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283, SHOW ME THE MEANING OF BEING LONELY Words and Music by MAX MARTIN and HERBERT CRICHLOW Moderately stow J= 92 Fem D E Fim Bat FR Show me the mean-ing of be = (with pedat) Verse: 1.So_ man-y words forthe bro - 2Uife— goes on as it’ nev - er ends. Fim : z its hard to see + son love, $0 hard to breathe Eyes of stone the ends they ome = er say, ‘Snow ene Masning of Being Lon 8-1 (© 199 GRANTSVILLE PUBLISHING LTD MECASONG PUBLISH (wigs ont ot cnAlTVLE BUSHING 1 A Dp JOMBAENTENPRISES NG ft U.S.A. nd Canad) 284 Css Fim Dmaj? E with me. and may - be. erga Moon - Wy. Fim nights of light guilt - y roads Dmaj7 E wi and tree, there's no con - trol Cas a Fim be done, be done, they tell me. they tell me, mf J could feel the ‘Ate you with, Show me the mean-ing Is this the feel - ing — ‘Show Me te Maanig ot Bang Lonely - 5-2 Fim ff be there_ where you are. ‘There's some-thing miss-ing in my heart. Fim 12. 1 wa NG, Bridge: Gin heart, There's no-where to run, bod y and soul How can it be—you'reask + ‘Show Me he Meaning of Bang Lonely 5-3 wave no. place 10 Emaj7 some-thing missing in my go. Sur ren-der my heart, Dppss ing me__ to feel_ the things you nev-er show?