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2.1 Materials/Equipment

The materials and equipment needed are Gotu kola extract obtained juice from pounding the

Gotu Kola leaves, Aloe Vera gel which is obtained from the leaves of Aloe Vera, Garlic extract

obtained from shredding and straining the garlic, Beeswax a natural wax produced by honey bees,

Essential oil a concentrated hydrophobic liquid containing volatile aroma compounds from plants,

Olive oil a liquid fat obtained from olives, Biopsy punch a sterile tool to take a punch-size piece

of skin in punch biopsy, Silicon wound splints usually sutured to hold punch-sized wound for

precision, Mortar and pestle a tool used to pound ingredients, Shredder a metal tool used to shred

something, Knife a sharp tool used to cut things, Blender an electrical equipment that mixes things

inside its pitcher, Bowl a concave vessel, Clean cloth a cloth used as strainer, and Measuring cups

to measure something.

2.2 General Procedure/Treatment

The researchers will gather Gotu kola leaves and Aloe Vera leaves from the backyard. 1kg

of Gotu kola leaves and 1kg of Aloe Vera leaves. Also, the researchers will gather 20 cloves of

Garlic from the market.

There are three experimental set-up in this study. In set-up A, the researchers will use a

total of 75ml of Gotu Kola Extract, 75ml of Aloe Vera Gel, and 50 ml of Garlic Extract. In set-up

B, a total of 75ml of Gotu Kola Extract, 50ml of Aloe Vera Gel, and 75ml of Garlic Extract. In

set-up C, a total of 50ml of Gotu Kola Extract, 75ml of Aloe Vera Gel, and 75ml of Garlic Extract.
To avoid any difficulty and errors, the researchers will clean the Gotu kola leaves, Aloe

Vera leaves, and Garlic using a Luke warm water to remove the unnecessary dirt. After cleaning,

the researchers will let the herbal plants to dry up.

In order for the researchers to get the extract of Gotu kola leaves, it will be put in the mortar

and pestle and it will be pounded until thoroughly crushed, the researchers will also add a little

water to help extract the juice. The crushed Gotu kola leaves will be placed in a clean cloth over a

bowl and the researchers will squeeze the juice out. Moreover, to get the gel from the Aloe Vera

leaves, the researchers will peel off the Aloe Vera leaf’s skin and scoop out the pulp and will blend

it using a blender. Likewise, to extract the juice from the garlic, the researchers will shred the

Garlic using a shredder and will add a little amount of water. The shredded Garlic will be placed

in a clean cloth over a bowl and the researchers will squeeze it.

Extracts from Gotu kola leaves and Garlic and the gel from the Aloe Vera will be put in a

container and will be mixed thoroughly with water, and in a separate container the beeswax will

be mixed with olive oil. When all the variables are ready, the researchers will mixed it all together

using a blender.

The effectivity of Herbal Cream will be tested by the researchers to their test subjects which

are rats. In this test, the researchers will excision the rat's dorsal skin. Application of herbal cream

on the wound of the rats will be daily. The researchers will observed the healing process using

three (3) different treatments for ten (10) days, each has three (3) trials.

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