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National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST), Islamabad

NUST Institute of Civil Engineering (NICE)

School of Civil & Environmental Engineering (SCEE)
S.No Name of Equipment Status Particulars of Tests Rates per Test (Rs.)
Compressive Strength test
1 Compression machine Running 500
Compressive Strength test
2 Compression machine Running 500
Compressive Strength of
3 Compression machine Running 1200
hollow and Solid Block
4 - Running Mix Design 25000
Vicat Apparatus with
5 Running Initial Setting Time of Cement 800
Vicat Apparatus with
6 Running Final Setting Time of Cement 800
Vicat Apparatus with Consistency Test (Water
7 Running 800
Accessories Demand of Cement)
Specific Gravity Apparatus Water Absorption on bricks 24
8 Running 1200
& Oven hours
Sieve Analysis of Coarse
9 Sieve Set & Sieve Shaker Running 800
Sieve Analysis of Fine
10 Sieve Set & Sieve Shaker Running 800

Compressive Strength of
11 Compression machine Running 5000
Cement using mortar cubes

Specific Gravity density

12 Running Specific Gravity of Aggregates 800
baskets & Tank
Specific Gravity density Water Absorption of
13 Running 800
baskets & Tank Aggregates
14 Lech atelier Apparatus Running Soundness of Cement 1000
Crushing value of Crushing Value of Coarse
15 Aggregates with Running 2000
Impact Value of Coarse
16 Impact Test Machine Running 1800

(Rebound Hammer, Ultrasonic To be decided after field

17 Non Destructive Testing Running Test, Depth Meter, Corrosion) inspection by NICE team.

18 Core cutting Machine Running Core Test extraction at site 8000

Fineness Modulus of both

19 Sieve Set Running 800 (each)
Coarse and Fine Aggregates
Tensile Test on Steel (up to 1
20 UTM Machine Running 600
inch dia)
Tensile Test on Steel (above 1
21 UTM Machine Running 1200
inch dia)
22 UTM Machine Running Bend Test (up to 1 inch dia) 400

23 UTM Machine Running Bend Test (above 1 inch dia) 600

F-cal 8000 Field

24 Running Calorimeter of Concrete 40000/Per day
F-cal 8000 Field
25 Running Calorimeter of Paste/Mortar 25000/Per day
26 Shrinkage Apparatus Running Shrinkage 30000/Per day
Usually Rs 50,000 per panel
-All labor
Testing of Bridges under static material, Test arrangement
27 - Running and dynamic load test and transport

of team to be provided by
the Client
:__Lab Engineer : Umar Maqsood Contact+92-51-90854581,

S.No Name of Equipment Status Particulars of Tests Rates per Test (Rs.)
To Determine Moisture
1. Speedy Moisture Tester Working 500
Content of Soil in field
2. Fine Aggregate Set Working Grain Size Analysis 1000
3. Hydrometer Working Grain Size Analysis 2500
Liquid Limit, Plastic Limit
4. Atterberg Limit Apparatus Working 1000
Shrinkage Limit

Standard Proctor Test Optimum Moisture Content

5. Working 1000
Apparatus and Maximum Dry Density

Modified Proctor Test Optimum Moisture Content

6. Working 1000
Apparatus and Maximum Dry Density

Specific Gravity Test To determine Specific Gravity

7. Working 500
Apparatus of soils
Sand Replacement Method
Core Cutter Method
In-Situ Density Test
8. Working Rubber Balloon Method 1000
To find in-situ density of soils

To determine coefficient of
Constant Head
9. Working permeability for Coarse 2500
Permeability grained Soils
To determine coefficient of
10. Falling Head Permeability Working 2500
To determine the SPT “N” 5000-10000/m
Standard Penetration test
11. Working value, which gives an (depending on depth of
SPT indication of the soil stiffness BH/streta)
Unconfined compression test,
12. Unconfined Test apparatus Working 800
undrained shear strength
Shear Strength Parameters (C
13. Direct Shear test Working 2200
and ф)
Coefficient of Consolidation,
14. Consolidation apparatus Working Rate of volume Decrease, 4500
Preconsolidation Pressure

To determine soil parameters

15. Pressuremeter Menard Working by plotting load deformation

To find Maximum and

16. Relative density apparatus Working minimum density index (unit 1100
weight) of granular soil

To determine the shear

strength and stiffness of soil
· Unconsolidated
17. Tri-axial test Working Undrained test (UU)
· Consolidated 20000
Undrained test (CU)
· Consolidated 20000
Drained test (CD)
To find the sub surface soil
18. Electric resistivity test Working As per requirement

To determine the strength and

Dynamic Cone
19. Working bearing capacity by measuring As per requirement
Penetrometer the penetration of apparatus

20. Motorized Earth Auger Working To drill Bore Hole As per requirement
To investigate the effects of
Being cyclic loading on a soil sample
21. Cyclic Triaxial As per requirement
Calibrated and to determine Skempton B

To measure shear modulus (G)

Resonant Column Test Being and the
22. As per requirement
Apparatus Calibrated damping ratio (D) at small
shear strains
Engineer, Contact:051-90854629,
1 - PHE Lab
S/No Name of Equipment Status Particular of Test Rates per Test
Digital meter, Beakers,
Flasks, Pipettes, Burettes, Working To determine Dissolve Oxygen
a. various chemicals and Condition (DO) of a sample
Incubator etc

Incubator, Beakers, Flasks, To determine coli form beaker

b. Pipettes, Burettes and -“- in a sample
chemical etc

To determine different
Digital Spectrophotometer, -“-
c. elements in a sample i-e Ba,
Cell holes etc. Br, S etc.

Digital meter, Beakers, To determine Bio-chemical

Flasks, Pipettes, Burettes, -“-
d. Oxygen demand (BOD) of a
various chemicals and sample
Incubator etc

Study of micro organism by

e. Compound Microscope -“- the help of Microscope
Filter Paper, Vacuum -“-
f. To determine TDS in a sample
Pump, Beaker etc
Turbidity meter, cell holes,
g. some standard solutions -“- To turbidity in a sample
PH Meter, standards, -“- To determine PH Value of a
h. sample etc sample

Salinity and conductivity To determine salinity and

j. meter, standards, cell holes -“- conductivity in a sample
and samples etc.

2 - MT Lab
S/No Name of Equipment Status Particular of Test Rates per Test
a Boyle’s Law Apparatus To verify the Boyle’s Law
Air Conditioning Training To calculate the volumetric air
b Unit with PC Data -“- flow and the flow velocity of
Acquisition air
To calculate the cooling
c “““““““““ “ -“- capacity of an air cooler
To calculate the enthalpy of
d “““““““““ “ -“- air blown in vapour
To calculate the sensible
heat / rise in temperature
e “““““““““ “ -“- between room intake and

3 - Conc Lab
S/No Name of Equipment Status Particular of Test Rates per test

Vacate needle app, balance Working Determination of Std

a. 1000
graduated stop watch Condition Consistency of Cement

Determination of Initial &

b. Class, cylinder, stop watch -“- 1200
Final Setting Time
Tensile testing machine Determination of Tensile Str of
c. briquettes moulds sieves -“- Cement Briquettes 800/- Per Sample
No. 20, 30

Compressive testing Determination of Compressive

d. machine 2” cube, mould -“- 400/- Per Sample
Str of Cement Mortor
sieve No. 20, 30
Le-chateler app lechateler -“- Determination of Soundness
e. 1000
mould of Cement
Volumetric flasks 250ml Determination of Specific
f. -“- 1000
balance Gravity of Cement
Crushing value app, sieve Determination of Crushing
g. -“- 1500
No. ½, 3/8 value of C/Agg
Impact value app, sieve Determination of Impact of
h. -“- 1000
No. ½, 3/8 value of C/Agg
Crushing value app, sieve Determination of 10% Fine
j. ½, 3/8 compressive -“- 1000
value of C/Agg
Set of coarse sieves, sieve -“-
k. Gradation of C/Agg 1000
shaker, balance
Set of fine sieves, shaker, -“- Gradation of Fineness
l. 1000
balance Modulus of F/Agg
Specific Gravity & Absorption
m. Balance, tray, oven -“- 1500
of C/Agg

Volumetric flask capacity Specific Gravity & Absorption

n. 500ml conical mould, -“- 1500
of F/Agg
trapping rod balance

Slump conc, tamping rod -“-

o. Slump test on fresh concrete 1000
steel rule
Compacting factor of fresh
p. Compacting factor app -“- 2500
Vee bee time of fresh
q. Vee-bee time app -“- concrete

r. Flow table app -“- Flow %age of fresh concrete

Kelly ball penetration on fresh

s. Kelly ball app -“- 500

Compression testing Working Compression test on concrete 400/- Per Sample

t. machine Condition cubes and cylinders

Determination of flexural str

u. Flexural testing machine -“- of prism

v. Jig, compression testing -“- Determination of equal of

machine cube str
Compression testing -“- Determination of split tensile
w. machine str of cylinders
Effect of W/C on the str of
x. “““““ -“- concrete
Effect of age on the str of
y. “““““ -“- concrete
Effect of curing on the str of
z. “““““ -“- concrete
aa. “““““ -“- Mix design by ACI Method
Carry out the Rebound
bb. Schmidt hammer app -“- 4000
Hammer test

Determination of size, spacing

cc. Cover meter -“- and cover in reinforce slab by
cover meter

Carry out pulse velocity test

dd. Pundit app -“- 4000
Compressive machine -“- Determination of comp str of
ee. cores cutis machine concrete cores
4 - TN Lab
S/No Practical Title Status Equipment Rates Per Test
Impact test app, Balance
a. Impact test Oven, Sieve set (14, 10, 1000
Condition 2.36mm)

Open ended Cylinder/base

b. Crushing value -“- Plate, Measuring cylinder, 1500
Sieve set, Balance, Oven
Sieve set, Oven, Balance, Steel
c. Abrasion test -“- 2000
Flaky sieve set, Elongation
d. Shape test of Aggrigrate -“- Gauge Angularity set, Balance, 2500
Oven Sieve set,
e. Specific gravity test -“- Buoyancy, Balance, Oven 1000

CBR Compactor, CBR machine,

CBR moulds Complete Spacer
-“- 5000
disk, Surcharge, Weight, Oven,
Straight edge

f. CBR test (Lab)

CBR Compactor, CBR machine,

CBR moulds Complete Spacer
g. -“- 10,000.00
disk, Surcharge, Weight, Oven,
Straight edge

CBR test (Field)

Penetrometer ,Water bath,
h. Penetration test -“- 1000
Specimen, Mould, Water, bath
i. Ductility test -“- ,Thermometer, Ductility 1500
Ring and ball Apparatus,
j. Softening point test -“- 1000
Heater, Thermometer
Cleave land open Cup app,
k. Flash and fire point -“- 1000

Standard Viscometer, Stop

l. Standard viscosity test -“- watch, Graduated Cylinder 1000
100 ml, Orifice 4 and 10mm

5 - Soil Lab
S/No Practical Title Status Equipment Rates Per Test
a. Sieve Analysis of Soil Sieve Set, Balance, Oven 1000
Moisture Content
b. -“- 300.00

a. Oven Drying Method -“- Oven, Balance,

b. Speedy
Tester -“- Speedy Moisture Tester
Flask, Balance heater,
c. Specific Gravity of Soil -“- 1000
d. Atterberg Limits -“- 1000.00
a. Liquid -“- Casagarande device, Oven,
. Limit Balance
b. Plastic -“- Oven, Balance
Hydrometer, 1000ml
e. Hydrometer Analysis -“- Graduated glass cylinder, 1500
Balance, sieves, Thermometer

f. Field Identification -“- Deferent soil sample

g. Permeability Test -“- 2000.00
a. Constant Head, Permeability
Constant -“- Apparatus
Variable -“- Variable Head, Permeability
h. Compaction Test -“- 2500.00
Standard -“- Proctor mould, Rammer,
Oven, Balance
b. Proctor mould, Rammer,
Modified -“- Oven, Balance
Determination of in Situ
i. -“- 500.00
a. By Core Core Cutter, balance,
Cutter -“- Hammer,
b. By Sand Sand bottle, Balance, chisel,
Replacemen -“- Hammer,
t Method
Balance, Direct Shear
j. Direct Shear Test -“- 1600
machine, Spatula

Unconfined Compression Unconfined Compression,

k. -“- 1000
Test Shelby Tube, Spatula, Balance

Tri axial Compression machine (UU)3000/

l. Tri axial Compression Test -“- complete set, Shelby Tube,
Spatula, Balance
(Sat UU)5000
Balance, Direct Shear
m. Direct Shear Test -“- 1600
machine, Spatula

Unconfined Compression Unconfined Compression,

n. -“- 1000
Test Shelby Tube, Spatula, Balance

Tri axial Compression Test Tri axial Compression machine (UU)3000/

o. -“- complete set, Shelby Tube,
(Unconsolidated Spatula, Balance (Sat UU)5000
Standard Penetration Test -“- 8500 (10-20 Feet)
p. SPT Test set, Augers
Standard Penetration Test -“-
p. SPT Test set, Augers
(SPT) After 20 Ft Rs.500 Per Ft
Plate Load test apparatus
q. Plate Load Test -“- 15000-30000
complete set
Consolidation test apparatus
r. Consolidation Test -“- 7000
complete set
6 - Hyd Lab
S/No Practical Title Status Equipment Rates Per Test
Fluid Mechanics – I Working Condition
Calibration of gauges
1 Calibration of gauges -“- apparatus

Determination of center of
2 pressure on a submerged -“- Center of pressure apparatus
plane surface

To study the impact of jet

3 on flat plate and -“- Impact of jet apparatus
hemispherical cup

Determination of value of
4 constant “k” for a given -“- Veniturimeter

Determination of
coefficients of velocity, -“-
5 Orifice and jet apparatus
discharge, and contraction
for an orifice

Determination of
coefficient of discharge for -“- Notches fitted on hydraulic
6 a Vee and rectangular bench

Flow visualization by Hydrogen bubble flow

7 hydrogen bubble -“- visualization system

Determination of
8 Manning’s coefficient “n” -“- Open Channel
for an open channel
Fluid Mechanics – II
To measure the head loss
due to friction, sudden
enlargement, sudden
contraction, and bends etc -“-
1 Loss of head apparatus
To measure the head loss
due to friction, sudden
enlargement, sudden
contraction, and bends etc

Introduction of different
2 Introduction of turbines -“- turbines

To study the characteristic -“-

3 Pelton Wheel
curves for a Pelton wheel

To study the characteristic

4 curves for an axial flow -“- Axial flow impulse turbine
impulse turbine

To study the characteristic

5 curves for a radial flow -“- Outward flow reaction turbine
reaction turbine

To study the characteristic Working

6 Francis turbine (inward flow)
curves for a Francis turbine Condition

To study the characteristic

7 curves for a reciprocating -“- Plunger pump demo unit

To study the characteristic

8 curve for a centrifugal -“- Centrifugal pump test stand

Hydraulics Engineering
To study the specific
1 energy diagram for an -“- Open channel
open channel

To study the flow over a

2 broad crested weir in an -“- “
open channel

To study the Hydraulic -“-

3 “
jump in an open channel

To study the flow through

4 venturiflume in an open -“- “
To study the flow over
5 sharp crested weir in an -“- “
open channel
7 - ET Lab
S/No Practical Title Status Equipment Rates Per Test

Working Auto-transformer, voltmeter,

a. Veriation of Ohm’s Law Condition ammeter, standard resistance

DC power supply, standard

To study series and parallel -“-
b. resistances, voltmeters and
circuits with DC input ammeter

Standard resistive load, DC

To study star-delta
c. -“- power supply, voltmeters and
connection with DC input ammeters

Measurement of power in Auto transformer, ammeter

single phase AC circuits by module, variable inductive
d. three ammeters method -“- load, power factor meter.
and power factor Ammeter, wattmeter and
improvement voltmeter

To determine DC Machine, power supply,

e. characteristics of DC shunt -“- DC instrumentater group,
motor tachometer and prony brake

To determine DC machine, power supply, DC

f. characteristics of DC series -“- instrumentation group,
motor tachometer and prony brake

DC machine, power supply, DC

Speed control of DC series -“-
g. Instrumentation group and
and shunt motor variable resistance

Constant resistance load,

constant capacitive load,
To study resonance in constant inductive load,
h. -“-
single phase AC circuit oscilloscope, ammeter,
voltmeter, supply with
variable frequency

Power measurement in Auto transformer, variable

j. single phase AC circuits -“- resistive load, AC voltmeter
with three voltmeter module, single phase supply
Power measurement in Induction motor (three phase
three phase AC system
k. -“- load) wattmeter group, [rpmu
with two single phase brake, three phase supply

Three phase auto transformer

Open and short circuit test wattmeter, voltmeter,
l. of induction motor and -“- ammeters, induction motor
drawing circle diagram three phase supply

Transformer (5KVA),
Open and short circuit test -“- wattmeter, voltmeters,
m. of transformer ammeter, auto transformer,
single phase supply

8 - SOM Lab
S/No Practical Title Status Equipment Rates per test
Working 50 ton universal testing
a. Tensile test on metal Condition machine
10 ton universal testing
b. Shear test on metal -“- machine
50 ton universal testing
c. Shear test on wood -“- machine

d. Young’s modulus on a wire -“- Young’s modulus apparatus

50 ton universal testing

e. Transverse test on timber -“- machine

f. Izod Impact test on metal -“- Izod impact testing apparatus

Torsion testing machine and

g. Torsion of solid shaft -“- torsion testing app
Combined bending and Combined bending and
h. -“-
torsion test torsion app
Stresses and strain in thin -“-
j. Thin cylinder app
k. Hardness test on metal -“- Hardness testing app
l. Mohr’s strain circle -“- Thin cylinder app

Variation of crippling load -“-

m. Strut testing apparatus
with slenderness ratio

Stresses and strain in thick

n. -“- Thick cylinder app.
S. No Name lof Equipment Status Particulars of Tests Rate Per Test (Rs.)
1 FTIR Working Functional group analysis 1500
2 TG/DTA Working Phase analysis of materials 3000
3 GC-MS Back to Separation and molecular 3000
Working weight analysis of samples

4 HPLC Working Seperation /purification of sam3000

5 Elemental analyzer Procurement Analysis of elemental 2500
of balance is composition of sample
in process (organic) C,H,N,S

6 Bomb Calorimeter Working Measure Heat Created by a 2500

sample burned under an
oxygen atmosphere

7 Micro Calorimeter Working Heat of Chemical Reaction 27000-34000

8 GPC Working Size exclusion chromatography 6000
9 Rheo Meter Working Flow properties of liquids 2500
10 Velocity of Detonation Working Performance of explosives 5000
11 XRD Working Identification of the atomic 4000
and molecular structure of a
crystal/ material

12 AFM Working Surface analysis of materials 1600

(imaging, measuring and
manipulating matter at the

13 SEM (imaging + EDS)_ Working Surface analysis of materials 4000/0.5hr/sample+320/ad

ditional element on EDS

14 XRF Working Element analysis and chemical 3500

analysis of metals, glass,
ceramics etc

15 PSD Working Particle size analysis of the sam1000

16 BET Working Porosity measurement of mater4000
17 Optical Profilometer Working Measurement of surface profile1600
18 Universal Testing Machine Working Tensile Compression of Metal, 4500
Polymer, Ceramic, Threads,
Cotton Tows, Membrane,

19 Impact Testing Machine Working Charpy, Izode of Metal, 1000

Polymer, Ceramic, Composite

20 Brinell/ Rockwell/Vicker Working Hardness of metals 500

Hardness Tester
21 Micro -Hardness Tester Working Hardness of metal, Polymer, 2500
Ceramic, Composite

Prof. Dr. Mohammad Mujahid

Dean/ Principal
School of Chemical and Materail Engineering (SCME)
National University of Science and Technology (NUST)

Advanced Energy Materials and Systems Lab.

U.S-Pakistan Center for Advanced Studies in Energy (USPCAS-E)
Testing / Processing Charges
Charges for Academia
Sr. No Technique / Tool Status Basis (PKR)
1 X-ray Diffraction (XRD) Working Per sample Rs.1000/-
2 Scanning Electron -“-
Microscopy (SEM Per Sample Rs.1500/-
Energy Dispersive X-ray
3 Spectroscopy (EDX) -“- Per Sample Rs.1000/-
attached with the SEM

4 UV/VIS/NIR -“-
Spectroscopy Per Sample Rs.800/-
5 Atomic Force Microscopy -“-
(AFM) Per Sample Rs.1500/-

6 TGA/DTA, Simultaneous -“-

Thermal Analysis Per Sample Rs.3000/-
7 Hall Effect -“-
Measurements Per Sample Rs.1000/-
8 Solar Simulator -“- Per Sample Rs.1000/-
9 Laser Particle Size -“-
Analysis Per Sample Rs.1000/-
10 Optical Microscopy (with -“-
camera) Per Sample Rs.500/-
11 BET Sorptometer (w.e.f -“-
May, 2018) Per Sample Rs.3000/-
12 Thermal Dilatometer -“-
(w.e.f May, 2018) Per Sample Rs.3000/-

13 Electrochemical -“-
Impedance Spectroscopy
(w.e.f May, 2018) Per Sample Rs.2000
14 LCR Meter (w.e.f May, -“-
2018) Per Sample Rs.2000
15 FTIR Spectroscopy (w.e.f. -“-
June 2018) Per Sample Rs.1000/-
Materials Processing
Rs.800/- up to 1000°C
Chamber Furnace up to Working (for 4 hrs.)
1 Per Run
1500°C (w.e.f May, 2018) Rs.2000/- up to 1500°C
(for ~3 hrs.)

Tubular Furnace up to
Rs.3000/- up to 1000°C
2 1500°C in Controlled -“- Per Run (max.2 hrs.)
Vacuum Oven up to
3 -“- Per Run Rs.1000

4 -“- Per Run Rs.2000/- for max. 2 hrs.
Electrospinning (~20kV)

5 Spin Coater -“- Per Sample Rs.1000/-

6 Dip Coating -“- Per Sample Rs.1000/-
Chemical Vapor
7 Deposition (CVD) for -“- Per Run Rs.4000/-
Carbon based Films
Plasma Enhanced CVD
8 -“- Per Run Rs.5500/-
for carbon based films
Grinding and Polishing
9 (up to 6-3µm) for -“- Per Sample Rs.1000/-
Ball milling/ mixing
10 (Discuss the nature of -“- Per Sample Rs.1000/-
sample beforehand)
Spray Dryer (Discuss the
11 nature of sample -“- Per Sample Rs.1500/-
Physical Vapor
12 Deposition (PVD) - -“- Per Run Rs.4000/-
Thermal Evaporation

Physical vapor
13 Deposition (PVD) -DC/ -“- Per Run Rs.5000/-
RF magnetron sputtering
Physical Vapor
Deposition (PVD)
14 -Electron beam -“- Per Run Rs.5000/-
(w.e.f June 2018)

Wire Arc Thermal Spray

15 Deposition (w.e.f March, -“- Per sample Rs.4000/-
Combustion Synthesis
16 Powder Spray Coatings -“- Per sample Rs.4000/-
(w.e.f March, 2018)

High Velocity Oxy Fuel

Spray Deposition of
17 -“- Per sample Rs.5500/-
(w.e.f June, 2018)

Atmospheric Plasma
18 Spraying (w.e.f June, -“- Per sample Rs.7500/-
19 Sand Blasting -“- Per sample Rs.1500/-
Ultrasonic Spray
20 Pyrolysis (w.e.f May, -“- Per sample Rs.1000/-
High Pressure Hydro-
Thermal Reactor 1000°C -“- Rs.3000/-
21 Per sample
(w.e.f -“-
August, 2018)
Plasma Cleaner with
22 -“- Per sample Rs.3000/-
Quartz Chamber
Spectrometer for Thin
23 -“- Per sample Rs.3000/-
Film thickness
Note: For further query or information, please contact Prof. Dr. Zuhair S. Khan, Email:, Ph