by the responsible person.
legislation, guidance documents and company practices prior to implementation.
Regularly monitor and report on Quality, Health, Safety & Environment
Regularly prepare and distribute Quality, Health, Safety & Environment information
performance to management so that corrective actions can be effectively
in response to circumstances and to proactively engender an awareness of safety
as an integral part of good management.
Investigate and report to management on Quality, Health, Safety &
Establish, manage and deliver Quality, Health, Safety & Environment training to
Environment incidents and facilitate implementation of corrective actions.
meet Kele’s and our supply chain and partners’ needs.
Maintain close liaison with local regulators.
Coordinate Quality, Health, Safety & Environment events and forums for Quality,
Health, Safety & Environment Managers, and third party Quality, Health, Safety &
Environment Consultants
QHSE Policy

3.4.7 Kele Quality, Health, Safety & Environment Committee

The Kele Quality, Health, Safety & Environment Committee shall:

Meet periodically and at least quarterly to review Quality, Health, Safety &
Environment performance and progress.

Undertake an annual management, performance and strategy review and,

where necessary, proposing revisions to the CEO and Management

Review and endorse changes in policy and standards in response to new

regulations, standards, and codes of practice, identified technologies,
products and/or new work practices.

Review and endorse the Quality, Health, Safety & Environment performance
improvement programme.

Review Quality, Health, Safety & Environment incident reports (both

reportable and non-reportable) and where necessary, providing solutions to
prevent repetition.

The preceding Health, Safety & Environment Policy covers the majority of the
Kele project activities.
However, it may be necessary for Directors and Managers of workplaces to
redefine certain occupational duties contained in “Main Responsibilities” to suit
either their particular requirement or any new operation being undertaken, in
coordination and consultation with the Kele Quality, Health, Safety &
Environment Department.

Sustainability as is widelyis the acknowledged,
requirement to provide for human needs to exist
without damaging or depleting nature’s
resources, not only for the present generations,
but for all future generations.

Kele believes that there is more to sustainability than just the natural resources.
Social and economic sustainability must also be key factors in present-day built
environment planning and delivery.

The ability to tap into the local marketplace wherever we build is vital for the
local economy in providing jobs, and trade with local suppliers. It is Kele’s
philosophy that we contribute to the local region’s continuous development in
this fashion, and our Corporate Social Responsibility dovetails into this.

On a more detailed look at the way projects are designed and built, we involve
ourselves as much as we can in the process of the requirements of the differing
systems to rate sustainable developments.

The UK’s BREEAM, The US Green Building Council’s LEED, Australia’s Green Star
and Abu Dhabi’s Estidama Pearl Rating System are all systems that are familiar to SUSTAINABILITY
Kele and can be implemented on your project.

Project Delivery

Kele has the capability to offer all our respected Clients a preferred form of
project delivery, depending on the control and management contribution
and appetite to risk, though we are confident in our ability to forge a
strong relationship to deliver all our projects through any form of contract.

Our contractual experience includes:

Pre-Construction Services
Cost Planning
Traditional Build
Design & Build / Turnkey
Construction Management / Contracting
Public Private Partnership (PPP)
Build, Own, Operate, Transfer (BOOT)

Our management processes can be customized easily into the

development process, at any stage, particularly in respect to:

Design Management
Health & Safety
Value Engineering
Risk Management
PROJECT DELIVERY Environmental and Sustainability Management
Building Information Modelling (BIM) Planning

Diera City Centre - Dubai, UAE

Project Delivery

Pre-Construction Services
Kele is committed to providing our Clients with a broad range of the solutions for
the realization of virtually any project, which is why we have a diverse range of
experience and methods of delivery throughout our business.

We believe that early Contractor involvement can reward the Client with significant
benefits to the construction of any project by providing input on methodology,
value engineering, cost planning, interface issues and design, procurement and
construction planning. These are services that we would be delighted to undertake
with our Clients, under a Pre-Construction Service Agreement, which shall
effectively build the project ‘on paper’ and achieve a thorough level of costing and
planning that ensures there will be ‘no surprises’ through the project delivery.

The advantage that the Employer gains in this process is certainty. Certainty of
design. Certainty of end product. Certainty of cost.

Design & Build

Much of this ability to carry out a pre-construction service for our Clients stems
from our significant experience in Design & Build contracts. We are very
comfortable in this method of delivery, fully understand the risks inherent within
this industry and this format assists the Client in off-setting those risks.

Our relationships with consultants and our in-depth understanding of the design
processes ensure the more robust solution is delivered for the Employer, to time,
cost and quality that is expected from a top-tier construction.

Construction Management
Acting as a consultant to the Client throughout the design development stages
under a pre-construction services agreement, this format follows on directly with
Kele operating as a Main Contractor through the construction phase, delivering the
results of the developed project to an agreed contract format on a fee basis. This
allows our Clients greater options, flexibility and transparency.

Project Delivery

Build Own Operate and Transfer (BOOT)

We operate in a region of frontier and emerging markets, where Governments need

to invest in their infrastructure and services. Whilst this form of delivery is better
known for its roads, bridges, airports, railways, power stations, water supply
networks and the like, we are seeing major private developers considering this model
for significant retail, education, healthcare work.

We have the ability to play a key role in establishing the Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV)
with all stakeholders that will see major developments delivered faster for the
ultimate owner.

Public Private Partnerships (PPP)

Governments in the region are focusing on the Public Private Partnership (PPP) as an
alliance with the private sector to deliver necessary developments for their people.
We have seen this method of delivery much more prominent in the social housing
sector as significant shortfalls need to be reduced.

We have been involved in several of these developments in the countries in which we

operate and see this form of delivery vital to some Governments to ensure speedy
realization of necessary infrastructure, in true partnership with the private sector
members that can deliver excellent value products effectively.

Risk Management

The construction industry is inherently risky, but it is how we approach risk which may
define the success or failure of a project. The earlier all stakeholders can be involved,
including the Contractor, the greater the chance of identifying, challenging, mitigating
and reducing those will be.

Risk management requires the combined wisdom of a wide range of construction and
design professionals with knowledge of the whole project. A systematic approach at
timed intervals throughout the project life-cycle will enable the project team to
identify, analyze and respond to the effect of uncertainty and improve the decision
making process.

The risk management process can also be used as a tool to test the impact of
alternative procurement plans or construction methods.

D1 Tower - Cultural Village - Dubai
Project Delivery

Building Information
Modelling Kele are keen to embrace all technological advancements within
the industry where there is a benefit to our projects, and ultimately, our
Clients. Building Information Modelling is one such tool.

The use of BIM software at the outset of any project creates the most
benefit, though its use at any stage prior to construction will still provide

Value Management and Engineering processes can significantly contribute
to the success of any project. Value is generally defined as the relationship
between function, need and cost. Good value is obtained when the
function meets the need at the lowest cost.

Kele offers two values value delivery systems:

Value Management (VM) a process addressing the overall project


Value Engineering (VE) a process that aims to increase the value of

engineering solutions.

Kele seeks to clarify the Client’s priorities in achieving the project, and has
most impact in the early phases of the project’s design development, in
shaping engineering strategies and addressing the overall project and
client’s objectives, so undertaken during the feasibility and concept stages.
We continue this focus in the follow on process, focusing on the specific
options to increase value in the engineering solutions which continue
through detailed design phases – always seeking the optimum solution.


Promoseven Tower- Dubai, UAE

D1 Tower - Cultural Village - Dubai


Kele is a true mutli-disiplinary company offering our clients Our projects include:
a broad mix of construction serivces across all market
sectors. The ability to deliver any type of construction
Residential including Large Scale Projects Luxury Villas
Commercial and Retail
project no matter how diverse gives us our strength Hotels, Liesure and Sporting Facilites
and enables our clients to push boundaries of what is Infrastructure

Okku Restaurant - H Hotel - Dubai 34

Marina Promenade Dubai Marina
Al Duaa Marina Tower
Dubai Marina
Client: Al Duaa Holdings
Consultant: Dimensions Engineering
Consultants Project: 24 Storey
Residential Tower
with 2 Level Basement Car park

Marina Promenade F o r t u n e S e rene

Int Media Production Zone
Dubai Marina
Client: Fortune Group
Client: Nasa Multiplex l Emaar Consultant: Dimensions
Properties Consultant: Arif & Bintoak Engineering Consultants
Project: - 2 x 18 Storey Residential
Towers with Podium & Car park
Project: Six Residential Towers ranging in 35
height from 35 to 48 Stories
Beaumonde Tower D1 Tower
Sydney, Australia Culture Village Dubai
Client: Multiplex Client: Emirates Sunland Group
Consultant: Consultant: National Engineering
Project: 45 Storey Residential Tower
with 4 level basement Bureau Project: 80 Storey
36 Residential Tower
Sydney Park Village
Client: Multiplex
Project: Large Scale Residential
Development with Civil Works and

Distillery Hill
Top of the Town
Sydney, Australia
Sydney, Australia
Client: Bovis Lend Lease
Client: DeMartin and
Project: 20 Storey and 8 Storey
Gasparini Project: 25 Storey
Residential Towers with 6 Level
Residential Tower
Basement 37
F a h a d 1 Tower
F a h a d 2 Tower
Tecom, Dubai
Tecom, Dubai
Client: Fahad Holdings
Client: Fahad Holdings
Consultant: ACE
Consultant: ACE
Project: 28 Storey Residential
Project: 30 Storey Residential Tower

Walsh Bay Re-Development

Sydney, Australia
Client: Mirvac Properties
Project: Large Scale re development
with 9 Low rise Towers with a 4 level
podium, 4 level basement carpark
and Infrastructure and Civil Works Queue Point - Liwan - Dubai
Queue Point - Liwan Queue Point - Liwan
Dubai, UAE Dubai, UAE
Client: Al Mazaya Real Estate Client: Al Mazaya Real Estate
Consultant: National Engineering Consultant: National Engineering
Bureau Project: 18 Residential Bureau Project: 18 Residential
Buildings ranging from 6 to 10 Storeys
40 Buildings ranging from 6 to 10
Newington Apartments
Sydney, Australia
Client: Mirvac
Project: Large Scale Residential
Development with multiple 4 Storey
Buildings and 4 Level Basement
carparks with Infrastructure

Salman Bay
Labour Accommodation Affordable Housing
Jebel Ali Project Jeddah, Kingdom
of Saudi Arabia
Client: Enshaa
Client: Jeddah Development and
Consultant: TNQ
Urban Regeneration Company
Architects Project: 3
Project: 1,227 Residential Buildings 4
Buildings G+4+Roof
41 Stories high with a total of 25,000

Al Daih Affordable
Housing Project

Client: Akram Miknas

Project: Large Scale Affordable
Housing Project consisting of
6,500 apartments in residential 42 Luxury Villa Emirates Hills, Dubai
towers of varying heights
Villa Emirates Hills
Villa Umm Seqiuem
Dubai, UAE
Dubai, UAE
Client: Private
Client: Private
Consultant: Yaghmour and Associates
Consultant: National Engineering Bureau
Project: 2 Storey Luxury Villa
Project: 2 Storey Luxury Villa
Private Villa
Palm Jumeriah, Dubai, UAE Client:
Consultant: Omid
Villa Emirates Hills
Project: 25 Storey Luxury Villa
Dubai, UAE
Client: Private
Project: 2 Storey Luxury Villa
Villa Palm Jumeriah
Client: Private
Project: 2 Storey Luxury Villa

Deira City Center - Dubai
Diera Citry Center
Diera City Center
Dubai, UAE
Dubai, UAE
Client: Majid Al Futtaim
Client: Majid Al Futtaim
Project: DCC Phase 2 Refurbishment and
Project: DCC Phase 1 Refurbishment and
Extension of existing shopping mall
Extension of existing shopping mall
Mall of Emirates Diera City Center Phase 3
Dubai, UAE Dubai, UAE
Client: Majid Al Futtaim Client: Majid Al Futtaim
Project: Refurbishment and extension of Project: DCC Phase 3 Refurbishment and
existing shopping mall Extension of existing shopping mall
Hydra Towers
Business Bay Dubai
Client: Hydra Properties
Consultant: National Engineering Bureau
Project: 38 Storey Commercial Tower,
4 Level podium and 6 Level Basement

Promoseven Tower
Kele Corporate o ffice TECOM, Dubai
Dubai, UAE Client: Promoseven Media Group
Client: Kele
Consultant: National Engineering Bureau
Project: Commercial Office Fitout
Project: 16 Storey Commercial Tower and
48 4 Level Basement


Sky Gardens
DIFC, Dubai ,UAE
Client: Al Mazaya Real Estate
Project: Commercial Office Fitout

49 Ettalong Beach r e s o r t a n d Hotel

Ettalong Beach r e s o r t a n d Hotel
Client: Freyssinet
Project: 5 Star Hotel and Resort and
Complete Site Infrastructure

Star of the Sea

Dragon Mart Hotel
Client: Multilplex
Dubai, UAE
Project: 5 Star Hotel and Resort
Client: Nakheel
Consultant: Dar Al Handasah
Project: 280 Key hotel
Dubai, UAE
Client: ACICO
Consultant: Dimenuons
Project: 55 Story and 45 story
office and hotel
Luna Park - Sydney - Australia
Luna Park Sydney o lympic Velodrome
Sydney, Australia Sydney, Australia
Client: Multiplex Client: CCG
Project: Site Civil Works
Project: Olympic Velodrome
Basement Excavation
Amusement Park, 9 Level Office Site Civil Works and Infrastructure
Building, Cafes Submerged Structures 52 Cycling track, Stadium, Auditorium
Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Center for
Islamic Culture
Sheikha Al Jalila Cultural Center
Dubai, UAE
Dubai, UAE
Client: Engineers Office
Client: Engineers Office Consultant:
Consultant: Arif and Bintouk
Studio Altieri
Project: Children’s Cultural Center
53 Project: Islamic Cultural Center
OKKU Restaurant
Dubai, UAE
Client: OKKU
Project: 5 Star Restaurant Fitout


Sydney international Passenger Terminal

Sydney, Australia
Client: De Martin & Gasparini
Project: Submerged Structure
Marine Civil Works Steel Structure Terminal
M2 Motorway
Sydney, Australia
Client: De Martin & Gasparini
Project: Civil Works for Motorway

Cadia Gold Mine Walsh Bay

Orange, Australia Sydney, Australia
Client: Baulderstone Client: Mirvac
Project: Mine, Gold Smelter and Project: Refurbishment of Buildings
Processing Facility Civil Works Site Infrastructure
Infrastructure and Roads Marina Civil Works
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