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JANUARY 25, 2019

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Page 3
Proposed solar farm
for Strathmore
Times Editor

If Solar Krafte Utilities Inc. gets the go-ahead

from the Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC), a
Hospital new solar farm will be built in Strathmore.
improvements The proposed solar farm is a 40.5-megawatt so-
lar facility located on 320 acres on the southeast
side of town, and according to Solar Krafte pres-
Page 16 ident Mark Burgert, would be the ninth installa-
tion the company will install in southern Alberta.
“This project is estimated to offset 48,000
tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions annually,
generating enough electricity to power more
than 10,000 Alberta homes,” he said.
Solar Krafte has been building solar-powered
plants since 2009, starting in California. The com-
pany focuses solely on power generation in “so-
lar rich” jurisdictions, where the price for power
Braves keep is not subsidized. Burgert said that means the
climbing company can deliver power to consumers at the
best price, and without emissions or waste.
The other eight installations are located further
south in the province: Enchant, Stirling, Warner,
Wrentham, Brooks, Spring Coulee and two near
“Strathmore is a little further north than some
of our other systems, but it still has a favoura-
ble solar resource,” said Burgert. “But the most
important feature here is the interconnection ca-
The project will tie directly into the local Forti-
sAlberta electricity distribution grid.
Offering IV Sedation “Because these systems are distributed genera-
Dr. Ashkan Hamzehi DDS tion, we don’t build any additional transmission
Dr. Arzy Kafrouny DDS
Dr. Sharif Faizi DMD
infrastructures,” said Burgert. “We have to be very
General Practice Family Dentistry strategic about where we locate so that we can
100 Ranch Market, Unit 105F
interconnect where the grid needs more gener-
Strathmore, AB 403.934.5292 ation. Where this system is situated, we abut the Strathmore substation so that there’s a demand
there for more generation. Those are the two
Look on Page 4 for main drivers how we choose our locations.”
Town of Strathmore Burgert said there are benefits to local citizens,
Municipal Notices too, if the solar farm is built here.

Contact Us Today!
“First and foremost, there are economic bene-
fits,” he noted. “We pay property taxes; and we
Successful Storm!
The Strathmore Storm Tier 3 midget team broke a 2-2 tie with three unanswered third
403.934.5589 hire people, not only during construction but af-
terwards through the operation and management
period goals en route to a 5-2 win over the Redcliff Grizzlies on Jan. 18 at the Strathmore Family Centre. The Storm are now preparing to face Siksika in the Provincial qualifiers on
of the system,” he noted. “We know that’s desira- Jan. 27 in Siksika and Jan. 30 (7:15 p.m.) at the Strathmore Family Centre. ble because these are long-term jobs.”
Doug Taylor Photo
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$307,500 $239,900 $579,900 $167,500 $244,900


Page 2 • Strathmore TIMES • January 25, 2019

Town to lease
320 acres to
solar farm
Continued from Page 1 Project, during construction there will
be the construction jobs for electri-
Solar Krafte stated there would be cians, equipment operators, labourers,
more than 300 jobs at the peak of con- specialized trades, site managers and

Strathmore Solar Farm

Solar Krafte president Mark Burgert speaks with interested citizens during the company’s open house
struction, and long-term operator po-
“Once operational, on-going site ser-
on Jan. 19 at the Civic Centre. The total capital cost of the project vices will be required such as project
Janet Kanters Photo
SW 23-24-25 W4M SE 23-24-25 W4M SW 24-24-25 W4M SE 24-24-25 W4M SW 19-24-24 W4M SE 19-24-24 W4M is expected to approach $60 million. operators, electricians and vegetation
The project would be constructed in control,” Vainstein said. “In addition,
George Freeman Trail

one phase and operated for a period the project will provide a significant
of 30 years, and beyond. Burgert said contribution to Wheatland County’s
NW 14-24-25 W4M NE 14-24-25 W4M NW 13-24-25 W4M NE 13-24-25 W4M NW 18-24-24 W4M NE 18-24-24 W4M
Wheatland Trail

it is anticipated that site construction tax base and require minimal munic-
would start in the spring of 2020, with ipal services.”
construction completed and the facili- Vainstein said the location east of
ty operational in the fall of 2020. Strathmore was chosen because of its
The Town of Strathmore is leasing proximity to an existing substation
SW 14-24-25 W4M SE 14-24-25 W4M SW 13-24-25 W4M SE 13-24-25 W4M SW 18-24-24 W4M SE 18-24-24 W4M the 320 acres of land to Solar Krafte with available capacity on the electri-
for a 26-year period, with potential ex- cal distribution system.
tensions to 46 years. “The proposed project is sited on
1 Highway
The Strathmore Solar Farm isn’t the flat cultivated land,” he noted. “The
only solar installation being built in availability of sensitive wildlife habi-
NW 11-24-25 W4M NE 11-24-25 W4M NW 12-24-25 W4M NE 12-24-25 W4M NW 7-24-24 W4M NE 7-24-24 W4M
the area. The East Strathmore Solar tat is low due to ongoing disturbance
Project is working on a proposed so- from crop cultivation and the absence
lar energy project in Wheatland Coun- of native grassland habitat. In addi-
ty. The project would occupy about tion, southern Alberta and Saskatch-
East Boundary Road

Project Area
120 acres of private agricultural land ewan have the best solar regimes in
approximately 18 kilometres east and Canada.”
SW 11-24-25 W4M SE 11-24-25 W4M SW 12-24-25 W4M SE 12-24-25 W4M SW 7-24-24 W4M SE 7-24-24 W4M
south of Strathmore and consist of a The project is currently undergo-
20.1-megawatt solar facility connect- ing a regulatory review process with
ed to the local electrical distribution the AUC. Vainstein said the project is
system, capable of generating enough proposing to start construction in the
emissions-free electricity to power summer/fall of 2019 and be operation-
NW 2-24-25 W4M NE 2-24-25 W4M NW 1-24-25 W4M NE 1-24-25 W4M NW 6-24-24 W4M NE 6-24-24 W4M over 3,000 homes annually. al in 2020, subject to regulatory ap-
According to Kolja Vainstein, project provals, government policy and mar-
manager with East Strathmore Solar ket conditions.

SW 2-24-25 W4M SE 2-24-25 W4M SW 1-24-25 W4M SE 1-24-25 W4M SW 6-24-24 W4M SE 6-24-24 W4M Arts on 817 features
$524,888 C4219452 $800,000 C4222645 $280,000 C4222169 $599,000 C4215073 “women of note”
159 Hawkmere View 282127 Hwy 564 36 Green Meadows Cr 254002 Rge Rd 250 JANET KANTERS such as Sydney Harth, Oskar
NW 35-23-25 W4M NE 35-23-25 W4M NW 36-23-25 W4M NE 36-23-25 W4M NW 31-23-24 W4M NE 31-23-24 W4M
OPEN HOUSE Times Editor Shumsky, Raphael Wallfisch
Sun Jan 27 2:30-4:30
and Barry Tuckwell, and has

0 250 500 1,000 Project boundaries are preliminary and subject to change* Mark Feb. 2 on your cal- given performances across
$539,000 C4219388 $189,900 C4222623 $249,900 C4221244 $1,285,000 C4222191 endar for Arts on 817’s next Canada, United States and
concert, Women of Note. Europe. She was a professor
77 Rainbow Falls Way 34B Westlake Glen #104 26 Westlake Glen 235038 Rge Rd 253
Featured in this concert at the University of Alberta
Sat Jan 26 12:00-2:00 will be Winnipeg-based mez- from 1998-2014 where she
zo soprano Elizabeth Hoyt- supervised a graduate pro-
Surdhar, and Alberta-born gram in pedagogy and was
$449,900 C4218062 $337,500 C4210793 $600,000 C4185530 $108,000 C4221545 pianist Janet Scott-Hoyt. the associate chair of under-
25 Henderson Rd N 313 Thorndale Pl 224060 Rge Rd 261 3.56 Acres Passionate about orches- graduate studies.
tral songs, Elizabeth Hoyt- She is now a professor
COMING Surdhar has performed emerita and is the artistic
with Concordia Symphony director of the Edmonton
SOON... Orchestra (Berlioz, Les nu- Recital Society. Scott-Hoyt
$505,000 C4214431 $515,000 C4204946 $395,000 $125,000 C4216065 its d’été), Symphony of the has released five recordings
287 Springmere Link 62 Muirfield BV Fully Finished Bungalow #536 1101 84th St NE Kootenays (Canadian Folk which can be heard on radio
Sketches) and the Leth- across Canada.
COMING bridge Symphony Orches- The Women of Note con-
SOON... tra (A Celtic Christmas). She
has also appeared in sev-
cert is the fourth in this sea-
son’s Arts on 817 six-concert
$779,000 C4175935 $75,000 C4192834 $299,900 $459,000 C4214757
eral previous opera roles. line up. There is still oppor-
184 Kinniburgh Way 124 Ranchwood Ln Fully Finished 2 Storey 196 Wildrose Cr Hoyt-Surdhar performed the tunity to purchase the Arts
OPEN HOUSE mezzo-soprano roles for the on 817’s “winter buy three
Sat Jan 26 2:30-4:30 Canadian-composers Greeri- for $85” ticket deal. The fi-
ad production with Flipside nal two concerts in the se-
Opera. She is currently role- ries include Arrogant Worms
$489,900 C4222536 $159,900 C4209324 $600,000 C4217668
studying the title role of Ros- on March 22, and The Dear-
27 Lloyd Cr N 138 Ranchwood Ln Lake Living From $399,000 186 Topaz Gate
sini’s La Cenerentola (Ange- hearts on May 10.
L o v e W h e r e Yo u L i v e lina). The Women of Note con-
cert goes Feb. 2 at 7:30 p.m.
Active as a chamber musi-
cian, soloist and recording at the Strathmore United
artist, Janet Scott-Hoyt has Church. For tickets, call
collaborated with interna- Linda at 403-901-2797, or
tionally renowned artists
587-316-2000 Times TIDBITS Did You Know?
January 25 is known as National Irish Coffee day following the story of travelers visiting
Ireland in 1942 and purchasing a coffee in the Shannon Airport to warm up on a cold and
wet day. The restaurant chef served the hot coffee spiked with Irish whiskey and topped
Michelle Hayley Christa Carey with cream and told the travelers that it was Irish coffee. In 1952 a travel writer brought the
Eldjarnson Poirier Aleman Rose concept back to America to reproduce the recipe. From there, the drink grew in popularity
Each Office Independently Owned & Operated and recognition worldwide.
January 25, 2019 • Strathmore TIMES • Page 3


The buzz January 25-31, 2019

about bees
Thomas Schweizer,
president of the Cal- The Mule
gary and District Bee- Clint Eastwood,
keepers Association, Bradley Cooper,
discussed the ins and Laurence Fishburne,
outs of beekeeping to Michael Peña,
a room full of people Dianne Wiest
on Jan. 19, as part of
the Beekeeping 101 PG
program made avail-
able through a partner- For Movie Listings call 403-934-3057
ship with the Strath- or go to
more Municipal Library
and the Marigold Li-
brary Systems.
Miriam Ostermann
Commercial | Farms Industrial | Investment

Strathmore hospital renovations complete Bob Sheddy C0-Owner/Commercial Broker 403-324-2222
closed, allowing for a more private and
Times Editor
secure space, and increased patient
privacy,” said Mcnair-Gariepy. “Also in- KaraLee Foat, MA Co-Owner/Broker
For two years, renovations have tak- cluded are two new nursing stations 587-390-0596
en place within the Strathmore hospi- and a more efficient unit clerk desk,
tal, although it isn’t apparent from the and a new medication room allowing 403-983-2121
outside. care staff to see more patients sooner.” 123 2nd Ave,
Extensive interior renovations to the Strathmore, AB
The diagnostic imaging area was relo-
61,063 sq. ft. building occurred between cated to make room for the emergency
late fall 2016 and September 2018, and department expansion. The outpatient
the result is an increase in emergency lab, meanwhile, increased from three
department treatment spaces and im- treatment spaces to four spaces. The
proved space in other important areas
of the hospital.
processing lab was also relocated and Strathmore
Denture Clinic
increased from 485 sq. ft. to 650 sq. ft.
According to Ann Mcnair-Gariepy, Included in the renovations was a
site manager of the Strathmore hospi- new location for outpatient home care.
tal, the renovations help the facility im- Located in the eastern wing of the hos-
Terry Grant Denturist
prove patient care and access.
“(The renovations) means an im-
pital near the physiotherapy depart- 403.934.3877
ment, the space includes occupational
provement in the services that we’re and respiratory therapy services. • Complete / Partial Dentures
able to offer,” she noted. “The servic- With a separate entrance, “it gives
es aren’t different, they’re just better. patients better access to the service • Same Day Relines & Repair
We’ve got more room, we’ve got better they’re coming to see,” said Mcnail- The original nursing station in the emergency de- • Custom Mouthguards
communication between the programs Gariepy. “Also, during times of flu and partment has better access to the entire area.
that service the client, and we have in- other outbreaks, it keeps everybody • Custom Night Guards
creased privacy and comfort for our Janet Kanters Photo
from walking through the emergency • Natural Teeth Whitening
emergency patients.” department.” Melanie Veriotes with AHS said fund-
Areas of the hospital included in the Strathmore hospital is one of the ing for capital projects is considered
renovation were the emergency depart- busier hospitals in the area. In 2017-18, based on competing priorities, finite re-
ment, the outpatient lab, outpatient there were 19,875 visits to the emer- sources and the clinical needs of each
home care, rehabilitation (including gency department, which is an average communities.
occupational and respiratory therapy), of 1,656 visits per month or 54 visits “AHS is working on a strategy that
pharmacy, diagnostic imaging and the per day. The hospital has 23 acute care focuses on enhancing the care that is
main lobby of the hospital. beds and the emergency department provided for Albertans in their com-
According to Alberta Health Services has nine care spaces. munities to help improve overall health
(AHS), the emergency department in- At this time, there are no future up- and well-being,” she said. “We want to 413 - 3rd St. Strathmore
creased by 1,275 sq. ft. (from 2,015 sq. grades planned for the hospital, al- support people at home or in the com-
ft. to 3,290 sq. ft.) and added three new though Mcnair-Gariepy said AHS is in munity, and keep them out of hospi-
treatment spaces for a total of nine, one constant assessment and reassessment tal or discharge them from hospital as GET YOUR CLASSIFIED
of which is a negative air room, allow- of the services provided in Strathmore. soon as possible. This includes provid- ADS IN THE TIMES!
ing for the isolation of patients.
“The new triage desk is now en-
“It’s an ongoing process almost all
the time,” she noted.
ing home care and self-help services, Call 403-934-5589
and enhancing primary care.”

900 Westridge Road, Strathmore

900 Westridge Road, Strathmore

$ 50 FREE
15 %
INTERIOR Inspection Parts & Labour on any
CLEANING Repair over $500
With this coupon, expires January 31, 2019 With this coupon, expires January 31, 2019 With this coupon, expires January 31, 2019
Page 4 • Strathmore TIMES • January 25, 2019



Family Day
Join us for A Seminar Series For Caregivers
of Tweens & Teens

January 24,
February 7 & 21
Child Youth & Family Hub

February 18
$15/person or $25/couple

Next Regular Includes: dinner, child care and a take-home re-

* Pancake Breakfast source on positive parenting strategies.
Council Meeting: * Kids Carnival
Go home with plenty of ideas and develop effective
February 6th, * Bungee Run Game management strategies for dealing with teen

2019 * Skating on Outdoor Rink behaviour. Enjoy Conversation with other parents
experience the same things.
* Hay Rides Triple P is a parenting program, but it doesn’t tell you
how to be a parent. It’s more like a toolbox of ideas.
Next Committee Tons of fun - more info You choose the strategies you need. You choose
the way you want to use them. It’s all about making
of the to follow! Triple P work for you.

Whole Meeting:

Walking at the
February 13th,

Civic Centre
Don’t let the snow and cold stop you from walking. The Town of Strathmore provides
a safe, free and warm facility so the weather doesn’t stop you from enjoying your walk.
Jan. 8 - 10:45 am to 1:00 pm
Jan. 9 & 10 - 10:30 am to 12:30 pm

Jan. 16 - 10:30 am to 12:30 pm

120 Brent Blvd.
Jan 22 - 10:45 am to 1:00 pm
Jan 23 & 24 -10:30 am to 12:30 pm
Jan 29 - 10:45 am to 1:00 pm
Jan. 31 - 10:30 am to 12:30 pm

The Strathmore Motor Products

Sports Centre is Open!

We’re calling it a soft opening as we continue to get

everything set-up for you. The Strathmore Sobeys
Indoor Track and the Magnum Cementing Public
Gym is open to the public for drop-in from 8 am
to 5 pm Monday to Friday. It’s $2 for a daily drop-
in pass which can be purchased at the facility.
Come check it out!
680 Westchester Road, Strathmore, AB T1P 1J1 • 403-934-3133 • Office Hours: M - F 8:30 am to 4:30 pm
January 25, 2019 • Strathmore TIMES • Page 5


Town office relocation

To the Editor ON THE ROAD by the park? Let’s see if I’m right!
Regarding the issue of the new town hall, I totally I do believe that those on council, etc., who are Unit D,
agree with the residents who have stepped up and making these decisions will listen to us residents. 202 Canal Court,
disagreed with the location of the new town hall. We moved from Redcliff to Calgary to Strathmore, Strathmore, AB
We live directly across from Kinsmen Park and en- and have loved Strathmore since day one.
joy all the music, laughter and family time spent in Please reconsider your first plans. People are not
this park. going to visit our lovely town if there is no decent 403.934.6044
Since the new renovations downtown, we all see a parking, etc. prowatersystems
parking issue. Also, the large 12-plex that was built
across from Kinsmen Park – where are those people Margery Weatherby
who rent that building going to park? I would think Strathmore

Water Softeners, Iron Filters

2019 election, and oil and gas & Drinking Water Systems
MARTIN SHIELDS oil industries. As our Conser- eryone who took time out of
Member of Parliament Bow River Riding vative leader Andrew Scheer their day to show their sup-
recently said, the real dirty port. But we need more Ca-
It’s finally 2019, and the next federal oil is from Saudi Arabia. nadians to know that Canada
election is right around the corner. The If we were to completely is responsible for only 1.6
election will be fought over a number shut down Canadian energy per cent of global emissions
of important issues, but I think Cana- production (as some extrem- and that Canada is a major
da’s energy sector will be front and ists seem to want, and as the carbon sink. We need Cana-
centre. Prime Minister has said he dians to know that our oil
The issue of pipelines has dominated wants to do) we would still and gas industry has made
debate in our country for years now. need oil and gas. So-called enormous strides in produc-
Unfortunately, I think that far too many green energy sources have ing energy more sustainably.
Canadians simply have no idea how nowhere near the capac- And we need Canadians to
much they benefit from our oil and gas ity or technological viability know that the Liberal gov-
sector. It is a massive revenue source to heat millions of homes ernment’s plan for our en-
for the government, and many key ser- and fuel transportation in a ergy sector simply makes no
vices such as healthcare and the mili- country as vast as ours. So, sense.
tary are funded by oil and gas. If you we would be using the same I look forward to debating
have a pension fund, it is likely heav- amount of oil and gas, but this issue throughout 2019.
ily invested in the sector. And the jobs importing it from countries I can be reached in Ot-
and prosperity that the industry cre- with environmental regula- tawa at martin.shields@parl.
ates have benefits from coast to coast tions that simply don’t com- My Brooks office can
to coast. pare to Canada’s. be reached at 403-793-6775
Many of you have likely heard the I know that many of you in or martin.shields.c1@parl.
ethical oil argument – but we need Ca- our riding already know how, and my Strathmore of-
nadians across the country to under- beneficial our oil and gas fice at 403-361-2980 or mar-
stand it. When we import oil, it doesn’t industry is. The recent rally
come from environmentally responsible for Canadian resources in Please don’t hesitate to con-
Brooks had a massive turn- tact me about any federal is-
Strathmore RCMP out, and I want to thank ev- sue.

recover $17,000 worth

of stolen property

Help build a better health system.

On Jan. 20, 2019, Strathmore RCMP
entered into an investigation relating to Join one of our Advisory Councils!
potential stolen skis being posted for
sale on Kijiji. • Do you have interest in improving
On Jan. 21, Strathmore RCMP were health and wellness in your community?
able to identify and arrest two youths • Do you enjoy engaging your friends,
who have been charged in relation to neighbours and community in discussion?
being in possession of the stolen skis.
Strathmore RCMP were able to recover We are recruiting members for the Health Advisory
10 pairs of skis and three snowboards Council in your area, plus the Cancer Provincial
which were believed to be stolen from Advisory Council and the Addiction and
the Fernie Ski Resort in B.C. on Jan. 19. Mental Health Provincial Advisory Council.
Strathmore RCMP are now working
on identifying and returning the stolen Apply online by February 1:
skis to their rightful owners. The total
value of the property recovered was ap-
proximately $17,000. More information:
If you know anything about this inci-
dent, or have any information to report,
please call the Strathmore RCMP De-
tachment at 403-934-3535. If you wish
to remain anonymous, you can con-
tact Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477
(TIPS), online at or by us-
ing the P3 Tips app available through

the Apple App or Google Play store.
Mario Prusina Publisher Kristina Bezic Financial Manager
2 beds 2 baths, 30 day
Janet Kanters Editor Brady Grove Reporter Adelle Ellis Reporter / Office Manager
possession. NO LOT FEES
Rose Hamrlik Advertising Jody Schneider Production Manager
Contributors: Doug Taylor, Sharon McLeay, John Godsman, Steve Greene, Laureen F. Guenther, Manny Everett, Miriam Ostermann

123 2nd Avenue, Strathmore, Alberta T1P 1K1 • 403.934.5589

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Page 6 • Strathmore TIMES • January 25, 2019

Gleichen residents hold out hope for hamlet revitalization

SHARON MCLEAY community,” said Holt. “There is a need for some- opment that could be done. He suggested remov-
Times Contributor
thing else for the community, something for the ing unsafe buildings downtown, or moving the
community to grow and become something. For downtown core to a new growth area.
On Dec. 4, 2018, Wheatland County council passed a mo- the past number of years nothing has been pre- He asked Wheatland County council and ad-
tion asking the Golden Hills School Division No. 75 to de- sented. In the end, what I am saying is we would ministration for some help with Gleichen’s eco-
molish the Central Bow Valley School in Gleichen. like to see a redevelopment of Gleichen and know nomic development, and he thinks preserving the
Members of the community had hoped at least part of the where and what that would be like.” school could be a venue to hold economic devel-
school could be used to enhance and add to the community He outlined a number of issues in the hamlet, opment opportunities. He gave some ideas such
in some way. Sid Holt came before council on Jan. 11 to ask such as aging homes, sliding house values, loi- as a café, security business or college, further
whether council would reconsider their decision. tering and safety problems in the downtown, no education facility, trades and computer lab, hair
“I have been meeting with an awful lot of people in the businesses and unsafe, abandoned buildings. He dresser, museum, community social programs or
hamlet about what is necessary for the well-being of the also suggested a need to remove the liquor sales a business mall. He said there were a lot of grants
and work more closely with Siksika Nation on and programs that could be tapped into. He asked

youth and addiction issues. for time to form a community group that could
Strathmore Legion Branch #10 “If I was a young person looking for a house, I apply for the grants, anticipating it would take
wouldn’t move there,” said Holt. “Other than the two years, during which time the school building
By Irene Knappe. For further information, please call the Legion at 403.934.5119 hotel, store and library, there is nothing down- could be leased.
• We are in process of getting more volunteers to help us with various events we hold in
the Legion. There are only a handful or two of our membership who volunteer to keep the Legion town to be salvaged.” Wheatland County council indicated they would
going. We’re not asking for much, just a few hours of your time. I hope more of you will consider Kim Telford was a mayor of Gleichen in the like to see revitalization efforts spearheaded by
volunteering in one way or another, especially at Poppy tagging time in October and November.
• This year, we are hosting two rallies, one in Spring and one in the Fall. We also will
1990s, before the village was dissolved and turned local residents.
need Volunteers at the Ed Smith Bar BQ; High School Rodeo; Steak and Lobster; Shoot For the over to the county. In an interview, he said that For its part, Wheatland County had the Cen-
Troops; 75th Anniversary of D-Day, etc., etc., and not necessarily in this order. We need more cleanup measures were tried in the past. Gleichen tral Bow Valley school assessed and deemed the
VOLUNTEERS for all of these events! Please give it some thought and put your names down when
the sheets go up. WE NEED YOU!!!
council enforced taxes and encouraged residents building too expensive to upgrade. They said it
• From now on, every time we have an event for which we need Volunteers, I will let you to do cleanup and beautification measures, but would be cheaper to demolish the building and
know. All we ask is that you please be generous with your time. Also, in April, in conjunction with most of the people in the community were not put up new buildings. Some council members
Canada’s Volunteer Week, we will be honouring all who have volunteered for us in 2018. Thanks
in advance!!!
wealthy and the taxes didn’t generate enough stated that the county wasn’t in the business of
• At the Executive Meeting this month, we accepted two Ordinary (Veteran) applications, money to do much. being a landlord and wouldn’t support building a
one Associate application and four Affiliate Voting applications! To all these applicants, welcome Telford said getting an initiative supported, strip mall on the cleared lot.
• The current pot for Chase the Ace, played every Friday from 6 to 8 pm, is now sitting at such as the restored water tower, took a lot of Since the hamlet council was dissolved, the
over $1,700.00!!! Wow! See you Friday! time and energy. He said they tried to open up a county has met Gleichen’s infrastructure needs
• The meat draws continue on every Friday evening and Saturday afternoon. Various modern housing development on the east edge of and just recently supported events such as the
volunteers are selling the tickets every weekend. We thank you so much for your time!
• The Bingo pot, which was over $800.00, was won last Wednesday by a lovely lady who is town and while it flourished for a while, it hasn’t Holiday Train stop, to showcase the town. Coun-
a regular. See, patience DOES pay off!! So, back to the beginning! Bingo every Wednesday from grown much since. cil said it also committed a large amount of mon-
5:30 to 9:30 pm. Come on out – the more the merrier!!! Telford said another factor for decline was clos- ey to restoration of the arena. The county does
• The next Legion Executive Meeting will be held on Tuesday, February 12th, at 7 pm.
• There will be NO General Meeting in February, as per our new By-Laws!! The next General ing the elevator, shifting that business to the larg- have an economic development committee that
Meeting will be held on Tuesday, March 26th, at 7 pm. er facilities closer to Calgary. He visited Gleichen has hosted speaker sessions, but they haven’t yet
• Considering that we are just beginning a new year, you just KNOW that things will be
happening once again!! All the Christmas parties are now done, as is the Robbie Burns event!
lately, as he still considers Gleichen home, and he worked with county communities, and the county
Did anyone have any haggis? I don’t know, but I liked it when we were in Scotland! The end was saddened by the conditions there. does not have a dedicated economic development
of January is already upon us, go figure. February 14th is Valentine’s Day – stay tuned for more “There is just nothing there anymore,” he said. officer.
information as it comes.
• Sports are once again on track, which includes darts, crib, pool, etc. I will put in dates, and
Holt remains optimistic Gleichen can grow and The request to have the school demolished still
further information as they are received. he gave some suggestions about economic devel- stands.
Nominations open for Alberta Order of Excellence
Nominations must be received by Feb. 15 to be
Thought for Times Editor
considered for investiture this year. Nominations
the Week received after that date, and nominations not se-
~ Strathmore and Wheatland County citizens are lected in 2019, may be held and considered for up
It is almost invited to nominate remarkable citizens, commu- to three years.
nity leaders and innovators for membership in the Nominees must be Canadian citizens residing in
impossible Alberta Order of Excellence. Alberta and, if selected, must be able to attend the
to smile on Up to 10 people will be inducted into the Order investiture ceremony in October. People cannot
this year in recognition of remarkable contribu- nominate themselves, their spouse or a member
the outside tions to their community, the province and the na- of their immediate family.
without feeling tion. Information about the Order, including nomi-
The Alberta Order of Excellence (AOE) is the nation guidelines, nomination forms and biogra-
better on the highest honour the province of Alberta can be- phies of previous inductees, is available on the
inside. stow on a citizen. Members of the AOE careers Alberta Order of Excellence website at lieutenant-
range from medicine, science, engineering, law
and business, to politics, education, agriculture Information and nomination forms are also
and the arts. available by calling 780-449-0517.


Are you tired of cleaning your home just to

meet with clients? Rent a modern, fully furnished
per day
office in downtown Strathmore, offering daily rates!
Special weekly and monthly rates also available.
Move your home business into an elegant office in downtown
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Comes with the use of an elegant board room, kitchen and extra
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Strathmore Business Centre, 129, Second Ave.
January 25, 2019 • Strathmore TIMES • Page 7

RSA Intensive 4
Rosebud School of the Arts students
showed off their new mask work skills
at a four-day Intensive workshop, Jan.
9 to 12. Graham Percy of Calgary and
Adam Bergquist of Montreal led the
Intensive, focused on creative imagina- Strathmore RCMP is
tion for the actor, using folk tales, ar- investigating the Theft of a
chetypes and mask work. The students
held a public sharing of their work on Travel Trailer that took place on
Jan. 12.
Photo Courtesy of Paul F. Muir December 2, 2018.
The Trailer is described as a

Indigenous atlases for Alberta students White Travelaire Rustler with

license plate Y91180 Alberta and
JANET KANTERS the decals on it appear faded.
Times Editor about the history and legacy of residen- outcomes specific to First Nations, Métis
tial schools and the history of First Na- and Inuit perspectives and experiences,
Strathmore and area junior highs and tions, Métis and Inuit in Canada. The as well as content on the significance of If you have any information that
high schools are receiving a copy of the four-volume atlas set includes informa- residential schools and treaties. could help locate this Trailer,
Canadian Geographic Indigenous Peo- tion on Indigenous communities, lan- The atlas set is accompanied by an please contact
ples Atlas of Canada from the Govern- guages, education, treaties and lands. interactive website and an education-
ment of Alberta. In Alberta, the first province or terri- al app. Three of the books in the at- Strathmore RCMP.
The government purchased 1,600 tory in the country to widely distribute las cover First Nations, Inuit and Métis File: 20181794883
copies of the atlas to be distributed the atlas, it is mandatory that current peoples and perspectives. The fourth
to schools throughout the province.
The atlases will allow students to learn
and future kindergarten to Grade 12
curriculum includes student learning
focuses on the Truth and Reconciliation
Commission and residential schools.
Performing arts festival registration deadline looms
Times Contributor 2. Community and school choir classes welcomes additional sponsorship for
The first annual Strathmore Perform-
perform April 3. Piano classes will be
held April 4 and 5, and instrumental
this year and future festival years. Spon-
sors will be recognized in various ways, COULD BE HERE!
ing Arts Festival is drawing closer, and classes go April 5. Festival venues in- including social media exposure and a
registration deadline for performers is clude Strathmore High School, Strath- logo displayed at SPAF events. Contact Rose 403-934-5589
Feb. 1. more United Church and École Brent- Those who would like to provide
The Strathmore Performing Arts Fes- wood Elementary School. sponsorships are invited to contact the
tival (SPAF) goes March 30 to April 9. “Many children take music lessons, SPAF Association at strathmorepaf@
Performers in various musical genres, sing in choirs and play in bands,” Sponsorship deadlines are
including piano, voice, musical theatre, Steeves said. “The SPAF wants our stu- March 1 for seed money and March 15 YOUR WEEKLY
band, choir and other instruments will dents to be able to showcase their tal- for scholarships. HEALTH ADVICE
perform. ents locally for family and friends.” Musicians who wish to participate in
“Each class will be made up of the Select performers from various festi- the festival can register at strathmore-
performers who choose to enter that val classes will be invited to perform at Registration deadline
class,” said Carolyn Steeves, president a final concert on April 9 at Strathmore is Feb. 1.
Alliance Church. The SPAF Association “We are hoping the Strathmore Per- Gord Morck
of the Strathmore Performing Arts Fes- Pharmacist
tival (SPAF) Association. “All the per- plans to offer scholarships to outstand- forming Arts Festival will become a
formers will perform and then they will ing festival participants at the final con- week in April that the community, lo- Capsule Comments
all receive an adjudication giving them cert. cal music students and music lovers will
There is evidence that people who have had one
helpful tips on how to improve their “Any money designated to scholar- look forward to, an opportunity to cel- heart attack can take a baby ASA tablet daily to
performance next time and congratulat- ships will be given directly to the per- ebrate the talents of our youth.” prevent a second heart attack. But there is no real
ing them on things they did well. The formers,” said Steeves. “Scholarships A Taste of the Festival will also be held benefit for taking a baby ASA daily if you have no
length of the class will be determined encourage and support students to con- at Strathmore Lions Club’s 80th Charter history of heart disease. Even a small dose of ASA
by the number of participants.” tinue developing their talents through Night, Feb. 16, at the Strathmore Civic in the elderly can cause significant internal bleeding.
additional training.” Centre. The 30-minute presentation will So even though baby ASA is available without a
The festival opens March 30 with mu-
prescription, don’t take it until you talk to your doctor.
sical theatre classes. Band classes will The festival itself has already received feature solo, duet and trio performances
If you are having major surgery soon and you are a
be held April 1, and voice classes April generous donations, and the association from local pianists and singers.
smoker, you have a great motivator to quit the habit.
It’s been proven that smoking raises your risk of
complications after surgery and can also slow healing
of incisions. It is best to stop smoking for at least a

In the
month or two prior to surgery and for a few weeks
Come after. And if you made it this long, consider quitting
for good.

Dead of Celebrate the If you are going on a winter holiday, don’t forget your
sunscreen. And those people who have darker skin
tones should be aware that they are still susceptible

Winter 80th Anniversary of the to skin cancer and sun damage even though their skin
contains more melanin that lighter-skinned persons.
Remember to use sunscreens that block both UVA and
Strathmore Lions Club UVB rays and apply liberally and often.

Speaker, Rebca Zawde,
MSW, RSW. Building good oral hygiene habits in our children
Counsellor with Hospice Calgary with Past International President is important for a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums.
WHEATLAND Children under the age of three should have their
She will be speaking on
Grieving Children and
Judge Brian Stevenson teeth brushed by an adult. Flossing should be started
between the ages of two and three and parents can
do this for them until after the age of six or so when
their Families Dinner: children can begin to do it themselves.
Strathmore’s Tim Drover
Entertainment: M-F: 9 - 7 pm • Sat: 9 - 6 pm
February 7 • 7pm Sun & Holidays: 11 - 5 pm
Strathmore High School Tickets $40 Strathmore 132 - 2nd Ave.
Auditorium Cocktails 6:00pm
Dinner 7:00pm
No Charge admission Cash bar
Ph: 403-934-3122
Dress is business casual
Followed by Fx: 403-934-6474
For Tickets Please Contact:
Coffee and Discussion. February 16, 2019 Bruce Bishop: 403-888-9914
Get the latest new products, special
savings, contests and more sent directly
Strathmore Civic Centre Brian Grier: 403-686-7470 to your email. Sign up today for the
120 Brent Blvd. Keith Temple: 403-325-0348 Value Drug Mart E-letter.
Page 8 • Strathmore TIMES • January 25, 2019

Held on December 7, 2018, this year over
$55,000 was raised to be used toward
Standard community betterment.
Thank you to the following donors and buyers, without your
support this type of event could not possibly be this successful.

2018 Standard Lions Auction DONOR List

Addlee Ventures Ltd.-Strathmore Koole Livestock Hauling-Standard
Alan Larsen-Standard LRC Building-Larry Casey-Standard
Armstrong Auto-Hussar Louis Dreyfus-Lyalta
Arysta Life Science-Tyler Armstrong-Hussar MNP-Drumheller
Four-legged fun
Austin Larsen Trucking-Standard Martin Shields-Member of Parliament Pet-friendly FurFest 2019 was held Jan. 19 at the Strathmore Civic Centre, featuring shopping, play
ATB Financial-Strathmore Nutrien Ag Solutions-Andy Stender-Strathmore time, a picture booth and special presentations throughout the day. Representatives from several dog
AVB Greenhouses-Standard Nutrien Ag Solutions-Kelly Crump-Rosebud rescue groups, including Northern Sky Greyhound Adoption Association (pictured above), AARCS and
Bar-7-Bar Ranch-Kooter Kaiser-Hussar Nutrien-Standard Rocky Mountain Animal Rescue, were also on site to provide information. The event was hosted by
B & P Cycle & Sport-Calgary Origin Malting & Brewing Co.-Strathmore Alpine View Pet Spa and Pet Planet. Rose Hamrlik Photo
B & G Services-Standard Owen Oil Tools-Standard

Standard to see new

Barbeejay Supplies-John Bland-Cheadle Pat Newell Equipment Hauling-Rockyford
Barry & Heather Van Laar-Standard Paterson Grain-Gleichen
Ben Unger-Standard Petri Nystrom-Standard
BASF-Hailey Hartwell Phil Faubion-Standard
BAYER-Tiffany Gogowich Prairie Source Trading Ltd.-Jamie Fraser-Lethbridge

Christensen Grocery
Burnco Rock Products-Strathmore Premium Ag-Strathmore
Calgary Stockyards Ltd.-Strathmore Richardson Pioneer-Mike Sauve-Standard
Cervus Equipment-Drumheller Richardson Pioneer-Wheatland
Cheyenne Heating-Pete Anderson-Hussar Riverside Packers-Drumheller

start up this year

Chris Hanson-Standard Rocking Horse Industries
Christensen Carriers-Ed Christensen-Standard -Steve Marshman-Strathmore
Co-op Feeds-Calgary Rockyford Lions Club
Core Ag Inputs-Mike Hira-Strathmore Rockyford Steel
Corteva-Dustin Leskosky Rocky Mountain Equipment-Drumheller
Creteworks Concrete Specialists-Strathmore Rosebud Seed Plant-Mike Kathol ADELLE ELLIS
Times Reporter
Cummins Sales & Service-Calgary Schumacher, Gough & Co.-Drumheller
D-Alta Mechanical-Rockyford SLD Farming Ltd.-Lawrence & Don Jensen-Standard
D &S Ag-Dustin Larsen-Standard Standard Chiefs The new year brings new changes
Drew Gregory-Standard Strathmore’s Florist for the Village of Standard, following
Ducks Unlimited-Strathmore Strathmore Golf Club the announcement that one local family
Early Bird Air Ltd.-Calvin Murray Strathmore Lions Club will be taking over the old Standard Co-
Fireworks Factory-Shaylene Koester-Rockyford Strathmore Vet Clinic
op building and will soon be opening
Fountain Tire-Drumheller Strathmore Motor Products
Fountain Tire-Strathmore Strathmore Seed Cleaning Plant
the space as Christensen Grocery.
Gates Agencies Ltd.-Standard Sundgaard Poultry Farm-Standard Village residents have been without a
Gene’s Gas Bar-Standard Superior Feeds-Terry Wolfs-Rockyford local grocery store since March 2018. In
Gerry & Ruth Kroon-Standard Syngenta Canada Inc. -Karen Ullman May 2018, a group of residents formed
Getz, Collins & Associates-Strathmore Tankers Tranter Service-Andy McCormack-Standard The Broadway Group to purchase the
Gibsons Energy-Standard Target Airspray Ltd.-Darren Tiede-Strathmore old Co-op building with the goal of
Gleichen-Standard Transport-Darren Firkus Terry & Meryl Clark-Standard completing upgrades and finding rent-
Glenn & Debbie Laycock-Standard Tervita-Standard ers to turn the building back into a
Glover International Trucks-Drumheller Total Control Security-Kyle Suntjens-Drumheller store.
Gray’s Ltd. -Strathmore Trochu Motors-Jack Stankievech Locals Ed and Cathy Christensen were
Gregg Distributors-Strathmore Twila Green-Standard
successful in their application to open
Gregory, Harriman & Associates-Strathmore UFA Strathmore-Russ Nail
Hi-Standard Spraying-Glenn & Mark Laycock UFA Wheatland Petroleum-Scott McRae
and manage the new store. They are
Hunter, Wallace Surveys-Grant Wallace-Strathmore Vision Travel Co.-Strathmore aiming to open Christensen Grocery on
Husky Oil-Standard Vitera-lndus March 1 of this year, following several
Hussar Seed Cleaning Co-op Westcan Solar & Light-Curtis Jensen-Strathmore upgrades taking place in the coming
ID Apparel-Ray Laval-Drumheller Westergard Motors-Drumheller weeks including a new refrigeration
Keith & Donna Nelson-Standard Western GM-Drumheller system, new coolers and a new com-
Knuckle Buster Mechanic Services-Standard Westview Co-op Drumheller puter system installation.
Koester Ag Ventures-Darcy Koester-Rockyford Yvonne Way-Standard “We wanted a name that would reflect
the Danish heritage of our community The old Standard Co-op store will soon become
2018 Standard Lions Auction BUYERS List because it is in fact a community in- Christensen Grocery, operated by locals Ed and
Cathy Christensen.
vestment,” said Cathy Christensen. “We
Alan Larsen Gates Mechanical Rockyford Lions Club chose to go with a surname that is not Photo Courtesy of Cathy Christensen
Art Hudson Getz, Collins & Associates Ron Elder exclusive to our family, as it’s shared
Bar Box Farms Gleichen Lions Club Rosebud Lions Club with many great families here. We hope To start, Ed and Cathy will be man-
Ben Unger Gleichen Standard Roy Zakariasen the store name gives recognition as be- aging and operating the store on their
Brent Gregory, R & B Farms Transport-Darren Firkus Rusty Reeves own with some of their immediate fam-
ing owned by and operated by your
Brian Story Gregory, Harriman & SLD Farming Ltd
Slopeside Land & Cattle neighbours.” ily volunteering their time to get the
Cals Construction Associates
-Richard Wolfs Hans Olsen -Matt Nielsen The store will offer a full line of gro- store up and running. They will also be
Cervus Equipment-Drumheller Harvest Financial Standard Chiefs cery, meat, dairy and produce, an ex- relying on the guidance and knowledge
Cheadle Lions Club Harvey Larsen Standard Spray panded liquor area, and lottery and of other locals in efforts of supporting
Chimney Hills Grain & Cattle Hi-Standard Spraying Standard Stock Farms-David popular hardware items along with the store.
Co.-Erik Bach Hunter Wallace Nielsen proposed future additions of a slushie “Given our Co-op store’s demise, the
Chris Hanson Surveyors-Grant Wallace Strathmore Lions Club new community store will need to op-
Circle 3 Farms JayJay Farms Ltd. Strathmore Motor Products
machine, gourmet coffee machines and
Clare Nelson James Zakariasen Sundgaard Poultry Farms some grab-and-go food products. erate very lean in order to stay com-
Clifford Larsen John Elias Target Airspray Ltd. Sobeys will be the main grocery sup- petitive and thrive … of course, we are
Cochrane Lions Club Koole Livestock Hauling Terry Risseeuw plier for the store with name brands as hoping the store will be supported by
Cody Hayes, Wheatland Auc- Les Zakariasen Tim Larsen well as the Compliments brand. One fo- enough of the community to afford staff
tion Services Martin Sheilds Travis Kathol cus of the new managers is to stay com- to join us in the future,” said Cathy.
Crowfoot Valley Ranch Mike Gregory Trent Sundgaard petitive, in terms of quality of product Ed and Cathy believe many locals
Curtis Fawcett Mike Rasmussen Triple G Farms Ltd.
and price, as other surrounding grocery will realize the value and convenience
D & S AG-Dustin Larsen Mike Sauve Wayne Dundas
Dale Beingessner Mullen Farms Westcan Solar & Light stores. of having a store close to home as op-
Darcy Burke Murray Michie -Curtis Jensen “(We plan on) offering quality of posed to travelling for their basic needs.
Darcy Martin Parflesh Farms Ltd. Westergard Ford product, competitive prices, great ser- “A store in Standard means the money
Darrell Larsen -Craig Christensen Western GM vice and community involvement. Our that is spent here stays here and some
Darren Larsen R4 Farms Will Goethe number one goal is to become your of that cycles back into the community,”
Drew Gregory R & M Farms Wilson Ranches said Cathy. “Our personal decision is
friendly and inviting neighbourhood
Dundas Oilfield Ricky Skibsted Wilson Rodeo
store,” said Cathy who added they will more about how having a store keeps
Fred Dankwerth Richard Bach
Gates Agencies Ltd. Richardson Pioneer-Standard be occupying the former grocery side of our community connected, thriving and
the building only. looking to a brighter future.”
January 25, 2019 • Strathmore TIMES • Page 9

Strathmore Lions
celebrate 80 years
that year, with 15 charter members who
Times Editor
paid $5 to join.
“The early activities in those days in-
The Strathmore Lions Club is cel- cluded a sports day in July 1939, with
ebrating its 80th charter night next a softball tournament, auction sale and
month and is inviting Strathmore and dance,” said Breitwieser. “The proceeds
area residents to help them commemo- went to improving the swimming ‘pool,’
rate the event. which was really a mud hole.” Senior’s services event
The 80th anniversary party will go
Feb. 16 at the Strathmore Civic Centre,
Today, the Strathmore Lions Club
Forty-eight people attended a Senior’s Coffee
We’ll Make You
meets twice a month to plan various ac-
and will feature a dinner, entertainment event on Jan. 16 at the Strathmore library to
tivities and organize programs to assist learn about the various options for senior’s hous-
and an address by a past president of the community. Some of those projects ing and services in the Strathmore area. Repre-
Lions Club International. include the Lions Splash Park, develop- sentatives from Meadowlark Senior Care Home,
According to Lions Club member ment of the Lions Legacy Park, Strath- Wheatland Lodge and Agecare Sagewood made
Robert Breitwieser, anyone is welcome more Celebration of Lights, Lions food presentations and answered questions.
to the event. concessions at the Strathmore Heritage Photo Courtesy Terry Kinsman
“The event is a recognition in the Days and Stampede, an international Please call 403-934-9681
community of the history of the Lions student exchange, Wheatland Lodge Times TIDBITS to schedule your appointment
Club in this community,” he said, add- Stampede pancake breakfast, and sup- Dr. Elizabeth Robinson • Dr. Leanne Lesniak
ing the event is a great way for people port and monetary grants to additional Did You Know?
interested in becoming a Lions member Did you know that cows and horses can sleep NEW PATIENTS WELCOME
activities and projects.
to see how the club works. Tickets for the charter night are $40, standing up but they can only dream while lying #11 - 55 Wheatland Trail, Strathmore
The Strathmore Lions Club was or- and can be purchased from Bruce Bish- down? That is because they don’t experience
ganized on Sept. 12, 1938, and its first op 403-888-9914, Brian Grier 403-686- Rapid Eye Movement (REM) deep slumber which
charter night was held on Dec. 20 of allows us to dream, unless they lie down.
7470 or Keith Temple 403-325-0348.

Valentines Love&Laughs
The Carseland Lions present...

Dinner, Show & Dance

Saturday Feb 9th, 2019
@ the Carseland Community Hall
• An Elegant 3 course meal
• Mezmorizing show with
FARMING and Hypnotist JR Matthew
AGRICULTURE Week • Dance the night away

The Strathmore Times will be publishing Cocktails @ 6:30

this Special Brochure on Dinner, Show & Dance @ 7
Friday, March 15, 2019
Deadline: March 1, 2019
Tickets: $55 ea.
(Limited tickets available.)

To book your spot contact: Get your tickets by visiting us on

Rose 403-934-5589 or email Facebook from any Carseland Lions member
or by callling 403.808.4739


Superior Advertising
& Service Our office is located at
32+17 Years of Award 122 2nd Ave. Strathmore, AB
Winning Service Fax: 403-934-4800
Nancy Stairs Steve Farran Alisa Wurz Ashley Newbon
(403) 934-1625 (403) 901-9335 (403) 934-7903 Residential • Acreage • Commercial Unlicened Assistant (403) 934-3900

32+17+2 yrs of Award Winning Experience Visit our Website to find your DREAM HOME @
Page 10 • Strathmore TIMES • January 25, 2019

Notice is hereby given that the WHEATLAND COUNTY Council has approved
or refused the following development permit applications on January 15, NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARINGS
2019: February 5, 2019
File: DP2018-138
Approved with Conditions Wheatland County will consider the following applications for Public Hearing
Legal: Plan 2124U; B8; L8, 9 – Cluny at the regular Council meeting on February 5, 2019.
Proposal: Variance request for an addition to a legal non-conforming garage.
The following public hearings begin at 9 a.m. and proceed
File: DP2018-159 until all applications have been heard:
Approved with Conditions
Bylaw #: 2018-34
Legal: Plan 751 0624; B4 within NW 10-24-26-W4M
Legal Description: SW-12-24-24-W4M
Proposal: Home Base Business Type 3, Raw Dog Food processing and signage on an existing building of
Proposal: Redesignation of +/ -10.6 acres from Agricultural General District to
the business.
Industrial General District to accommodate for a future subdivision, and contin-
ued use of the land for an RV Storage business.
File: DP2018-161
Approved with Conditions
Legal: Plan 771 065; B11; L23 – Carseland
Proposal: Home Based Business Type 2, Eyelash Extensions

File: DP2018-162
Approved with Conditions
Legal: Plan 951 1278; B1 within NE 28-23-25-W4M
Proposal: Garden Suite with Variance Request (setback from primary residence)

File: DP2018-164
Approved with Conditions
Legal: NE 12-27-22-W4M
Proposal: Home Based Business Type 3, Wool Processing Facility

Any person who deems they may be affected by the issuance of the development permit(s) may appeal to the
Subdivision & Development Appeal Board (SDAB) 21 days after the date in which the written decision is given.
Each Subdivision and Development Appeal to the county must be accompanied by a $200.00 non-refundable
fee and an appeal application form, to be filed with the SDAB Clerk of Wheatland County at 242006 Range
Road 243 or Mail to: Highway #1, RR #1, Strathmore, Alberta, T1P 1J6.

Dated this 25th day of January 2019.

Did you know? We now post all decisions on our website!


IN THE PROVINCE OF ALBERTA Legal Description: NE 15-25-23-W4M
PURSUANT to sections 230, 606, 631 and 692 of the Municipal Government Act, Revised Statutes of Alberta 2000, Proposal: Redesignation of +/ - 24.188 acres from Agricultural General District to
Chapter M-26, as amended, the Council of Wheatland County and Council of Vulcan County in the Province of Alber- Intensive Industrial District to accommodate a development permit application for a
ta hereby gives notice of their intention to consider Bylaw No. 2018-35 and Bylaw No. 2018-041, each being a bylaw fireworks storage facility.
to amend the Wheatland County and Vulcan County Intermunicipal Development Plan for compliance with the
Municpal Government Act and the South Saskatchewan Regional Plan. The Intermunicipal Development Plan (IDP)
fosters on-going cooperation and coordination between the two municipalities and establish a framework for mak-
ing land use planning decisions, including subdivision and development application referral requirements, within an
agreed to planning area on either side of the Bow River

THEREFORE, TAKE NOTICE THAT the Council of Wheatland County and the Council of Vulcan County will be holding
individual public hearings to consider adopting the proposed amendments to Intermunicipal Development Plan and
the public hearings to contemplate the proposed bylaws will be held as follows:
9:00 a.m., February 5, 2019
Wheatland County Council Chambers
1:15 p.m., January 16, 2019
Vulcan County Council Chambers
AND FURTHER TAKE NOTICE THAT anyone wishing to make a presentation to the Council of Wheatland County
regarding the proposed plan and adopting bylaw should, in writing, notify the Chief Administrative Officer of Wheat-
land County no later than 4:00 p.m. on the 1st day of February, 2019. Both written and/or verbal presentations may
be given at the public hearings.
AND FURTHER TAKE NOTICE THAT anyone wishing to make a presentation to the Council of the Vulcan County
regarding the proposed plan and adopting by-law should, in writing, notify the Chief Administrative Officer of Vulcan
County no later than 4:00 p.m. on the the 11th day of January, 2019. Both written and/or verbal presentations may
be given at the public hearings.
Bylaw #: 2018-32
A copy of the proposed amendments Intermunicipal Development Plan and bylaw may be inspected at the Wheat- Proposal: Land Use Bylaw Am endm ent, update to Direct Control (DC -1),
land County office or the Vulcan County office during normal business hours or the either municipality’s website. add setback requirements for Parks & Recreations District and Community Service
DATED at Wheatland County in the Province of Alberta this 20th day of December, 2018 District. Provide additional clarification to definitions and how complaints are re-
DATED at the Town of Vulcan in the Province of Alberta this 20 th day of December, 2018.
Alan Parkin Nels Petersen
Wheatland County Vulcan County
#242006 Rge Rd. 243 Box 180 Comments may be forwarded in writing to Wheatland County or in person at the
Highway 1 RR 1
Strathmore, AB
Vulcan, AB
T0L 1B0
above meeting. The application files may be reviewed in the County Office during
T1P 1J6 regular office hours – Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Any comments provided
will become part of the public record in accordance with Section 40 (1) of the Alberta
Freedom of Information and Protection Privacy Act. Any personal information on
submissions made regarding applications is collected under the authority of the
FOIP Act Section 33 (c) and subsequent versions of the Act.

Address: 242006 Range Rd 243 Phone: 403-934-3321 Mail: Hwy 1 RR 1, Strathmore, AB, T1P 1J6 Office Hours: Mon-Fri 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
January 25, 2019 • Strathmore TIMES • Page 11

Wheatland County
Economic Development
Board — Call for Members
Wheatland County invites applications for membership on
the Economic Development Board with appointment to
commence in April 2019. The Economic Development
Board is comprised of active business owners (members-
at-large) and one ex officio representative (County Coun-
cillor). Membership on the Board will be appointed by
Wheatland County Council for a term up to October 31,
2020. The Board’s mandate is to review, prepare and make
recommendations to Wheatland County Council to pro-
mote the priorities and terms of reference of the Board in
relation to the following: communication and collabora-
tion, identify community needs, provide a resource to pro-
mote business within the County, be a resource to
Wheatland County Council to assist in planning for achiev-
ing the County’s Strategic Plan.

Deadline for applications is February 15, 2019. If you

require more information or to submit letters of interest,
please contact the Wheatland County Chief Administra-
tive Officer – Alan Parkin at 403-361-2002 or via email

Career Opportunities Community Enhancement Funding

Shop Foreman Applications and Reports Now Available!
Closes January 28, 2018 at 4 p.m.
Please Quote Job #P19-01
The Shop Foreman is responsible for overseeing the preventative maintenance, What is the Community Enhancement Fund?
service, and repairs of all Wheatland County vehicles, equipment and the Shop
facility, ensuring all work is done in a timely and cost effective manner and in The Community Enhancement Fund provides grant funding from
accordance with Wheatland County policies.
Wheatland County to enhance, promote, and support groups and
Reporting to the Shop Foreman is the Shop Sub-Foreman, Journeyman Heavy
quipment Technician, Journeyman Automotive Technician, Partsperson, Apprentice organizations that bring a broad range of enjoyment, benefit, beauti-
Partsperson, Welder Fabricator, Apprentice Heavy Equipment Technician, and the fication, recreation, entertainment, participation, and enhancement
Construction Serviceman.
projects to Wheatland County.
In accordance with Wheatland County’s Personnel Policy, the successful candidate will be re-
quired to submit to a Criminal Records Check, and must be legally entitled to work for any em-
ployer in Canada. Must have a valid Class 5 Alberta Drivers’ License. There are three categories for funding:
We thank all applicants for their interest; however, only those selected for an interview will be
contacted. To apply:
- Project-Based Grants
Wheatland County -Human Resources
Hwy 1 RR 1, Strathmore, Alberta, T1P 1J6
- Operating Grants
Fax (403) 934-4889 or Email: - Library Base Grants
For more detailed job descriptions, please visit the careers page on our website.
Grant applications and reporting forms are available on the website
under the boards and committees page.

Applications are due by January 31, 2019

Address: 242006 Range Rd 243 Phone: 403-934-3321 Mail: Hwy 1 RR 1, Strathmore, AB, T1P 1J6 Office Hours: Mon-Fri 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Page 12 • Strathmore TIMES • January 25, 2019

Fire board bylaw

tise sitting on the board. Armstrong said
Times Contributor
the bylaw does not prevent the board
from bringing in experts for advice.
Questions were raised about the new Rockyford Mayor Darcy Burke, who
fire board bylaw 2019-1, passed for first also serves as a firefighter, wants a
reading at the Jan. 8 Wheatland County Rockyford representative and someone
council meeting. with fire experience at the table. He
“Section 3.5 states that (fire board) said an expanded board with adequate
members will not be a member of a vol- representation could avoid all this con-
unteer fire department; we have some troversy and promote good communica-
fire departments out there that won’t tion.
have representatives, because everyone Deputy Reeve Glenn Koester stated
is on the fire department,” said Council- that he also had heard concerns from
lor Ben Armstrong. municipal partners. Some asked why
Alan Parkin, Wheatland County chief the board could not be larger, similar
administrative officer, has asked his to the fire review board, which had rep-
staff to clarify their rationale when resentation for each area of the county.
drafting the bylaw. He said the smaller board contains the
“I set up a similar system for this at focus, but the fire board would not be
my previous employer,” said Stuart Lar- hindered in gathering information in
son, manager with Wheatland County’s any manner they decided.
emergency, fire and protection Services. “There is no reason that the board
“Simply why we do it like this is, if you couldn’t have a sub-committee and lis-
have an active firefighter on a board ten, or have everybody to come in, if
that is looking at capital, you don’t get that is what they so wish to do,” said
that completely objective view. At times, Koester, who added that he relies on
they can slant towards certain types of board, committee recommendations
apparatus and certain types of manufac- and expert consultation to make his
turers that are not necessarily cost ef- council decisions.
fective or the smartest buy.” No discussion was given to the
Councillor Jason Wilson said he un- board’s authority to conduct post-
derstands where the concerns are com- event evaluations and make decisions
ing from, “but this is an advisory board in procedures, training and disciplin-
voting structure. It wouldn’t really mat- ary oversight. Burke was not sure if
ter … its (the fire board) consensus is the proposed board could adequately
the only way they can advise us as coun- review fire events without knowledge
cil. The board is advisory, they are not of firefighting and the complexities in-
making any decisions, they can push as volved at the scene. He said fire chiefs
19013CE0 hard as they want for their equipment, already do event reviews and he did not
but the final say is with council.” think those should be conducted by the
The question arose as to how the board.
board could make informed decisions The bylaw will come back to council
without having anyone with fire exper- Feb. 5, for second and third reading.

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Saturday, January 26 StratThimorePLAYER OF realestatereps
8:00 pm vs Medicine Hat mes THE GAME
Friday, Jan 18
Friday, February 8 Cody Caron
8:00 pm vs Cochrane Saturday, Jan 19
Michelle Hayley Christa Carey 587-316-2000
Strathmore Family Centre - Gold Arena Hayden Vander Ploeg Eldjarnson Poirier Aleman Rose

JANUARY 25, 2019

SPORTS Battle of the

Badges preview
Times Reporter

The Strathmore RCMP and Strathmore

Fire Department will square off in the Bat-
tle of the Badges hockey game to connect
with the community and help raise money
for two local charities.
The puck drops at 6:30 p.m. on Feb. 10 at
the Strathmore Family Centre. The friendly
competition is about the community and
coming together.
“We thought it would be a good way
to give back to the community and to try
The Wheatland Kings picked up three of a possible four points this past weekend, including a 5-1 home thumping of the Blackfalds Wranglers and bring a positive light to the two de-
on Jan. 17 at the Strathmore Family Centre. The Kings will now travel to Cochrane on Jan. 25, before hosting the Medicine Hat Cubs on Jan. 26
partments and show how we can work as
(8 p.m.) at the Strathmore Family Centre. The team will then travel to Medicine Hat the following day to cap off the home-and-home.
a team,” said Strathmore Fire Department
Doug Taylor Photos
lieutenant Dave Ramsay. “A lot of times

Kings grab three of four points

when we’re there it’s people’s worst night-
mare happening.”
Both groups are feeling confident in their
hockey abilities and believe they will win
ond period where it was just shift after shift of momen- the game.
Times Reporter “We’re feeling good, we’ve been practic-
tum (gains),” said Robinson.
The third period started positively for the Kings when ing lots. I think we’re going to do okay, but
The Strathmore Wheatland Kings played a strong de- Busslinger got his second of the night on a breakaway I think they think they’re going to do okay,
fensive game at home to beat the Blackfalds Wranglers three minutes in. However, despite the Kings lead, the too,” said Ramsay with a chuckle.
5-1 on Jan. 18, but lost to the Lomond Lakers 6-5 in Wranglers took over the third and began hitting the There is a special relationship between
overtime on Jan. 19. Kings everywhere. The Wranglers greased one in on the RCMP and the fire department. The
The Kings picked up three out of four possible points the power play and then things started to get a little two groups work very closely together on
over the weekend and only have six regular season ugly in the last five minutes. a wide variety of situations, and municipal
games remaining in the year. Busslinger was slammed against the boards by Dylan employee watch clerk from Team RCMP,
“We came out and played another solid game of Scheunert of the Wranglers and didn’t appear to want Moira Powell, acknowledged there is al-
hockey (vs Wranglers),” said Kings head coach Joel to drop the gloves with the bigger opponent. But ways a friendly bit of competition between
Robinson. “The boys really had a team win tonight.” Scheunert didn’t give him much choice and once the the two organizations.
The Kings struck early against the Wranglers when gloves hit the ice, Busslinger threw jab after jab which The idea for this game came from other
Isaac Benoit broke into the opposition zone and found caught Scheunert off guard and down he went. communities that have hosted their own
Lucas Muenchrath with a pass that he deflected past Kings goalie Brett Willan was nearly perfect in the Battle of the Badges games over the years.
Wranglers goalie Jared Elliot. It was the lone goal of a victory and made 31 saves in the contest. This will be the first time the event has
first period which saw many tight battles, even shots Despite the Kings success against the Wranglers, the been held in Strathmore. Both groups are
and no easy lines. Lakers managed to beat them the next night but need- looking forward to connecting with the
The second period was all Kings. Five minutes in, ed extra time to do it. The first period featured seven of community and showing another side to
Mitch Desserre, a Kings call-up, got things going for his the game’s 11 goals with both clubs lighting the lamp. their organizations.
club when he spotted Rylee Hebert behind the Wran- Rob Butterwick led the Kings in scoring with a goal “Usually when you’re involved with the
glers defense. Desserre’s pass landed on Hebert’s stick and two assists, and Kings goalie Riley Stovka made 31 police it’s not a great experience,” said Pow-
and he skated in all alone and squeaked a shot through. saves in the loss. ell. “It’s nice to see the members (RCMP
Captain Cole Busslinger tipped a point shot past the The Kings now have a record of 15-14-3 and are tied and fire) in a different light.”
Wranglers goalie five minutes later, and five minutes with the Medicine Hat Cubs with 33 points for fourth The entrance fee to the game is a cash
after that, Benoit fired a rocket of a shot that missed the place in the southern division. donation to the two local charities selected
net and hit the glass. The shot was so hard it bounced The Kings have arguably their most important week- this year: the Hub (Strathmore Youth Club)
out front to a waiting Cody Caron who swatted it out of end of the season coming up. First, they face division and Wheatland County Food Bank are the
the air and into the net to give the Kings a 4-0 lead after rival Cochrane Generals in Cochrane on Jan. 25. After- two organizations that will be receiving
two periods. The Wranglers struggled to stay out of the wards they have a home-and-home series against the money raised from the Battle of the Badges
box and took five penalties in the second. Cubs which could determine the final placement in the game.
For more information, visit the Battle of
“It killed us for sure. We ran into penalty problems
and it came back and haunted us,” said Wranglers head
The Cubs travel to Strathmore on Jan. 26 for an 8 the Badges Strathmore Facebook page, @
coach Brian Lenz. HELP!
“I think we had that good 10, 15 minutes in the sec-
p.m. game. The Kings then head to Medicine Hat on
Jan. 27.

Visit our website to view all of our listings

along with all MLS listed properties
Robert La Shaun Keith Paul Shauna
Sheila Ryan
Desjardins Andrews Garrioch Kautz Kautz Kenworthy
403 403 403 403 403 403
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Page 14 • Strathmore TIMES • January 25, 2019
January 25, 2019 • Strathmore TIMES • Page 15

Former Spartan joins Dinos

Times Reporter

Strathmore local football player Reid
Jensen, 17, has taken the next step to-
wards his dream in becoming a profes-
sional football player by accepting an
offer to play for the University of Cal-
gary Dinos starting in 2019.
Jensen had an up and down 2018
in which he suffered an injury to his
Pass the Salt
hand that required surgery, but ended it TAKE STOCK TO TAKE STEP who comes into your life is either a
by winning the Rangeland Conference As the year 2018 is moving towards blessing or a lesson. It is ‘dangerous’
closing, everyone is already thinking to be on a journey or trip with a co-
League MVP. or taking stock of the things they had traveller who is not going anywhere.
“The goal ultimately is to play profes- wished to achieve this year but are It is not a good decision to put one’s
sional football but I also want to make still pending while some are rushing life on ‘autopilot mode’ because
towards meeting some deadlines crashing is not inevitable at the end.
the most of my time with football,” said of the things they had initiated the Be practical and conscious of your
Jensen. “It’s not a sport you can play processes
Reid Jensenof(r),doing. 17, ofIn the decisions,
real sensewas signed
Strathmore to change for theDinos
the Calgary better football

Splashing performance
forever.” of it,inif you
team take the stock
December. The of your life
announcement where
was necessary
made bybecause Dinos it’s
The Dinos contacted Jensen after the attainments
Wayne Harris for(l). year 2018, you might the stock taking process. Think before
be left with surprises of the things you you act! Courtesy of Amanda Jensen
season to gauge his interest in joining would have wished to do or achieve Be sensitive to the opportunities
their team. They offered Jensen an in- The Strathmore Silver Sharks Swim Club took part in their first meet of 2019
but you didn’t take any practical steps around you and grab the ones that
towardswas nominated
achieving or actualizing for
them.the award
suits your in 2017 and
aspirations as dreams
a member at the Pugsley’s Plunge Sr. Meet from Jan. 18-20. The Silver Sharks sent 27
vite to training camp and a guaranteed
of However,
the Spartans as we journey buttocamethe newin second. It wasn’t
for the year. Remember,until not allhis sec- athletes during the three days of racing. The club had 85 per cent of their
spot on the team. Jensen wanted to join opportunities are Also, if you athletes receive their best times and 63 per cent finished in the Top 8. Seven
2019, I want into2018
thatyou he finally was chosen the other
a winning team which was another fac- to take stock of the things you have believe in God, take stock of your walk of the athletes finished in the Top 3 in at least one of their races. The next
tor in him signing with the team on coaches in the league
in mind to achieve or the things you
for the award.
with God. Take stock of your level Sr. meet is Feb. 1-3 in Okotoks, while the Jr. meet will take place in Calgary
Dec. 10, 2018. “It’s prettydown
have written amazing considering
to accomplish then of his injury
spirituality andand thatforward.
advance he didn’t on Feb. 3.
“Everything just seemed like the right play
begin allto take
games,” stepssaid Glass.Count
in getting “I’m yourbiased
blessingsand I thought
and name them Photo Courtesy of Jennifer Mertz
fit,” said Jensen. “Close to home, there
them done.
that’s exactly No athletes
where he shouldone
get medals be,by one.
but Psalm
I’m 103:1
glad the other
for tournament they had wished Conclusively, as we celebrate the
was bunch of people I already knew coaches
to participaterealized what
in but the he was able
one they season,to take
do.”stock of your entire
Your BBB* Serving Southern Alberta and East Kootenay presents:
(on the team), and I really like the Glass
physically said
and he wouldn’t
practically be surprised
participated to see
life as well. Jensen
Remember that make
without the
CFLin and
one accomplished.
day and that You can now be your Christ,be
it would there
fun willto
be watch
no Christmas.
him as a
coaching staff.”
According to Dinos head coach Wayne fanown ‘Inventory Manager’ by taking
instead of a coach.
stock of your goals as the year goes
Jesus Christ is the Reason for the
Season. Isaiah 9:6 says;
BBB Tip of the Week:
Harris, the club wanted to recruit local- Jensen
by. You need
to take stock
he was
and dreams
of your a football
in Grade
or visions in
“For unto
6 and
us a childHe
is given:
is born,
and the government
us a
Is Your Digital Data Safe?
ly, which the Dinos consider southern
Alberta, and really liked Jensen’s offen- hisorder
uncle to beandable dad were both big be
to metamorphose uponJensen
fans. his shoulder:
said andhe’s
his name
loved it
them into reality. Be conscious of shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor,
sive skills, speed and commitment. ever
the since because
future success of the
because successteam elements,
The mighty God, which he described
The everlasting January 28th is Data Privacy Day. It’s
“He’s very positive and brings confi- as comes
one of the who
to those most are important
success aspects
Father, Theof Prince
the sport.
of Peace”According the perfect time for you to make an
dence,” said Harris. “We want the right to conscious;
Jensen, let hegoreceived
of the past failures Wishing you
a lot of support a Merry
from hisChristmas
parents and and
a important resolution to protect your
and take lessons from them and Prosperous New Year 2019!
fit in our dressing room and the right coaches over the years which helped put him in the position
approach the future with confidence Shalom!
digital data!
kinds of players with the right atti- heandwas hope. inMake
now.moves in silence as Pastor Sunday Adeola Protect your online information with
tudes.” “On
you take the football
stock, field, off
let your success makeit, when you’reChristian
The Redeemed training, practic-
these BBB data privacy tips:
Training camp for the Dinos begins in
ing, ‘noise’ for you. it really is a family,”Church saidofJensen.
God “It’s a relation-
Therefore, take stock also of your (Peculiar People Assembly), • Keep backups disconnected. Be sure
early August which adds about a month ship that lasts much
association because everyone
longer than just
the team.”
to keep backup devices unplugged when they’re not in use.
and a half to the season. Harris says this
That way, if your computer does become infected with a
time commitment is a big adjustment
virus or malware, the contents of your backups are safe.
for players coming out of high school BOW RIVER ALLIANCE CHURCH SACRED HEART CATHOLIC
but knows Jensen has the dedication 105 Main St. Carseland Holy Cross Collegiate School Gym • Longer passwords are better. Passwords don’t have to
for it. 403-934-9337 709B - 2nd Street, Strathmore be complex to keep hackers at bay. Having a lengthier
Pastor: Kevin Enns 403-934-2641
“We hope to have big things happen Pastor: Fr. Wojciech Jarzecki
password, such as a popular song lyric or phrase that you
with him in the future here,” said Har- Sunday Worship: 10 am Masses: Saturday 5 pm • Sunday 10 am will easily remember is best.
ST. MICHAEL & ALL ANGELS ANGLICAN • Look at the entire URL. It’s easy for scammers to create
Jensen played the 2018 season with
RCCG PECULIAR PEOPLE ASSEMBLY 103 - 227 3rd Ave. fake websites with realistic looking URL addresses which
the George McDougall High School 587-727-0649
(1 PET. 2:9) may be off by just one letter than the official website you
Mustangs, playing multiple positions for
322 A 2nd Avenue, Strathmore think you’re visiting. Check the entire URL web address to
the club including slotback and quarter- 403-714-2283 Rev. Malcolm Kern
Sunday Morning Worship 10:00 am ensure you’re not on a malicious third-party website.
back, depending on who was available. Pastor: Sunday Adeola
Sunday Worship: 10:30 am “Becoming fully alive in Jesus Christ”
“I’m a playmaker,” said Jensen.
Wednesday Bible Study: 7 pm
“Whenever we are down or need some- HOPE COMMUNITY
thing happen I want the ball.” COVENANT CHURCH Learn more at
Mustangs head coach Chris Glass had STRATHMORE FULL GOSPEL CHURCH 245 Brent Blvd, Strathmore • 403-934-2424
50 Maplewood Drive • 403-934-2225 Worship Service Sundays 10 am
nothing but praise for his star player’s
skills and mentality. Glass said Jensen Senior Pastor: Rev. Les Fischer
Youth Pastor: Rev. Kyle Lomenda STRATHMORE ALLIANCE
wasn’t the fastest guy on the team, but New Office Hours: 325 1 Ave • 403-934-3543
could play the angles extremely well 9 am - 4 pm • Tues - Wed - Thur Corner of 1 Ave & Wheatland Trail
and could see how the play was form- Worship Service: 10:30 am Lead Pastor: Mike Wiebe
ing before it happened. Children’s Church & Nursery in Service Associate Pastor: John Duerksen
Extending Grace - igniting hope
“He pretty much did it all except kick Youth/Worthip Inter: Connor Hyde 10:00 am Worship Service
the ball,” said Glass. “He was a Swiss
army knife but very proficient at all the
positions we put him at.” 112 Lakeside Blvd. • 403-934-2374 STRATHMORE UNITED
Pastor: Dawn Nelson Wheatland Trail & 3rd Avenue
There was a lot of motivation for Jen- Worship Schedule 403-934-3025
sen this year, but he suffered a broken Thursday Evening 7:00 pm Rev. Pamela Scott
hand on the first play of their second Sunday Family 10:30 am Sunday Worship 10:30 am
game on Sept. 6. Jensen knew immedi- Christian Education Sunday School 10:30 am
ately he had been injured because he For All - Ages 3-103 Nursery Care Provided Festival Dates:
Sunday at 9:30 am Wheel Chair Accessible March 30th - April 5th, 2019
heard a pop and his hand had swelled Join us in Praising our Lord, Jesus Christ! Loop system for the hearing impaired
so much he couldn’t get his glove off. Registration Deadline:
But Jensen is a very tough and deter- STRATHMORE SEVENTH-DAY HARVEST HEALING CENTRE CHURCH February 1st, 2019
mined player and finished the game. He ADVENTIST CHURCH 102 Canal Gardens
Meeting in the Lutheran Church 403-901-0893 / 403-880-3171 Classes Include Musical Theatre, Voice, Piano,
took the week off to heal but played the 112 Lakeside Blvd. 587-227-6956 Pastor: Elizabeth Karp Instrumental, Concert Band, Choir, or Ensemble.
next game against Cochrane in a cast. Pastor: Donald Pierre Pastor: Dave Mackie
Jensen has been injured before, but this Services held every Saturday Sponsors
Worship Sundays 10:30 am
was the first time he required surgery. Sabbath School: 10 AM Youth Tuesdays 7 pm
Showcase Concert:
Worship Service: 11 AM Tuesday, April 9th, 2019
“When he came back he didn’t have Come Join us for a spirit-filled time of worship 7:00 pm at the Strathmore
the mobility that we needed from him Alliance Church
in his hand,” said Glass. “It really took
away a big threat (for us).”
One of Jensen’s goals for the year was
to win MVP, but he thought because he The Church of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints Lynne Fair

60 Maplewood Drive | Bishop Justin Hansen | Alberta Society of Music

missed one game and played one game Festival Friends
in a cast, he wouldn’t have a chance. 403-983-2746 | | Worship Service Sundays 10 a.m.
Page 16 • Strathmore TIMES • January 25, 2019

First Strathmore Hockey Summit a success

BRADY GROVE ada schooling program and taught the rience component for 25 special needs
Times Reporter students at the summit on the first day students. The students participated in
while Tucker ran the sessions on the set-up and managing the event, assisted
The high level, two-day hockey in- second day. the caterers and cleaned up after. Hunt-
struction camp, Strathmore Hockey Working on creating multi-sport ath- ley praised the effort and work of the
Summit, tested participants’ strength, letes was also a theme of the summit – students and staff that helped on the lo-
both mentally and physically, and was learning other sports can help students gistical side of things.
a huge success, according to organizers. develop different muscles, techniques Huntley and Tucker hope the summit
The summit, hosted by Crowther Me- and thinking in different ways. can be held again next year, citing the
morial Junior High School (CMJHS) and “The mixed martial arts gave the kids positive response to this year’s event.
Westmount Elementary School, was a totally different training regimen than Future summits would be expanded to
held Jan. 17-18 at the Strathmore Family what they’ve been used to if they were include more schools such as Strath-
Centre and Civic Centre. The summit al- training as a hockey player,” said Tuck- more High School.
lowed about 120 students from Grades er. “Studies show multi-sport athletes Potential summit program expansions
5-9 to participate in on-ice and off-ice tend to have more success and transfer- include the addition of a classroom ses-
practices with experienced teachers able skills that carry through sport.” sion to give the players a chance to re-
and athletes. The MMA training was taught by lo- cover physically and allow them to fo-
“It gives our kids another perspective cal Justin Schmidt from APEX MMA, cus on improving player’s hockey IQ.
and Huntley taught proper stretching Adding a component about nutritional CMJHS and Westmount Elementary hosted the
from instructors and some exposure
education has also been discussed. Strathmore Hockey Summit on Jan. 17-18 at the
to elite level instruction,” said CMJHS and different techniques/concepts such Strathmore Family Centre and Civic Centre. Koen
hockey program coordinator Brad as “active stick,” which is a positional Huntley and Tucker both pointed out Wainwright (l) and Jessi Schneider battled hard
Huntley. “Every single kid I’ve talked defensive technique. Instead of trying that this summit wouldn’t have hap- for the whiffle ball during one of the floorball ses-
to has gotten something good out of it. to line up the big body check, which pened without the support of adminis- sions. Brady Grove Photo
They all say they learned a lot.” usually results in a missed hit and of- tration and teachers who allowed such
There were four groups of students fensive opportunity going the other a large number of their students to par- had an amazing time. They were pretty
and each group participated in two on- way, instructors are pushing the active ticipate in the event. exhausted after, but they all came back
ice sessions and two off ice-sessions stick technique which adopts a more as- “It was a huge success. All the kids with smiles on their faces,” said Tucker.
per day. Players received on-ice instruc- sertive posture by staying with the ag-
tion from several sources which was an
important component to the summit.
gressors while trying to poke the puck
away or letting them make a mistake Braves weather the Hurricanes
“We felt it was important because because of defensive pressure. BRADY GROVE
they (students) got an opportunity to The students were also treated to Times Reporter
experience top-notch instruction from guest speaker Rebecca Johnston on Jan.
professionals from all over Alberta and 17. Johnston plays for the Calgary In- The AA peewee Wheatland Braves
Canada,” said Westmount elementary ferno and the National Women’s team. had a strong weekend, picking up a
teacher and hockey program leader She holds three Olympic medals and is win and a tie for their efforts in a pair
Kyle Tucker. “They got to experience a two-time world champion. of matchups against Lethbridge oppo-
‘the wizards’ of each category.” The idea for the Strathmore Hockey nents.
Elite level skating training and con- Summit began in 2017 when Huntley The Braves beat the Lethbridge Hur-
cepts were taught by Quantum Speed visited Ottawa for a Hockey Canada ricanes Red 5-3 in Lethbridge on Jan.
owner Vanessa Hettinger who is one seminar. Huntley went to the Calgary 18 and then tied Lethbridge Hurricanes The Wheatland Braves played a close game to a
of Hockey Canada’s two master skating event in 2018 and modelled the sum- 1-1 tie against the Lethbridge Hurricanes White on
White 1-1 on Jan. 19 at the Strathmore
Jan. 19 at the Strathmore Family Centre. Braves
instructors. Scoring and shooting was mit after the seminar. Tucker is part of Family Centre. leading scorer Luc Trevors (r) protected the puck
instructed by Dean Seymour and Tan- the Westmount Elementary, CMJHS and The Braves took a quick lead against from a Hurricanes defender behind the net.
ner House who have both played at a Strathmore High School staff and joined the Hurricanes Red in the first period Brady Grove Photo
pro level. Goalies weren’t left behind the project once he heard about it. but fell behind in the second until a late
and were shadowed and pulled aside According to Huntley, the skill of the goal tied it. The Braves notched two Dylan Serginson scored his fourth goal
for specific lessons by Fisher Goaltend- students varied widely, from kids who goals in the third and put up a defen- of the year to tie it up with only two
ing and Dylan Sutton during the on-ice had never played on a hockey team all sive wall to keep the lead. Braves for- minutes remaining.
times. the way up to the AA level. The summit ward Luc Trevors scored a goal and two With the three points gained on the
The off-ice program was centered also provided Huntley a chance to look assists while Connor White made 28 weekend, the Braves have a 12-7-4 re-
around two ideas: floorball and mixed at potential players coming to CMJHS saves in the victory. cord and sit in fifth place in the south
martial arts (MMA). Floorball features a over the next few years. The Hurricanes White proved to be conference. They only trail the fourth-
whiffle ball and whiffle-bladed sticks. “It’s our belief that we’re not just a very equal matchup with both teams place Okotoks Oilers Green by two
According to Huntley, it’s an easy game making hockey players but athletes,” getting 30 shots on net. Both clubs were points and have three games in hand.
to learn but a hard game to master, and said Huntley. “Beyond that, we’re devel- defensively perfect until the final pe- The Braves will face the Chestermere
is the preferred off-ice training meth- oping individuals, not just athletes, and riod. The Hurricanes White scored the Lakers on Jan 25. at 7:30 p.m. in Strath-
od recommended by Hockey Canada. working on character development and first goal of the game with 10 minutes more and then play against the Foothills
Pier-Alexandre Poulin and Teal Grove emotional support.” remaining. The Braves appeared to be Bisons on Jan. 27 in Blackie.
are managers within the Hockey Can- The Summit also offered a work expe- heading for defeat until Braves forward
The AA midget Wheatland Chiefs win-
ning streak came to an end with a 5-1
road loss to the Medicine Hat Hounds
on Jan. 20. With the loss, the Chiefs

h t
drop below .500 and now hold a 10-

i g
N Out
11-2 record and sit in fifth place in the
south conference.
The Chiefs have two games next
weekend, first at home against the
CBHA Rangers on Jan. 26 at 4:45 p.m.,
and then they face the Oilers in Okotoks
on Jan. 27.
Elizabeth Hoyt - Surdhar, SHUTOUT
Mezzo Soprano, Janet Scott –Hoyt, Piano The AA bantam Wheatland Warriors
seem unstoppable at this point in the
season as they won their 17th straight
Strathmore United Church game 5-0 against the Central Alberta
February 2, 2019 - Saturday - 7:30 pm Selects on Jan. 18 in Hussar. Warriors
goalie Parker Forrest made 23 saves to
Adult - $30.00
GET YOUR TICKETS NOW! Youth - $10.00 - 17 and under
get his third shutout of the season. The
Warriors remain first in the league with
Tickets: call Linda - 403-901-2797 a 20-2-1 record and have a four-point
Saturday, February 2, 2019 Tickets purchased online at
cushion on the second-place Bow Valley
Strathmore Civic Centre This powerful program will make you must The Warriors are on the road to play
Cocktails 5:30 pm • Dinner 6:30 pm Concert 9:00 pm laugh, cry, will empower and trans-
form you. Join this mother-daughter be picked up at the door. the Medicine Hat Hounds on Jan. 26.
duo as they explore classical music’s, They return to Strathmore for a heavy-
Tickets & Info “Women of Note”. weight matchup against the Timber-
wolves on Jan. 27 at 1:30 p.m.
January 25, 2019 • Strathmore TIMES • Page 17

WILL, Dora
June 26, 1947
– January 13, 2019 Wondering how faith connects to all
Dora Will was born June 26, 1947, of life? St. Michael and All Angels
in Vulcan, Alberta, and passed away Anglican Church presents REFRAME,
January 13, 2019. She is survived by her husband a 10 week video-based course from
Gordon; son Ryan (Kelly); son Michael (Adrienne); Regent College, Weds. at 7 pm starting
daughter Erin (Patrick); and her very precious grand-
daughter Josephine. She will also be missed by her
Jan. 30. For info and free registration
brothers John, Barry (Helen), and David; and her go to:
niece and nephews. reframe
Dora embraced everything life had to offer. She loved
music and was known to burst into song without
Local team competes provocation. She was always open to new adven-
tures, whether it was camping in the backcountry of
Local junior curlers, second Sydnie Molnar (l-r) and skip Cheldynn Molnar, along with teammates Banff or trekking to see Machu Pichu. Dora had a
Paige Anweiler (third) and Macey Anderson (lead), competed in the Strathmore U18 Junior Cash Bon- voracious appetite for crossword puzzles and could Call 403-934-5589
spiel, Jan. 19-20 in Strathmore. The event featured competitive junior teams that compete in a tour often be found with a cat on her lap and a pencil in
circuit in southern Alberta. Team Molnar will compete in the U18 provincial qualifier tournament at the hand, working on two or three puzzles simultane-
Calgary Curling Club Feb. 1-3 to try and qualify for the U18 provincials, which will be held March 15-17 ously. NOTICES
in Medicine Hat. Photos Courtesy of Scott Garnett Dora found her passion and calling as a teacher. She
possessed the unique skill of instilling in others a love
of learning and encouraging them to pursue their
Gleichen & District
dreams. Nothing filled her with more joy than learn- Community Association
ing of the accomplishments of her former students.
A celebration of Dora’s life will be held at 1:00 on
February 2, 2019, at the Strathmore Travelodge (350
Ridge Road, Strathmore). In lieu of flowers, the fam-
ily kindly requests you consider making a donation to
your local food bank.
Monday February 25, 2019
7:00 PM
Gleichen Community Hall

A Event Winner B Event Winner C Event Winner
Curling champions
The Hussar Men’s Bonspiel was held Jan. 13-19 in Hussar. The Darren Firkus Rink, consisting of
Vadym Hrabazei (l-r), Don Cuthill, Randy Moncks and Darren Firkus were named the A Event Winners.
The Brent Ashlee Rink, consisting of Randy Sander (l-r), Kevin Robertson, Brent Ashlee and Kelly
EARS 403-453-7835
Riess, won the B Event. The C Event Winner was the Gordon Rink, consisting of Denny Sauve (l-r),
Lane Gordon, Brad Gordon and Marty Gordon. Photos Courtesy Pam Collett Questions? With a dedicated, highly trained, professional team
Comments? that works closely with you, our main goal is to

Rockyford Arena upgrades Story Ideas?

take care of our clients through sound balancing
of their books. Offering full bookkeeping, payroll,
personal and corporate tax preparation for various

benefit community Let us know how

we're doing.
types of corporations and small businesses.

“Keeping your numbers in order so you

BRADY GROVE “This was long overdue. It was much Your opinion is something we always
want to hear. Call or contact us online.
can relax, that’s our job”

Times Reporter needed to add some washroom facili-
ties,” said Koester.
The arena is often a hub in a Canadian The ref’s and coaches got the other
community, and no one knows that bet- converted room which was a big step up
for the people wearing stripes. The pre- 403.934.5589
ter than the folks who utilize the Rocky- ANNOUNCEMENTS
ford Arena, one of the busier arenas in vious ref’s room was a tiny cold room on
Wheatland County. the side of the rink with no sink, toilets 202, 114 Canal Garden, Strathmore, AB
Recently, the arena received some or shower.
much-needed upgrades, including a The arena is home to many users, in- Marlow Weekly Classes
wheelchair viewing area, new bleachers, cluding seven teams from the Rockyford Nicholas Tucker Tuesday Afternoons at 3:30pm
and the conversion of two old dressing Minor Hockey Ringette Association, five born July 15, 2018 Strathmore Library
rooms, one into a wheelchair-accessible from Strathmore Ringette Association, • Zero impact with Powerful Health Benefits
seven local adult teams and one non- Proud
washroom and the other into a new ref- • Drop-ins always welcome
local team. Grandparents
eree’s room. • $15 drop-in session (Save! with 10 Class Pass)
“We’ve had people in wheelchairs The facility has been very busy over Larry and Kathy
Tucker and Parents • No experience is necessary
who were not able to get a good view the 2018-19 season and, according to
Michael Tucker and • All levels of fitness very welcome
of the ice to watch their family members Rockyford Arena representative Pam
play,” said Rockyford Ag Society past Seeley, the arena has hosted nine minor Tegan Little. • Students range from 18 to 80+ yrs of age
president Darcy Koester. “It was some- hockey and ringette tournaments in- Sonja Gosteli, Qigong Instructor
thing that needed to be provided.” cluding two levels of ringette provincials THANK YOU NOTICES 403.809.6848
Making the arena more wheelchair ac- and one round of provincial playdowns. GROW YOUR BUSINESS WITH
cessible was a top priority and includ-
ed installing a ramp, a wider door and
The ice is used by all age groups and
also hosted two one-day charity tour-
I want to thank US. Business planning, train-
ing and advisory services
those who available. Flexible and af-
three spots for viewers. The wheelchair naments for adults, but there could be
attended my fordable loans. Call CF Wild
viewing area went hand-in-hand with more booked for late in the season.
retirement party. Rose or
the upgrades to the bleachers. The projects were constructed and for more information.
completed from April to September Also those who
According to Koester, the old bleach-
2018 while the ice was out. sent cards or
ers were breaking down with cracks and
were sagging. They were removed with The upgrades were funded by several messaged. Call 587-393-3139
groups, including $26,000 from Rocky- It was a great night

the assistance of 40 volunteers and re-
placed throughout the summer of 2018. ford Lions Club steak and lobster night that I will always
The new bleachers should be able to and community auction, $50,000 from remember.
handle more wear and tear, he said, and a Wheatland community enhancement Keith Reynolds
Explore the Options for Your Business
will hopefully last the life of the arena. grant, and just under $72,000 from the
The new converted washrooms were Alberta community facility enhancement January 30, 2019 8am
made to be wheelchair accessible to im- program. GET YOUR
Featuring BVC's Entrepreneur in Residence, Craig Elias &
prove the services for potential specta- “We put a lot into it over the last 20 CLASSIFIED Experts with Community Futures Wild Rose, ATB, BDC, Alberta Labour
tors. Up until now, the washrooms being years and this kind of finishes it off,” ADS IN THE
used were the curling rink washrooms said Koester. “Everything that needed to Register:
be upgraded is now done.”
which were not handicapped accessible.
Page 18 • Strathmore TIMES • January 25, 2019

with a classified ad. Only or alive vehicles. Scrap cars. HILLVIEW DUPLEX. Garage,
$269 (based on 25 words or Will haul for free or will pay if fenced backyard, N/P & N/S. LOCATION LOCATION
less). Reach over 100 weekly worthy. Call 587-577-5771. Ideal shared accommoda- LOCATION. Commercial
rental. Warehouse for
newspapers. Call NOW for tion. $1400/mo + DD. Utili-
YOU ASKED , WE HAVE IT! details 1-800-282-6903 ext ties not included. Call 403- lease. On Hwy #1. 8,000

SHOCK WAVE THERAPY 200; HELP WANTED 934-8736. sq.ft. building available.
Golden Hills School Division #75 has an Please call 403-934-
with Softshock Technology FT, LONG-TERM, MATURE 4164.
Booking Appointments 403 934-5566
TRAINING farm mechanic on Seed opening for an 8 (eight) hours Caretaker COUNTY SETTING MODULAR
HOME near Strathmore. 2
Farm near Calgary. Well- at Crowther Memorial Jr. High School. BDRM + 1bath $1,100/mo + RENTALS
Massage-Laser-Colonics-Airnergy-Chiropractic equipped shop, excellent Complete details on job description are
THE Trades World, but not SD Incl. elec. & gas. Pet ne- JOINT USE FARM FOR RENT
wages based on experience.
934-5566 | 118 2nd Ave. Strathmore sure which one suits you?
Grande Prairie Regional Col-
Flexibility with hours / sea-
available on the GHSD#75 website at gotiable. Avail. immediately
or as required. Call 403-934-
near Strathmore with full sons. Requirements; drivers use of land and all facilities.
lege has a program for you! 5678. 33 acres with 2000 sq/ft 3
license, mechanics, grain
Co-operative Trades - you
production. Assets; Class 1, Interested candidates are invited to submit bdrm bi-level house + ga-
will touch base on every HOUSE FOR RENT IN ROCK- rage, barn, gazebo & cattle
Dementia Care remember... trade we have available.
Start Date for this course
welding, cow/calf, flexible,
positive, enjoy variety. Would
a resume by email or fax by
February 1st, 2019.
YFORD. 1,300 sq/ft house 2
BDRM+1bath renovated 8
shed with saddle room. Good
consider hiring husband/ fences + 2 auto stock water- is February 11! Call Alaina
1-888-539 4772 Ext 26682,
wife team. Fax resume: 403-
Please forward resume to:
years ago. $850/mo + SD +
utilities. Avail. November 1.
ers on setup for livestock or
335-0086. lscattleco@xplor- horses. Livestock and pets
for details. Maria Gingras Call 403-934-1626 for info. accepted. N/S preferred. Call
Caretaking Supervisor 403-850-7475 for more info.
Golden Hills School Div. #75
GET YOUR ists, Marketing and more. Al-
435A Hwy #1, Strathmore, AB T1P 1J4
for rent. 3 BDRM + 2.5 bath.
Separate garage, fenced. No
CHINOOK III. 1 bdrm or 2
bdrm. ½ month rent free
CLASSIFIED ADS IN! berta’s weekly newspapers
are looking for people like cats, fish, reptiles, live plants, with a six month lease. Heat
Phone: 403-324-3842
403-934-5589 you. Post your resume online.
Fax: 403-934-5125
cannabis or smoking. $1250/ & water included. No pets.
Free. Visit: mo. + DD. Utilities not includ- Please call for availability.
resumes_add.php. ed. Call 403-934-0639. Call Keli 403-324-2944.
403-934-5294 Cattle Herdsperson
1442578 Alberta Ltd.
Manderley Turf Products Inc.
255041 Twp Rd 234
Duties: Monitor the health and welfare of our
BUSINESS OPP FEED AND SEED cattle, administer treatment, sort and load cattle, Wheatland County, AB WESTMOUNT DR. 3 Bedroom Condos
Looking for: for Rent
HIP OR KNEE REPLACE- HEATED CANOLA buying wean calves and assist with general farm duties, 1 & 2 bedroom -
Operate and maintain farm machinery and
MENT? Other medical condi- Green, Heated or Spring-
bungalow, bi-lvl 2 Storey, 3 Bedroom
tions that lead to restrictions thrashed Canola. Buying: equipment. Horse riding is a must.
& 2 stry units with Units downtown

in walking/dressing? $2,500 oats, barley, wheat & peas 2 to 3 years of experience and education -
yearly tax credit. $40,000 for feed. Buying damaged Location: is 20 minutes south of Strathmore parking, some 1&2 Bedroom Units
refund cheque/rebates. or offgrade grain. “On Farm Wage range: $15.00 - $17.50 / Hour
Seasonal, Full-Time Work fully renovated in adult only building
Disability Tax Credit. Expert Pickup” Westcan Feed & Hours: 36 to 55/week & include W/D. -
Help. Lowest service fee na- Grain, 1-877-250-5252.
Permanent full time. Benefits available 5 Vacancies Tenants pay all utilities
tionwide. 1-844-453-5372. Job Length is 4-6 Months Family Friendly.
Shared accommodations
HAY FOR SALE: Round bales.
May be available Wage is $15.00/hr No Pets. For more information
FOR LEASE: Golf Course Res- Alfalfa, Brome and Timothy please call
Benefits include: From $845.
taurant available for lease - $100.00; Grass type/ alfalfa Please send resume to:
+ Utilities. STRATHMORE
great opportunity at Pincher $90.00. Phone 780-635- 1442578 Alberta Ltd. 4% Vacation Pay per payperiod. HOMES LTD
Creek Golf Club! Resume 4272 or 780-614-3531. Box 2325 Strathmore, AB T1P 1K3 Medical Insurance provided. Please contact our
required. Call Tom for details Leasing Team: Hanneke
Call: 403-934-4331 • Fax: 403-934-6668
403-432-2083. Duties include: 403-237-8811 403-934-5687
• Operation of tractors to mow grass,
2018-10-10 4:43 PM
cultivate and seed fields. REAL ESTATE
METAL ROOFING & SID- CRIMINAL RECORD? Why 3” wide version Strathmore Station 3”• Harvesting
• wide version
ING. 37+ colours available suffer employment/licensing Restaurant & Pub
at over 55 Distributors. 40 loss? Travel/business oppor- has full and part time • Irrigation work, moving irrigation systems,

Meet your Market!

year warranty. 24-48 hour tunities? Be embarrassed?
Express Service available at Think: Criminal Pardon. US One “small” ad •Great BIG Results
positions available for:
Pub & Restaurant
set up and take down.
• Yard Maintenance.
supporting Distributors. Call entry waiver. Record purge. • Pallet Repairs.
1-888-263-8254. of those surveyed
news from their
File said
Free con-
they get the local
local paper! 1-800-347-2540;
Local news is
100+ weekly newspapers
Over 1.6 million loads, physically
• Lots of repetitive tasks, handling heavy
demanding. +GST Attention
“The Missing Piece to complete Your Big Picture.”

STEEL more important

BUILDINGto more Albertans than any other type. A (based on 25 words) $8. Each additional word
SALE...”Really local Sale
newspaper is is the most trusted medium for Must be over 18 years and have ProServe,
to detail, sitting, standing, walking, bending,
Reach: Over 80% of Alberta’s Metro households Jonathan
Back - Extranews and advertising.*
Winter Discount GET BACK ON TRACK! Bad REELfacts within 30 days ofReadership:
hire Over 95%crouching
of all adults and kneeling.
living in those households Peters
on Now!” 20X21 $5,726. Our Readers credit?are Your
Let us show you how we Minimum wage of with opportunity Want to reach beyond Alberta? Real Estate Associate
25X25 $6,370. 30X31 Need money? We lend! If you Expected start date April 25, 2019.
We can help you reach right across Canada
can reach them! to make gratuities
$8,818. 32X33 $8,995. own your
Ph: 780-434-8746 x 235 own home - you 403-870-4446
Toll Free inqualify. Pioneer Acceptance Experience preferred, Maurizia Hinse
35X35 $12,464. One End AB: 1-800-282-6903
by mail or email only.
Wall Included. Pioneer Steel Email:
Corp. Member BBB. 1-877- but will train suitable candidates ext. 200
3” wide version
* Totum Research. Adults 18+ in Alberta. Aug 2018
1-855-212-7036. www.pio- 987-1420. Mailing address: 55403 Range Road, Please apply with resume in person to 222 Sturgeon County, AB. TOA 1N1 Dear Strathmore community and
Peter or Joanne Mon-Fri 11am-4pm Email address:
Sque the MOST @ 380 Ridge Road, Strathmore
surrounding areas after 19 years
AWNA 375 C.pdf
3.75” wide version
out of your

advertising dollars
2018-10-10 4:28 PM
3.75” wide version with Royal Le Page Aztec formally
known as Aztec. I have made the
Place your ad in this newspaper difficult decision to leave Aztec to
Meet your Market! One “small” ad •Great BIG Results
12345 wide
and province $
with a combined circulation
partner with my daughter and the
brokerage that she is committed to.
100+ weekly newspapers $
of over 800,000 for only...

80% of those surveyed said they get the local news

from their local paper! Local news is more
Value Ad Network
important to more Albertans than any other type. A printed
plus GST/HST
Over 1.6 million readers
(based on 25 words) $8. Each additional word
We will still be servicing
Strathmore and surrounding areas
local newspaper is the most Weekly
trusted medium Newspapers Association
for news Reach: Over 80% of Alberta’s Metro households together as a
and advertising.* toll free 1-800-282-6903 x200 Readership: Over 95% of all adults living in those households
email mother
Our Readers
orare Yourthis
visit Customers
community newspaper
Want to reach beyond Alberta?
We can help you reach right across Canada daughter
Let us show you how we can reach them!
Ph: 780-434-8746 x 235 Maurizia Hinse team. I am
Toll Free in AB: 1-800-282-6903 780-434-8746 ext. 200 grateful for
my time
3.75” wide version
* Totum Research. Adults 18+ in Alberta. Aug 2018

with Aztec

under the

Squeezthe MOST out of your advertising dollars leadership

of Robert
Place your ad in this newspaper Desjardins and Keith Garrioch
province wide $
and wish them continued
with a combined circulation success for many years to come.
of over 800,000 for only...
plus GST/HST
Value Ad Network Sincerely,
Alberta Weekly Newspapers Association LaShaun Andrews
toll free 1-800-282-6903 x200
or visit this community newspaper
PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY January 25, 2019 • Strathmore TIMES • Page 19


Cover Up Painting
Designers and Builders of Energy Efficient Homes
“Let us put YOUR thoughts on paper INTERIOR / EXTERIOR
and build it to your satisfaction.” COMMERIAL & RESIDENTIAL
Certified I.C.F. Installers Mason Walstra
403-934-1888 — 18 YEARS EXPERIENCE — Email:
Serving the Foothills since ‘78. 403-934-3212 | 306-320-7372 “Everything you need to turn raw land into your home”



Handy Kinda Guy BRO-TECH

MM Tile Installations
• Floors, showers, tubs,
backsplashes, fireplaces.
• Painting • Plumbing PLUMBING
INC. • Bathroom remodeling
• Small Renovations • Hotwater Tanks • Furnaces • Tub to shower conversions
• Renovations • Hydronic Heating • Demo
• Decks & Fences
• Service Work • Gas Fitting
• Bathrooms • New Construction • Sewer Cleaning/ Murray Merkel
• APPLIANCE • Commercial
Sewer Camera Tile Installer/Owner


Like us on Facebook

LEADER IN HOME Call BOB 403-861-7822 OFFICE 403-983-7671
All Decked Out AB
THE CARPET COP General Contracting
Kelly Camden
Kitchens, Bathroom Renos Specializing in Insurance Claims Basement Developments Your Complete Exterior Finishing Company
Experts in Vinyl Siding, Soffit and Fascia
Additions, Roofing Continuous Eavestroughing • Windows & Reroofs • Private one on one tutoring for your children in
Aluminum and Smart Board Batons the comfort of your own home for $35 per hour.
ELECTRICAL Fences & Decks • Pay as you go, no commitments, no contracts.
Cell: 403-968-9211 • Work: 403-934-4334
Aluminum Rail • Better than any learning centre.
Fax: 403-934-4422 • Email:
Vinyl & Composite Decking For a FREE QUOTE Call Tom
Bill Evans 403-901-8875 UPHOLSTERY
Wes Breault 403-999-7097
ROOFING Ace Custom
Repair, Build & Upholstery
Strathmore AB

• Furniture
Residential - Commercial - Industrial

• R.V. Interiors
Farm & Yard - Bucket Truck Service

• Golf Cart, Bike, ATV,
Master Electricians Snowmobile Seats & Boat Tarps
• Equipment and Vehicle Fronts
Phone: Prairie Home Roofing Ltd. For more information
Email: Gates Prairie Home Roofing

Get the job done right the FIRST time!
Get the job done right the FIRST time!
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Serving Southern Alberta Since 1999 Prairie Home Roofing Ltd.
Residential Roofing • Roof Repair
Residential Roofing • Roof Repair
Metal Roofing
Get the job done
Metal right••the
Roofing Siding
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Fascia •• Eavestrough

McNeill’s Inc. Residential Roofing • Roof Repair

Calgary• 403-796-5381
Calgary 403-796-5381
Specializing in:
• Tractor & Combine Repairs
Metal Roofing
Soffit & Fascia
• Eavestrough
Strathmore 403-901-7484
Calgary 403-796-5381
Dennis McNeill - Master Electrician
• Lawn & Garden Strathmore 403-901-7484
Dennis 403-934-7249
McNeill - Master Electrician
From “General Maintenance” FREE ESTIMATES
Strathmore, Alberta to “Major Overhauls” FREE ESTIMATES
Strathmore, Alberta
Shop located 10 minutes east of Strathmore FREE ESTIMATES
403-540-8264 403-934-2675
Home Sweet Decks Proudly Serving Wheatland County and Area Since 1988 WATER WELL DRILLING
& More Ltd. Locally Owned & Operated For All Your Water Needs

Vinyl & Composite Decking

Aluminum & Glass Railing Hitting over 11,000 3rd Generation of Quality Service
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403-619-7561 Contact Rose for all advertising needs!
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Over 25 Years Experience • Free Quotes
Box 1 Site 22 RR 2, Strathmore AB, T1P 1K5
Have a ‘Home Sweet Deck’ kind of day!! 123 2nd Avenue, Strathmore Email:
Page 20 • Strathmore TIMES • January 25, 2019


CARS up to $8,300 OFF! • SUV’S up to $20,000 OFF!
TRUCKS up to $13,000 OFF!
Stk # Model Trim MSRP Discount Sale Price Stk # Model Trim MSRP Discount Sale Price
18215 Cruze LT 4 Door
$23,445 $8,300 $15,145 189336 Sierra SLT 1/2 Ton
Crew Cab $64,905 $12,373 $52,532
18206 Cruze LT 5 Door
Auto $25,440 $6,864 $18,576 189334 Sierra SLT 1/2 Ton
Crew Cab $65,155 $12,403 $52,752
18211 Cruze LT Hatchback
5 Door
$27,615 $7,169 $20,446 189339 Sierra SLT 1/2 Ton
Crew Cab $65,505 $12,445 $53,060
18201 Cruze LT Diesel
4 Door
$31,490 $7,386 $24,104 189337 Sierra SLT 1/2 Ton
Crew Cab $65,750 $12,474 $53,276
SLT 1/2 Ton
SUVS 189329 Sierra Crew Cab $68,875 $12,939 $55,936
189183 Encore Sport Touring
AWD $35,840 $8,552 $27,288 189260 Sierra SLT 1/2 Ton
Crew Cab $69,030 $11,755 $57,275
189104 Encore Sport Touring
AWD $36,445 $8,670 $27,775 189324 Sierra SLT 1/2 Ton
Crew Cab $71,390 $13,152 $58,238
189182 Encore Premium
AWD $40,280 $9,548 $30,732 189326 Sierra SLT 1/2 Ton
Crew Cab $71,390 $13,152 $58,238
189137 SOLD
Enclave Essence
AWD $8,927 $48,538 189322 Sierra SLT 1/2 Ton
Crew Cab $71,390 $13,152 $58,238
189340 Yukon SOLD
4x4 $89,845 $20,000 $69,845 189218 Sierra
Denali 1/2 Ton
LWB Crew Cab $72,210 $12,966 $59,244
Denali 1/2 Ton
TRUCKS 189320 Sierra LWB Crew Cab $75,155 $13,400 $61,755
18933 Canyon SLE 4x4
Crew Cab
$47,221 $8,763 $38,458 189291 Sierra HD
SLT 3/4 Ton
Crew Cab $87,035 $12,721 $74,314
189143 Canyon SLT 4x4
Crew Cab
$46,790 $6,273 $40,517 189300 Silverado LT 1/2 Ton
Crew Cab $55,140 $10,101 $45,039
189267 Canyon SLT 4x4
Crew Cab $48,705 $7,532 $41,173 189298 SilveradoSOLD
LT 1/2 Ton
Crew Cab $55,635 $9,931 $45,704
189317 Sierra SLE 1/2 Ton
Crew Cab
$56,825 $11,474 $45,351 189342 Silverado LT 1/2 Ton
Crew Cab $57,990 $11,712 $46,278
189310 Sierra SLE 1/2 Ton
Crew Cab $56,230 $10,580 $45,650 189277 SilveradoSOLDLT 1/2 Ton
$57,690 $10,313
Crew Cab $47,377
189309 Sierra SLE 1/2 Ton
Crew Cab
$56,230 $10,568 $45,662 189276 Silverado
LT 1/2 Ton
Crew Cab $58,390 $10,807 $47,583
189259 Sierra SLE 1/2 Ton
Crew Cab $55,425 $9,333 $46,092 189292 Silverado
LTZ 1/2 Ton
Crew Cab $62,190 $11,228 $50,962
189253 Sierra SLE 1/2 Ton
Crew Cab
$57,745 $10,671 $47,074 189289 Silverado LTZ 1/2 Ton
Crew Cab $62,485 $11,309 $51,176
189308 Sierra SLE 1/2 Ton
Crew Cab $60,674 $11,716 $48,958 189343 Silverado
LTZ 1/2 Ton
Crew Cab $71,935 $13,134 $58,801
189338 Sierra SOLD
SLT 1/2 Ton
Crew Cab
$62,190 $11,648 $50,542 189288 Silverado LTZ 1/2 Ton
Crew Cab $72,455 $13,362 $59,093
189335 Sierra SLT 1/2 Ton
Crew Cab $63,515 $12,207 $51,308 189293 Silverado
LTZ 1/2 Ton
Crew Cab $71,800 $12,271 $59,529
189333 Sierra SLT 1/2 Ton
Crew Cab $64,310 $12,319 $51,991 189294 Silverado LTZ 1/2 Ton
Crew Cab $72,500 $12,504 $59,996

84 MTH

403.934.3334 900 Westridge Road, Strathmore

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