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Curriculum Vitae


King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah-SAUDI ARABIA,
( )
Mob.0532013051, 0507633093
Phone: 00966-12-6753068

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2- linkedIn:
3- Researchgate:
4- Academia:

1. Academic Qualifications (From Highest Degree to High School):

Exam Board/University Year Subjects/majors

Ph. D Jamia Millia Islamia (JMI), 1998 Education

N. Delhi-India

M. Phil J.M.I, N. Delhi-India 1990 Education/Language Education

M. Ed J.M.I, New Delhi-India 1989 Language education/ELT

B. Ed J.M.I, New Delhi-India 1988 English

M.A.(English) AMU Aligarh, UP-India 1987 English/Applied linguistics

B.A.(H) AMU Aligarh, UP 1985 English

XII U.P. Board, India 1982 English, Hindi, Bio, Physics,


X U.P Board, India 1980 English, Hindi, Bio, Maths,

Physics, Chemistry
2. Specific Teacher training/professional development

Training/course Place/institution Date

Teacher trainer GCC, London, UK April, 9 to 24,2009

TEFL training British council, Jeddah-KSA Jan, 2015 (3 weeks)

36 modules



Lecturer Jamia Millia Islamia, India, 1-9-1989 19-3-1995

/Asst.Professor F/O Education

ELC/COHS, a part of Jazan 22-2-1997 30-8-2008

University, Jazan-KSA

Asst. Professor King Abdulaziz University, 22-10-2008 30-6-2016

(Professor grade)

Assoc. Professor King Abdulaziz University, 30-6-2016 Till date

(Professor grade)

4. Innovation/contribution of curricula/teaching
Books/paper/learning material prescribed/referred in University syllabus
S.N Book/paper Publisher Prescribed/ Details
. name referred
1 Online video Islamic Prescribed/ Certificate attached
lessons online taught for
university, special
Gambia,2017 education
2 Analysis of Canadian Univ. of › Home › Vol 4, No 1
Learning Education Roehampton, (2011) › khan
barriers centre,2011 UK
3 Peace, Publisher/yea Gujrat central
Philosophy r university at-unimed-syllabuspeace-book-
and Islam refered.pdf
Peace, Publisher/ Nagpur Univ.
Philosophy year M.Ed s/Faculty_of.../M.Ed._Syllabus.pdf
and Islam syllabus
Peace, Publisher/ Coimbatore
Philosophy Year,2007 university syllabusbhatihar-univ-coimbotore.pdf
and Islam
4 Education in Arise Govt.
modern publishers,20 Champhai -ia-edu-in-modern-indian-contextbook-
Indian 07 college refered2.pdf#page=3
5 Educational Academic
management excellence, management-book-refered.pdf
6 Foundations Anmol Bharathiar
of Education publication, university dations-of-education-prescribed-med-25-
2006 26bharathiar-university.pdf
7 Pedagogy of SCERT, Elementary
English Begusarai, teacher lish.pdf
BIHAR trainees

5. Academic/Administrative Responsibilities within the University

Position Place Dates

Course coordinator King Abdulaziz University Community Jan, 2012-June, 2013


Training in-charge King Abdulaziz University Community 2010-2012


Head, Dept of English College of health sciences, a part of Jazan July,1997-June,2004


Exam supervisor College of health sciences, a part of Jazan 3 times(1997-2004)


Exam committee College of health sciences, a part of Jazan 3 times (1997-2004)

member university-KSA

Member admission College of health sciences, a part of Jazan 5 times (1997-2004)

committee university-KSA

Curriculum developer King Abdulaziz University Community 2010-2014

(ESP) college

In-charge: Ph.D. Department of Educational Studies, JMI, 1994-1995

Colloquium Delhi-India

Member, Board of Department of Educational Studies, JMI 1993-1995


curriculum developer (E- King Abdulaziz university Community 2011-2012

content) college/GRC

Member, award King Abdulaziz university Community 2011-2013

committee college, Jeddah

Member, organizing Faculty of Edu., JMI, New Delhi, India 1995-1995

committee, edu.

Member, college board COHS, a part of Jazan university, Jazan, 1997-2003


Chair, Stand_2Edu. King Abdulaziz University Community 2012--Till date

program of Accreditation college

6. Academic/Administrative Responsibilities outside the University


Position Institution/journal Dates

Chief editor 2015 till date

International research journal of humanities, language
and literature (IRJHLL)



member The International Academic Forum (IAFOR) 2016-
Board Global Journal of Computer Science and Technology
member (

Board Journal of Advances in Education and

member Philosophy(

European journal of Educational studies


Education editorial-team-editor-in-chief-1-dr...

EJBSS European journal

E-Shodh-Patra (

The HOPE Journal of Research is a journal of


Associate Research Journal of Education 2017 till date


Chief editor 2015 till date

International research journal of humanities, language
and literature (IRJHLL)
Board 2017 till date
International Journal For Research In Educational
member Studies (ISSN: 2208-2115)

member Journal of Educational System
Transcontinental Publishers
Ass. Editor 2011-2012
The Journal of Learning, Common Ground, USA

Editorial Journal: Higher education studies, Canada 2013- Till date

board (
member rialTeam)

Editor Journal of Education & Social Policy (JESP), USA 2014-Till date

Editor 2014-Till date

Journal of Literature, Language & Culture
Editorial Intl. education studies, Canada, 2013-Till Date
board (

Editorial International journal of English linguistics, Canada 2013-TillDate

board (

Editorial European Journal Of Business And Social Sciences – 2012-Till date

board Switzerland ISSN : 2235-767X
member (

Editorial International Journal of Social Science Studies 2013-Till date

board (www.International_Journal_of_Social_Science_Studies

Editorial International Journal of Edu. and training Studies 2013-Till date

board (
member cience_Studies)

Editorial REDFAME journal, USA 2013-Till date

board (
member Team)

Int’l. editor Hope 2013-Till date

Ass. editor Global Advanced Research Journal Of Educational 2012-Till date

Research And Review (
Editor International educational research/ 2011-Till date

Adv. board International journal of peace studies, Thailand 1999-2001



Associate Global peace, Society and Development, Delhi, India 2002-2006


Ass. member Global peace trust, Meerut, UP, India 2001 - 2003

Founder Global Education, Society and Development (an 2009 -Till date
international journal of Academicians)

Founder Academic Views and Reviews (An international peer 2011-Till date
editor reviewed journal)

Reviewer/referee: International online Journals

Reviewer Asian EFL Journal 2017 Till date

Reviewer Educational Research ( 2011-Till date

Referee / Journal of Research in Peace, Gender and Development 2011-Till date

Reviewer (JRPGD)(

Referee / International Journal of English and Literature 2011-Till date

Reviewer (

Referee / International Research Journal of Library, Information and 2011-Till date

Reviewer Archival Studies(

Referee / Int. Research Journal of Management and Business 2011-Till date

Reviewer Studies,(

Referee / Global Journals™ Inc. (US) Research Publishing 2011-Till date

Reviewer (
Many latest inclusions in the boards have not been mentioned in the list.

7. Awards etc.

Year of award Name of award Institution

2018 Excellent researcher awards GELC award, India

1997 Ideal teacher COHS, JAZAN-KSA

2012 Best Teacher King Abdulaziz university,


2013 Distinguished faculty King Abdulaziz university,


2014 Distinguished faculty King Abdulaziz university,


2015 Distinguished researcher King Abdulaziz university,


8. Fellowships/honors

Year of award Name of award Institution

1997 Fellowship United writers association, Chennai,


2005 D. Lit (Education) Int’l. University of Contemporary

studies, Washington DC, USA

2018 Excellent researcher GECL awards at MIET, Meerut, India


9. Details of Academic Work

(i) Curriculum Development (Programmes/ Courses Designed):

- Online material development/recording for special education for International Islamic
university, Gambia.
- Work/paper included in the course of Laureate Education INC, Canada,
-Many books/paper(s) referred by universities.
-Modified English curriculum from literature oriented to language/ESP integrated curriculum at
d/o Fine Arts, f/o education, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi, India

-changed/modified the syllabus of paper-X (educational administration) of M. Ed, dept. of

foundations of Edu/ Edu. Studies, F/o education, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi-25

-changed the English curriculum of teaching of English, a part of Jazan university-Jazan, Saudi
-contributed to modification of English curriculum at JCC, King Abdulaziz university, Jeddah-
-Co-authored a book/learning material for teacher training students, published by Bihar
government, INDIA

(ii) Courses taught at Postgraduate and Undergraduate levels

-M.Ed., M.A. (Edu. Planning and administration)

-ESP (Fine Arts) and (Health Sciences)

-Foundation year English, Intensive English.

(iii) Papers taught at Postgraduate and Undergraduate levels

- Foundations of Education, Educational Management, Philosophy of Education

-Teaching of Reading, Writing and Vocabulary

-Teaching of English language, Applied linguistics

-ESP (Health sciences), English for Business, English for IT

(iv) Projects guided at Postgraduate level:

- Guided many dissertations at M. Ed level.

10. Details of Major R&D Projects


Title of Project Funding Agency duration date Details/Status

English for Saudi King Abdulaziz 9 months 2017 Sole author
University students university, Jeddah-KSA

English for Pharmacy King Abdulaziz 9 months 2016 Sole author

university, Jeddah-KSA

Effectiveness of King Abdulaziz 9 months 2011- as co-investigator

professional development university, Jeddah-KSA 2012

Integration of local King Abdulaziz 9 months 2015 Principal

culture in English university, Jeddah-KSA investigator

Relevance of e-learning at King Abdulaziz 10 months 2010- as co-investigator

JCC university, Jeddah-KSA 2011

Ongoing project

English for Accounting King Abdulaziz 10 months 2017- as investigator

university, Jeddah-KSA 18
(a textbook)

Relevance of King Abdulaziz 10 months 2018- As principal

Differentiated university, Jeddah-KSA investigator
Instruction..for teaching
of English

11. Evaluator of thesis

Evaluated many doctoral theses of many universities including an Australian university.

12. Participation in Workshops/ Symposia/ Conferences/ Colloquia /Seminars/ Schools

etc.(mentioning the role)

Date (s) Title of Level of Role:(Partici Event Organized Venue

Activity Event(Internati pant/ By:
onal/ Speaker/Pre
National/Local) senter)

2016,Jan. Training Regional level Trainer/ International IMC, Jeddah-

course speaker medical centre KSA

2015,Dec. Training Regional level speaker International IMC, Jeddah-

course medical centre KSA

2010,April conference international Presenter MELTA, Malaysia


2010,July conference international Presenter Learning, USA Hong Kong


April,2011 conference international Presenter IATEFL,UK Brighton, UK

Feb,2012 conference international Presenter World Edu. North Cyprus

Conference (Turkey)

1994 Conference international Presenter Int’l. Reading Delhi, India

On Reading association

1995 Training National participant JMI, New Delhi- IASE,JMI,

course On India India


Date Title of Activity Level of Event Role (Speaker/ Event Venue

(International/ Chairperson, Organized by:
National/ Local) Paper presenter)

2007 Development National Resource person Directorate of Jeddah,

Program education KSA

2007 Development National Resource person Directorate of Riyadh,

Program education KSA

2007 Development National Resource person Directorate of Dammam,

Program education, KSA

2008 Accreditation Local participant King Abdulaziz Jeddah-

university KSA

2009 Electronic Local Participated/devel King Abdulaziz Jeddah-

system oped of the e- University KSA

2013 Blackboard Local/KAU Attended KAU Jeddah-

(e-learning KSA

2010 Focus group International Participant King Abdulaziz Jeddah-

discussion partners university KSA

2011 Training course Local Developer of e- King Abdulaziz Jeddah-

course university KSA

2010 Train the international Participant Greenwich London,

trainer community UK

2015 Teaching Local Participant British council Jeddah-

methods KSA

14. Workshops/ Symposia/ Conferences/ Colloquia/Seminars


Title of Activity Level of Event Date (s) Role Venue


Training Course Local 2010 Coordinator/In- JCC, King A. A. Univ.,

charge Jeddah-KSA

Professional dev. Local 2010- Coordinator JCC, King A .A. Univ.,

Activities 2011 Jeddah-KSA

Peer observation Local 2010- In-charge JCC, King A. A. Univ.,


Conference National 1995 Organizer/member F/O Education, JMI

Prof dev Local 2011 Unit in-charge JCC, King A. A. Univ.,

unit/Training Jeddah-KSA

International International 2010- Coordinator JCC-Jeddah & GCC,

partnership London

Accreditation std.2 International 2012- Chair King Abdulaziz

COE, USA Till date University-Jeddah,

15. Invited Talks/talks delivered

-Delivered many lectures/talks in the area of English language teaching, training and teacher
development at Jamia Millia Islamia, Aligarh Muslim University, COHS, JAZAN-KSA, Jazan
University-KSA, King Abdulaziz University Jeddah-KSA, Markaz-ul-Ma’arif , Garden school,
16. Membership of Learned Societies

Type of Membership (Ordinary Organization Membership No.

Member/ Honorary Member / Life with Date
Member )

Ordinary member IATEFL, UK 2010-

Member UWA, Chennai 2000-2004

Ass. Member Global peace trust, Meerut, UP-India 2001-2004

Member of some other bodies

17. Publications (Sole authorship)

(A) Books:

S.N. Title of book Types Place/Details Year

1 Educational Administration, Text/ Sara Publication, 2017

leadership techniques reference Gujrat

2 Medical Terms for Health Text/reference Marks book, Delhi 2016


3 Pedagogy of English in KSA Reference/ VDM Verlag, 2011

Research Germany. ISBN.13:

4 Education And Pedagogy: Reference/ 9788183242998,Mittal 2010

Philosophical Perspective Research publication, Delhi

5 Foundations of Education Reference/ Foundations of 2006

Research Education

6 Difficulties In English: Reference/ Rajat Publications 2004

Contrastive Approach Research ISBN.8178801515

7 Teaching of English: The Reference/ Academic Excellence, 2004

Bilingual Context Research ISBN.8188684333,

8 Teaching Of English: As A Reference/ Vista Int’l Pub. House, 2006

Second Language Research ISBN.8189526383

9 Educational Management Reference/ Academic Excellence, 2004

Research ISBN. 8188684333

10 Education In The Modern Reference/ Arise Pub., Delhi , 2007

Indian Context Research ISBN.818955719X
11- English for Saudi University textbook KAU-Jeddah, KSA yes

12- English for Pharmacists in KSA textbook KAU-Jeddah,KSA yes

13- English for Accounting textbook KAU-Jeddah,KSA yes

14- Education, Technology and Reference/ Nova publishers, USA -

Development edited

3 more books have been published I related field(s) of Education/training.


(B) International/refereed/ ISSN journals publications:

S.N. Title Journal Volumes & Notes

1 Difficulties in Mastering and International Journal Vol. 8(1)pp78- doi:10.5296/ije.v8i1.9163
Using English for Specific of Education, USA 93, 2016 URL:
Purpose (Medical Vocabulary):
A Linguistic Analysis of ije.v8i1.9163
Working Saudi Hospital
2 Barriers in the Learning of British Journal of Vol.15(2) http://www.journalrepository.
English: An Exploratory Study Education, Society & pp.1-10,2016 org/media/journals/BJESBS_
Behavioural Science 21/2016/Mar/Khan1522015B
3 Local culture in the foreign International Journal Vol. 25(1) ISSN 2307-4531
language classrooms: An of Sciences: Basic and pp.97-122,2016
exploratory study of teacher’s Applied Research
preparedness in Saudi Arabia (IJSBAR)(2016)
Volume 25, No 1, pp
4 Perception of hospital staff file:///C:/Users/pc/Doc Vol.2(3)2017 doi: 10.5281/zenodo.807787
towards learning English… uments/Downloads/80 Pp50-67,2017
5 Revisiting curriculum for International Research Vol. 4(7) ISSN. 2248-9835
English for Pharmacy… Journal of Human pp.406-420,2017
Resources and Social
6 Ethical Considerations in an http://www.journalrep Vol.13(2)
Educational Research: A Critical pp.1-8,2016
Analysis* nals/BJESBS_21/2015
Papers/articles in the recent past
1 Role of religion in the making INSIGHT journal, Vol.18-19(1) ISSN. 0975-0665
of the a teacher J&K, India pp.153-59,2014
2 Philosophy and the Teacher Azad Academy Vol. 21(10) ISSN. 2248-9835
journal, LKO pp.15-21,2005
3 Challenges of Global Journals, Vol.11(8),2011 e-ISSN
Teaching/Learning English USA PP.69-79 2249-460X
4 Importance of meaning The educational Vol.46(7)pp9- 0013-192X
review, Madras 11,2003
5 Pre-requisites for the learning Language in India Vol.14(1)2014 19302940
of literary theories
6 The Teacher of English English language Vol.4(2)2011 1916-4750
teaching, CANADA Doi:10.5539/elt.v4n2 (Cited by 22
p112 researchers
7 Professional Development of IJCRB, UK Vol.3(2)
English teachers June 2011
8 Teaching of Shakespearean Hope journal, Vol.3(4),2015 2307-7034
sonnets Pakistan
9 Effectiveness of Blended Research journal of Vol.3(3)pp78- ISSN. 2277-2502
learning recent sciences 85,March,2014
10 Difficulties in the learning of The educational Vol.CI(10),pp.170- ISSN 0013-192X/
English review 171,1995 101st year of
11 Philosophy of Continuous Indian journal of Vol.3(1)pp68-70, An Impact factor
Professional Development research 2014 journal
12 Learning difficulties in Educational research Vol.2(7)pp.1248- ISSN 21145161
English: diagnosis and 57,2011 cited by 97
pedagogy… researchers
13 Teaching of English language: Exilir online journal No. 41(2011) e-ISSN 2229-712X
philosophical considerations pp.5907-11
14 Relevance of brainstorming… Exilir. social science 54A(2013) 12880-12883
15 An Analysis of learning International Vol.4(1) 1913-9039
barriers educational studies, pp242-247 Cited by 33
CANADA researchers
16 Need of e-training for the Indian journal of Vol.4(2) ISSN.2249-555X
academic staff applied research pp9-14
17 Relevance of attitude for the Exilir. Psychology 40(2011) E.ISSN.5332-5336
achievement in English
18 Relevance of research in GESD, Delhi Vol.4(1),2012 ISSN.09751-1319
education pp.1-4
19 Teaching and Technology 3rd World Vol.93,21Oct.2013,pp2 *Conference paper
Conference on 015-2022 (Int’l. Conference,
learning, teaching & Belgium)
20 Academic Role of a Principal Journal of Education Vol. 3, No. 2, pp. ISSN: 2334-296X
and Continuous Professional and Human 925-942 , 2014 (Print), 2334-2978
Development Development, USA (Online)
21 Relevance of teacher Elsevier-SciVerse Cyprus, Turkey, *Conference paper
development: The EFL Science direct 2012 (International
context proceedings Conference,
22 Technology Integration and The Int’l. Education JMI, 2014 * Conference paper
Teaching of English conference
23 Relevance and Effectiveness The International JMI, 2014 * Conference paper
of Professional Development Education
of university Staff conference
24 Gandhi, Philosophy and Islam Gyan publishing, Edited book by Chapter in a book
Delhi-2,pp255-286 Ravindra Kumar
25 Gandhi and education: Gyan publishing, Edited book by Chapter in a book
Synonymous to each other delhi-2,pp286-94 Ravindra kumar
26 Morality and 20 century Mittal publication, Edited book by Chapter in a book
society Delhi-1998 Ravindra Kumar
27 Gandhi, Azad and the present Anmol publisher, Edited book by Chapter in a book
society Delhi-2000 Ravindra Kumar
C) Research contribution to newly established/other journals: (Sole authorship)

S.N. Title of Paper Journal details Vol.(No.) Notes

1 Teachers’ Perceptions of the JELL-USA Vol 3, No 3, Important

Significance of Local Culture in http://www.jellonline.c 2015, PP.65-70
om ISSN:2368-2132,
Foreign Language Learning.

2 Factors Affecting Teacher Asian Journal of Vol. 2,(2), 2321-8819

Development Activities: A Theoretical Multidisciplinary Feb,2014
Perspective Studies.

3 Status of the Development of Hope journal, Vol.2 ISSN:2307-

University Teachers in India and Pakistan (1),2013 7034
Saudi Arabia (

4 Philosophy of Continuous PARIPEX Indian Vol.3(1)- ISSN 2250-

Professional Development in Journal of Research 1991 1991
India,PP.68-71 (Impact
5 Arabic borrowing to Urdu Hope journal, Vol.3(2) ISSN:2307
Pakistan -7034

7 Status of professional development in Hope journal, 2014 2307-7034

India and Saudi Pakistan

8 Philosophy of professional Paripex Indian Vol.2,No.810, 2250-1991,

development: the higher education journal/theglobaljournals. 2013 Impact
perspective factor:

9 Educational philosophy and the Paripex Indian Vol.2,No.8, 2250-1991/

English teacher research Journal 2013 Impact F

10 Role of Applied Linguistics in the International Journal Vol.1(1), 2011 1923-8703

Teaching of English in Saudi Arabia of English
Linguistics, Canada

11 Professionalisation of ELT in Saudi (IJCRB),UK Vol.3, (1) 2011


12 Teaching of English language: socio- ElixirJounal(http:// 2011 ISSN 2229

philosophical considerations -712X

13 ELT and outcome based education GESD, Delhi-India Vol.1(3) 0975-1319

(a print journal)

14 Lesson planning for reading: an Elixir-Jounal 2011 ISSN 2229

effective teaching strategy in EFL (http://elixirjournal. -712X
classrooms org

15 Need of training and development for TT-Ed-SIG-

English teachers in KSA newsletter, UK,2011

16 Speaking skills and teaching strategies Elixir Edu. Tech. Jan,2013 ISSN 2229

17 Teaching of Writing and Grammar, GESD, India, Vol.1(3)2009 ISSN.0975


18 Small Group learning and ELT GESD, India,2010 Vol.2(2)2010 ISSN.0975


19 Grammar and Communication skills, GESD, India Vol.2(1)2009 ISSN.0975


20 Challenges of Teaching English in GESD, India, 2010 Vol.2(4) ISSN.0975

KSA 1319

21 Maulana Azad, philosophy and Azad Academy Vol. 21(10) ISSN.

Education journal, LKO pp.15-21,2005 2248-9835

22 Philosophy: The Essence of life Azad academy Vol.11(9)pp11 ISSN.

journal, LKO -141996 2248-9835

23 Teaching of English in the kingdom… IAETFL,UK- Issue:72,2011 ISSN.1028

Business issue -4272

24 Need of training and development for IAETFL, UK TT&education-

English teachers in KSA newsletter

C) Papers published in Educational Review

S.N. Paper title Journal Volumes etc. ISSN

1 Importance of dictation: Linguistic and Edu. Review, Vol.103 No. ISSN

pedagogic view point. Chennai 5 May, 2002 0013-192X

2 Importance of teaching: socio- Edu. Review, Vol.104 No. ISSN

pedagogic viewpoint Chennai 2003 0013-192X

3 Difficulties in the teaching of English Edu.Review, Chennai Vol. 101 No. ISSN
vocabulary. 5&6,2000 0013-192X

4 Strategies for the teaching of English as Educational review Vol.95(10) ISSN

a second language 0013-192X

5 Importance of Teaching: Pedagogic Edu. Review, Vol.103(12 2005

viewpoint Madras-India

6 Strategies for the Teaching of English Edu. Review, Vol.106(9) 1998

Pronunciation Madras, India

7 Strategies for the teaching of English as Educational Review, Vol.103(10 1997

a Second Language Madras

8 Study of Difficulties in the learning of Edu. Review, Madras Vol. 101 1995
English as a Second Language (10)

D) Papers published in registered/other journals

S.N. Paper title Journal Volumes etc. Reg. No.

1 Factors Affecting the learning of Progress of Vol. LXX(7) Reg. No.
English as a second language education, PUNE 1996 6154/57

2 Participative management: the key to Progress of Vol. LXX, Reg. No.

success education, PUNE No. 11,1996 6154/57

3 Strategies for the teaching of English Progress of Vol. LXXI, Reg. No.
education, PUNE No.6 ,1997 6154/57

4 Future of Education in India Progress of Vol.LXXIV, Reg. No.

education, PUNE No.4 6154/57

5 Bilingual competence: A Necessity in Progress of Vol.LXXIII, Reg. No.

India education, PUNE No.12 6154/57

6 Islam and peace Fragrance of the east, Vol.9(4)


7 Muslim Women education in India Fragrance of the Vol.10(3)


8 Peace and the Indian teacher Peace review, Vol.3(2)


9 Teaching and Learning of English British journal of Vol.1(1),201 Online

social sciences 2

10 Relevance of e-training for English Recent Science Vol. 37(10) Online

teacher Pp357-361,

E) Publications in Newspapers, magazines and University news

S.N. Name of paper/ article Details Vol. Year

1 Who is an ideal teacher Jan 15,

› Opinion › Voices 2016

2 Who is qualified to teach English? Oct 30,

saudi-arabia/who-is- 2015

3 Teaching English language without 09 - 10 -

foreign elements saudi-arabia/who-is- 2015

4 Why does teaching fail? awaited

5 Jeddah Community College, KAU Univ. Univ. News, King 2009

News, Jeddah Abdulaziz

6 Importance of Accreditation, KAU Univ. Univ.News, KAU- No.986, 2010

News, Jeddah, Jeddah,KSA (21.3.10)

7 Relevance of Poetry: Socio-Pedagogic Univ. magazine, 1992

viewpoint JMI, N. Delhi, India

18. Conferences Proceedings

Author(s) Title of Title of the Page Conference Venue Year

Abstract/ Paper Proceedings
No. Theme

Intakhab Teaching of Right to Right to JMI, New 2014

Alam English and Education across Delhi
across the
Khan Technology level the level

Intakhab Teaching of MELTA, pp.411- Transformation Malaysia 2010

Alam Meaning in Malaysia, 436) Of education
Khan KSA CD-Rom

Intakhab Relevance of Science Innovations in North 2012

Alam Teacher direct/ Education Cyprus
Khan Development: Procedia-
The EFL social
Context of KSA

Intakhab Education and Science Teaching, Brussels, 2012

Alam Technology direct/Procedi leadership & Belgium
Khan a-social- innovation
19. My papers/works cited:

Google citation: 322

Intakhab Alam Khan
King Abdulaziz university, Jeddah-SAUDI ARABIA
Verified email at - Homepage
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20. Other relevant information

1- Best faculty award received for the year 2012&2013, by JCC, King Abdulaziz university, Jeddah-
2- Ideal teacher award at English Dept. COHS, part of Jazan University Jazan, KSA
3- In-charge, teacher development
4- Coordinator, International partnership/exchange program(2009-2011)
5- A leading researcher (with around70 ISI/ISSN/Refereed International research papers during
6- An active reviewer/editor in more than 15 international/refereed journals,
7- Initiated lecture series at COHS, part of Jazan University, Jazan-KSA
8- Enlightened colleagues in the area of pedagogy.
9- Developed in the area of e-learning,
10- Many more academic/pedagogic/developmental activities: started and accomplished.
11-Online instructor, International Islamic university.

21. Personal Information

1. Name: Intakhab Alam Khan

2. Designation: Assoc. Professor (Prof. grade)
3. Affiliation: King Abdul Aziz University, Jeddah-KSA

4. Telephone (Direct) (Optional): 00966-532013051

Telephone: Extn. (Optional):
Mobile (Optional): 00966-507633093
5. Email (Primary):
Email (Secondary) :
6. Field(s) of Specialization/Interest:
- Professional development (in-service training in higher education)
- Language Education;
-English language teaching.

21. References
(a). Prof. Aejaz Masih, F/O Education, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi-110025

(b) Prof Mehnaz Ansari, F/O Education, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi-110025

(b) Mohammed Al Shumrani, Associate Professor, King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah-


(c) Hassan Shumrani, researcher, Nottingham University, UK (