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Hi kadir,

If you are using the formula that Jack suggest, then what is wrong is your IuB calculations.

Cell Throughput formula:

HSDPA Cell Throughput (RNC Cell)= VS.HSDPA.MeanChThroughput.TotalBytes*8/{SP*60}/1000;

For IuB Calculations from the RNC side, you have to be very shure where is the HSPA service bearing, if not
very shure better use the NodeB IuB Counters. You put the IP counters for IPPATH, so I assume the IuB for
your NodeB is over IP. Then use this formula:

IuB bandwith (kbps) = VS.IPDLAvgUsed.1 + VS.IPDLAvgUsed.2 + VS.IPDLAvgUsed.3 + VS.IPDLAvgUsed.4

The main reason you can't use "Cell throughput=VS.HSDPA.MeanChThroughput*VS.HSDPA.Mean.Ue" is

becuase the counter HSDPA.MeanChThroughput take in consideration the time the HSDPA user have data
traffic activity. Actually that counter was updated after RAN10. Before RAN10 that counter was wrong and
the formula you mentioned was correct.

Hope this helps you.