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Features and Benefits
G550 High Tensile Steel •Longer span for optimum propping.
•Less temporary support usage.
3mm Embossment •Increase composite strength and
stiffness of profile.
•Optimize re bar and concrete usage.
960mm effective width •Fit to Indonesian common column grid.
•No waste
MEGAFLOOR software •Design to various frame type ( concrete,
steel, brick wall, pre cast column).
•Optimum design and material usage.
Material Specification and Product Offer

LYSAGHT SMARTDEK ™ is rolled formed from hot dipped, zinc-coated, high tensile steel,
in base metal thickness (BMT) of 0.7, 1.0 and 1.2 mm.
The steel conforms to both AS1397 and BS EN 10147, and :
• for 0.7 and 1.0 mm BMT the grade is G550
• for 1.2 mm BMT the grade is G450

The coating is Z275 (275 g/m2 minimum coating mass) and is available subject enquiry.
Embossment on the top of flanges with the depth of 3 mm provide the mechanical
Connection between the steel and concrete.

Other grades of steel, coating mass and BMT are available subject to enquiry.

Sheets are cut to length with maximum length of 12 metres


End stop
• Metal End Stop
• Form Closer



Installation 1

LYSAGHT SMARTDEK™ is delivered in strapped bundles. If not required for immediate

Use stack sheets or bundles neatly and clear of the ground, on a slight slope to allow
Drainage of water. If left in the open, protect with waterproof covers.
Installation – 2
Installation – 3

Overlapping ribs of LYSAGHT SMARTDEK ™ sheeting are crimped to interlock.

Place the female lap rib overlapping the male rib of the first sheet and then simply
lower it down (see below drawing) until the laps engage, crimp the sheets at 500 mm
If sheets don’t interlock neatly (perhaps due to some damage or distortion from site
handling or construction practices) use screws to pull the laps togrther tightly
Installation - 4

Edge Form is a simple C – shaped section that simplifies the installation of LYSAGHT
SMARTDEK ™ slabs particularly for steel structure.
Fasten Edge Form to the underside of unsupported LYSAGHT SMARTDEK ™ panels
Every 350 mm. The top flange of Edge Form must be tied to the ribs every 700 mm
With hoop iron 25 mm x 1.0 mm. Use 10-16 x 16 mm self drilling screws.
Ruko G Walk Ciputra Surabaya

Main structure Concrete
Area : ± 4,000 sqm
Profile type : Lysaght SMARTDEKTM
0.75 mm