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Riverside Medical Center
SWOT Analysis
Group 1

Daniel Atilano Darlene Joy Vallejera
Justin Pornales Aliana Montaño
Ginre Marie Iballa Hilary Danielle Bana-ag
Jackielou Estopa Patricia Alabastro
Ellen Mae Articona

Grade 12 – ABM A
Riverside Medical Center
The Dr. Pablo O. Torre Memorial Hospital (DPOTMH) or the Riverside Medical Center,
is a premier hospital and medical center located in Bacolod City was founded on 1954 and has
grown from an 8-bed clinic to a 5-storey, 330-bed medical center and tertiary institution. It is
also a training and teaching hospital, accredited for post-graduate medical education by the
specialty board of doctors in the different fields of Surgery, Medicine, OB-Gyne, Pediatrics, and
Anesthesiology. DPOTMH is regarded as being on the cutting edge of diagnostic and treatment
technology in the region. It boasts of having the most competent and knowledgeable healthcare
personnel in the province. DPOTMH has top-of-the-line equipment in its Diagnostics, Imaging
Department, and Clinical Pathological Laboratory.

On June 11, 1961, Dr. Pablo O. Torre started the School of Midwifery. He opened the
School of Nursing on June 23, 1963. The school was instituted with the help of Mrs. Hyster
Yanson Quiamco, a nursing graduate of Silliman University, who later became the school’s first
principal. Six years later, the hospital opened the College of Liberal Arts and was authorized to
offer supplemental courses leading to the degree of Bachelor of Science in Nursing. In 1975,
several courses were introduced, including a two-year Medical Secretarial Course, B.S.
Community Nutrition, and a three-year course in Associate in Radiologic Technology.
The Dr. Pablo O. Torre Memorial Hospital has recently been adjudged Best Hospital for the
2009 Gawad KALASAG award of the National Disaster Coordinating Council. The Hospital
was awarded a plaque and P50,000 by President Macapagal Arroyo.

Through the Dr. Pablo O. Torre Foundation, Inc., a non-profit, non-partisan organization,
Riverside Medical Inc. dedicates a portion of its resources to improving the lives of
impoverished Negrenses. For the year 2010 alone, the Foundation aided a good number of
beneficiaries through free clinics, medical missions, community welfare services, and
scholarship programs conducted all over Negros. Hand in hand with Gawad Kalinga, Riverside
Medical Center, Inc. has built several homes in a continuing effort to help underprivileged
Negrenses. It has also religiously provided support to St. Mary’s Home for the Aged in the form
of goods and supplies.
Hospital is the establishment that most of the people put their
faith in. It is that place that everyone rushes to in times of need, in the
worst and even sometimes the best of conditions. Accidents,
deliveries or even to get some minimal health issue fixed, people rely
upon and rush to the hospitals.

Riverside Medical Center is one of those establishments which

have been around for a number of years, serving mankind with the
best of its services. Whatever the reason, they have services for
every single one of the issues. Specializations in each department
and the whirl of qualified doctors are providing with the very best
services to enhance one’s health risks.

STRENGTHS in Swot Analysis of Riverside Medical Center

Strengths of any organization encounter and accumulatively account
for the positive aspects of any brand. This is exactly what the case with
the Riverside is as well. It accounts for a number of strengths that makes
it one of the most favorable hospitals around the country. The following
are the strengths of Riverside Medical Center:

 Available branch of medical center in other parts of the city (Una

Konsulta:One Stop Health Shop located in SM City Bacolod)
 Offers online purchasing of medical products and medicine in their
pharmacy with free delivery.
 Special expertise provided by high quality medical physicians and
 Medical procedures operated in quality controlled facilities using
latest and advance medical equipments.
 Focus in medical research for community healthcare improvement
projects (Cancer Center, Cath Laboratory and Nuclear Medicine)
WEAKNESS in Swot Analysis of Riverside Medical Center
Weaknesses in an organization account for the downside in a brand’s
works and services. There might not be many downsides when it comes
to Apollo Hospitals, but there are some. Some of the weaknesses of
Riverside Medical Center include:

 Expensive cost of medical services offered

 Lack of available covered and secure area to accommodate patients
in case of earthquake incident
 Limited medical procedures offered
 Located in a traffic prone area affecting its accessibility to the its
 High staff-to-patient ratio

OPPORTUNITIES in Swot Analysis of Riverside Medical

Opportunities classify as the sectors in the market where they can
expand and spread their name in. It accounts for the main sectors where
the brand can grow and proliferate. The opportunities that can be cited
for the Riverside Medical Center include:

 Riverside is a well founded and trusted name for its excellent services
for decades across the country, thus it is one that greatly appeal to
the masses.
 Riverside is known not only for their medical and surgical services but
also for their university and self-trained professionals; giving them
advantages, catering a new form of profit and lots of room for
 Philippines is a third world country that is evolving in terms of
hospitals and healthcare. This is definitely one of the main reasons
which account for positive opportunities for the Riverside Hospital.
The lesser amount of developed healthcare service providers around
the country pose as one of the best opportunities for this hospital.
 Riverside offers Philhealth insurance, thus it could cater lower niche
and wider market.
 Riverside offers education and health services, which are universal
needs of the community, thus it has a lot of potential in terms of profit
and expansion.

THREATS in Swot Analysis of Riverside Medical Center

The threats account for the obstacles along the path of success for
the brand. The threats that are expected to be experienced by the
Riverside Medical Center include:

 Increased competition with new hospitals and medical centers

offering almost similar services.
 Potential crowding out of domestic poor patients and other adverse
equity effects.
 Potential threat regarding changes in government policies affecting
the system of the business.
 Workforce shortage due to increasing demand of medical workers
 Salary competition between other medical institutions.