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Name Bharat Patel Date : 07.11.

Branch : Surat

Annual technical quiz Nov 7, 2014

Material failed in tensile test can be retested as per SA 20

A) No B) Yes C) Under certain condition

1 B

What is the minimum impact test temperature of 20 mm thk SA 516 Gr 70 plate asper SA20

A) Minus 45 deg F B ) Minus 46 deg C C ) Minus 50 deg C D ) Minus 55 deg F

2 C
Lower thickness parts are more prone to get brittle with decrease of temp compare to higher thickness

A vertical 10 inch pipe has to join with a 8 inch pipe on top . Both the pipe axis need to be same .
For inter connection you need

A) Tee B) Elbow C) Concentric reducer D) Eccentric reducer

3 c
Concentric reducer will keep the axis same i.e. at Centre, Other will not fullfill this requirement

A flange is getting welded to a pipe . Flange ID and Pipe ID are same. The flange has to be a

A) Slip on flange . B) Blind flange C) Screwed on flange D) Welding neck flange

4 D
WNRF will provide butt joint configuration with Pipe, SO ID will be same.
125-250 µm Ra finish is ---------------------------- than 63-125 µm Ra finish

A) Rougher B) Smoother
5 A
Surface waviness height will be bigger in rough surface

Following cannot be corrected susequently in weld seam without cutting the seam

A) Porosity B) Reinforment C) Undercut D) Misalignment

6 D
Other defects can be rectified by grinding / Welding withour cutting the weld seam…

Holding time at Stress relieving temperature should not be

A) less than specified B ) more than specified C) immaterial

7 A
Less time will not cover the complete thickness for stress releiving

During stress relieving the thermo couples are expected to measure

A) Furnace gas temperature B) Flue gas temperature C ) Metal temperature

8 C
We need to check and maintain metal temperature of the Vessel/Component only.

Which of the following heat treatment calls for cooling in still air after soaking?

A) Stress relieving B) Normalising C) Annealing

9 B
Stress relieving having rate of cooling, Annealing is having cooled in brian or oil solution to stop grain growth.

In a heat treatment cycle, time at temperature is called

10 B
A) Heat treatment time B) Soaking time C) Heating time
10 B
Soaking time is the time required to maintain at particular temperature

Heat treating of austenitic stainless steel is to ?

A) Ensure corrosion resistant properties B) Decrease hardness C) Provide wear resistance

11 A
Sudden cooling in stabilizing heat treating will stop reacting Cr with Carbon to avoid inter granular corrosion

Tempering temperature is

A) Below stress relieving temperature B) Between Stress

relieving and Normalising temperature C) Above normalsing
12 A

Tempering temperature is to decrease hardness which is increased in earlier heat treatment i.e. Normalizing or Quenching

Test piece in bend has failed .It indicates that the material is

A) Ductile B) Brittle C) Tough D) No answer

13 B
Successful bend test will show good ductility, Whereas brittle will get failed in Bend test

316 has more UTS than 304L at room temperature . This is because of

A) Mo B) Carbon C) Ni
14 B
Less carbon percentage will increase the tensile property.

ASTM 350 LF2 certificate reports Chemistry , UTS , YS and Elongation

15 C
TC 1) Acceptable B) Not acceptable C) Not acceptable RA not reported
15 C
RA is must to be reported

Killed steel is so called because it is devoid of

A) Nitorgen B) Hydrogen C ) Oxygen D ) Sulphur

16 C
Oxygen is being removed by various methods i.e. Aluminium spray or silicon spray, etc.

Blast furnace is used for

A) Manufacture of steel .
B) Seperation of iron from iron ore.
17 C) Refining of iron . B

Further refining will be done in subsequent process.

Presence of ferrite in SS weld can be deducted by ferrite meter , because ferrite is

A) Non Magnetic B) Magenitic C) BCC structure D) FCC structure

18 B
Ferrite Instrument works on Magnetic field principle and will detect ferrite face accordingly.

Pilgering is process used for making

A) Forging B ) Pipe C) Forgings D) Studs

19 B
Pilgering process will control OD / ID of Pipe
What is a forging ratio?

A) Ratio of reduction of volume B ) Ratio of reduction of cross section

20 A

Its basically voule because of different type and shape of Forfgings

The first operation in manufacturing of seamless pipe is

A) Pilgering B) Piercing C) Reducing mill

21 A
Pilgering will control the pipe dimensions

In Fe and C equivalent diagram lower critical temperature is

A) 723 deg C B ) 900 deg C C) 1130 deg C

22 A
As per Diagram

Normal Carbon steel has about 98% iron and stainless steel 304 has about 72% iron . MT can be done on CS but not on
SS, because

A) it is Ferritic B ) It is Austenitic C) It is Martensitic D) No answer

23 A
In MT test , Part needs to be magnetized, and same can be done in ferritic materials

At low temperature carbon steel becomes

A) Ductile B) Brittle C) Tough

24 B
Low temperature will make material brittle
In RT ,the ability to detect a small discontinuity or flaw is called?

A) Contrast B) Sensitivity C) Density D) Resolution

25 B
We ensure minimum required dia of Wire using Penetrameter in Radiography to ensure sensitivity

A Penetrameter is used to indicate?

A) The size of defect. B) The density of the film. C) The amount of film contrast.
D) The quality of the radiographic technique
26 D
We ensure minimum required dia of Wire using Penetrameter in Radiography to ensure sensitivity and quality of radiograph

In RT penetrameters are usually placed?

A) Between the screen and film B) On the film side of object C) On the source side of object D)
27 C
Source side of the object will tend to produce lesser sensitivity

Porosity defect inside weld can be detected by

28 D
RT can clearly produce Porosity, PT and MT are for surface only and not for sub surface. UT can not detect it fully.

Low tempersture impact test specimen should be soaked in liquid coolant for

A) 15 min B) 5 sec C) 5 min D) 15 sec

29 C
In 5 minutes, Specimen can get the required testing temperature
29 C

Pendulam of impact test machine should be should be impact tested within ---------
minutes of removing the low temperature impact test specimen from coolant pot.

A) 10 B) 15 C) 2 D) 5
30 C
Time for Imact testing should be minimum after removing from Coolant pot to avoid Increase in Temperature of Specimen

The following hardness testing method do not call for measuring indentation size .

A) Brinnel Hardness check B) Vickers hardness test C) Rockwell hardness test

31 B
In this method, we do not required to measure indentation size

Following test is carried out to confirm and accept solution annealing in stainless steel

A) Test as per ASTM A 262 Pr A B ) Micro test C) Macro test D) Bend test
32 A
This method will check IGC so that solution annealing can be ensured / Verified

Standard rectangular and circular Tensile Test pieces center thickness or center diameter shall be measured to the accuracy of

(A) 0.001 in (B) 0.005 in (C) 0.010 in

33 C
As per SA 370

In Tensile Test, fracture takes place outside the middle half of the gauge length, but within reduced section, % of elongation
observed will be treated as :

A) Accept, if value meets minimum required B) Unacceptable

34 A
As per SA 20, If value are less, Re-test can also be done
34 A

In hardness testing, bigger size of indentation on metal, indicates lower :

A) Impact Strength B) Creep Strength C) Hardness D) Toughness

35 C
Ductile or Lower hard material will allow big dent / Indentation

Weldability is better if the Carbon Equivalent is

A) More B) Less
36 B
Less carbon will produce good weldability, Also other element like Ni, Mo will produce good weldability if less in material.

Interpass temperature is always limited to avoid formation of

A) Porosity B) Hot cracks C) Slag D) Undercut

37 B
Other defects will not have any effect due to Interpass temperature

Can a welder who had qualified in SS pipe using GTAW , weld CS pipe ?

A) Yes B) No
38 A

F Number is same in GTAW, In SMAW, It needs re-qualification if F no changes.

State P no , F no and A no for welding carbon steel plate using E 7018 electrode

A) 1, Fno 4 , A 1 B) 2, Fno 5 , A 2 C) 1 , F no 6 , A 3

39 A
As per Sect - IX
Thermal stick used for measuring interpass temperature should ------------ on application

A) melt B) not melt

40 B
Because we have Interpass temperature in Maximum limit, If not melt, It ensures temp. is less than maximum limit specified.

TUV low stress stamp should be used for -

A) material for low temperature service. B) FRP material. C)material for high temperature service.
41 A
We should use low stress stamp on Both A and C type of material. However Type A seems more critical.

When conducting random sampling inspection the inspector should ensure that -

A) 100% quantity is available for inspection. B) vendor has completed inspection on 100% quantity.
C) Internal inspection report for 100% quantity is available. D) all of the above.
42 D
Required as per procedure

If destructive testing is witnessed at a non NABL laboratory the responsibility of TPIA is -

A) None. B) Very little C) Extremely high

43 C
All Lab should have NABL Approval, If not TPIA needs to be more careful.

Inspection Release Note is not acceptable if -

A) Correction fluid is used B) ITP number is missing C) Drawing number is missing

44 A
Correction in IRN by fluid or any other way is not acceptable.
44 A

TUV code of conduct allows personnel to accept -

A) expensive gifts without information to supervisor

B)expensive gifts with information to the supervisor
45 C
C) gifts of reasonable value such as sweets, dry fruits.

We can accept gift of reasinable value (As per Procedure)

Confidentiality means -

A) Share information generated during information to all clients.

B) Share information to known vendors & friends.
46 C
C) Use information only for intended purpose.

As per Confidentiality Agreement signed by All surveyors

Independence means -

A) No involvement in any other activity than inspection.

B) Involved in inspection and other activities with clients consent.
47 C
C) Involved in inspection & other activities for separate clients.

As per TUV standard

Impartiality means -

A) make professional judgements based on relations.

B) Make professional judgment based on objective evidence against the agreed scope of inspection.
48 B
C) make professional judgements based on who is paying TUV.

As per TUV standard provedure

Inspection report is considered to be incomplete if -

49 D
A) it is not signed.
B) does not have a conclusion.
49 D
C) does not bear the TUV logo.
D) all of the above.

All information and things mentioned above is required since format is finalized.
Calibration status of testing & measuring equipment should be verified -

A) Before start of inspection.

B) at the inspectors convinience
50 C
C) Before the start of inspection & at regular intervals during inspection.

Calibration is required to ensure before inspection and to ensure any change during inspection