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The Proven Choice for
Critical Environment Conditions

Cleanrooms Datacenters Manufacturing

Integrity Reliability Performance

HEPA/ULPA Filter Integrity Test

We are Having ATI Aerosol Photometer and Aerosol

Generator to test the Integrity of HEPA ilter in Clean
Rooms. All HEPA/ULPA integrity tests performed by us are
executed in accordance with IES-RP-CC-001-86 & ISO
14644. We are equipped to perform DOP/PAO HEPA Filter
Integrity Test with both Di–Octal Phthalate (DOP) and Poly
Alpha Ole in (PAO) depending on client -facility ' s speci ic
Spectro Provides customized industryspeci ic cleaning solutions, for all types of controlled environment

Air Velocity Measurement

We are conducting HEPA ilter Air Velocity Test To demonstrate that the HEPA ilter is capable of delivering
air velocities (90+/-20 FPM or 0.45 m/s to 0.50m/s ) as per the International Standards. The average air low
velocity is calculated by dividing the total of the air low grid velocities by the number of readings taken

Particle Count Test Air Exchange Rate

We provide complete airborne particle count Air exchange rate determines the total air volume gets
cleanliness classi ication test As per GMP in the clean room. This test is performed with Air Flow
recommendation with our MET ONE Laser Capture hood. The hood measures air volume lowing
Particle Counter. It is performed to determine the through registers, diffusers and grills
actual particle count level within the facility at the
time of the test (As-Built, At-Rest, or perational).
Particle size(s) of interest, the room occupancy
state and the room classi ication should be
known prior to begin this test.

We strive to provide the

best service in the cleaning
industry, continually working
to meet the ever-changing
needs of our clientele

Microbial Air Sampling Test Deferential Pressure, RH, Temperature

Noise and Light Intensity test
The sampling and analysis of airborne
microorganisms in indoor air has received We also perform the Differential pressure test with our
attention in recent years. Bioaersosols Pressure Gauge and Manometer, RH, Temperature, Noise
contribute to about 5 to 34% of indoor air and Light Sensitivity with the help of respective Probes
pollution. Sources of indoor bioaerosols are often and sensors.
located outdoors and particles are transferred to
the inside through openings of the Clean room
openings (windows, doors).

Spectro understands the theory of critical environments. Our Staff is highly trained in critical
environment protocols, adheres to Federal and ISO standards of compliance and is equipped with
Latest Technology and Equipments.

Our team of trained Supervisory staff and quality control personnel has the expertise required to
design and implement maintenance programs for data centers of all types, manufacturing units,
hospitals, Embassies, BPO's etc.

Spectro also stretch its activities for:-

è Ambient Air Quality Sampling
è Compressed Air Sampling (Moisture, Oil Aerosol, Particulate, Microbes and Gases)
è Total Organic Carbon Sampling
è Microbiological Sampling and Enumeration of Surface
è Stack Sampling (including Fugitive Emission)
è Indoor air Sampling & Analysis
è Data center or Server room Corrosion Monitoring
è Surface and ground water Sampling
è Solid & Hazardous Waste, Identi ication & Characterization
è Noise Monitoring &data Analysis
è Meteorological Data Generation



Major Ac vi es Automation




Ü Metals & Alloys Ü Building Materials

Ü Non Destructive Testing Ü Minerals & Chemicals

Ü Rubber & Polymers Ü Leather & Textiles

Ü Food and Agro Products Ü Water & Environment

Ü Coal, Solid Fuels & Petroleum Ü Paper & Packaging Materials

Ü Electrical & Electronics Ü Hazardous Substances

Ü Pharmaceuticals & Drugs Ü Clean Room Validation

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